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Chapter 37 - Competition in the auction house

As the days passed, more and more warriors continued to arrive at the Tianyuan city. In addition to the Great Qingcheng City lord, two other big shots also arrived in the last two days. They were the lords of Bloody Hand School and Black Magic Valley. Both of them were the great experts of Xiantian realm and held quite an illustrious reputation in the neighboring schools.

They had come for the sake of the outstanding disciples from their respective schools, and were going to request the City Lord Palace for a Xiantian pellet. However, when they came to know that the Xiantian pellets were going to be auctioned, they decided to compete for the pellets at the Tianyin auction house.

Early in the morning, Ye Xiwen went to the Tianyin auction house where the major auction of Xiantian pellets was going to take place. Compared to a few days ago, the auction house was completely packed with people this time.

An overwhelming number of warriors had gathered outside the auction house and this situation was quite troublesome for the guards. However, a scene like this was not uncommon whenever a major item was auctioned at the Tianyuan auction house. Those who caused trouble were directly thrown out of the Tianyin auction house and were also banned from attending the auction.

However, this situation was not a problem for Ye Xiwen. He directly used the 《Celestial Step》 and shuttled inside the auction house. He paid the required amount of spirit stones and received his seating pass.

Ye Xiwen just walked into the commoner's passage and caught a sudden glimpse of a large group of honored guests walking through the VIP passage. This group was being led by a middle-aged man, clad in blood red Chinese robe, and he also carried a bloody aura around him. The smell of blood had spread everywhere inside the auction hall, and his hands were big and scarlet colored.

Behind him followed a young man wearing bloodstained clothes. He had a pale complexion as if recovering from some serious illness and there was a cold and gloomy look in his eyes. His hands were also scarlet colored like the middle-aged man.

“Everyone quickly hide, these are the people from Bloody Hand School. And its lord An Yuan has personally brought his brigade!”

“Gee, this auction of the Xiantian pellets has attracted many big shots. That guy who is following An Yuan is actually his favorite disciple An Yunpeng. An Yuan has personally come to buy a Xiantian pellet for him!”

“Yes, he’s right, look at his scarlet hands. This blood hand technique requires the person to train his hands to bear and control a considerable amount of heat. And I have also heard that this martial art requires the blood of the living. No one knows how many talented people have been massacred by him!”

“Hush, Hush, do you want to die? Don't you know those are all depraved warriors!”

The people in the crowd were talking in whispers.

“Just now, I saw that the lord of the Black Magic Valley has also arrived!”

“Exactly! This time, all these influential experts are going to compete for Xiantian pellets!”

Ye Xiwen did not have to wait for too long and quickly found his seat. He closed his eyes waiting for the auction to start.

After about half an hour, the auction finally started.

“We welcome all of you all to participate in this auction!” The auctioneer this time was the same white-robed old man from the last time, “We all know why everybody has come to attend today's auction. So without wasting any time on useless talks, let us start today's auction! “

Compared to the last time, the quality of the auction items was very high this time.

“This double-edged sword, named Bi Xue, is made of a thousand years old cold iron. Our auction house has brought for you this outstanding work of a great master, and its starting price is two thousand low-grade spirit stones!” In front of the old man, a blue colored double-edged sword was lying quietly on top of a platinum tray. The sword blade was cold as ice causing the surrounding air to condense. It was evident that this ice cold sword was a magic weapon. (NT: Bi Xue means Blue jade snow)

Compared to the previous auction items, the quality had significantly improved this time, however, Ye Xiwen was not interested in swords. What he had practiced was a blade technique for which he used a long blade. And there was a great difference between a blade and a sword, so no matter how good this sword actually was; it was of no use to him.

Even if he was not interested, but there were a lot of people who were very much interested, and this time, the warriors who had come to attend this auction were quite rich.

“Two thousand three hundred!”

“Two thousand five hundred!”

“Three thousand!”

. . . .

The auction lasted for two minutes and Bi Xue sword was finally sold at the price of four thousand five hundred low-grade spirit stones.

Ye Xiwen was speechless at the huge amount that the experts were willing to pay for this sword.

One after the other, the Tianyin auction house continued to auction some nice weapons and treasure items. But none of these auction items could attract Ye Xiwen's attention, and so he did not compete for them. Of course, the most important reason was that these items were very expensive and he could not afford them. He was waiting for something which could interest him and was also affordable.

Gradually the honored guests seated in the VIP box also began to compete. Compared to the people sitting in the common area, these guests, undoubtedly, possessed an extraordinary aura and the prices they were offering were also off the charts.

But then an auction item suddenly attracted Ye Xiwen's attention.

“Next we want to auction an inner armor, this armor stems from the hands of a great expert. It is woven out of golden cicada silk, and swords or spears find it hard to pierce it. Also with this inner armor, I guarantee the personal safety to anyone who wears it! ” The white robed old man said with a smile.

Then he uncovered the red cloth and everyone saw a snow-white inner armor quietly lying on top of the tray.

“The bidding for this armor will start at four thousand!” The white-robed old man said. The thing was that these defense type items were comparatively more expensive than the offense type weapons.

Generally weapons were not so expensive, but since this inner armor guaranteed the safety of life, so it was comparatively more expensive.

“Five thousand five hundred!” Ye Xiwen shouted and took the lead. He was very much interested in this body armor, although he knew that he probably won't be able to get his hands on it, after all, he possessed limited financial resources but he still wanted to give it a try.

“Eight thousand!” As soon as Ye Xiwen's voice faded, an arrogant young voice shouted immediately. Arrogance was clearly visible in the voice that had increased the bidding price instantly by two thousand five hundred.

Ye Xiwen frowned, but what could he do, as this kind of insane auctioning was quite normal at the Tianyin auction house. He looked towards the auction stage where the white-robed old man was smiling.

Ye Xiwen finally recognized this voice which actually belonged to the arrogant son of Great Qingcheng City lord, Zhao Qiyan.

“Nine thousand!” Another honored guest seated in the VIP box shouted and increased the bid. Looking at the position of his seat, he clearly belonged to the Black Magic Valley.

“Ten thousand!” Zhao Qiyan spoke again in a triumphant tone.

“Twelve thousand!” The young master of the Black Magic Valley said who also had an arrogant appearance.

“Fifteen thousand!” Zhao Qiyan spoke again as if he did not care about money at all. At last, the young master of the Black Magic Valley had to concede and Zhao Qiyan bought the inner armor.


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