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It might've been a difficult task for others. However, it was an easy task for Ye Xiwen. Moreover, his ability to restrain his breath to hide his true power and transform his aura had been very helpful. The devil wings that he had obtained by practicing devil arts had always emitted strong devil energy. However, his divinities would suppress and hide this devil energy. Otherwise, his whole body would've looked like a great devil.

Therefore, disguising as a disciple of Devil Worship Cult (1) had been a piece of cake for him. Moreover, the Devil Worship Cult had countless disciples. It was difficult for people to know each and every one. Consequently, it had been very easy for Ye Xiwen to get mixed among them.

However, Ye Xiwen had still remained hidden inside the Devil Worship Cult's lair for a good two months; he had patiently waited to ambush his target. This had helped him in getting a clear picture of the Devil Worship Cult. This eventually helped him in finding an opportunity to kill Luo Tong Guang.

Luo Tong Guang was extremely strong. However, Ye Xiwen was stronger. Not to mention that Ye Xiwen had planned for three whole days before he had launched a surprise attack on Luo Tong Guang. Ye Xiwen had eventually killed him at a desolate place. Then, he had left the lair of the Devil Worship Cult with ease.

This wasn't an impossible mission for Ye Xiwen. However, he had only been able to complete this mission because of his special abilities. Otherwise, this was an impossible mission for an ordinary person. In fact, even Ye Xiwen would've given-up on this mission if he hadn't possessed such abilities. He certainly wanted to sharpen his skills, but he didn't wish to throw away his life in vain.

Other people's discussions were stained in disbelief, but that didn't affect Ye Xiwen.

Soon, the head that he had brought-back had been verified. It was indeed the head of Luo Tong Guang. True Martial University naturally had the methods to verify whether it was genuinely Luo Tong Guang's head or not.

An old man clad in white clothes came-out from the depths of the Merit Palace Hall. One could tell from his clothing that he was a Merit Elder of the Merit Palace Hall. He arrived in front of Ye Xiwen with a cosmos sack (2).

Everyone present in the Merit Palace Hall looked somewhat strangely at this Merit Elder. Ye Xiwen had completed a long-pending mission. However, this mission of legendary rank wasn't a very big deal in the end; well, it wasn't worth a Merit Elder's personal attention.

"We've verified. This is Luo Tong Guang's head!" The Merit Elder didn't mention how they had verified this. The Merit Palace Hall obviously had its methods. Otherwise, everyone would've tried to deceive them.

The Merit Elder spoke with authority.

"This is the reward for the mission. 30 million 'Spirit Dans'!" The Merit Elder handed-over a cosmos sack to Ye Xiwen. This was Ye Xiwen's reward. This mission had offered the highest reward so far.

"You must come with me!" the Merit Elder stated.


Ye Xiwen followed the Merit Elder, and went into the depths of the Merit Palace Hall. The Merit Elder turned towards Ye Xiwen after they had ventured significantly deeper, and said, "I have specially called you here because there's a mission that only you can complete!"

"Please tell!" Ye Xiwen cupped his hands in obeisance and said. He wasn't afraid of these big organizations, but he wasn't a rash guy either. He didn't want to offend people for no reason. In fact, he might not have messed with the Law Enforcement Hall if they hadn't shown unnecessary aggression against him.

In fact, there were several people like Ye Xiwen who didn't know how to deal with the Law Enforcement Hall. The Law Enforcement Hall and Merit Palace Hall were respectively in-charge of delivering punishment and issuing rewards. The Law Enforcement Hall had ideologically played the negative role of a bad cop. Naturally, many people weren't able to keep-up with them. The main ideology of the Law Enforcement Hall was to use the power of law as they wished to control the disciples of the True Martial University. However, the disciples of the True Martial University were very rebellious. They couldn't be tamed that easily.

"A disciple of the Merit Palace hall has turned out to be a traitor. His name is Zhu Tian Zong. He's one of the new disciples of the Merit Palace Hall. He has been trained very meticulously by us. He has mastered several secret techniques of the Merit Palace Hall, and knows several secrets of the True Martial University. He has betrayed us and fled away. And the problem is that we cannot disclose this matter in public!" The Merit Elder continued, "We're afraid that the other forces will try to find-and-abduct him if we were to disclose this matter in public. We can't let that happen because that will pose a serious threat to our True Martial University!"

"We won't be able to give you a reward in the open because of the confidential nature of this mission. However, our Merit Palace Hall will remember you for this favor; regardless of your success or failure in this mission!" The Merit Elder's eyes flashed as he eagerly awaited Ye Xiwen's reply.

Ye Xiwen pondered for a while. This was a big chance to earn the Merit Palace Hall's goodwill. This wasn't just a chance to kindle a friendship with a Merit Elder… but with the entire Merit Palace Hall. This friendship might seem ordinary now, but it could surprise him pleasantly in the most crucial time.

At present, Ye Xiwen was in dire need of 'Spirit Dans', but his need wasn't dire-enough that he'd disregard others' plight. Moreover, he had offended the Law Enforcement Hall. Therefore, it would be beneficial for him if he were able to develop friendly relations with the Merit Palace Hall.

"But the Merit Palace Hall has so many experts. Finding a few willing-experts for this mission shouldn't be difficult. Why did you ask me?" Ye Xiwen asked. This matter could be solved by the Merit Palace Hall's internal population. So why bother requesting an outsider?

"He's one of the top experts among the new disciples of our Merit Palace Hall. He has been trained vigorously by us. He has a wide range of contacts inside the Palace Hall. Since he has yet to get a clean cheat in the investigation, no one is out of the suspicion-range. Therefore, it's quite possible that he may get the news about our 'chase and kill' warrant. Then, it will be impossible to catch him. So, we can't have insiders as a part of this mission!" the Merit Elder said as he smiled wryly. The probability of such a traitor popping-out from their carefully nurtured disciples wasn't high. However, it had happened nonetheless. There was no other choice but to put down this traitor before he caused a bigger mess. In other words, this mission had basically turned-out to be 'crushing one's own foot while lifting a rock to drop on one's enemy.'

"That Zhu Tian Zong possesses tyrannical strength. He is merely at legendry's great complete realm, but an ordinary expert of the same level cannot rival his strength. An ordinary expert cannot take-up this mission. Only you can. You're the most suitable candidate for this mission!" the Merit Elder spoke in a somewhat contended manner. The Merit Palace hall would train its disciples carefully and meticulously. Therefore, the mission of assassinating one such disciple couldn't be taken lightly.

Ye Xiwen pondered for a moment. He couldn't afford to invest too much time on this task. However, it was a good opportunity to hone his skills.

"Of course, we'll send another team of disciples in order to divert his attention. You must act secretly. Try to attack and kill him as soon as possible. Particularly, before other forces find him!" the Merit Elder said.

"Understood!" Ye Xiwen nodded.

Ye Xiwen left the Merit Palace Hall after he had received the mission. He calmly returned to the 'Hidden Star Peak'. The 'Hidden Star Peak' was extremely quiet at this time. It was certainly livelier than this on usual days. Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin were undergoing closed-door training. Everyone had been undergoing closed-door training ever since the Hidden Star Peak had obtained the complete version of the Hidden Star Scripture from Ye Xiwen. There had been a cap on their cultivations because they had been cultivating the incomplete version of the Hidden Star Scripture. That was the reason they usually didn't dare to have breakthroughs. However, now there were no obstacles in their path since they had the complete version of the Hidden Star Scripture. They could have breakthroughs without any worry. The strength of the Hidden Star Peak would advance by leaps and bounds in the time to come.

Big Brother Huang Wuji had left the Hidden Star Peak again. The Third Brother Bai Jian Song was undergoing closed-door training in order to have the breakthrough into the great sage realm.

Therefore, there was no one on the Hidden Star Peak; apart from the wolf cub, who was usually scurrying about.

"Fu*k you! I'll bite you to death the next time you dare to call me a pet dog!" the wolf cub cursed-out-loud in his usual foul-mouthed fashion as Ye Xiwen returned to the Hidden Star Peak on a beam of light.

Ye Xiwen heard the small wolf shouting curses, and couldn't help but smile. This small wolf hadn't changed one bit in these two years. His strength had improved unceasingly, but his appearance hadn't changed. His shape and size were still the same as before. The disciples of the surrounding inheritances used to call him 'pet dog' behind his back. It was hard to tell when the wolf cub came to know about this, but when he did - it gave rise to long-term tug-war between him and them. The wolf cub was carefree, but his strength was no joke. No one had taken note of him when he had secretly entered the legendry's great complete realm. To be precise, he had recovered his strength to this stage. Ye Xiwen could still suppress him, but an average expert was no match for him. The disciples of those inheritances would often chase after the wolf cub, but they'd never dared to attack him. Two years ago, the tyrannical Huang Wuji had warned other forces that whoever would try to bully the Hidden Star Peak… would have to face the consequences. Who would dare to mess with the Hidden Star Peak's people after they had witnessed the demise of the War Dead Star Peak at the hands of Huang Wuji?

In addition, the wolf cub had learned to maintain his calm. He would remain cool unless something big happened; he wouldn't cause any needless ruckus.

However, that one instance had spread his name as 'pet dog' everywhere.

Ye Xiwen didn't pay any attention to this matter. He didn't consider the wolf cub as a pet. Instead, he used to see him as an impudent and brazenly shameless friend who had a bad influence. He had never put a leash on the wolf cub or stopped him from going anywhere. In the last two years, the wolf cub had often mysteriously left the True Martial University. And he had always returned with an enhanced strength. Ye Xiwen was aware that the wolf cub had an extraordinary origin. However, he could only sigh with emotion as he'd look at the wolf cub's breakthrough speed. In fact, his progress speed could baffle anyone.

"Have you seen such a handsome pet dog before? You must be blind if I look like a dog to you!" the wolf cub spoke as he arrived beside Ye Xiwen. He was extremely charged-up, and found it difficult to dissipate his excess anger.

Ye Xiwen couldn't help but laugh out loud. Earlier, only a few people used to call him pet dog. However, he had once created a ruckus in the neighborhood out of sheer boredom. Thereafter, the word 'pet dog' had become synonymous with him.

They would often call out — the pet dog has returned to the Hidden Star Peak! Then everyone would scatter like birds and beasts.

"Can't you keep quiet?" Ye Xiwen said somewhat helplessly.

"Ye Xiwen, it's boring here. Why don't we make a big scene here for our own entertainment?" the wolf cub chuckled mischievously.

"Do it on your own if you want to die that badly!" Ye Xiwen didn't show the slightest interest in wolf cub's remark. Reckless actions in a place like the True Martial University could get one killed.

"So boring!" The wolf cub curled his lips and said, "I'm planning to go to back to the demon island soon. My cultivation has reached the pinnacle of legendary realm. I want to step into the sage realm, but the restoration of my cultivation is very slow here!"

Ye Xiwen felt like slapping him for that comment, but he was too slow and was thrown-off by the wolf cub's next comment.

"Good!" However, Ye Xiwen didn't say much since this matter involved the enhancement of his strength.

(To be continued)

Devil Worship Cult = Bai Mo Jiao

'Cosmos Sack' can also be translated as 'Universe Sack' or 'Heaven and Earth Sack'. But the term 'Cosmos sack' is more popular in the community so I will stick to it.

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