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Chapter 38 - Climax

“Next we want to auction the two Xiantian pellets for which everybody has come here. I assume, everyone present here knows the importance and use of a Xiantian pellet. When someone swallows a Xiantian pellet, then his chances of successfully breaking through to the Xiantian realm will be increased by 50%. The starting price for one Xiantian pellet will be twenty thousand low-grade spirit stones!” The white-robed old man said.

At last, the auction of Xiantian pellet began.

“Forty thousand!” Zhao Qiyan was the first to bid once again. He wanted to quell everyone in one swoop.

“Forty-five thousand!” At this time a voice broke in and suddenly blew everyone’s enthusiasm.

“Fifty thousand!!”

“Fifty-three thousand!”

. . . . . .

Suddenly the honored guests seated in the VIP box started to bid one after the other. Xiantian pellet was the main goal of these Xiantian level masters, so how could they miss this opportunity.

At this time, besides the honored guests seated in the VIP box, other people, sitting in the common area, were basically reduced to mere spectators. Such a high price, they were not even qualified to get involved.

“Seventy thousand!” Zhao Qiyan again said in a triumphant voice.

By this time, many people had already stopped bidding seeing the high price set by Zhao Qiyan. Only the major powers were still competing.

“Eighty five thousand!” Representing the Bloody Hand School, this time, An Yunpeng finally spoke. He was the first person other than Zhao Qiyan who had directly increased the bid by ten thousand in one statement.

“One hundred and fifty thousand! Our City Guard Government is willing to pay one hundred and fifty thousand low-grade spirit stones, so I hope you will give us face!” This time, a middle-aged man’s voice spread out. He was actually the head of City Guard Government. Because the City Lord Palace and City Guard Government were never on good terms with each other, no one had expected that City Guard Government would actually come to participate in the auction of Xiantian pellets. But they were willing to pay a huge amount of one hundred and fifty thousand low-grade spirit stones which was not a small sum.

All the forces were silent for a moment and did not continue to increase the bid. They did not fear the City Guard Government but the Great Yue Royal Government which backed the City Guard Government in the Tianyuan City. These forces were rampant in the nearby regions of the Qingfeng Mountain and the government officials could not do anything to stop them. But they knew very well that it was because Qingfeng Mountain and nearby regions were located at the border regions of the Great Yue State, and were far away from the central regions. Since no one was here to keep an eye on them, they could run amuck without caring about anyone or anything. But City Guard Government was here on behalf of the Great Yue Royal Government. Even killing the Tianyuan City Lord was not a big deal to them but if they killed the City Guard then they will have to face the thundering fury of the Great Yue Royal Government. It was widely known that Great Yue Royal Government used to hide its shortcomings by indiscriminately massacring all of the people who poised threat to them or disrespected them. Moreover, the government had formed a conquering army specifically to deal with these rogue schools, excluding the Yi Yuan School and a few other huge forces which did not fear the Great Yue Royal Government. So it was quite obvious why no one wanted to disrespect the City Guard Government.

City Guard Government awed the audience by buying the first Xiantian pellet for 150,000 low-grade spirit stones.

After the first Xiantian pellet was sold, the second one attracted more competition from countless people.

But how could anyone compete against the financial resources of Great Qingcheng City lord, Black Magic Valley and the most violent Bloody Hand School. The other bidders got eliminated almost immediately when the bidding amount crossed one hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones.

“One hundred and thirty thousand!” This time, the young master of the Black Magic Valley spoke and increased the bid, “I hope you will give us face and in the future, we will also give you face!”

“Your idiot, do you think your face is made of gold eh!” The young master of Great Qingcheng City said with disdain as for Tianyuan City Guard government, he had some fear, but he didn't fear the Black Magic Valley at all.

“One hundred and fifty thousand!” Zhao Qiyan said in a victorious manner.

“Zhao Qiyan, so you plan to compete with me!” The young master of the Black Magic Valley said. Wen Qingxing was a handsome young man, but this time, his handsome face was covered with haze and was radiating a dense gloomy feeling.

“So what!” Zhao Qiyan did not care.

“One hundred and sixty thousand!” A sudden a voice spread out from the reserved box of Bloody Hand School. The little master An Yunpeng gave out an evil smile while supporting his chin on his bloody hands and said, “I’m sorry you two, but I am also interested in a Xiantian pellet!”

Seeing the price for the second Xiantian pellet had surpassed the first one, Ye Xiwen felt that something was strange. The young masters of these three forces were continuously increasing the bidding price, but the elders were very tolerant and said nothing, as if they did not even exist.

But Ye Xiwen could clearly sense that these three forces had terrible aura surrounding them, which was definitely not similar to his father's aura. Although Ye Kongming was also a Xiantian master, but Ye Xiwen had never felt such an unfathomable aura from his father.

“One hundred and eighty thousand!” Wen Qingxing said in deep voice.

“Two hundred thousand!” Zhao Qiyan immediately said as if he simply did not care about money, but it really was true to say that when the money was taken into consideration then Great Qingcheng City Lord was the richest among the bidders. His clan received 80% of the city taxes, and owned more than one third of the businesses in the Qingcheng city.

And it was impossible for anyone to compete against the Qingcheng City Lord when money was involved.

Sure enough, as Ye Xiwen had expected, Wen Qingxing and An Yunpeng had abandoned the competition. Zhao Qiyan had finally won and received a small red bag containing the last Xiantian pellet.

This Xiantian pellet auction finally came to a close. But Ye Xiwen knew that the real play had only just begun and this competition had not yet ended. There were only a few people left at the auction house, the City Guard Government had hastily evacuated while being escorted by a large number of soldiers.

And after buying the second Xiantian pellet, Great Qingcheng City lord also left quietly.

Ye Xiwen also quietly got up and went out of the auction house, and not far from the auction house, he saw the Great Qingcheng City people hastily walking away to leave the city as soon as possible.

However, Bloody hand door and Black Magic Valley Lords, with their own teams, were also following from behind.

Ye Xiwen now understood very well, that the earlier auction was just a prelude, and the real climax was going to begin only now.

Obviously, everyone was aware of this truth but no one wanted to be a part of a deadly battle.

Tianyuan City Guard Government was heavily protected and security naturally was not a problem for them but for the Great Qingcheng City Lord and his people, things were going to take a bad turn.


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