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"Yang Hong, Yang Na, what are you up to? Are you trying to disrespect Young Master Shi?" a snort sounded as soon as the three of them stepped down from the rainbow lights.

A tall figure appeared from afar; it was treading on the rainbow light. He had a robust physique, and was 10 feet tall. His bronze-colored skin was faintly glowing — thanks to the 'Real Elemental Energy' flowing within. A trace of fluctuating world-principle was also present on his body. He had reached the extremely profound level of legendry's great complete realm. He was half a step away from entering the semi-sage realm. He was exceptionally powerful. He was even more powerful than Yang Hong and Yang Na.

"Humph! Lei Yang Yun, whether we've tried to disrespect Young Master Shi - it's not something you can comment on!" Yang Hong stepped forward and retorted with a sneer. Yang Hong's strength was inferior to this man, but he didn't seem afraid of him.

"Humph! You're talking big. You all would've been slaughtered if your Yang tribe wasn't a servant-tribe!" Lei Yang Yun smiled coldly and said. It was clear that he held a deep grudge against the Yang siblings. No wonder he had blatantly touched a sore spot.

"Why did you bring an outsider? This man isn't a warrior of your Yang tribe!" Lei Yang Yun glanced coldly at Ye Xiwen and said.

"He's a big benefactor of my Yang tribe. He's also a disciple of the Fire Cloud Cave. So, why can't he participate in Young Master Shi's summons?" Yang Hong asked without showing any weakness or hesitation.

"What a timely coincidence to have found a disciple of the Fire Cloud Cave to help you. This time, Young Master Shi has summoned the local tribes only; not the outsiders. Even if we do encounter any outsiders — we must hide this matter from them at all costs. But instead of hiding it from the outsiders… you've brought one. We haven't gathered here to celebrate, or fornicate like bandits. This matter is of utmost important!" Lei Yang Yun sneered and counterattacked with his words. Actually, it was rare to come across such a sharp mouthed barbarian. "Moreover, our Young Master Shi is so strong that even seizing the burning sun and melting it is a small matter for him. Why should we take the help of an outsider? Do you think that we are incompetent?"

"You!" Yang Na's complexion turned red. Lei Yang Yun was a rare barbarian who knew how to take advantage of his sharp tongue. He had left the Yang siblings speechless by using only a few words. Yang Na wanted to refute him. However, she didn't know where to begin from!

"What you're saying… isn't right. Why I can't help? When you say that Young Master Shi has ordered to conceal this matter from outsiders… do you mean that his summons don't enjoy the popular support of the people? Is that why he's being forced to do it in secret? What's he up to?" At this time, Ye Xiwen finally spoke. Lei Yang Yun was indeed a sharp-mouthed barbarian in comparison to others like Yang Hong and Yang Na. However, he was nothing in comparison to Ye Xiwen. It's always easy to tag somebody with unfair label; anyone can do it.

"You… I didn't mean that!" Lei Yang Yun's face was flushed when he heard Ye Xiwen's argument. He looked fiercely at Ye Xiwen; wishing he could swallow Ye Xiwen whole. He considered himself the best when it came to using sharp-mouthed arguments to his advantage; at least among the barbarian people. So, he didn't expect that Ye Xiwen would say such harsh words in reply. He hadn't expected that Ye Xiwen would find a loophole in his own argument, and would use it against him to openly shame him.

"You get lost from here!" Lei Yang Yun's eyes emitted an ominous glint as he looked towards Ye Xiwen. He didn't say anything further once he fell in the disadvantageous position in this war of words. Instead, he switched back to displaying the barbaric trait of 'letting his fist do the talking'. "Outsiders are not allowed to stick their nose in this matter. I dare you… say one more sentence and I'll kill you without amnesty. Now, get lost!"

Yang Hong had informed Ye Xiwen about several things recently. Initially, there was only a small friction between this Lei Yang Yun and their Yang tribe. Generally, they were constantly involved in small skirmishes. However, they all had ended in the Yang tribe's defeat; more or less. That was because Lei Yang Yu was much stronger than the siblings. Moreover, the most important thing was that he took advantage of Shi Zhi Ming's favor to do whatever he wanted. This had also boosted his arrogance. He would look to cause trouble for Yang tribe wherever and whenever he could. So, this wasn't about his mistrust on an outsider like Ye Xiwen. Instead, he was deliberately looking for an opportunity to cause trouble for the Yang tribe.

Ye Xiwen listened to Lei Yang Yun's threat, but he wasn't afraid. He merely sneered twice and replied, "Who do you think you are? You dare to bark in front of me. I, Ye Mouren, have walked for many years among these 100,000 Great Mountains. There's isn't anyone who hasn't seen me. Today — in admiration of Young Master Shi — I've especially arrived here to help. But a dog like you dares to humiliate me. If not for giving face to Young Master Shi — I would've already slapped you to death!"

Many barbarian warriors of the local tribes were present in the surroundings. They secretly felt delighted after when they heard Ye Xiwen's rebuke. This Lei Yang Yun relied on Shi Zhi Ming's support to act arrogantly with everyone. He looked down on everyone and bullied them. He used small and insignificants matters as a catalyst, and even went as far as issuing the order to extinguish an entire tribe if he felt like it. In everyone's opinion, this Lei Yang Yun was a nasty villain who was drunk on power; someone who had let the success get to his head. They had always despised him, but they couldn't do anything because he had Shi Zhi Ming's support. They couldn't afford to offend Shi Zhi Ming. Consequently, they also couldn't offend him. However, someone had appeared who was giving Lei Yang Yun a taste of his own medicine. So, they couldn't help but be secretly thrilled.

"You're courting death!" Suddenly, a fierce beam of light flashed inside Lei Yang Yun's eyes. Nobody had ever dared to humiliate him like this. Even though everyone considered him as Shi Zhi Ming's lackey… no one had ever dared to speak those words of truth in front of him. He usually maintained a proud and complacent appearance. "You probably don't know whose territory you're in. Today, I'll send you off to see the Barbarian God!"

Lei Yang Yun had pulled-out his lance while he in the middle of his speech. The lance in his hand emitted ice-cold black rays of light. He then pointed it towards Ye Xiwen, and a terrifying aura began to surge throughout his body.

People regarded Lei Yang Yun as a sharp-mouthed lackey of Shi Zhi Ming's, but he possessed intrepid strength. His body was faintly emitting the trace semi-sage level aura. This meant that he had entered halfway into the semi-sage realm.

Yang siblings often suffered losses at the hands of Lie Yang Yun. Shi Zhi Ming was one of the reasons for this. However, the most important reason was that Lei Yang Yun's possessed tyrannical strength. An ordinary expert of legendry's great complete realm was no match for him.

"Bang!" the sharp lance caused the surrounding space to collapse as it wantonly advanced forward with barbaric power. It appeared just like a long dragon that had been urged by Lei Yang Yu to go wild.

As if adding the finishing touch, that dragon went completely berserk like a real dragon. That black lance appeared like a long black dragon that blotted-out the sky and shrouded the earth as it swept towards Ye Xiwen.

This lance was made of extremely high-quality material. And, the inscriptions on its body contained traces of sage power. An ordinary expert of legendry's great complete realm could only escape when faced with the semi-sage level power of this lance. But, any attempts to resist would simply make them fall under a through suppression of the lance's might.

But, unfortunately, it had encountered a target like Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen shot his 'Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand' without any hesitation as he faced the approaching long black dragon. Ye Xiwen's attack was overbearing, and contained tyrannical power. It began to burn- down everything around it. It advanced towards that long black dragon to grab it.

"Bang!" that huge fiery cloud and the black light collided ferociously. It seemed as if the world had lost its color, and everyone had entered a dreadful world of red and black.

The red cloud and the black beam had collided violently. The horrifying power of unimaginable proportions wantonly spread-out from the center of collision in all directions. This set-off storm waves everywhere. The space couldn't bear such a horrifying power and collapsed in the wake of this energy storm. The space would then restore itself, but once again got shattered by the storm. This was a terrible scene… the process of continuous reconstruction and destruction of the space.

Everyone was dumbstruck. They promptly retreated to avoid getting crushed by the devastating force of such terrifying power. Everyone looked at these two men with a look of amazement in their eyes. They had never thought that the clash between these two could be so terrifying. Lei Yang Yun was annoying according to those barbarian warriors, but his strength was still tyrannical. In fact, he was probably the first person under the age of fifty who had managed to get close to semi-sage realm. This meant that he didn't have any rivals under the age of fifty in the region.

They weren't sure about whether he had any opponent or not, but everyone accepted that he was extremely tyrannical. However, Ye Xiwen hadn't fallen into a disadvantageous position in this fight. Everyone was astonished. It seemed as if they were witnessing some inconceivable miracle.

However, the Yang siblings weren't affected by the sight of this. Previously, they had seen how Ye Xiwen had effortlessly killed that bone beast that was about to enter the semi-sage realm. It has been slaughter by Ye Xiwen in an instant. That was sufficient to judge Ye Xiwen's tyrannical strength.

No, it wasn't so!

Soon, everyone discovered something that sent chills down their spine. They noticed that Ye Xiwen hadn't fallen into the disadvantageous position. Instead, he had obtained an upper hand in the battle. His 'Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand' crushed the black layer of energy formed around the lance, and exposed its real body. However, Ye Xiwen didn't hold back, and guided his 'Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand' to further grasp the lance.

The defensive layer surrounding the lance broke, and the black lance was seized by Ye Xiwen's flaming hand.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand seemed like a heavenly hand that had descended to the mortal world to punish these barbarian people. The black lance was grabbed, and broken into tiny fragments.


Lei Yang Yun's entire body shivered, and he suddenly spouted a mouthful of blood. Ye Xiwen had grabbed and broken the fragment of his soul that was concealed inside the lance. He could no longer control the lance without the fragment of his soul. Anyways, the lance had already been pinched to bits by Ye Xiwen and had turned into elements of energy.

Lei Yang Yun recalled how long he had had to beg his elders in order to obtain this divine weapon. He had finally requested a great master in the tribe to create one just for him. He had nearly spent his entire savings to gather the myriad of expensive materials that were required to forge it. However, Ye Xiwen had crushed it to bits. This was like having a knife inserted in one's chest — leaving the body to drip blood; drop-by-drop.


Lei Yang Yun's entire body shivered once again as he spouted more blood from his mouth. This had happened due to the physiological impact of this invaluable loss.

(To be continued)

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