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"Want to run away? It's too late for that!"

A sneering sound came from Ye Xiwen's mouth. His aura exploded and surged to an exceptionally terrifying extent.

Ye Xiwen had condensed about 300 dao principles inside his body. Thanks to that, his fighting strength had reached the intermediate stage of semi-sage realm. As a result, he had enough fighting strength to stand against the experts who were at the peak of the initial stage of semi-sage realm.

Ye Xiwen shot his Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand to stop those people from escaping. It formed a mysterious red cloud. It was a lot more exquisite than the one displayed by the blood slave.

Ye Xiwen's Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand had obtained enough energy and essence that it could easily split the mountains.

His flaming hand advanced towards that divine eagle to grab it.

The divine eagle couldn't evade Ye Xiwen's attack even after putting all its effort. So, it screamed loudly as it attempted to counter the attack. Its golden wings began to emanate golden rays of light in the surroundings. Its wings flapped several times, and unleashed an overwhelming golden beam. The golden beam rushed forth to tackle Ye Xiwen's Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand.

Ying Da naturally couldn't bear to see that his pet was going to be caught by Ye Xiwen. So, he quickly turned around and brandished his long blade. The blade energy shattered the space as it went towards Ye Xiwen's attack. It collided with Ye Xiwen's attack; it seemed as if a meteor had crashed into the earth. The terrifying power unleashed by the collision cracked the space open; inch by inch.


Two attacks of semi-sage realm had swept out in the surroundings at once. The energy released from the attacks pierced through the mountains and rivers as they crashed straight into Ye Xiwen's Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand.

The Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand vibrated frantically after it had faced the two terrifying attacks at once. Ye Xiwen coldly snorted and pumped more power into his attack. As a result, his blazing hand started to turn more and more golden in color.

"Ha!" Ye Xiwen shouted loudly. He grabbed the golden beam and the blade energy simultaneously. They started to boil and seethe within the grasp of his Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand.

"Bang!" the golden beam and the blame energy were crushed, and got annihilated. Then, the Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand advanced forward, and grabbed that divine eagle without any delay.

"Don't do it!" Ying Da roared. He released startling blade energy. It pierced its way through the heavy water and rushed towards the Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand to chop it down.

However, it was too late.

"Bang!" the giant stature of that divine eagle was ruptured because it was crushed by the Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand. It could only scream before its blood splashed out. In the end, it got turned into a mass of blood fog.

"No, you bastard!" Ying Da felt his heart shatter when he saw his several-hundred-years-old companion getting crushed to death. His body turned into a streamer of light, and he suddenly arrived in front of Ye Xiwen to kill him.

"Buried Sword Secrets!" Ye Xiwen let out a cold shout. He congealed a startling 'sword intention' in his hand, and brandished it horizontally.

The 'sword intention' forged its way ahead. It appeared as if a long dragon was flying across the sky.

"Puchi!" Ying Da's blade energy got defeated by the 'sword intention'. Then, his entire body was chopped down into pieces by the 'sword intention'. He died on the spot.

Pan Shui Rong, Shi Zhi Ming, and that flood dragon were extremely frightened when they saw two semi-sage realm powerhouses being effortlessly slaughtered by Ye Xiwen. They rushed upward towards the water surface with all their strength.

How could Ye Xiwen let them escape? He had chosen to cross the 'Heavenly Tribulation' in the water mainly because he would've had to face several hundred experts of legendry's great complete realm along with these semi-sage experts if he had crossed it on the surface. So, how could he possibly allow them to escape?

Ye Xiwen sent the blood slave to stop the flood dragon, while he personally chased after Hundred Barbarians Cave's Pan Shui Rong to kill her.

Pan Shui Rong panicked when she saw Ye Xiwen chase after her. She quickly turned around and pointed her fingers towards him. Her huge fingers extended towards Ye Xiwen; one by one. It seemed as if a God had descended into the mortal world to destroy it. The fingers shattered the space wherever they went. It seemed as if the world itself was about to disintegrate into pieces.

Ye Xiwen immediately recognized this attack. It was a martial art of a small guarding faction of the Hundred Barbarians Cave. It was called Hundred Barbarians Liu Ren Fingers (1). Even a finger could break the world. It was said that this terrifying technique had emerged from the Barbarian God's finger technique. It was also said that the Barbarian God had once destroyed half-of-the-world with this technique.

Ye Xiwen shot his Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand once again. It struck those huge pointy fingers. The fingers simply weren't a match for the Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand.




The Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand grabbed those huge fingers, and exploded them. The power of the finger attack wasn't inferior to the power of Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand. However, Pan Shui Rong's skill was far less than Ye Xiwen's.

Ye Xiwen had also learned the method of executing the Hundred Barbarians Liu Ren Fingers from the memory of the deceased disciples of Hundred Barbarians Cave. However, Ye Xiwen was dressed up as a disciple of the Fire Cloud Cave. So, he didn't display a power technique of the Hundred Barbarians Cave.

Pan Shui Rong's fingers were crushed by Ye Xiwen; one by one. She couldn't evade Ye Xiwen's attack, and got slaughtered. He plundered all her wealth from her corpse. Ye Xiwen didn't show her a shred of mercy even though she was a woman.

Ye Xiwen rushed towards Shi Zhi Ming after he had killed Pan Shui Rong. Shi Zhi Ming had escaped towards the water surface by now.

Shi Zhi Ming convulsed with fear as he saw Ye Xiwen approach closer. He shouted, "No! You can't kill me! Otherwise, my father won't spare you!"

"Your father won't find out about this!" Ye Xiwen sneered. A 'Hanshan Seal' fell from above like a huge dragon. It caught Shi Zhi Ming off-guard, smashed his body, and thrust him to the bottom of the pond. The bones in his body had been crushed. Generally, the barbarians had more robust bodies than the people of Southern region. However, none were on par with Ye Xiwen.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen used Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand and slapped Shi Zhi Ming to death. His body turned into a group of blood fog. Then, Ye Xiwen plundered his wealth as well.

The wealth of these semi-sage experts was on an entirely different level when compared to that on the bodies of the experts of legendry's great complete realm since they were considered as elites among elites in their respective martial arts schools. So, they were bound to have several treasures on their bodies.

However, there were no 'Spirit Dans' on their bodies. Rather, they had possessed 'Primary Spirit Dans' (2). A 'Primary Spirit Dan' was refined from the 'Spirit Dans'. First, the spirit energy was extracted from the 'Spirit Dans'. It was then compressed to a great extent, and then further condensed to form 'Primary Spirit Dans'. It was impossible for the experts below semi-sage realm to condense these high-quality Dans. It could be said that spirit energy was the smallest unit of energy which was accessible to the experts below semi-sage realm. Only those experts who had condensed the principles of semi-sage realm or above were capable of condensing 'Primary Spirit Dans'. 10,000 'Spirit Dans' were required to condense one 'Primary Spirit Dan'.

The experts of semi-sage realm or higher used to deal in 'Primary Spirit Dans' only. Otherwise, if they dealt in 'Spirit Dans' with each other… then the number of 'Spirit Dans' in an average transaction would reach astronomical figures.

Ye Xiwen had obtained more than 20,000 'Primary Spirit Dans' from the bodies of these experts. It was a big fortune for him.

The wealth of legendary experts was nothing in comparison to that of these semi-sage experts — that too when the comparison was drawn solely on the basis of 'Primary Spirit Dans'… and not adding the other exotic treasures and magic weapons in their possession.

Ye Xiwen rushed towards that flood dragon after he had killed Shi Zhi Ming. He sneered since there was one around to interfere. The flood dragon collapsed under Ye Xiwen and the blood slave's pincer attack. However, Ye Xiwen didn't turn its corpse into blood fog. Instead, he left its corpse intact, and stored it in his stock. The flood dragon's entire body was covered with treasures. The dragon's blood could be used to nourish and harvest rare herbal medicines.

Ye Xiwen began to operate the 'restraining breath technique' after he had killed the flood dragon. And, his appearance transformed into that of Shi Zhi Ming's. He sneered and received the blood slave back. Then, he rushed out of the deep and cold pond like a streamer of light.

The disciples of all three forces were anxiously waiting at the shore of the pond. However, they hadn't dared to jump into the cold pond. A few impatient disciples had dived into the pond, but had been frozen to death.

Diving into this pond was like committing suicide for an expert below the semi-sage realm. But, Ye Xiwen was an exception; thanks to his 'gilded tyrant form'.

Moreover, the sudden arrival of the 'Heavenly Tribulation' had scared them. The appearance of all types of lightning figures had terrified them even more. They hadn't come across such a terrifying 'Heavenly Tribulation' in the past. Such an abnormal tribulation would appear only for a monster who had dared to go against the heaven's will. Otherwise, the heavens would never be so unfair as to send such a dreadful 'Heavenly Tribulation'. That was because the one facing it would have little-to-no-chance of survival. Forget about witnessing a tribulation like this one… they hadn't even heard about something like this. It was an extremely scary spectacle.

They were very worried because they might have to face a one-sided massacre if their leader didn't win.

"Young Master Shi, Young Master Shi!" several experts of the Fire Cloud Cave shouted in joy as they saw Ye Xiwen emerge from the pond.

Ye Xiwen nodded blankly. He then said, "Let's get back to the Fire Cloud Cave!"

"Wait! Shi Zhi Ming, where is our Miss Pan?" The warriors of the Hundred Barbarians Cave didn't hold back. They blocked Ye Xiwen's path.

"You guys are courting death. Do you want to meet her?!" Ye Xiwen shouted coldly. His eyes flashed with killing intent as he continued to pretend being Shi Zhi Ming. A Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand appeared, and swept towards them for the kill.

The Hundred Barbarians Cave and Fire Cloud Cave were mortal enemies. It was fairly natural for a deadly fight to break-out between them.

"Bang!" These experts of legendry's great complete realm couldn't evade Ye Xiwen's attack. They were reduced to a mass of flesh and blood by Ye Xiwen. There was no comparison between Ye Xiwen's strength and theirs' even before he had jumped into the pond. Let alone now… when he had condensed about 300 principles.

Ye Xiwen killed them all in the blink of an eye. Over 200 warriors of Hundred Barbarians Cave had been slaughtered.

The experts of the Eagle Cave were shocked by this scene. They were deterred by this, and didn't dare to advance forward. Provoking this vicious fiend would be tantamount to courting death.

Suddenly, a bad feeling emerged inside their hearts. Ying Da should've arrived by now… if he was alive. But, he hadn't. On the contrary, Ye Xiwen had. This clearly meant that Shi Zhi Ming had won the fight over the Sunflower Water Essence, and Ying Da must've died.

They wouldn't dare to provoke Ye Xiwen for they didn't wish to face the same fate as their leader.

Ye Xiwen didn't say anything since he saw the scared faces of the warriors of the Eagle Cave. They were basically speechless. He left with the other disciples of the Fire Cloud Cave. He spared the lives of the Eagle Cave warriors, and allowed them go so that they could spread the news that Shi Zhi Ming had killed Pan Shui Rong. This would deepen the hatred between these two forces, and that would reduce the threat to the Southern Region.

(To be continued)

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