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Ye Xiwen had never put any restrictions on the wolf cub. So, he let him go!

The 'Hidden Star Peak' became even quieter after the wolf cub left. It had turned silent. Ye Xiwen went inside his small courtyard and laid out a barrier. Then, he dived into the 'Heavenly Source Mirror'.

He emerged in a boundless scarlet world. There was a huge blood pool, and a big figure was getting churned inside it.

The Star Colossus had become much calmer in comparison to how it used to be two years ago. A lot of its power had been extracted in these two years. It wasn't enough to prove fatal for it, but it was sufficient to make it quiet.

"Ye Mo, let's begin. I want to condense a blood slave!" Ye Xiwen stated. Ye Xiwen had accumulated 50 million 'Spirit Dans' several times in the past two years. This was the amount that was required to condense a blood slave of semi-sage realm. However, he had never condensed one. Instead, he had consumed those 'Spirit Dans' to operate his mysterious space in order to deduce various martial arts techniques.

However, this time he had earned 30 million 'Spirit Dans' at once. And he had enough 'Spirit Dans' to condense a blood slave of 50 million 'Spirit Dans'. So, he was ready to condense a blood slave of semi-sage realm.

Ye Xiwen had taken into account that many forces would find out about Zhu Tiang Zong's escape soon. And, several experts of the other forces were likely to set-out in search of him then. He would feel a lot safer if he had a blood slave of semi-sage realm by his side. Ye Xiwen wouldn't have been so cautious if this mission had required him to deal with Zhu Tian Zong alone.

Endless amount of blood started to boil inside the blood-pool. Then, magical symbols began to condense within the blood-pool; bit by bit. The energy of that Star Colossus started to get extracted in a frenzied manner. A blood slave was about to be condensed inside the blood-pool.

"Ah, Ye Xiwen, you'll die a dog's death!" the Star Colossus screamed when it felt large amounts of energy being crazily extracted from its body.

Ye Xiwen didn't say anything. He sat cross-legged and started to float over the blood pond. Ye Mo was unceasingly chanting the secret engraving technique. Those magical symbols had begun to condense into a human figure.

These magical symbols started to appear similar to body cells as they began to accumulate in order to take the appearance of a human. Meanwhile, countless 'Spirit Dans' started burning inside the Heavenly Source Mirror. The 'spirit energy' was unceasingly pouring into the mirror. The Heavenly Source Mirror started to emit waves of scarlet light since so much 'spirit energy' was being poured into it. The speed of the blood slave condensation-process increased dramatically as a result.

Ye Xiwen was unceasingly operating the secret method Ye Mo had taught him. The blood slave was beginning to get condensed; little by little.

Semi-sage and legendary were two entirely different realms. If someone was at semi-sage realm — it meant they had taken half a step into the sage realm. If the Houtian realm (1) involved tempering one's own body… then the Xiantian realm involved establishing a bridge to connect one's own body with the 'heaven and earth' (2). It was necessary to make this connection using the bridge in order to step into the truth realm.

One could finally begin to realize the presence of various principles which governed the heaven and earth once the bridge with the heaven and earth was established, and one had entered the truth realm. In fact, these world-principles were present in the mountains and rivers as well. They were present everywhere; they controlled everything.

One could barely touch upon the existences of these world-principles in the legendary realm. But, the sage realm was a different concept altogether. However, one would have to be extraordinary in order to enter the sage realm. It was tantamount to transcending the mortal world. Everything in this realm was poles apart from the previous realms.

One could begin to integrate the world-principles with one's own body in order to form 'dao principles' in the sage realm. Moreover, a sage expert could draw-out the power of the world-principles present within his body, and use it in his attacks. In other words, fighting a sage expert was like fighting against the world itself. That was why the experts of sage realm were so difficult to deal with. It wouldn't be wrong to say that only outstanding geniuses could enter the sage realm.

It was very difficult to have a clear understanding of these principles since they were intangible and invisible to most people. That was why there were many experts of legendry's great complete realm who were unable to complete this step and remained stuck; despite having practiced for hundreds of years.

Their martial power would continue to increase with the passage of years, and would reach terrifying levels. So much so that ordinary experts of the legendry's great complete realm would pose no threat to them. However, even so, most experts failed to complete this step of transformation, and remained stuck in legendary realm.

Ye Xiwen wouldn't have dared to say that his accumulation of energy had reached the pinnacle. However, his battle-strength could've reached the level of semi-sage realm based on his profound foundation and the heritages which he possessed. But, that hadn't happen since he hadn't instilled the world-principles into his body yet.

He didn't have enough grasp or assurance that he'd able to condense a world-principle within his body. It was important to comprehend a world-principle to the preliminary level before one could attempt to integrate it with their body.

That's why the dynasties of the past used to judge a genius by their innate talent, and not on the basis of the foundation of their body. That was so because a person's body foundation would be as good as useless if they weren't able to comprehend the principles; even if one's body foundation was so excellent that it went beyond the heaven's will. Therefore, a person with negligible innate-talent was considered useless since they'd never be able to cross the crucial step of comprehending and condensing the world-principles. Of course, this case was quite rare. Generally, an expert with great innate talent was often adorned with outstanding body foundation.

Ye Xiwen's innate talent might not be the best out there, but he could be considered ahead of everyone in the younger generation when it came to the aspect of comprehending the world-principles; all-thanks to his mysterious space. As long as he had sufficient 'Spirit Dans' — he could continue to make breakthroughs.

This step was the biggest problem in a blood slave's condensation. He must first condense the world-principles on behalf of the blood slave before he could condense it. That was why he hadn't condensed a blood slave earlier even when he had sufficient 'Spirit Dans'. He basically didn't have enough grasp to condense world-principles back then.

A semi-sage condensed principle was only a semi-finished product in comparison to a full-fledged sage condensed principle. But, Ye Xiwen was still likely to face many difficulties.

Ye Xiwen focused his mind, and submerged into a deep meditative state. The loud roars of the Star Colossus pierced his ears.

Those principles gradually became clear to him once he had fully concentrated his mind. He could sense them in the surroundings. There were spread in all directions like spider webs. Every strand represented a world-principle. Every strand emitted endless divine light. These were the very principles that governed the existence of the mountains and the rivers. They controlled everything in the world.

If Ye Xiwen would tell other people about the scene which he had perceived in this moment… it would scare them to death. These principles would appear hazy to most people. In fact, ordinary people couldn't perceive them.

It was impossible for others to see the principles spread throughout the sky like Ye Xiwen had just managed.

Ye Xiwen's 'Real Elemental Energy' spread-around, and began to capture the principles.

"Bang!" with a loud sound, Ye Xiwen grabbed the first principle and pulled it over. Then, he grabbed the second principle… then the third… and so on. He grabbed more and more principles with the help of his 'Real Elemental Energy'. These principles then began to condense together. Ye Xiwen had forcefully gathered these principles. But he hadn't fused them. Therefore, the resultant condensed-principle could only be considered as a semi-sage principle.

If they were to be fused properly… the resultant principle would be considered a sage realm principle. However, this step was an enormous victory for Ye Xiwen in itself. A faint smile appeared on his face.

Ye Xiwen continued to condense more and more dao principles of the semi-sage realm. His speed had increased tremendously after he had condensed the first dao principle. It was hard to tell how long after…

"Bang!" suddenly an explosion occurred in the blood-pond. Then, a bloody silhouette appeared in the blood pond. It was exuding the aura of semi-sage realm from its body.

"Ha ha ha, Ye Xiwen, we've finally condensed the blood slave. The soul of the Star Colossus is indeed worthy of praise. The body of this blood slave contains more than 200 dao principles!" Ye Mo laughed out loud.

Ye Xiwen also smiled faintly. Different experts of semi-sage realm could accommodate different number of dao principles. The ones at the initial stage of the semi-sage realm could accommodate almost 100 dao principles. One could accommodate almost 300 dao principles in the intermediate stage. And, one could accommodate more than 500 dao principles at the later stages.

An expert with a higher number of dao principles would be more powerful and more difficult to deal with.

This blood slave had just taken birth, but its fighting strength wasn't bad.

The Star Colossus was still locked-up inside the blood pond. But it had become a lot quieter. Lots and lots of its energy and essence had been forcefully extracted. This had weakened it.

Ye Xiwen knew that he could do a lot of things with this semi-sage level blood slave at his disposal.

The strength of his arsenal would increase by leaps and bounds once he had condensed several blood slaves. However, Ye Xiwen wasn't like Ye Mo's former master. He didn't plan to build an army of blood slaves. Nor did he have the required amount of resources to pull that off. So, it was none of his concern.

Ye Xiwen's comprehension of the principles had increased since he had condensed so many principles for his blood slave. So, condensing principles for himself would naturally be a piece of cake for him. His fighting strength could reach the semi-sage level in the next breakthrough.

Ye Xiwen was planning to undergo closed-door training after he had completed this mission. He intended to make a breakthrough into the half-step legendary ninth stage.

As far as Zhu Tian Zong was concerned… Ye Xiwen was confident that it wouldn't be a big issue since he now had the assistance of his very own blood slave.

"Come, let's go find that traitor!"

Southern Wasteland was a vast expanse of wasteland. It stretched across a vast area in the Southern Region. It had hundreds of thousands of great mountains; wherein lurked ominous beasts and predatory birds. It was regarded as an ominous land. It was far-far away from civilization. It was home to a massive tribal group who had lived there forever. These tribal people belonged to the so-called barbarian race.

Ye Xiwen followed Zhu Tian Zong as per the information he had received from the Merit Palace Hall. Ye Xiwen had missed him by a little on the way; and this happened several times. Zhu Tian Zong was a very cunning fellow. He never stayed at one place for long. That was why Ye Xiwen had missed his target several times by now. He had continued to chase Zhu Tian Zong towards the south, and had ventured into the Southern Wasteland.

The True Martial World had four wastelands on the periphery… apart from the five regions located in the middle of the continent. These wastelands were home to barbarians who were strong, sturdy and incomparably valiant. The barbarian race was a group of mysterious and enigmatic people. The True Martial University had fought with the barbarians many times when it used to rule the entire True Martial World.

One would come across four seas if one were to go past these four wastelands. There was a sporadic distribution of countless islands in these seas. These islands were ruled by several different forces. A complex power structure existed in this area. It was intertwined, yet spread out. The True Martial University had no direct jurisdiction over this area even during its most flourishing time.

There were some mysterious and formidable forces in the Southern Wasteland. They weren't one bit inferior to the colossus forces of five central regions. The experts of True Martial University, Xuan Yuan Palace Hall, and East Sea's Muddy Sky Island would compete with each other in the Martial Arts Competition which was to be held 3 years later. The Southern Barbarians of Fire Cloud Cave would also arrive to compete as the one of the major forces.

(To be continued)

Houtian Realm < Xiantian Realm < Truth Realm < Legendary Realm < Sage Realm < Great Sage Realm

Heaven and Earth = World

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