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Ye Xiwen's aura started to boil, and a strong power galloped within his body.

Ye Xiwen had successfully reached the fifth layer of the 'tyrant body technique'. His gestures had become many times stronger even though he hadn't made a breakthrough. The first layer of the 'tyrant body technique' involved perfecting the skin and strengthening it to the toughness of steel. The second layer involved perfecting the flesh and muscles. The third layer involved perfecting the bones. The fourth layer involved perfecting the internal organs. Even if someone were to use their martial power to launch a surprise attack — it would still be impossible for them to injure Ye Xiwen's internal organs once the fourth layer had been perfected. And the fifth layer involved perfecting the meridians. Every martial technique involved the release of 'Real Elemental Energy' to some extent. The more 'real elemental energy' is released — the stronger the might of that technique is. However, the meridians wouldn't be able to withstand the rush of energy and would burst open if they were too weak.

Therefore, it was very important to strengthen the meridians. The deduction of the fifth layer of 'tyrant body technique' would be considered 'completed' once the meridians were perfected. He had only practiced this layer to the preliminary level. However, his meridians had become extremely strong — more than double compared to earlier.

Now… Ye Xiwen's same techniques would be able to unleash more than double the power.

Ye Xiwen had a lot of assurance in his heart compared to the time he had faced the previous heavenly tribulations.

The Heavenly Tribulation had battered him well the last time. He had been thoroughly exhausted, and had been put in a difficult situation. However, his strength had increased more than ten times. Hence, he wasn't worried much.

The thought of having a breakthrough had made Ye Xiwen excited. And he was eager to cross this Heavenly Tribulation.

That Old Man looked at Ye Xiwen in astonishment from the side. Any living creature would be scared to cross this Heavenly Tribulation. However, Ye Xiwen looked eager to face it. This had transcended the Old Man's expectation.

The Old Man wasn't aware that Ye Xiwen had been miserably oppressed by this Heavenly Tribulation the last time. In fact, he had never been oppressed so miserably in his entire life. However, he had somehow beaten it. Therefore, the Heavenly Tribulation had returned to settle scores.




Heavenly thunders had started to billow in the sky. A group of golden figures appeared in the clouds. The Heavenly Tribulation looked simpler this time; it didn't resort to unnecessary elements. It had just produced several dozen lightning apes. Their imposing aura had spread across the sky. Their ice-cold 'killing intention' was locked on Ye Xiwen. This horde of several dozen lightning apes was mightier than a magnificent army. This Heavenly Tribulation was tougher than all previous ones.

That Old Man was somewhat surprised to see this Heavenly Tribulation. He didn't expect that this Heavenly Tribulation would be so strange. What kind of person could cross this Heavenly Tribulation? The more terrifying the person… the more terrifying the Heavenly Tribulation would be. An ordinary Heavenly Tribulation would mean that… the person it had come for… also possessed limited potential. However, a more terrifying Heavenly Tribulation meant that the person had unlimited potential.

Such Heavenly Tribulations were very frightening, but there was always a way-out. There would always be an opportunity to escape death. In other words… such a Heavenly Tribulation wouldn't have appeared if Ye Xiwen's strength hadn't reached such heights.

This Heavenly Tribulation was quicker than the one that arrives when an average expert enters the sage realm.

"Come on!" Ye Xiwen clenched his fist. This Heavenly Tribulation would follow him wherever he'd go. Therefore, he needed to settle this here itself. He took a step and turned into a golden streamer of light. He then penetrated into the tribulation clouds. He hadn't only planned to cross this tribulation… he had also decided to take the first initiative.

Ye Xiwen took the initiative and flew towards that horde of lightning apes. This provoked the Heavenly Tribulation. They roared and rushed towards Ye Xiwen to kill him.

Ye Xiwen realized that these lightning apes were somewhat different from the one he had fought earlier. They were far more powerful. Each of them had put forth simple but extremely terrifying martial arts. They had swords, spears, blades, halberds, and also knew fist techniques. They exhibited a power so terrifying that it went beyond one's imagination.

Ye Xiwen sneered. His strength had increased several times after deducing the fifth layer of the 'tyrant body technique'. He didn't fall weak while he faced the attacks of those lightning apes. He rushed into that horde of lightning apes without any hesitation.

Ye Xiwen didn't use any powerful martial arts. An ordinary punch or kick could carry great force as well. This was the so-called 'act of giving-up affectation to regain one's natural state'. Ye Xiwen had reached a level of strength wherein his kicks and fists were in-line with the principles of Dao (1). Hence, his attacks were far more terrifying than those of the lightning apes.

Ye Xiwen wasn't the strongest in the younger generation, but his understanding of Dao wasn't less than anyone. The reason was simple. He possessed the mysterious space, and he kept deducing the Dao principles. Thus, his understanding of Dao enhanced with each passing second. It was impossible for others to have this factor. However, Ye Xiwen had been relying on it for some time now.

He had condensed Mars, as well as deduced the fifth layer of 'tyrant body technique'. His strength had become tyrannical, and his understanding of Dao had reached an inconceivable extent.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen raised his hand to block the attack of a lightning ape. The lightning ape slashed its lightning blade horizontally. And a dreadful power began to boil upon Ye Xiwen's arm. An ordinary person would've been cleft into two by this blade attack.

However, that lightning blade couldn't injure Ye Xiwen. It could only send ripples on his armor of golden divinities. They seemed to spread as if they were on the surface of water.

Ye Xiwen turned around and shot his fist. The entire atmosphere started to boil due to the terrifying pressure of the punch. It seemed like it would suppress the heaven itself.

"Bang!" a lightning ape's body had been burst open by Ye Xiwen. It quickly respawned at a different place, but its size had visibly decreased. That was because some of its lightning energy had been absorbed by Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen's strength had increased a little, and that lightning ape's had been weakened.

"Bang!" a lightning ape rushed forward and launched a kick. It literally trod the space and shattered it into pieces. It arrived in front of Ye Xiwen and trampled with a terrifying strength.

Ye Xiwen reflexively turned around and grabbed that lightning ape with his hands. The lightning energy scattered from its body but couldn't injure him. Ye Xiwen threw that lightning ape; it almost seemed as if he had treated the ape as a weapon.

"Bang!" another lightning ape was struck by the one thrown-away by Ye Xiwen. It was then split into two halves. Ye Xiwen's new-found strength was truly horrifying.

This scene could've scared anyone to death. The Heavenly Tribulations were extremely terrifying for most people. They usually practiced for a long time before encountering one. However, the Heavenly Tribulation turned out to be deadlier every time.

All strange Heavenly Tribulations were extremely terrifying. One could see that each of these lightning apes were exceptionally dreadful. They upheld the will of the 'Heavenly Law'.

Each of these lightning apes could beat the experts at the peak of half-step legendary ninth stage. Their individual strengths didn't differ much from that of Luo Yi Hang. They rushed to kill Ye Xiwen; all at the same time.

Other experts wouldn't come across a Heavenly Tribulation like Ye Xiwen's. However, Ye Xiwen was playing with these lightning apes as if they were weapons.

Ye Xiwen grabbed a lightning ape as if it were a large blade. The large blade danced in his hand and unexpectedly unleashed a blade technique. It then chopped the other lightning apes in half.

However, they were made up of lightning. They quickly respawned. However, Ye Xiwen wasn't discouraged because a significant portion of their innate energy would be absorbed by him every time they'd be chopped in half. They wouldn't be able to fight for long at this rate.




Ye Xiwen brandished that 'large blade' and chopped-down those lightning apes; he did this countless times. Eventually, he managed to kill those lightning apes. He then absorbed the lightning ape he had been holding in his hand.

Ye Xiwen absorbed every last strand of energy inside the ape's body. He then gave-out a loud shout and extended a big golden hand. His hand rose against the wind, and turned bigger and bigger as it ascended in the sky. The entire Heavenly Tribulation clouds fell into his big-golden hand. He pinched it, and it exploded. It then turned into a tide of energy, and was then absorbed by Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen's martial power enhanced to a great extent after absorbing the tribulation cloud's energy. A massive amount of energy had gathered inside his body. His aura also rose gradually. He flew in the air and started to operate the 'Observing Person Scripture' endlessly.

An exceptionally intense star-light erupted inside Ye Xiwen's universe, and it illuminated his entire body.

His entire inner universe began to revolve. It had the ability to revolve on its own; just like a small galaxy. This was the reason why he wanted to condense the solar system. However, this merely was the first step and nothing more.

His strength would advance by leaps and bounds once he had condensed the entire solar system inside his body.

He had this 'lucky' knowledge owing to the virtue of his previous life. He wasn't a part of some high-tech research institute in his past life. He used to be an ordinary person. However, his previous life was set-in the era of a massive technical revolution. His knowledge and wisdom were much broader than the people of this world.

The indigenous people of this world didn't know the concept of the stars. The world was just… limited to the world in their view.

Ye Xiwen couldn't have created the 'Observing Person Scripture' without the knowledge from his past-life. It was the base of this creation.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's imposing aura had been rising unceasingly. He eventually crossed the barrier, and stepped into half-step legendary seventh stage. That flood of energy had shattered the barrier of this stage.

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes after a long time. He had entered the half-step legendary seventh stage. He could easily contend with the experts of half-step legendry's great complete realm with his current strength.

(To be continued)


Dao/Tao: The absolute principle underlying the universe. It combines the principles of yin and yang, and signifies the way, or code of behavior within itself. Its principles are in harmony with the natural order.

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