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However, Ye Xiwen had never been discouraged because of this. He had never relied on his inner talent and bone foundation because he knew how to foster his strengths and avoid his weaknesses. Therefore, he didn't care about this so-called weakness of his.

One could have good innate talent and strong bone foundation. However, these weren't enough to solve every problem.

The strength he possessed had undoubtedly originated because of his reliance on the mysterious space. However, it had depended far more on his efforts. How could he have survived if he hadn't practiced like a workaholic? And how could he possibly have achieved such strength?

That old man somewhat admired Ye Xiwen when he saw that he hadn't been discouraged by his remark.

"That man you killed was much stronger than you. Whether it was his bone foundation or innate talent — he was superior to you. I had thought to bring him here since I honestly didn't expect that you would kill him. That was beyond my expectation!" That old man said. It seemed from his tone that he hadn't been optimistic of Ye Xiwen's chances.

"I see… so the 'sword code' and the Divine Hou…" Ye Xiwen suddenly realized that this old man had used these trick to attract people. It was no accident that so many rare treasures and such an unrivalled secret technique had appeared so abruptly. Ye Xiwen had found it strange in the beginning as well. However, he finally understood that these things had emerged from this place.

"Yes, it was I who sent those treasures out!" The old man nodded.

This old man had swallowed countless stars in his evil god form. A few treasures didn't mean anything to him.

Hence, he had used these treasures to attract several geniuses.

"Ye Xiwen, be careful. I can see that this old man isn't ordinary!" Ye Mo's voice resounded in Ye Xiwen's mind.

The concealment of the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' was very tight. This old man had no means to find Ye Mo's existence.

"This is like fishing. He used those treasures to attract several geniuses. I don't know what his purpose is… however… you must be careful!"

Ye Xiwen secretly nodded. He knew that he mustn't let his guard down. This was an old habit of Ye Xiwen's.

"You won't be the only one I'll select. Consider it an investment. You don't have much strength at the moment. However, you can become very formidable in the span of a thousand or two thousand years. Then, I will not have wasted my energy for nothing!" that old man indifferently said.

Ye Xiwen realized that this old man had used a long net to catch the big fishes. And these people would eventually become formidable experts. They could even set him free in the future. That would be enough as a return on his investment.

These people would leave in some time. However, a large number of the topmost disciples would arrive later from the future trials of the new disciples of the True Martial University. And the scope of choice would continue to become bigger. In fact, there would be a probability of many formidable experts gathering here in the future.

One might not see the result within a short time. However, one day these people would grow and become the backbone of the True Martial University.

It would take a very long time though.

"You're the first one to arrive here. I must give you this gift even if we've been brought together by fate!" that old man said. A mass of extremely strong star power appeared in his hands. It then flew inside Ye Xiwen's body.

Ye Xiwen suddenly felt as if he had bathed in a sea of stars as this mass of star power immersed inside his body. It was a very rich star power. He couldn't have absorbed this much star power even if he had killed thousands or ten thousands of star beasts of legendary seventh or eighth stage.

"Hiss! Indeed, it's really a massive amount of star power. Even a small planet won't have this much of star power!" Ye Mo gasped.

This amount of star power was enough for Ye Xiwen to condense Mars. In fact, it was more than enough.

However, Ye Mo's complexion suddenly changed. He said, "Humph! Ye Xiwen, this is a trap. It contains a magic seed!"

"This magic is a very malicious trick. It is mixed with the star power. The magic seed will get refined if you refine the star power. It will then get planted within your body. Then, you'll become his puppet. He won't just control you… he could exploit you as well!" Ye Mo said, "There are many ways of doing this in the Devil World. There are various complicated ways of doing it, and all methods offer different qualities. However, the essence is the same. You'll become his slave if you refine it. You won't be able to run away, and he'll even be able to peep into your secrets. Everything you have will be dominated by him. In fact, it will be useless to become more powerful than him. His one whim will be enough to kill you!"

Ye Xiwen secretly gasped. A chill ran down his spine. Why was this evil Star Colossus being so polite? Only a part of his soul had transformed into human form. But one simply couldn't treat him like a human. It was still an ominous monster. One couldn't expect a terrifying star-eating creature like him to have good thoughts.

He was so kind-hearted that he had released such great amounts of treasures, and had given away such an abundant star power. He had said that these people would become formidable experts in the future, and that they might set him free as a repayment of that debt. However, their intentions couldn't be predicted. The will of a person was the most complicated thing.

This Star Colossus had lived for countless years. Moreover, he was an old fox. How could he not have made preparations for this problem? Under no circumstances would he give away such great amounts of benefits without insurances. He was no idiot.

"However, this magic seed isn't some good thing to condense because it requires great amount of life essence from the user. Condensing one or two of such magic seeds can injure the user. One must do it only if it is extremely important. That is why very few people use magic seeds!" Ye Mo said, "It seems that he has chosen you after much consideration!"

Ye Xiwen was somewhat puzzled. It had seemed as if the opposite party must be in contempt with his ability. However, he had then used a risky method like the 'magic seed' on him.

"What should I do now?" Ye Xiwen asked secretly. Ye Xiwen and Ye Mo were using the soul search technique to communicate; very quickly at that. However, that old man arrived in front of Ye Xiwen in a split second. He then said, "You must refine the star power I gave you without any delay. Otherwise, you may have a problem in walking out from here alive!"

Ye Xiwen was suspicious. That old man waved his big hand and a screen appeared in front of Ye Xiwen's eyes. He could see that groups of experts were involved in a death-match just outside this valley. One among them was the Sword Sage. He was leading the experts of the 'Sword Tomb'. It was hard to tell the advantage that the Sword Sage had obtained, but he had jumped to half-step legendry's great complete realm (1). His future prospects were limitless with such cultivation and strength. In fact, he would be regarded as the seed disciple (2) of the True Martial University.

However, that Sword Sage had been pushed into a disadvantageous position despite stepping into half-step legendry's great complete realm. He was running into danger one-after-another.

He had been pushed into this disadvantageous position by that Brother Fan of the Xuan Yuan Palace hall. Ye Xiwen had seen the memories of the Xuan Yuan disciple he had killed. Hence, he knew that this Brother Fan was an illustrious genius among the disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. His name was Fan Ming. The Lord of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall regarded him as an extremely valuable genius. He had recently joined the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall under the care of the Palace Hall Lord, and had gained much prominence.

The Lord of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall held a higher position than the 'heads of the peak' in the True Martial University. In fact, it was considered as one of the most influential positions inside the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall.

The Sword Sage had stepped into the half-step legendry's great complete realm very recently. However, Fan Ming had reached the peak of half-step legendry's great complete realm. In fact, he was only a half-step away from entering the semi-sage realm.

He was only a half-step away from entering the semi-sage realm. However, there was a difference of heaven and earth on the either sides of this half-step. The Sword Sage was an exceptional talent, but he wouldn't be able to enter the semi-sage realm in less than five years.

Ye Xiwen suddenly noticed that the Sword Sage was some he had known. He was clad in a black robe. His sharp sword skill was world-shaking. He had excellent strength. An average person was no match for him. However, he was matched against that Fan Ming. This disciple of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall was a terrifying existence in this session of disciples.

The Sword Sage was that black-robed powerhouse Ye Xiwen had seen on the ancient road.

Ye Xiwen had never seen the Sword Sage after entering the University. He had only heard about him. However, he had never thought that this Sword Sage would turn out to be that black-robed powerhouse. Ye Xiwen and the Sword sage used to have similar strengths. However, the Sword Sage had broken-through to half-step legendary's great complete realm in a very short period of time.

Ye Xiwen himself had been struggling within half-step legendary realm. Therefore, he knew that the promotion of every stage within half-step legendary realm was no joke.

Even Jian Wu Chen had only reached half-step legendary eighth stage after obtaining an inheritance. But what kind of an outstanding backing did this Sword Sage have?

Ye Xiwen saw Jian Wu Chen and Mu Ling in the 'Sword Tomb's' team. The wolf cub was also there. These three people had a very tacit understanding. However, the entire battle formation of the 'Sword Tomb' was under a firm attack from the experts of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. In fact, it could collapse at anytime.

Only a few dozens of experts of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall remained. They were nothing in comparison to the number the True Martial University had. However, the situation was very different since they were only faced with the disciples of the 'Sword Tomb'. The number of disciples in the 'Sword Tomb's' party was a bit higher than the ones in the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall's. In fact, the disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall were far behind in terms of quality as well.

However, the Sword Sage was being suppressed by Fan Ming. Therefore, the entire team of the 'Sword Tomb' was being suppressed.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't get much time to think about it because that old man put away that screen and said, "I've seen everything you've done since you arrived here. I know that you'll not survive against those disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. They wish to eradicate all disciples of your True Martial University. That's why they've killed those people. You'll die if he arrives here. You must not expect me to protect you because these disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall are also amongst these ones I've selected as potential candidates!

"I know that you're practicing a power technique that requires star power. You may obtain the strength to fight back if you absorb this star power!" That old man's sharp eyes started to compel Ye Xiwen.

(To be continued)


Half-step legendary ninth stage

Seed Disciple: A special category of disciples who receive special benefits and resources from the Sect. They are nourished and cultivated just like a plant seed.

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