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Ye Xiwen found large quantities of 'Spirit Dans' and 'Spirit Stones' on Luo Yi Hang's corpse. He also found various kinds of treasures. Luo Yi Hang had risen to fame abruptly in these recent two years, and Ye Xiwen could tell that he must've had an excellent family background. There were various kinds of medicinal herbs. Some were even over thousand years old. In fact, many of them were over five thousand years. They also contained a premium herb that was over ten thousand years old. These herbs were planted in a portable farm inside his storage space. These herbs obviously belonged to Ye Xiwen now. These treasures weren't worth less than 30 million 'Spirit Dans'. Ye Xiwen once had far more 'Spirit Dans' than this. However, that was in the past. The mysterious space in his mind had consumed large amounts of these Spirit Dans to produce spirit energy. However, there rarely came a time when he wasn't running low on spirit energy nowadays.

He had basically been running low on spirit energy all year round. However, the 'Spirit stones' and 'Spirit Dans' found on Luo Yi Hang's body added up to millions. It was the same as obtaining an extreme wealth. Moreover, Ye Xiwen had less than a million 'Spirit Dans' left. This was like a timely rain for him.

However, the biggest gain was that 'Sword Code'. It was called the 'Buried Sword Secrets'. The origin of 'Buried Sword Secrets' was quite profound. However, the entire swordplay only had four tricks in reality; 'Buried Person Sword', 'Buried Earth Sword', 'Buried Heaven Sword', and 'Great Nirvana Sword'. Ye Xiwen observed it carefully. But he couldn't tell which expert had left it behind. One could discern that it was an extremely terrifying technique from the names itself. Especially, the last move named 'Great Nirvana Sword'… According to the description on it — there universal chaos would take birth within the range of area enshrouded by 'Great Nirvana Sword'. This would restart the cycle of reincarnation. Everything that would then enter the reincarnation cycle would fade away and cease to exist — including the user of this technique.

This move belonged to the category of 'suicide attacks'. However, Ye Xiwen didn't dare to look down on this 'Buried Sword Secrets'.

Ye Xiwen had majored in blade technique cultivation. However, he possessed the mysterious space. Therefore, cultivating this sword technique wasn't a problem for him. Anything could be solved as long as he had sufficient spirit energy. But, the biggest profit was that 'half blade point'. It was uncertain where Luo Yi Hang had obtained it from. It was merely a small fragment of a blade, but it could emit chilling rays of light. According to Ye Mo — it could possibly be an immortal tool. However, that might not necessarily be true…

This small fragment of light emitting blade point was a priceless material. It was beyond anyone's imagination.

"Roar!" the Divine Hou roared angrily from afar. The blade cage had disappeared along with Luo Yi Hang's death. The Divine Hou had been waiting for this. It tried to escape. But how could Ye Xiwen allow his target escape that easily… He immediately pursued it.

Ye Xiwen finally overtook the Divine Hou after chasing it for a quarter of an hour. He sneered and slapped it. It went flying to the roadside. The Divine Hou had already exhausted its blood essence by now. It didn't have the power to resist Ye Xiwen's attack.

"You will regret chasing me, human!" The Divine Hou looked coldly towards Ye Xiwen. It appeared somewhat relieved, but also harbored some resentment.

Ye Xiwen's was startled in his heart. He looked around. But he could only see a completely desolate scene. He couldn't see any living creatures. A chill ran down his spine. This scene was enough to make people tremble with fear.

Ye Xiwen had a bad feeling about this. He decided to kill the Divine Hou first, and then proceed to dealing with other things.

"You don't have a choice!" Ye Xiwen sneered. He was just about to kill that Divine Hou with his palm attack.

But suddenly, a huge crack was torn open in the sky. A big hand swept-down towards Ye Xiwen to grab him. An overwhelming and heinous-in-nature power flooded the atmosphere as it advanced towards him.

Ye Xiwen's entire body was suddenly covered in cold sweat. However, he had no way out of this situation. He was carried-off by this big hand. He then fell inside the crack in space.

Ye Xiwen regained his conscious after some time, and found that he had arrived in a valley. This valley wasn't very large. It was a little more than ten square kilometers in area. However, this valley had a huge pit. Unexpectedly, dark red blood was gushing out of it. The blood flowing out of the valley had also permeated into the earth.




An earsplitting sound of heartbeats reverberated inside Ye Xiwen's mind. He could hear heartbeats pounding loudly; one after another. He felt as if he had stepped on the body of a gigantic creature.

Suddenly, his hair stood on end.

"Who is this?" Ye Xiwen shouted. He was secretly vigilant in his mind.

"It is me!" an old voice reverberated. Ye Xiwen looked up. He saw an old man clad in a long robe. The robe was dazzling like the stars. This old man seemed like a warlord. His bloodlust could still be sensed.

"Who are you?" Ye Xiwen asked. He was vigilant inside. He had a feeling that being caught and brought over to this valley might have a relation with this old man.

Ye Xiwen could sense the aura of an invincible sage expert coming from that old man's body. This was entirely different from a legendary level expert like Ye Xiwen. It seemed as if a strong expert of the sage realm had arrived before him. He didn't know whether that old man would be hostile towards him or not. However, this wasn't a good thing for him.

"I am the Star Colossus that had been sealed here!" that old man lightly said.

Ye Xiwen was immediately frightened. He shocked to the extreme when he realized this was the place where the Star Colossus had been sealed. The ancestors of the True Martial University had spared no effort to contend against this Star Colossus. Moreover, this evil star god had been the main culprit in the decline of the True Martial University.

He had led to the decline True Martial University… and that too in its days of prosperity. How could he be some ordinary beast?

It was hard to count the number of senior experts of the True Martial University who had died in his hands back then. Yet, those senior experts couldn't kill it. They could only seal this peerless ominous beast. How could Ye Xiwen not be in an utter shock after he had heard this old man relate that he was that Star Colossus?

Ye Xiwen knew that there were many magical powers that could be used to change one's appearance. However, it was very hard to believe that this old man wasn't at par with that extremely cruel Star Colossus.

It was no fluke that Ye Xiwen had been caught by the old man, and had been entirely unable to fight back.

He could feel the power of sage on that old man's body. However, he would've died innumerable times by now if he was only a sage expert. The True Martial University used to have many experts of the Great Sage realm. Hence, a Star Colossus of sage realm shouldn't have been able to pose any challenge to the True Martial University.

The old man seemed to be aware of Ye Xiwen's doubts. He faintly smiled and said, "You've guessed it right. This is not my main body. It is only the incarnation of a wisp of my primordial soul!"

Ye Xiwen didn't heave a sigh of relief as one would expect. He was instead shocked further. How dreadful would his main body be if just a part of his soul had such power! This was just beyond the scope of his imagination.

Ye Xiwen had suddenly started to believe those legends. This was a Star Colossus which had once turned the entire True Martial University upside down.

"I don't know why senior has brought me here!" Ye Xiwen cupped his hands respectfully and said.

Ye Xiwen was secretly alert. This exceptionally evil god had nearly destroyed the True Martial University once. He would certainly not find him for making reprisals. This was only a wisp of its soul, but it still had the strength of sage realm. Ye Xiwen didn't have the power to fight back.

"Does the senior wish for me to help him in escaping from this prison?" Ye Xiwen glanced at that old man and said. But Ye Xiwen wouldn't help him. In fact, he would rather die than helping him. It wasn't because Ye Xiwen wanted to take a moral high-ground. There might have been some room for negotiation if it were some other person… or some great devilish being. However, this Star Colossus was a different case altogether. The Star Colossi were known to eat stars as food. If they could swallow a star… then they should be able to swallow a planet too. And their strength would advance by leaps and bounds if they were to devour a world. Therefore, the entire True Martial World would be in danger if this evil god were to be released. This would be the so-called case of 'covering the nest to save the eggs'. How would Ye Xiwen survive on his own if the entire True Martial World was destroyed? He would collapse with the True Martial World.

That old man shook his head and said, "My main body is sealed. As per your current strength… you will be of no use even if you practice for one or two thousand years. You're too weak!"

Ye Xiwen listened but he didn't show any indignation on his face. Indeed, he was too weak. At least in comparison to this wisp of the evil god's soul that still had the power of sage realm... He indeed didn't have such qualifications.

"However, someone has arrived here after countless years. Therefore, I must bet on you. You should be able to practice to the Great Sage realm in this lifetime with your strength and talent. But only if you're favored by good luck!" That old man glanced at Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen clearly felt that he was being looked down upon.

Ye Xiwen didn't say anything in reply. Indeed, his innate talent and 'root bone structure' couldn't be regarded as top-notch. In fact, his ability was a far cry from those people with special physique, and even Luo Yi Hang. However, he hadn't been defeated yet. And that was the fact.

Ye Xiwen had always believed that people could have proud and unyielding characters. However, they must not be arrogant. People with lofty and unyielding character wouldn't admit defeat throughout their lives. Such traits in character were necessary to rise to the peak of martial arts. However, one must not succumb to arrogance. Arrogance had a tendency to 'carry' one away. One may not be able to understand the difference between right and wrong. They may not be able acknowledge the truth. Everything they would do could then be governed by arrogance. And this arrogance would only evolve over time.

Ye Xiwen had been very clear about the approach he must have. He had killed countless disciples. Many were superior to him in every way possible; they were more talented than him, and had better bone foundation. However, the sense of victory would get to his head if he would start to believe that he was better than them. And if one wasn't clear about themselves… then death wouldn't be far away.

(To be continued)

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