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The Fire Cloud Cave's main altar was located in a top-notch place in the Southern Wasteland. Countless experts of the Fire Cloud Cave were stationed there. The entire place was brimming with spiritual arteries that ran underground. Thanks to that, the Fire Cloud Cave's main altar was overflowing with spirit energy, and looked like a paradise in the mortal world.

The main altar of the Fire Cloud Cave certainly wasn't on the level of the True Martial University. But, it was still a top-tier place of immortals.

Ye Xiwen moved along with the disciples of the Fire Cloud Cave — disguised as Shi Zhi Ming. He then dismissed the team, and went inside the Fire Cloud Cave without any issues — all thanks to his disguise as the son of an elder of the Fire Cloud Cave.

Shi Zhi Ming enjoyed a good reputation in the younger generation of the Fire Cloud Cave. Ye Xiwen made his way into the Fire Cloud Cave without any problem by taking advantage of Shi Zhi Ming's reputation.

Shi Zhi Ming was a core disciple of the Fire Cloud Cave. The eligibility for becoming a core disciple in the Fire Cloud Cave was same as it was inside the True Martial University. Only sage realm experts could be appointed as core disciples. However, Shi Zhi Ming had managed to become a core disciple by taking advantage of his identity as the son of an elder. Ye Xiwen could use his identity as a core disciple to move about freely, and could do whatever he wanted; so long as true disciples didn't come into the picture.

Shi Zhi Ming had his own cave mansion (1) inside the Fire Cloud Cave. Ye Xiwen went inside Shi Zhi Ming's cave mansion, and asked one his trusted confidants to look for the whereabouts of Zhu Tian Zong.

Zhu Tian Zong's matter was confidential. However, it was only so for the outsiders. Ye Xiwen's present position was that of a core disciple of the Fire Cloud Cave. So, it should be a piece of cake for him to investigate this matter.

Who would think that this person who had the appearance of Shi Zhi Ming… wasn't actually Shi Zhi Ming, but Ye Xiwen?

Ye Xiwen sat cross-legged, and was immediately surrounded by all sorts of principles he had condensed earlier. Ye Xiwen was doing his utmost to consolidate these principles. Ye Xiwen's accumulation of energy was very deep. After all, he had deliberately suppressed his cultivation for over two years. And, it had now been unleashed; all at once. This was extremely terrifying.

Ye Xiwen had condensed about 300 'dao principles'. However, he knew that this was merely the beginning; nothing more. He could attain a complete qualitative change and become a sage expert only after he had condensed over 1000 'dao principles'.

It wasn't very difficult to condense principles at this stage. The most important point was that the body must be capable of containing them. People with formidable bodies like that of Ye Xiwen would obviously reap great benefits for cheap.

Only the experts of the intermediate stage of semi-sage realm were capable of condensing 300 dao principles. However, Ye Xiwen had managed to pull it off nonetheless. He couldn't be taken lightly. In fact, he could instantly go past the 300 mark; so long as his body could become stronger.

However, the danger related to this 'Zhu Tian Zong' matter had gone far beyond Ye Xiwen's imagination.

"Shi Zhi Ming, come out!" suddenly, a loud shout came from outside. Ye Xiwen had been seated calmly inside the cave mansion, and had been waiting for any news related to Zhu Tian Zong.

Ye Xiwen swept-out his divine sense to probe the outside. He saw a 20-year-old man. He was clad in a tiger fur. His bronze-colored skin was glowing wildly. His eyes looked fierce, and it seemed as if he'd bite someone at the drop of a hat.

He turned out to be a semi-sage expert. His intrepid aura was sweeping across the surroundings; it carried the presence of principles.

Five or six barbarian warriors were stationed behind him. Each of these individuals was an expert of legendry's great complete realm. Their valiant aura made them seem very frightening.

Ye Xiwen came out flying. He looked coldly at this young man. He had come to know this man from Shi Zhi Ming's memory. This young man was named Ding Gao Yang. He was the son of another elder. He and Shi Zhi Ming would often be entangled in small skirmishes. And, Shi Zhi Ming had always failed to deal with him.

"Ding Gao Yang, what are you doing here?" Ye Xiwen's countenance was ice-cold as he asked.

"Humph! You really wish to die, don't you? You dared to send someone from your faction to look for Brother Zhu's whereabouts. Do you wish to die? Don't you know that Zhu Tian Zong's whereabouts are a secret? Yet you're trying to find him?" Ding Gao Yang replied coldly. Then, he grabbed a barbarian expert from behind, and threw him on the ground. That expert was Shi Zhi Ming's confidante. But, he was already dead.

Ye Xiwen frowned. Zhu Tian Zong's matter was more complex than he had expected. Initially, he had anticipated that he could easily find Zhu Tian Zong's whereabouts by taking the advantage of Shi Zhi Ming's position. But, one simple investigation-attempt had led to such a big development.

"Brother Zhu Tian Zong is in the presence of His Majesty — the Cave Lord. He has obtained a special permission to immerse himself in the 'Flaming Sun Real Water' by the virtue of his great achievements. It shall help him to condense principles. Then, he would be able to attain the real body of the Barbarian God. He will then have boundless future prospects. At that time, he may also become a member of my palace. And, you dared to send someone to track him down?" Ding Gao Yang sneered, "Not many people know that Brother Zhu was our undercover agent in the True Martial University and he has now returned. But, you sent your man to track him in spite of knowing this?! You are courting death! I suspect that you've secretly collaborated with the True Martial University. Just you wait… I will inform the elders. And then, you will die!"

Ding Gao Yang laughed out loud. He had finally gotten the opportunity to get rid of this old enemy of his'. He hadn't expected that his arch rival would be so foolish that he'd try to look for Zhu Tian Zong's whereabouts. But, now he could get him killed by the hands of the elders.

Condensing Barbarian God's real body from 'Flaming Sun Real Water'!

Ye Xiwen instantly found the answer from Shi Zhi Ming's memory. This 'Flaming Sun Real Water' was an extraordinary and magical liquid. It was capable of enhancing one's physique to a great extent. Even Shi Zhi Ming had only heard about it. He had never obtained the reward of accessing it. One could only obtain this reward if they were to make a massive contribution to the Fire Cloud Cave. Even then, one could only obtain a small vial of this magical liquid for consumption, but it was enough to enhance one's body significantly. However, Zhu Tian Zong had gotten a chance to immerse his entire body in the 'Flaming Sun Real Water Pond'. How big a contribution towards the Fire Cloud Cave could get one such a reward?

The practice method of the barbarian people was a bit similar to Ye Xiwen's. Both aimed to infinitely strengthen their bodies. Ye Xiwen's main objective was to practice the 'gilded tyrant form' to the pinnacle. The barbarian people's main objective was to condense the real body of the Barbarian God.

However, the 'gilded tyrant form' was different. The 'gilded tyrant form' was achieved by strengthening the body to an extremely profound level. However, the 'real body of the Barbarian God' was itself a type of 'body', and was similar to the physique of the Barbarian God; as mention in the legends.

The southern barbarians practiced martial arts largely to transform their own body into the real body of the Barbarian God. But, this process was very long. A majority of the barbarian people would give-up midway since they couldn't attain the real body of the Barbarian God. But, immersing oneself in the 'Flaming Sun Real Water' could quicken this process.

However, one needed to consume a great amount of the 'Flaming Sun Real Water' to attain the real body of Barbarian God. And, one could only get a small vial of this magical liquid even after they had made a massive contribution to the Fire Cloud Cave since they couldn't allow their disciples to squander this precious treasure.

Their willingness to give such a reward to Zhu Tian Zong after his return from the True Martial University clearly showed that he must've brought back some extraordinary intel.

"Now that you've come here… I won't let you leave!" Ye Xiwen sneered. Ding Gao Yang had brought-about his own destruction. Ye Xiwen was disguised as Shi Zhi Ming. But, the higher authorities would make an investigation if they came to know about this matter. Then, how would Ye Xiwen be able to conceal the truth?

"Are you implying that you'll silence the witnesses? All by yourself?" Ding Gao Yang looked disdainfully at Ye Xiwen and said. He knew this old rival very well.

Both youngsters were on par with each other. Therefore, one couldn't do much about the other.

"Humph!" Ye Xiwen sneered. The sound waves suddenly scattered and set-off waves of energy. The energy waves swept-out in the surroundings, and shattered the space wherever they went. Those experts of legendry's great complete realm who had accompanied Ding Gao Yang were struck. They spouted blood as the bones throughout their bodies got crushed; their energy centers were severed.

"You have brought about your own doom. Do you think that you've obtained a rare opportunity to make some meritorious achievement?" Ye Xiwen walked towards Ding Gao Yang; step by step. His imposing aura also increased; bit by bit.

"How can it be possible? How did you become so strong?" Ding Gao Yang's pupil suddenly contracted. An expression of terror appeared on his face. He finally realized that his old enemy had become extremely powerful. In fact, he had effortlessly killed those experts of legendry's great complete realm with the sound energy produce from just a 'humph'. They knew each other very well. So, Ding Gao Yang was aware that it was impossible for Shi Zhi Ming to achieve such a feat. But, he didn't know what kind of a fortuitous adventure Shi Zhi Ming had come across that had made him so terrifying.

"Go and ask the King of Hell!" Ye Xiwen sneered. The Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand appeared to grab Ding Gao Yang. It was strong enough to overturn a mountain.

"How's this even possible? I can't believe this!" Ding Gao Yang roared. He shot the same Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand towards Ye Xiwen.

However, how could he be Ye Xiwen's opponent? His Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand was grabbed and exterminated by Ye Xiwen. He crushed it into small pieces, and then absorbed it. Then, Ye Xiwen's attack advanced forward.




Ye Xiwen's suppression exploded the defense-type magical weapons which had been protecting Ding Gao Yang's body. His protective layer of 'real elemental energy' was also crushed by the suppression. Then, the Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand struck his body.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand grabbed him, and crushed his body. His body burst into a group of blood fog. Then, Ye Xiwen absorbed his soul and read his memory.

Ye Xiwen came to know that he hadn't yet reported this matter to the higher authority. He wanted to humiliate his old enemy before he reported this matter to the higher authority.

Ye Xiwen felt a bit relieved. Disguising as Shi Zhi Ming had turned out to be a good deal. Now, finding Zhu Tian Zong's whereabouts wouldn't be a big deal for him. After all, he was the son of an elder, and also a semi-sage expert. But, he didn't want an inspection to happen since his identity could be revealed if they were to investigate.

Ding Gao Yang's memories revealed that Zhu Tian Zong had already left for the 'Flaming Sun Real Pond'. The pond was located in the depths of the Fire Cloud Cave. So, he must rush there to kill Zhu Tian Zong. It would be more difficult to deal with him once he had attained the real body of the Barbarian God.

Ye Xiwen was about to leave… but, suddenly… the sky began to shake violently. It unexpectedly began to collapse into small pieces; bit-by-bit.

(To be continued)

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Cave Mansion - alternate translation would be Cave Dwelling, is known as the legendary abode of immortals.

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