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The Southern Wasteland was a forbidden area; even for the people of Southern region. A majority of people didn't know much about it. Many people used to call it Southern Barbaric Land. The people of the Southern Wasteland were called 'Barbarian People' or simply 'Barbarians'.

The barbarians didn't have very friendly relations with the people of the Southern region. The two sides were always fighting a battle for survival with each other. Fierce wars would often break out between the two sides. Small skirmishes were an everyday matter.

Ye Xiwen hadn't anticipated that he'd enter the Southern Wasteland during his pursuit of Zhu Tian Zong. He had arrived in the vicinity of the '100,000 mountains' whilst immersed in this desolate region's thoughts.

Ye Xiwen opened his devil wings and flew into the Southern Wasteland. He entered the depths of '100,000 mountains' after flying for more than a day.

"Wow, I never thought that I would see a northerner here!" Ye Xiwen was flying in the sky when he suddenly heard a puzzled-voice.

Ye Xiwen immediately stopped. And sure enough, there appeared a few ferocious-looking barbarian people not far from him in the sky. There were a total of five people. All of them were experts of legendry's great complete realm. They were headed by a man with restrained aura, but profound martial power. He was an extremely profound expert of legendry's great complete realm.

He looked more than 30 years old and approximately 2 meters tall. He had rough facial features and bronze-colored skin. His bronze skin looked lustrous, and was glowing brightly in the sunlight.

"Our elders have asked us to wait here and see to it that no northerner passes from here. And if someone does appear — then we must pursue and kill them. He he, boy, blame your bad luck for putting you in this situation!" The chief barbarian grinned fiendishly as he gazed at Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen didn't want to engage them. He was in a hurry, and must keep chasing after Zhu Tian Zong. However, the words of the chief barbarian had made him stop. He felt… could these people have some kind of a relation with Zhu Tian Zong?

"We're so damn lucky. The northerners often keep big treasures on their body. The spoils of war will be our property!" a barbarian expert laughed out loud and said.

"Humph! You're courting death. I'll kill you all, and then search each of your 'divine sense' for information — regardless of your relation with Zhu Tian Zong!" Ye Xiwen made his decision. It was clear from the thought process of these barbarians that they were up to no good.

"Attack!" the chief barbarian shouted loudly. The other barbarians launched attacks one after another. They used their brute strength and launched themselves towards Ye Xiwen. A red-colored flaming big hand slapped across the sky.

"Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand. Are you the people of Fire Cloud Cave?" Ye Xiwen recognized this signature martial technique that was practiced by nearly every disciples of the Fire Cloud Cave. However, the degree of power unleashed by this move varied from individual to individual; depending on their ability. Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand when displayed by the Lord of Fire Cloud Cave could even split the stars and the moon.

"Hehe, boy, quite the strong eyesight you've got there. However, you're going to die soon!" The chief barbarian grinned fiendishly.

These experts of the legendry's great complete realm had shot their Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand attacks in unison. These attacks condensed into a giant net which blotted-out the sky and covered the earth as it rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

"You're really courting death. Today, no one can save you!" Ye Xiwen sneered and said. He shot his palm without any hesitation, and his golden divinities began to boil. A golden dragon emerged from the golden divinities. It roared as it looked towards the sky, and then rushed forward. That inescapable giant net was ripped apart by that golden dragon in a flash.

It seemed as if the world had lost its color. Those fire-colored hands disappeared without a trace.




Those barbarians spouted blood from their mouths as they were sent flying by Ye Xiwen's attack.

"You!" That chief barbarian looked at Ye Xiwen with disbelief in his eyes. He could clearly see that Ye Xiwen was merely an expert of half-step legendary eighth stage. That was why he had never expected that a single move of Ye Xiwen would be so incredible. However, he had realized that even his own strength — that he was intensely proud of — was simply nothing in front of Ye Xiwen's.

Ye Xiwen didn't hesitate. He shot his golden big hand. Those barbarians got grabbed at once; just like being enshrouded by a massive golden cloud.




These sturdy barbarians of legendry's great complete realm were then crushed by Ye Xiwen. Then, he extracted their 'divine sense' and probed their memories.

They might have caused some trouble for Ye Xiwen if he had come across them two years ago. Particularly, that chief barbarian wouldn't have been one bit inferior to Ye Xiwen two years ago.

However, they were no match for the current Ye Xiwen. He had easily clutched them to death.

After probing through the 'divine sense' of these powerhouses, Ye Xiwen found out that they were providing support to Zhu Tian Zong by helping him in his escape. They were also responsible for taking care of any enemy pursuers. In addition, Zhu Tian Zong also had the support of sage experts. Zhu Tian Zong wasn't a traitor who had defected from the True Martial University. He had always been an undercover agent of Fire Cloud Cave. However, it was still uncertain for what reason he had been summoned back. Otherwise, he could've remained hidden in the True Martial University.

Ye Xiwen strongly felt that this matter was becoming more and more complex. It might go far beyond his imagination.

He must penetrate deep inside the Fire Cloud Cave to kill Zhu Tian Zong. The dangers involved wouldn't be small either.

Ye Xiwen thought for a moment. He felt that he must complete this mission. However, he couldn't just rush-in casually since many experts of the Fire Cloud Cave would be present there.

The best way was to disguise as a disciple of the Fire Cloud Cave. Fortunately, he had killed a few already, and they all knew the signature technique of the Fire Cloud Cave. It was impossible for other people to learn an entirely new martial art in such a short time. However, Ye Xiwen could continue to operate the mysterious space to deduce any technique as long as he had sufficient 'spirit energy' in his possession.

Ye Xiwen gradually unfolded the secrets of Fire Cloud Cave's core martial art named 'Desolate Divine Fire Cloud Technique' after he had poured a great amount of 'Spirit Dans' inside the mysterious space. It no longer remained a secret in Ye Xiwen's eyes. Several other mysterious techniques had also appeared inside Ye Xiwen's mind.

Ye Xiwen had mastered several of their secret techniques in less than half-an-hour. Ye Xiwen's body also started to emit the typical aura of barbarians.

Ye Xiwen continued to operate the 'restraining breath technique' to not just modify his aura, but also his appearance. His appearance began to gradually transform from delicate to rough. His height also increased significantly. Plus, his body was also emitting the aura which was very similar to that of a Southern Barbarian after having learned the Desolate Divine Fire Cloud Technique.

Ye Xiwen had come to know from the memories of those disciples of Fire Cloud Cave that several experts of semi-sage and sage realm were stationed at some distance to ambush the pursuers. These experts were strong enough to possibly intercept the chasing experts of the True Martial University who would soon be arriving here.

After knowing this, Ye Xiwen would naturally not walk into their trap foolishly. He would circle around them to go forward.

Ye Xiwen had successfully changed his appearance into that of a barbarian expert. After that, he flew all the way along the 100,000 mountains.

These mountains were more chaotic on contrary to Ye Xiwen's imagination. Battles were taking place everywhere. The frequency of coming across a fight here was much higher than it was in the Southern region.

The division of power in the Southern Wasteland was quite different from how it was in the Southern region. The tribal groups were basically divided into units in the Southern Wasteland. These groups were affiliated to the major forces. The war between two tribal groups was exceptionally cruel. It was far more brutal than the war between two countries in the Southern Region.

The war between two countries would often take place for overthrowing the opposite regime. However, the war between two tribal groups would often take place to completely eradicate the opposite tribal group. Everyone in the lost tribe would get massacred brutally. This was more intense and brutal, and was fundamentally different from civilized wars that took place between countries.

These tribal groups would often act as the subordinate of various forces of the Southern Wasteland; especially when a war broke out between two forces.

He was ambushed several times by the disciples of Hundred Barbarians Cave while he was flying towards his destination. Hundred Barbarians Cave was a major force of Southern Wasteland.

Hundred Barbarians Cave was one of the several major forces that operated in the Southern Wasteland. It might even be stronger than Fire Cloud Cave. Both the forces could be considered as arch rivals. These two forces had always been hostile towards each other, and were constantly indulged in small and big skirmishes.

Ye Xiwen discovered that Hundred Barbarians Cave and Fire Cloud Cave had been continuously fighting since last two years from the 'divine sense' of the disciples of Hundred Barbarian Cave whom he had killed. Ye Xiwen had disguised himself as a disciple of the Fire Cloud Cave. It was too obvious from his aura. Consequently, he had to face the ambushes of the experts of Hundred Barbarian Cave again and again. He was ambushed by a lot of tyrannical experts, but they all got slaughtered by him in the end.

After obtaining this information, Ye Xiwen had to admit that the situation of the Southern Barbarians was even more chaotic than he had previously imagined. This scale of war would never breakout in the five regions of the continent since people were wise enough to consider properly before waging a war on others. However, the temperament of these barbarians was straightforward. These stubborn barbarians didn't use logic before starting a war. Even one bad remark was enough to incite a war between tribes. Once upon a time in the past, two enormous forces had indulged in a war because their respective subordinate tribes had an argument over the control of water supply. And that fight between two tribes had finally evolved into a deadly war between two major forces.

However, such chaotic situation was favorable for Ye Xiwen. He could easily fish in troubled waters. The more chaotic the situation — the easier it would be for him to complete this mission.

Ye Xiwen flew for half a day and went deeper into the 100,000 mountains. He was using the memories of the disciples of Hundred Barbarians Cave and Fire Cloud Cave as a guide to proceed. Ye Xiwen wasn't afraid of getting lost.

Far away, a dozen or so barbarian warriors were struggling in a fight against an ominous beast. Ye Xiwen saw that it was a tiger-like ominous beast. Its whole body was covered with long bones that had grown out of its body and had interlocked into a complex structure. This complex bone structure covered its body on the outside, while its skin and flesh were protected on the inside. It was about 10 meters tall. It was a kind of bone beast found commonly in these hundred thousand great mountains. It was very rare to find a bone beast in the outside world. However, they were in abundance in these mountains. Ye Xiwen had also seen a lot of them on his way here.

Those barbarian warriors were headed by two people. One was a man, and the other was a woman. Both were martial warriors. The man had muscular built and looked fierce. The woman looked pretty from her facial features. Her complexion was slightly tanned. The women of Southern Wasteland didn't look fierce and robust like their male counterparts. They could be called wild beauties.

These two people were extremely profound warriors of legendry's great complete realm. They had encircled this bone beast from all sides along with their several barbarian subordinates. Their subordinates were also at legendry's great complete realm. However, they were being forced to retreat by this bone beast gradually as it was very difficult to break its bones.

(To be continued)

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