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The bones of these ominous bone-beasts were their strongest defensive layer. It was very difficult to break them. These experts of the Fire Cloud Cave bombarded the body of that bone-beast with their strongest martial techniques; mostly with the Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand. However, their attacks could barely break its exoskeleton. In fact, their efforts went in vain because its broken bones instantly grew back. This beast was very difficult to deal with.

"Argh!" the bone beast roared. The bones from its body were ejected just like long arrows, and pierced through the vast sky. Two barbarian warriors didn't get enough time to evade, and the long bone-arrows penetrated their bodies. They were nailed to the ground, and their blood splashed everywhere. This caused a rapid loss in their vitality.

"Dammit! I didn't expect this bone-beast to be so ferocious. It seems it'll enter the semi-sage realm soon!" the woman — who was one of the two barbarians leading this team — clenched her teeth and said. Perhaps, engaging this bone beast was their biggest mistake.

The experts in the Southern region would often kill demon beasts to obtain their demon cores, or to obtain various other kinds of materials from their bodies. However, their purpose was entirely different from that of the experts of the Southern Wasteland. These people used to kill these demon beasts for food. However, there weren't many warriors in this region. And, the 100,000 Mountains was their only reputable source of food. The remnant majority of land in the Southern Westland was barren, and unsuitable for farming. Therefore, there was always shortage of food. Their only source of food was these ominous beasts found in the 100,000 mountains. Only the most powerful warriors could catch enough prey to ensure the survival of their entire tribe.

In the Southern region, an expert was considered as a powerhouse by ordinary people. Such experts were considered strong beings in the eyes of the common people. They supposedly belonged to a higher social class, and preferred to stay aloof to focus on their cultivation. However, in the Southern Wasteland, warriors were considered the backbone of the entire race. The survival of the entire barbarian race was dependent on these warriors. In other words, the status of warriors in the Southern Wasteland was far above that of the experts in the Southern region.

Ye Xiwen realized that the bone beast had begun to ascend towards the semi-sage realm. Its aura had begun to transform into the aura of a semi-sage beast.

No wonder that these people couldn't cope with it!

Ye Xiwen thought for a moment. Suddenly, an idea sprouted inside his mind. He shouted, "Brothers and Sisters, I'm coming to help you!"

Ye Xiwen spoke and rushed forward. He shot the 'Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand' move. It swept towards that bone beast to clutch it; just like a flaming cloud.

The bone beast promptly faced upwards and roared as it saw Ye Xiwen's attack approach it. The huge bones on its body ejected, and darted towards the incoming Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand.

"Bang!" the Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand and the sword-like long bones collided in midair. The bone-swords were crushed into pieces. They couldn't resist the might of Ye Xiwen's attack.

"Bang!" the so-called invincible bone-beast was bombarded by Ye Xiwen's Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand. Its body was disintegrated and turned to blood fog. The robust and strong exoskeleton it was so proud of couldn't resist the blow of Ye Xiwen's 'gilded tyrant form'. It was pulverized in the blink of an eye.

The warriors of the Fire Cloud Cave were shocked. They couldn't believe their eyes when they saw how the bone beast was unable to block a single move of Ye Xiwen's and was killed in an instant. It had been no match for Ye Xiwen. They, on the contrary, had been forced to retreat. They had never anticipated that this frail-looking person would turn out be so powerful.

Ye Xiwen's height had increased significantly in this disguised form. However, his build was still somewhat lacking as per the standards of barbarian people. He would only be considered 'a little man' by them. The strength of these barbarian people was often distinguished on the basis of their size. A warrior with a bigger stature would often turn out to be more ferocious and powerful.

These barbarian people were elite warriors. They were well-versed in the art of war. They naturally weren't shallow people. However, this millennia-old stereotype had always run strong among them.

The male warrior who was leading the team regained his composure. He promptly stepped forward and spoke, "On behalf of the entire Yang tribe, I, Yang Hong am deeply grateful to you for saving our lives, Brother. You've done us a big favor!"

Ye Xiwen didn't find the names and surnames of these people strange. The four wastelands and the five regions were often engaged in war. But, one had to admit that the five regions were culturally advanced than the four wastelands. The barbarian tribes of the four wastelands used the same names and surnames which were prevalent in the five regions — the stronger barbarians would take high-class surnames for themselves.

"Haha, there's no need to thank me. Aren't we the disciples of the same cave? We should stick together and help each other?" Ye Xiwen laughed out loud in a straightforward manner. The aura of barbarians was overflowing from his body. He appeared like a barbarian person.

Ye Xiwen exchanged greeting with them, and came to know that these warriors belonged to the so-called Yang tribe. They had come out hunting for the sake of gathering rations for their tribe. They were the strongest warriors of their tribe. Their entire tribe would've been razed to the ground if they had died. Their tribe wouldn't have been exterminated by the ominous beasts — but by the other tribes.

Therefore, Yang Hong's gratitude was genuine and understandable!

Ye Xiwen wanted to take advantage of the Yang tribe to sneak into the Fire Cloud Cave. The Yang tribe had always maintained good relations with the Fire Cloud Cave.

However, a sudden burst of rainbow-light shone in the sky before Ye Xiwen could speak about the Fire Cloud Cave, and a barbarian appeared treading on it. He arrived in front of the warriors of the Yang tribe. He looked arrogantly towards everyone and said, "I have brought an order from Young Master Shi. He wants the experts of the Yang tribe to proceed towards the 'River Agate Mountain' at once. There's an important task that needs your cooperation!"

Then, that barbarian expert turned around. He rode on the rainbow without any delay, and disappeared before everyone's eyes.

"It's Shi Zhi Ming again!" the female leader gritted her teeth and spoke. Ye Xiwen had come to know that this female warrior was Yang Hong's younger sister. Her name was Yang Na. "Something bad happens every time he summons us. I don't know how many of our Yang tribe's warriors will remain at this rate!"

Ye Xiwen had come to know about this 'Shi Zhi Ming' character from the memories of the Fire Cloud disciples he had slaughtered earlier. As per the rules established by the Fire Cloud Cave — different Elders were in-charge of different areas. The Elder of a particular area held the fate of everyone in that region. Every tribe in a region must obey the orders of their Elder. No one could go against their Elder.

It was an exceptionally strict hierarchy, and was dependent entirely on power for control and management. And that was why the backing-strength of the Elder of an area often came from the strongest tribe of that region.

This area was controlled by the Elder who belonged to the Shi tribe. And Shi Zhi Ming was the son of Elder Shi. So, he often rode roughshod over people of this area, and nobody could stop him.

"Yeah, but we'll have to go anyway!" Yang Hong heaved a sigh and muttered. Shi Zhi Ming never summoned them to attack any tough ominous beast… but to fight territorial battles with other tribes… or to compete for various treasures. Small tribes like theirs were often used as cannon fodder. However, they'd have to participate even if they knew the truth.

The loss of lives would be inevitable if they were to answer the summonses. But, they might get slaughtered by the Shi tribe if they were to turn these summonses down. This was a big problem.

"If Brother Yang doesn't mind… I'd also like to join you guys!" Ye Xiwen offered with a laugh.

The warriors of the Yang tribe looked at Ye Xiwen in astonishment. Most people would want to run and hide in the wake of such summons. They weren't foolish. They knew that they'd be used as cannon fodder. However, they'd have to serve these summonses for their tribe's safety. However, Ye Xiwen wasn't involved in this mess. It was unnecessary for him to go on this deadly mission.

"Sure Brother!" Yang Hong patted Ye Xiwen's shoulder. He seemed somewhat excited. The barbarians were uncouthly people, but they were quite straightforward and frank in demeanor. Ye Xiwen would've been suspected for scheming something if he were to act like this in the Southern region. However, this was Southern Wasteland. He was just another good and loyal fellow warrior in the eyes of these barbarians.

Of course, no one would object if Ye Xiwen wanted to come along. They had witnessed Ye Xiwen's tyrannical strength. In fact, Ye Xiwen had single-handedly saved them when their entire team had been cornered by that bone beast. That bone beast hadn't stood a chance against Ye Xiwen, and had been conveniently crushed to death.

The level of Ye Xiwen's 'Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand' move had baffled them. His was a wide-range and profound attack. Their own attacks wouldn't come even close. It was a martial art technique that was easy to learn, but hard to master. They could only use the 'Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand' move in coordination with other martial art techniques. However, the same technique had displayed incredible might when wielded by Ye Xiwen. In their opinion, Ye Xiwen was an expert from a big tribe. He had probably come out on a travelling adventure. They had noticed his style, and conduct. They could tell that he didn't belong to a small tribe.

The most important thing for an ordinary small tribe wasn't to expand or to dominate the world. Instead, it was to ensure their survival. Food was always a scarce resource; no matter what time of year it was. This bone beast could be considered as a very valuable source of food for any small tribe. However, Ye Xiwen had casually crushed it to bits without any hesitation. Moreover, this beast wasn't a stint. This showed that he must be from some big tribe, where there was no scarcity of food.

Everyone envied him in their heart, but they didn't say anything.

Ye Xiwen didn't know that merely blowing-off a bone beast would lead these people to assume so much about him. He merely wanted to go with them. He naturally had his own plans.

Only Yang Hong and Yang Na responded to the summons from this team. The other warriors returned to the Yang tribe with their deceased comrades. Yang Hong and Yang Na were the most powerful warriors in their tribe. So, it was enough that they were going.

They trod on the rainbow lights, and arrived before the 'River Agate Mountain' as that barbarian messenger had told them.

"Yang Hong, Yang Na, what are you up to? Are you trying to disrespect Young Master Shi?" a snort sounded as soon as the three of them stepped down from the rainbow lights.

(To be continued)

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