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The old man's gaze was like a sharp knife. It felt as if the terrifying aura of a beast was firmly locked on Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen knew that this old man was afraid of the delay. The old man needed to make him refine the star power then and there. But the situation could worsen if Ye Xiwen didn't agree to refine it. He might also get killed. However, he would end being controlled by that old man if he agreed.

Ye Xiwen didn't wish to become the puppet of a Star Colossus. He would rather risk his life to fight with this creature. Then, Ye Mo's voice suddenly reverberated in his mind, "Ye Xiwen, say yes!"

"What are you planning?" Ye Xiwen asked.

"I suddenly remember that my master had once established a strange power technique. It is called 'Heart Seed Devil Method'!" Ye Mo said, "This great technique can grasp the essence and energy of the entire world, and constantly suck them within one's body through the pores. It can then transform into real elemental energy, and intensify the condensation of spirit. It can then control the target's mind. It is capable of seizing the world's good fortune, and plundering the universe's essence; …it is such a mysterious power technique!

"The most important point is that this power technique itself is based on a magic seed!" Ye Mo said, "For this 'Heart Seed Devil Method' to work… the most critical step is to find someone with outstanding innate talent and an excellent meditative mind. Then, you need to use them as your very own 'practice furnace' for practicing martial arts. You must dive in the depths of your target's heart in order for this technique to work. This technique will be considered accomplished once the magic seed is sown after going through all variations. However, not everything is detectable in the utter vastness of one's heart. The scenery is beautiful, and can be seen as far as one's sight reaches. It extends to infinity; like the nature itself. Sometimes, the sun and moon shines when the sky is clear and windy. Thunder and lightning appear when the thick dense cloud rains. These represent the seven emotions and six desires of a person. They fluctuate unpredictably. Practicing this great technique is like steering a boat in a raging ocean. The boat will sink and people onboard will die if you're not careful. It would be beyond redemption if it backfired. The body and soul will be extinguished entirely. This technique doesn't succeed even if it is carried out hundred times after a backfire. However, your martial skill can increase sharply if it succeeds. Moreover, it is important that the magic seeds are sown in people's bodies. You can obtain enormous benefits from those people with the help of those magic seeds. Then, you can have quick breakthroughs as well. In fact, you will soon breakthrough into the sage realm if you can sow the magic seeds on the bodies of several experts of sage realm!"

"However, the problem is that… where to find the people I can turn into 'practice furnace' in such a short time?" Only this old man was present in front of Ye Xiwen. However, Ye Xiwen couldn't possibly be a match for this enemy. Therefore, he couldn't sow a magic seed inside this enemy's body. "Moreover, the most important thing is that I haven't condensed this magic seed yet. It's this Star Colossus who has condensed it within my body!"

"This magic seed is not a problem. The magic seed hasn't taken root in your body. It hasn't started to germinate yet. There won't be any problem if you can erase his spirit imprint, and instead imprint your own on it!" Ye Mo said.

"The problem of 'furnace' cannot be resolved. There is only one way… you use yourself as a furnace. Then, the magic seed can grow by absorbing your power. This technique of yours will also be completed by the time this magic seed matures!" Ye Mo blurted out this crazy plan.

Ye Xiwen could use himself as a furnace to sow the magic seed. He could allow it take root, and then grow gradually using his power. However, this kind of method was also very dangerous — the person who had sown the seed would suffer heavy losses if it were to die. Even Ye Mo's former master had only used his most loyal subordinates as his furnace. His martial skill had enhanced significantly after their deaths.

In other words — there would be enormous danger if this power technique was to be practiced in a deceptive fashion. One could die if they weren't careful. Even if practiced properly… one could die because of the magic seed's disintegration. This was so because… the person who had sown the magic seed must be willing for it to disintegrate it under these circumstances in order to prevent getting hit by a rebound. Then, the cultivation energies would be transmitted to the body of the person who had sown the magic seed. Therefore, it was often seen that only the most loyal servants were turned into practice furnaces since their masters could control the life and death of their loyal slaves.

There was no problem for Ye Xiwen to use himself as a furnace. However, the biggest problem was that he would die if he couldn't practice this power technique properly. In fact, he could die even if he did practice it right.

He didn't have a bright future ahead. This was a dead end for him.

Ye Xiwen's complexion turned ugly after he had listened to Ye Mo's explanation. But he didn't have any other option at this time…

Perhaps the Old Man would kill Ye Xiwen on the spot if he were to refuse refining the magic seed that was contained in the star power. However, he would become a puppet of this Star Colossus if he were to refine them; this would be no less than death. In fact, that the old man would be able to peep into his secrets… and whenever he would want Ye Xiwen to die... Ye Xiwen would die.

"Alright then!" Ye Xiwen clenched his teeth and said. His only options at hand were to either die or become a puppet. Hence, he decided to put his life on the line. There was could be a possibility of finding a-way-out if he could control the speed of the magic seed's growth.

"I would never dare to disobey your order!" Ye Xiwen cupped his hands in obeisance as he replied to that old man. He was hanging at the edge of a cliff. He would die if he wouldn't comply. Or, he might be left in a situation which would be no less than death. He must fight on to postpone his death. He didn't have any other choice.

"Very good!" That old man's complexion turned benign once he saw Ye Xiwen complying with his command. Perhaps this old man's kind expression could've deceived Ye Xiwen well if he didn't know about this magic seed.

This Star Colossus had lived for 'god knows' how many years. In fact, he should've exhausted his life essence by now. Perhaps Ye Xiwen would've been deceived if it weren't for Ye Mo.

Ye Xiwen had no other choice but to sit cross-legged. Ye Mo had instilled the method of practicing 'Heart Seed Devil Technique' inside his mind. His mysterious space began to operate frantically. The 'Spirit Dans' that he had collected from Luo Yi Hang's body were brought into play. They began to burn frantically and decomposed into spirit energy. This energy then entered inside Ye Xiwen's mysterious space.

He mastered the cultivation method of this technique after burning more than five million 'Spirit Dans'— thanks to his mysterious space. 5 million 'Spirit Dans' was a staggering figure for most people.

Ye Xiwen started to operate the Heart Seed Devil Technique. He discovered that the spiritual power of the Star Colossus had been secretly attached to the magic seed which was wrapped inside the star power.

The magic seed hadn't yet planted itself into his body. However, nothing could be done once it did. Ye Xiwen's spiritual power came in contact with that of the 'wisp of the Star Colossus's soul', and it frantically began to move within Ye Xiwen. It became crazy and its eyes turned blood-shot.

Ye Xiwen snorted. He grabbed that little soul of the Star Colossus, and threw it into the blood pool inside the 'Heavenly Source Mirror!"

"Roar!" Intense rays of light were emitted inside the blood pool. The 'little' Star Colossus struggled and roared inside the pool. However, it had no scope against the suppression of the Heavenly Source Mirror. Its fate had been sealed as soon as it had entered the blood pool. It had no choice but to get refined.

The speed of refining of such a small soul was extremely quick. Ye Xiwen quickly refined it and created his 'personal' Star Colossus Blood Slave. Now, this blood slave would be thoroughly obedient to him.

There was a chance that the Old Man might become anxious if he didn't receive any messages from this wisp of his soul. Hence, Ye Xiwen promptly ordered this blood slave to transmit a message to the old man outside. The message would relay that everything was working out as per the Old Man's plan.

That Old Man watched Ye Xiwen attentively with his knife-like sharp eyes. He could see through that mass of star power that wrapped the magic seed inside. He continued to look at Ye Xiwen as he unceasingly refined this mass of star power. The trace of a satisfied expression appeared on his face as he watched the magic seed's refining.

Ye Xiwen's universe began to transform as the star power was absorbed. Mars had been getting condense inside his solar system with the unceasing inflow of star power.

That luminous spot emitted exceptionally brilliant rays of light and attracted huge amounts of star power towards it.

"Bang!" It was hard to tell long it took, but Mars had been finally condensed inside his body. Clouds began to gather in the sky of the outside world.

The Heavenly Tribulation had arrived for Ye Xiwen yet again. His strength would advance by leaps and bounds if he were to successfully cross this Heavenly Tribulation.

Ye Xiwen didn't move. Rather, he continued to absorb that mass of star power. He hadn't even absorbed 1% of it so far. Its quantity was comparable to the star power present inside a small planet. It would fetch an unimaginable price if it were to be sold. In fact, most people wouldn't even be able to touch it.

Ye Xiwen had been unceasingly operating the fifth layer of 'Tyrant Body Technique'. This was the so-called norm of poor people opting to study civil arts whereas rich opting to study martial arts. Wealth brought enormous benefits to a martial cultivator. The lack of wealthy meant that one wouldn't have sufficient energy to support any type of 'body tempering' technique. For example, Ye Xiwen might've barely managed to perfect the first layer of 'Tyrant Body Technique' if he had only relied on his 'real elemental energy' to temper his body.

However, Ye Xiwen had been running low on 'Spirit Dans' these days. He had collected many 'Spirit Dans' from Luo Yi Hang's body, but he'd need them for other things. However, this mass of star power had helped him in resolving his immediate-energy-crisis. The star power could be considered as far better than the spirit energy derived from 'Spirit Dans'. And it was far better for tempering his body.

Star power was so precious that one couldn't buy this even if they wanted to. This was like the so-called 'rare iron meteorite'. This iron meteorite was like a foreign object that had fallen into this mortal world. The iron essence would be extracted from it later. And the iron molded from it would be hundred times better than the ordinary one. That is because the former has been extracted from a meteorite and contains the power of the stars.

Ye Xiwen had such an enormous mass of star powers before him at present. So, how could he not rush to temper his 'tyrant body technique'?

Ye Xiwen had started to operate the fifth layer of his 'tyrant body technique' along with the absorption of enormous amount of star power. More and more rays of light started to emanate from his body.

Even that old man was a bit amazed. A trace of greed could be seen in his eyes. He tried to conceal it, but it still flashed in his eyes.

Suddenly, the fierce roars of demon beasts faintly reverberated in the sky. A group of robust and vigorous beastly figures had appeared in the clouds. That lightening beast from last time had returned. And he had brought along ten more. They looked so frightening that anyone would be terrified to see them.

"Boom!" Ye Xiwen's terrifying aura began to boil up. The fifth layer of the 'tyrant body technique' had been perfected.

(To be continued)

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