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"Dammit! This bastard is crossing the tribulation!" Everyone could clearly see that Ye Xiwen was the real mastermind behind all this, and not the blood slave. He wasn't far away from them. He was clad in the warrior-attire of the Fire Cloud Cave.

Shi Zhi Ming was particularly burning with anger since this person was clad in the attire of the Fire Cloud Cave. He must have mixed with the team of Fire Cloud Cave and followed Shi Zhi Ming here. Shi Zhi Ming couldn't tolerate the fact that he hadn't noticed that.

Furthermore, he didn't even recognize this person!

Ye Xiwen had once again changed his appearance. Therefore, Shi Zhi Ming didn't know that this person was Ye Xiwen. Shi Zhi Ming was preoccupied with rage since he was blaming himself for being negligent.

Ye Xiwen didn't know that someone was going mad because of him. Right now, he was sitting cross-legged, and could feel the power seething inside his body.

The lightning in the sky struck again and again. The lighting rushed down, and appeared to be capable of seeing. It didn't spread out in the water, and aimed straight towards Ye Xiwen to strike him.

The lightning struck Ye Xiwen's body and caused his 'Real Elemental Energy' to boil even more. However, he knew that it was just an appetizer.

Waves and waves of numerous lightning figures crashed down from above before Ye Xiwen could catch his breath. And, they struck towards Ye Xiwen.

Shi Zhi Ming, Pan Shui Rong, Ying Da, and the flood dragon were present nearby. They were dumbstruck upon witnessing this scene. They couldn't help but think that the heaven was furious, and had sent its heavenly forces to render punishment.

An ordinary 'Heavenly Tribulation' was scary enough; let alone this variant of 'Heavenly Tribulation'. An ordinary variant of Heavenly Tribulation was scary enough to kill an average expert. And, this one was clearly an abnormal variant. These people hadn't heard about this kind of 'Heavenly Tribulation'. Such an abnormal 'Heavenly Tribulation' only existed in ancient books. Yet, now they were witnessing one with their own eyes. This was simply mind-boggling.

The groups of lightning figures swept down from the sky. They appeared to be surfing on waves. They appeared extremely terrifying. These lightning figures rushed straight towards Ye Xiwen like ferocious evil spirits.

This was the type of 'Heavenly Tribulation' everyone was afraid of. Because… facing a tribulation was like taking a test and most people did that with inadequate preparation. Hence, they weren't capable enough to cross such a 'Heavenly Tribulation'. Only an outstanding genius with deep foundation could cross it. For others, it was no different than a deadly tribulation.

Ye Xiwen might not have outstanding innate talent. However, his foundation was very profound. He had deliberately restrained his cultivation level over the past two years in order to build this deep foundation.

Even so, Ye Xiwen didn't dare to look down on this 'Heavenly Tribulation' one bit. He might suffer a crushing defeat if he were to take this terrifying 'Heavenly Tribulation' lightly.

Ye Xiwen sneered. He rushed up and burst into the crowd of lightning figures like a golden streamer of light. These lightning figures didn't constitute of just lightning apes. Various other kinds of demons were also present in this group. Some had taken human forms, but still retained several characteristics of the demon race. They rushed towards Ye Xiwen as they brandished their weapons.

"Die!" those lightning people bellowed loudly as they rushed towards Ye Xiwen. Each one of them was armed with sword, spears, clubs and all other sorts of weapons. The martial arts unleashed by these lightning people were far more tyrannical than the martial arts of the barbarian experts of legendry's great complete realm. The lightning people formed small teams as they rushed towards Ye Xiwen to kill him. Each unit had enormous might.

Ye Xiwen roared. A 'Hanshan Seal' smashed down from above. The giant mountain fell from the sky like a huge dragon and smashed down. Many of the lightning people didn't get a chance to begin their attack, and were smashed by Ye Xiwen's 'Hanshan Seal'. They transformed into a group of lightning energy, and were absorbed by Ye Xiwen.

The universe inside Ye Xiwen's Dantian made a crackling sound after it absorbed the lightning energy.

Ye Xiwen, who now wore five layers of 'tyrant body technique', broke into the crowd of lightning people in one fell swoop and went all out. He shot the Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand, and didn't hold back one bit. His blazing big hand rushed forth like a bunch of red-clouds, and grabbed a bunch of lightning people. They then got crushed and exploded.

Shi Zhi Ming's complexion turned ashen as he watched this scene from the sidelines. He knew that his comprehension of Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand was far inferior to Ye Xiwen's. Yet, somehow, this attack had reminded him of the attack that Ye Xiwen had displayed. However, this man was very different from Ye Xiwen - whether the comparison was drawn based on appearance, physical characteristics or aura. He could only blame his luck for encountering two experts whose comprehensions of the Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand was superior to his own. And, he had encountered them within such a short timeframe.

However, he didn't hold himself back, and continued to attack the blood slave. He and the other semi-sage experts were no fools. They knew that the blood slave could respawn only to some extent; not limitlessly. Wouldn't taking endless rebirths go against the heaven's will?

The blood slave was certainly operating by consuming some kind of energy. So, they only needed to exhaust it thoroughly. That would automatically bring an end to this fight.

Moreover, this must be done before Ye Xiwen was done crossing the 'Heavenly Tribulation'. Then, they could kill Ye Xiwen by taking advantage of his weak condition post-tribulation.

A person who could cross such a dreadful 'Heavenly Tribulation' had to be genuinely talented and intrepid. He couldn't be allowed to live. He would be exhausted after crossing this 'Heavenly Tribulation', and it would be their 'big chance' to get rid of him.

"Bang!" Ying Da's divine eagle grabbed the blood slave in its claws and smashed it.

Ye Xiwen couldn't see or hear them, but he knew their intentions. Both sides wanted to dispose of their respective opponents quickly.

Ye Xiwen continued to slaughter those lightning people. Each of these lightning people was as strong as an expert of legendry's great complete realm. However, they weren't a match for Ye Xiwen. It wouldn't be an overstatement to say that - it was rare to find an opponent of Ye Xiwen on the same level in the entire world. He was basically invincible on his level.

Moreover, he possessed the formidable 'gilded tyrant form'. That made him an even more tyrannical opponent. He rushed into the group of lightning people. He simply disregarded the lightning attacks being launched at him. He grabbed a lightning person with his hand, and crushed it. He then absorbed its energy. His strength increased a bit as a result.

Ye Xiwen continued to become stronger. Moreover, he didn't stop here. Rather, he started doing two things at once. On one hand, he grabbed many lightning people and crushed them. On the other hand, he began to control his 'Real Elemental Energy' to capture the principles in his vicinity. He then started to condense them.

He wasn't doing this for the first time. He had done this prior to condensing the blood slave. So, it was a child's play for him now.

It was uncertain how many principles were captured by him. However, he managed to condense the first 'dao principle' inside his body.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's aura suddenly began to change after he condensed the first 'dao principle'. He finally experienced his first qualitative change. The innumerable changes in the past had only been quantitative in nature. It seemed as if an endless amount of water had finally broken through the dam.

Ye Xiwen's body began to entangle the coercion of sage realm. It was merely the coercion of semi-sage level. However, there was certainly a huge difference when compared to earlier. This was the beginning of his transcendence of mortal world; a mere step towards becoming a sage.

Shi Zhi Ming, Pan Shui Rong and Ying Da were in utter shock when they saw that Ye Xiwen had begun to condense principles. They couldn't believe their eyes. They were quite convinced that Ye Xiwen hadn't even reached half-step legendary ninth stage yet. Even the extremely profound experts of legendry's great complete realm would face great difficulties in condensing principles. They themselves had experienced this in the past, and knew of the challenges that lay in the path. After all, they had also walked on the same path.

The most shocking thing for them wasn't that Ye Xiwen was condensing principles. Rather, the most shocking was the fact that he was doing it without even reaching half-step legendary ninth stage. Their eyes popped-out as they watched this happen in front of them. They were blown away by this.

There was always a certain relation between one's cultivation level and strength, but it wasn't absolute. Ye Xiwen possessed the fighting strength of legendry's great complete realm even though he was merely at half-step legendary eighth stage. Yet, this wasn't that surprising. However, condensing the principles of semi-sage realm at such a lower level was definitely equivalent to going against the heaven's will.

The stages were like floors in a building. A person could see everything on the floor they were on. However, a person on the bottom floor would never understand the feeling of overlooking the earth from high up in the sky.

Ye Xiwen was clearly a person who had never left the ground. Yet, he seemed to know the feeling of overlooking the earth from the sky.

Ye Xiwen's actions and agility skill got imbued with fluctuating world-principles as he condensed more and more of them. Now, each and every movement of his' carried the power of the world. Those lightning people didn't stand a chance against him. He slapped the large group of lightning people with his Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand, and killed them all in one shot.

As Ye Xiwen's speed of annihilating the lightning people grew more and more — those semi-sage experts as well as the flood dragon became more and more anxious.

That was because… they were witnessing the birth of a miracle. Ye Xiwen was unceasingly condensing the principles within his body. He quickly surpassed the preliminary stage of semi-sage realm by condensing 100 'dao principles'. However, he continued. Soon, he had condensed 110, 120… and then… he finally crossed the 200 mark. Now, he had closed the gap between himself and these experts. However, they felt their hair standing on end when they saw Ye Xiwen condense more principles after the 200 mark. To think that such a terrifying expert was present among them… one who could continuously comprehended more than 200 principles… and that too in one go. God only knows how much effort these people had to put to condense 200 principles.

But… Ye Xiwen didn't stop.



"Hurry, let's get out of here!" Shi Zhi Ming shouted loudly. He couldn't bear the pressure on his heart, and turned around to escape. They'd end up dead if they waited until the full promotion of Ye Xiwen's strength since his power would've increase beyond their imagination by then. Not to mention that Ye Xiwen would have the blood slave's support.

The other few experts, as well as the flood dragon, turned around to escape after they heard Shi Zhi Ming's shout.

"Want to run away? It's too late for that!"

A tyrannical aura — which clearly surpassed the initial stage of semi-sage realm — swept in the surroundings.

(To be continued)

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