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Everyone was dumbstruck. Nobody had thought that Ye Xiwen would defeat Lei Yang Yun's offensive in just one move. Lei Yang Yun's attack was nothing in front of Ye Xiwen. He had crushed it as if it were a child's play for him.

"My brethren of Lei tribe… go ahead and kill him for me!" Lei Yang Yun bellowed. More than a dozen individuals, each possessing tyrannical aura, appeared in the surroundings. Each of these individuals was at legendry's great complete realm and possessed tyrannical strength. Their intrepid barbaric auras had spread across the vast sky. Each of these individuals was a rare expert.

The experts of the Lei tribe were twice as powerful as the experts of the Yang tribe. However, none of these experts was at semi-sage realm. A semi-sage expert wasn't comparable to a sage expert. However, it could be said that a semi-sage expert touched upon the word 'sage', and was inherently different from ordinary mortals. Presently, almost all semi-sage experts had been sent to the frontline to fight in the war between Hundred Barbarians Cave and Fire Cloud Cave. But one could tell that the Fire Cloud Cave had an exceptionally deep background by merely looking at these profound experts of legendry's great complete realm.

Each of these individuals was capable-enough of running rampant in a small area. Presently, all these experts were gathered here. It was clear that the Lei tribe was one of the biggest tribes in this area, and had extremely tyrannical strength. It was certainly more powerful than the Yang tribe.

However, Lei tribe was merely a subordinate force of the Fire Cloud Cave; nothing more. These so-called major forces were visibly incredible. The Yi Yuan School was nothing in front of these forces. Ye Xiwen felt very glad that he had left the Yi Yuan School. Otherwise, he would've never gotten this exposure, and would've remained a small bird in the nest called 'Yi Yuan School'.

The experts roared in unison after they heard Lei Yang Yun's bellow. Their secret arts were unleashed in a flash. Endless divine beams illuminated half of the sky momentarily. These were the secret arts of the Lei tribe as well as the Fire Cloud Cave.

Many different kinds of secret arts were unleashed by them at once, but they didn't look messy or unorganized. These experts had honed their secret arts — thanks to their rich hunting experience. They knew the importance of team-work during a hunt. They formed a massive and terrifying attack formation, and rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

The endless barrage of offensives formed a wild diagram in the sky as their desolate aura swept-out in the surroundings. This joint attack was enough to explode an expert of legendry's great complete realm. Even an expert of semi-sage realm would hesitate to face this kind of a joint attack head-on.

These barbarian people were different from the experts of the Southern region. The experts of the Southern region were often divided into units on the basis of their country. However, the barbarian people were divided into the units depending on their tribes. These units were often small, but the members often shared an unusual bond and sense of unity. Their tribe was the entire world for them.

This was an extremely terrifying attack. It was aimed at entrapping and killing Ye Xiwen; without giving him a way out.

"Humph!" Ye Xiwen sneered. He began to operate 'Great Desolate Fire Cloud Power Technique' with all his strength. His body ejected fire-colored clouds that began to boil. A massive amount of majestic aura spread across the sky, and condensed into a huge figure behind him. This figure was quite fuzzy, but a lot of people could recognize it. They were left shocked since this figure turned out to be the Barbarian God.

Many weaker warriors in the surroundings instinctively felt like kneeling down. That was because no matter which tribal group or force they belonged to… they were all descendants of the Barbarian God. They had emerged out of the 'Barbarian God Heavenly Temple'.

Once upon a time, the Barbarian God Heavenly Temple was a colossus force. It would often clash with the True Martial University in its prosperous times. However, the True Martial University declined with the passage of time, and the Barbarian God Heavenly Temple split into parts which were now known as Fire Cloud Cave and the Hundred Barbarians Cave. Ever barbarian believed in the Barbarian God, and had given them various kinds of martial arts techniques. The barbarians of the Southern Wasteland shared same beliefs and practiced same martial arts since they had originated from the same Barbarian God Heavenly Temple. However, the same wasn't true for the five regions of the continent. The origins of all the martial arts commonly found in the Southern Wasteland could be traced back to Barbarian God, who was said to have taught the martial arts. Therefore, one could condense the phantom of the Barbarian God if these techniques were practiced to the deeper level. In fact, one could even condense the real body of the Barbarian God.

However, it was necessary to comprehend the power technique to the extremely profound level to accomplish that. It had nothing to do with one's strength. It was mainly dependent on the extent to which the power-law had been comprehended. Ye Xiwen hadn't condensed the real body of the Barbarian God. However, he had condensed the phantom of the Barbarian God; as mentioned in the legends.

Therefore, everyone's eyes popped-out, and they looked at Ye Xiwen in disbelief. It was difficult for them to believe that he had actually condensed the phantom of the Barbarian God. To be able to achieve such a fear at his age — it could be said that he was a top genius.

The Barbarian God roared loudly behind Ye Xiwen's body. Countless fire clouds condensed together to form a red-colored blazing lance in its hand. It was burning in the sky. A terrifying power was surging and boiling throughout its body.

"Whoosh!" the phantom of the Barbarian God fiercely shot the blazing lance. It went lasing out.

"Bang!" the blazing lance pierced its way forward across the sky. It seemed as it would destroy the world as it crossed the expansive sky and collided with that wild diagram.

"Rumble!" that blazing lance unleashed a terrifying rainbow light which effortlessly pierced through that wild diagram, and destroyed it in an instant. Those dozen or more barbarian experts were violently shaken by the enormous shock-wave. They spouted blood from their mouths, and their huge bodies were sent flying upside down. Their robust bodies had been nearly torn apart by the horrifying pressure of Ye Xiwen's attack.

Lei Yang Yun was watching the scene. The experts of his own tribe were nothing in front of Ye Xiwen. They couldn't even resist a single move of his'. It was simply unbelievable.

"How can this be? How is this possible? When my Lei tribe's experts of legendry's great complete realm attack together — even an ominous beast of semi-sage realm will have to run for shelter. It won't dare to fight when faced with this kind of an attack. Otherwise, its entire body will be torn apart by this terrifying force!" Lei Yang Yun couldn't believe this. An extremely frightened look appeared on his face. There wasn't just a look of disbelief in his eyes as he looked towards Ye Xiwen, but also bitterness and incomparable hatred.

Ye Xiwen sneered. Perhaps, an ordinary expert of semi-sage realm wouldn't be able to face such a joint attack and might sustain injuries. However, it was nothing for Ye Xiwen's 'gilded tyrant form'. Even if the opposite party had used a divine tool and bombarded it on Ye Xiwen's body — it still wouldn't have caused any harm to him.

"Whoosh!" Ye Xiwen's figure tore its way through the vast sky. Suddenly, he appeared in front of Lei Yang Yun and grabbed his neck.

"Bang!" Lei Yang Yun was thrust into a mountain peak by Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen looked at him coldly and said, "I had told you, don't be pretentious in front of me. I can effortlessly kill you if I want to!"

Ye Xiwen spoke very casually. This Lei Yang Yun was nothing in his opinion. He might have extremely profound martial power, but it wasn't enough in comparison to Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen possessed unimaginable strength.

Lei Yang Yun noticed that his entire body had been embedded into the mountain peak. It was becoming difficult for him to breathe. The oxygen was getting less and less, and he had already begun to lose consciousness. The lack of oxygen was making him crazy.

The barbarians present in the surroundings looked at Lei Yang Yun in disbelief. Ye Xiwen had nearly killed him. They couldn't believe their eyes. This Lei Yang Yun had consistently carried the image of a self-proclaimed tyrant for so many years. However, he had been so easily defeated by Ye Xiwen. It was evident that he wasn't Ye Xiwen's opponent.

Ye Xiwen's approach had been the same as that of other barbarians; brutal, crude and straightforward!

The experts of the Lei tribe who hadn't yet fainted managed to catch a glimpse as Lei Yang Yun was shoved into the mountain peak. They sighed with sorrow since they secretly felt that they had ended-up offending a big-shot. They felt as if they had kicked an iron wall.

Yang Hong and Yang Na were in extreme shock. They knew that Ye Xiwen was very intrepid and an average expert was no match for him. However, they were deeply shocked after watching Ye Xiwen in combat… and how he had effortlessly defeated so many experts of the Lei tribe.

Ye Xiwen was more powerful than they had imagined. In fact, it could be said that he was countless times more powerful than what they had expected.

"Well, well, well, I didn't know that there was such an outstanding genius in the younger generation!" a burst of an applauding sound came from afar, and permeated throughout the world.

Ye Xiwen saw a figure approaching in the sky. It was a young man; approximately 20 years old. He had rough facial features. He was tall and sturdy. An intrepid aura was surging upon his body.

"Young Master Shi!" The barbarians saluted in unison as they saw him approach. This youth was the Young Master Shi, Shi Zhi Ming.

He was being followed by dozens of terrifying experts of the legendary realm. Those experts were at legendry's great complete realm. Their imposing aura was spreading out; little by little.

Suddenly, a trace of surprise appeared in Ye Xiwen's eyes as he saw that youth. That youth was at semi-sage realm. He was merely at the initial stage of semi-sage realm, but his aura had suppressed everyone on the scene. Others simply couldn't look into his eyes under the suppression effect of his imposing aura.

Ye Xiwen was the only exception. His divinities could automatically eliminate this kind of suppression. After all, divinity was the power of the Gods. They couldn't possibly allow an ordinary mortal to humiliate them.

Shi Zhi Ming had turned out to be more powerful than Ye Xiwen had imagined. He was unexpectedly an expert of semi-sage realm.

"Good, you're pretty good!" Shi Zhi Ming suddenly laughed and said when he saw that Ye Xiwen stood unaffected under his suppression.

Suddenly, Shi Zhi Ming looked towards Lei Yang Yun, who had been thrust inside the mountain peak by Ye Xiwen, and spoke, "You're useless; you made me lose face!"

Lei Yang Yun felt extremely humiliated when he heard Shi Zhi Ming's words. He got angry, but couldn't dare to make Shi Zhi Ming more furious. So, he could only get angry secretly inside. He was stubbornly staring at Ye Xiwen; as if he'd kill Ye Xiwen with his glare.

Ye Xiwen naturally understood that he must stop since Shi Zhi Ming — a semi-sage expert — had arrived.

(To be continued)

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