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Chapter 39 - Sneak attack

Ye Xiwen started following them closely at a moderate pace while hiding his presence at the same time. Since he had already practiced 'Celestial Step' to a very profound level, keeping up with these people was not at all difficult for him.

Ye Xiwen, while following those people, arrived at a remote mountain which was located far away from Tianyuan city.

Great Qingcheng City Lord and Zhao Qiyan were escaping along with a big crowd of experts. This group consisted of a total of approximately 50 people. They were running very fast and trying their best to escape this perilous situation.

Not far behind, Qingcheng city group was being pursued by the experts from Black Magic Valley, led by their Lord Wen Bin. He looked like an ordinary middle-aged man but his face was full of malicious look.

“Be careful, someone is following us!” Great Qingcheng City Lord seemed to have sensed the Black Magic Valley group.

“Ha ha ha, it is indeed the Great Qingcheng City Lord!” Black Magic Valley's Lord Wen Bin laughed and said. His voice was hoarse but when he gave out a loud laugh, it seemed to have an extremely penetrating force which was effective enough to break the soul of an ordinary person.

After discovering his targets so close, Black Magic Valley Lord did not wait for too long. He immediately led his group to kill and plunder.

“So it's you old Wen Bin!” Great Qingcheng City Lord, Zhao Yan, narrowed his eyes and said while a strong Qi spread in the sky.

“Hello, City Lord Zhao. I must say that you are an extraordinary personality of this generation, and it is quite admirable that you have single handedly established such a strong foothold in the Great Qingcheng city. That's why, I do not want to bully you, just surrender the Xiantian pellet and I will leave immediately. Also in the future, our Black Magic Valley will always give you face!” Wen Bin smiled and said in a hoarse voice.

“You want to declare war on our Qingcheng City, because that would mean declaring war on Great Yue Royal Government which is also working secretly in our city. Are you not afraid of the Great Yue Royal Government's conquering army?” Zhao Yan said lightly.

“Don't you try to fool me! You say I am declaring war on Great Yue Royal Government? I am not a foolishly daring person. How can I possibly imagine going against Great Yue Royal Government. Besides, you think I do not know that you and Qingcheng City Guard Government are mutually exclusive. In fact, they are looking forward to your early demise, and you think they will come to help you, huh!” Wen Bin sneered repeatedly and exposed Zhao Yan's situation.

“Withdraw! You all have to protect my son at any cost and help him escape!” Zhao Yan suddenly shouted and ordered his subordinates. He knew very well that right now, his only weak point was his son Zhao Qiyan's presence in this dangerous situation. He himself was a Xiantian master and could handle any kind of situation even if he was alone. However if Zhao Qiyan was present in the vicinity, then he wouldn't be able to fight freely and would worry about his son's safety all the time.

“You want to run? Dream on!” Wen Bin sneered repeatedly and roared, “Kill them!”

With Wen Bin's loud and heart shaking roar, the experts of the Black Magic Valley immediately rushed towards the large crowd of Qingcheng City experts.

It was like the two mighty currents had crashed into each other mercilessly.

Followed by Zhao Yan and Wen Bin, the two crowds of powerful experts clashed and started fighting maliciously. Everyone was filled with rage and killing intent and an unbearable aura had spread all over place. All of these experts were very vicious and ferocious!

Wen Bin and Zhao Yan, these two Xiantian level great experts also severely clashed against each other causing a shock wave which shook the entire area.

Zhao Yan made a long spear and a majestic Qi spread out throughout his body. He looked like a peerless warrior, who rushed through the crowd of enemies and even swept away many Black Magic Valley disciples. None of those disciples could block his attacks.

Wen Bin took out a long sword and attacked the necks of his enemies killing them one by one in single stroke. He was like a poisonous snake which had left its hole and was advancing in the direction of Zhao Yan to bite his neck.

“Boom!” Zhao Yan's long spear fiercely clashed with the sword of Wen Bin. Suddenly, their terrible Qi burst out from their bodies. The blue colored Zhen Qi and blood-red Zhen Qi fiercely clashed causing an air-explosion and a powerful shock wave spread wide and far.

Both of them were Xiantian level masters. Once they began to fight, their terrible Zhen Qi of the Xiantian realm brandished recklessly producing many air explosions in the surrounding atmosphere.

Zhao Yan was obviously stronger than the Wen Bin and he went on attacking like a mad dragon.




Metal clashing sounds spread everywhere but in this kind of life and death struggle, none of them dared to be careless.

However, the Black Magic Valley Lord Wen Bin Ming was less strong compared to Zhao Yan. And it seemed that he would lose very soon at the hands of Zhao Yan.

“Haven't the friends from the Bloody Hand School come out yet? We have already joined forces to kill these Great Qingcheng City experts. Regarding Xiantian pellet, we will slowly negotiate later!” Black Magic Valley Lord Wen Bin suddenly said.

“Ha ha ha, well, let’s join forces to defeat Zhao Yan!” Bloody Hand School Lord An Yuan suddenly appeared and said while laughing loudly.

At this time, Zhao Yan’s complexion began to change. He could easily deal with Wen Bin but if An Yuan joined forces with Wen Bin then he would definitely be in trouble.

An Yuan immediately joined hands with Wen Bin to fight against Zhao Yan. Being attacked by the two Xiantian masters at once was very dangerous for Zhao Yan, as he was only one man against the two.

Ye Xiwen did not continue to look at this scene, and instead, he decided to pursue Zhao Qiyan. He immediately rushed towards the direction in which Zhao Qiyan had escaped with his guards.

After crossing the deep ravine, one would reach a dense mountain forest where Zhao Qiyan had escaped with his guards.

“Young master, don't go any further, it's dangerous!” Suddenly, an experienced guard alarmed Zhao Qiyan. There was a silence spread in this mountain forest and this situation was very abnormal.

“Quick, we will make a detour. As long as we can safely return to the Qingcheng city, I will personally lead a troop of experts to kill these bastards of the Black Magic Valley!” Zhao Qiyan said in a cold voice.

“Qingcheng City's young master, surrender the Xiantian pellet and I’ll let you go!” A slightly cold laughter came from the hillside. Zhao Qiyan looked and saw that the owner of this voice was unexpectedly the young master of Bloody hand School, An Yunpeng.

“An Yunpeng! You Bloody hand School people are quite ambitious. You actually dared to threaten me, the young master of Great Qingcheng CIty!” Zhao Qiyan shouted with anger.

“Zhao Qiyan, you really think too highly of yourself. Do you think your father will come to save you now? He is now unable to defend himself, take out the Xiantian pellet, otherwise, don't blame me for being brutal!” An Yunpeng sneered.

“Guards listen up, kill all of these Bloody Hand School bastards!” Arrogant Zhao Qiyan suddenly got extremely mad at An Yunpeng and ordered his guards to attack.

Under the orders of both young masters, experts from both sides started fighting to kill each other. Although compared to the subordinates of Zhao Yan and Wen Bin, the subordinates of An Yuan were way more brutal and ferocious, despite being fewer in numbers.

A terrifying collision occurred causing the blood to spill out from the bodies of several people then fell on the ground.

Zhao Qiyan pulled out his spear and rushed forward to kill An Yunpeng.

The forces of both sides were elite among the elites. All of them were the masters of the peak Houtian ninth stage and none of them were more than 30 years old. This indicated that they could easily reach the Xiantian level in near future.

An Yunpeng's pair of bloody hands struck and instantly, a bloody Qi filled the entire battlefield. The blood of those experts who had died in the battle allowed his 'Bloody Hand technique' to become even more powerful. This technique was obviously so powerful that it had totally thwarted the plan of Zhao Qiyan to attack in numbers.

Almost instantaneously, Zhao Qiyan had been pushed down by An Yunpeng.

Although, Zhao Qiyan's guards had numerical advantage, they had also been slaughtered by the disciples of Bloody Hands School.


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