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"Bang!" the aftermath of their battle shattered the surrounding space. The pitch-black chaos was extremely frightening.

Luo Yi Hang sensed that he couldn't overpower Ye Xiwen. The situation of this battle was different from the previous one. The previous battle had been near-one-sided. Ye Xiwen had struggled to keep up in the last battle. In fact, he had been forced into a thoroughly disadvantageous position.

Perhaps Ye Xiwen would've died back then if he didn't have such a strange healing technique.

However, Ye Xiwen's strength had enhanced since then. This surprised Luo Yi Hang. But, this excited him as well. He was somewhat lonely at the top. It was difficult for him to find a worthy opponent; someone with strength such as his own. An ordinary expert of legendary ninth stage certainly wasn't fit to be his opponent.

However, he seemed to have found a powerful opponent. This caused his 'killing intention' to boil-up. His ruthless aura began to overflow in the surroundings.

He felt a sense of pleasure in torturing his opponents to death. He felt as if he was about to step on an ant prior to killing Ye Xiwen.

"Ha ha ha, I didn't expect that you would've had progressed so much since then. I like to torture geniuses to death. Just looking at you is making me excited. I'll let you die with dignity!" Luo Yi Hang laughed out loud. A somewhat cruel expression appeared on his face.

"Enough talking; prepare yourself to be sent on your way to the otherworld!" Ye Xiwen sneered. He didn't argue with Luo Yi Hang and forged ahead step-by-step. His imposing aura exploded loudly. His 'sword intention' went across the vast sky, and a golden luster illuminated half of the vicinity.

Luo Yi Hang wasn't ordinary either. His ominous power was dreadful. His imposing aura boiled-up. It seemed as if it could sweep away the entire world as it advanced towards Ye Xiwen.

"Bang!" the Earth trembled as the blade energy and the 'sword intention' collided and scattered. The space disintegrated and a terrifying energy-storm was set-off.

This was the most terrifying battle. Both parties were extremely fast. It was beyond the extent of the capabilities of one's naked eyes. They had exchanged over a hundred, or even over a thousand, blows within a split second.

Both parties used their entire strength. They didn't give any fancy chances to the other. It resembled the collision between two 'absolute' powers. Luo Yi Hang was formidable. He was at much higher level than Ye Xiwen. However, Ye Xiwen's tyrant body was even more tyrannical. Neither man seemed willing to let go of his hold on this decisive battle.




They had spared no effort, and had given their best in this fight. The world itself had been shattered and reconstructed. And it seemed as if a new world had taken birth. In fact, it was being shattered and reborn with every successive blow they exchanged; and again…

"Whoosh!" an extremely loud sound reverberated and blood splashed out.

Ye Xiwen's 'sword intention' had opened a horrible wound in Luo Yi Hang's body. The sight of this wound could leave people trembling in fear. Luo Yi Hang had nearly gotten killed; in fact, he could've been cleft into two.

Luo Yi Hang was panting heavily. He had nearly lost his life to Ye Xiwen a moment ago. He hadn't expected this to happen. Perhaps he didn't think that Ye Xiwen could have the strength to injure him.

He had never thought that he would be forced into such a distressful situation one day. His strength was considered relatively superior to others; even among the experts of same level. Luo Yi Hang was at the peak of half-step legendary ninth stage, and a very few experts of the same level could stand up to him. Hence, he hadn't considered that he could lose to Ye Xiwen.

Luo Yi Hang's eyes turned even colder. He then shouted, "Die!"

Then, Luo Yi Hang raised his long blade and rushed forward. He arrived in front of Ye Xiwen in a flash. His long blade had streaked across the sky, and had shattering the space along its path into small pieces. It was an extremely terrifying scene.

Ye Xiwen had occupied the winning position. Hence, he was calm. His 'sword intention' transformed into a long sword. The 'killing intention' flickered at the tip of the sword as the 'sword light' darted outwards.

Both parties had displayed terrifying fighting strength. In fact, it had exceeded far-above their respective levels.

Luo Yi Hang's long blade had evolved into the image of a god spirit. It seemed as if it was talking a stroll on Earth. It felt as if it had then gotten angry and had cracked open the heaven upon witnessing the hardships that exist in the mortal world. It seemed aloof from worldly affairs. It didn't appear to have originated from the heavenly principle.

The powerful blade beam had suppressed the surrounding space.

Ye Xiwen's sword light darted outwards. His 'sword intention' started to produce a buzzing sound. It seemed to have been stimulated by the sudden evolution in Luo Yi Hang's blade technique. It congealed into an illusory shadow in the sky. It was the ghostly figure of that old sword expert whom Ye Xiwen had seen some time back. (1)

An intense and imposing aura swept across. It seemed as if it could puncture the world. A pure 'sword intention' wantonly emerged out from the shadow of that old sword expert.

He was the sword; the sword was him!

The blade beam and 'sword intention' collided again. That blade god and the old sword expert maliciously collided into each other.

This wasn't a collision between two moves. It was a collision of two wills. This was a collision of two entirely different styles of comprehensions. That blade skill of that god carrying a blade in its hand was tyrannical enough to dominate the world. However, it was hard to tell what sort of hidden skills that old sword expert possessed since a single sword attack of his' was capable of breaking-out ten thousand principles.

This was a collision of two entirely different martial ways. And it was extremely terrifying. Even the chaos had started to boil. In fact, it seemed as if the entire universe was about to enter the cycle of reincarnation.

Ye Xiwen hadn't anticipated that a god spirit could be resurrected inside his 'sword intention'. However, he couldn't do much about it at this time. He didn't think too much about it, and rushed forth to confront the enemy.


Both bodies were sent flying in opposite directions post the collision. Luo Yi Hang's body had been stabbed by Ye Xiwen; a huge hole had been opened in it. However, Ye Xiwen wasn't in a good condition either. Luo Yi Hang's blade energy had cut-open a huge wound on his body, and blood had started to drip from it.

This Luo Yi Hang wasn't ordinary. A very few people could reach legendary ninth stage. Both parties were powerful enough to display the invincible strength of legendary ninth stage. Therefore, both parties had been fighting head-on, and had given a tough fight to each other.

However, Ye Xiwen was fearless, and the look in his eyes had turned even more profound. It could be seen that his wounds were getting restored very quickly. His attacks were even faster than battered Luo Yi Hang's. In fact, Luo Yi Hang had already suffered two consecutive losses. This was the advantage in Ye Xiwen's favor. It was also one of his hidden trump cards.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen's hand formed a 'Hanshan Seal'. A huge mountain seal pressed down like a gigantic dragon, and smashed on Luo Yi Hang's back. The man wasn't able to avoid the attack since his fighting strength wasn't at its peak condition after having suffered two consecutive losses at Ye Xiwen hands. And now that Hanshan seal had suddenly dropped from above… he couldn't respond quickly-enough, and got hit.

"Bang!" he was smashed to the ground by the 'Hanshan Seal'. A large crater was made in the ground.

"Aaah!" Luo Yi Hang roared loudly. He struggled to break free from Ye Xiwen's 'Hanshan Seal'. His terrifying power slashed the nearby land. He was in a difficult situation. His hair was disheveled, and his eyes were red. He was stubbornly staring at Ye Xiwen. His terrifying 'killing intention' was locked on Ye Xiwen. He was young, and was proud of himself. He had been treated as a top-notch cultivation genius his entire life. He had never suffered such a loss.

He had considered Ye Xiwen a merely an ant the previous time they had fought. However, he had regarded Ye Xiwen as a worthy opponent this time.

But he hated Ye Xiwen to the extreme now. His expression turned violent since he had suffered this kind of loss. Most people wouldn't be able to look straight at his hideous face.

His long blade set-off a burst of blade shadows in the entire sky. Each of these blade shadows could cut through the mountains and rivers. They flew right across the sky and rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

It seemed that ten million blade shadows had condensed in the sky. And they then arrived in front of Ye Xiwen like poisonous snakes. The entire sky had been torn into a hundred-thousand rifts.

And each rift extended up to several hundred meters. It was an extremely terrifying scene.

Ye Xiwen sneered. Another 'Hanshan Seal' descended. It rushed toward the incoming blade shadows and destroyed them.

However, Ye Xiwen wasn't done yet. He brandished his sword and the 'sword intention' shattered the space into countless pieces as it rushed forward to face those incoming blade beams.


Ye Xiwen's 'sword intention' destroyed those blade beams. Then, he rushed over and stretched-out his hands. He then displayed the 'Hidden Dragon rising from the Abyss' move. His hands turned into a pair of dragon's claws. They brimmed with golden light as they tore the space.


The astonishing crack opened the entire space. It extended up to far distances, and seemed to have destroyed all obstacles in its path. Nothing could withstand this attack. But this attack hadn't been directed at the enemy's main body. Rather, it had torn the space open and broken it into small pieces. This had made it impossible for the enemy to stand.

This attack soon arrived in front of Luo Yi Hang, but he wasn't able to evade the attack. He stretched out his hands to block it. However, he was unable to resist the terrifying energy of the attack. His hands started to get boiled-up.

Luo Yi Hang retreated promptly. However, he couldn't do it quickly-enough since he was wounded. His right arm was struck by the attack, and was ripped apart.

Blood started to gush-out from the wound. His face was covered in fine beads of sweat. He was feeling severe pain and had been left to pant.

However, he secretly felt glad in his heart. That attack was extremely terrifying. Perhaps it could've torn him into two halves if he hadn't avoided it in time - just like it had torn the space.

Ye Xiwen looked coldly towards Luo Yi Hang and said, "Today is your last day!"

Ye Xiwen admitted that Luo Yi Hang was very strong. However, it was pointless since he was about to die. The more formidable an enemy is — the lesser chance one should give them to make an escape. Otherwise, the enemy would surely cause a big trouble in the future since they were allowed to grow-up.

"Don't even think about it!" Luo Yi Hang's body released a burst of unimaginable blade energy. It was accompanied by a broken fragment of his blade, and it rushed towards Ye Xiwen. It was an extremely horrifying attack, and was beyond one's imagination.

The blade fragment contained the power to destroy heaven and earth. There was a possibility that Ye Xiwen could've been caught off-guard if he had used this attack in the beginning. In fact, he could've gotten injured very severely. However, Luo Yi Hang's body had sustained very serious injuries by now. His strength had declined frantically. His attacks didn't pose a big threat to Ye Xiwen any longer.

Ye Xiwen effortlessly avoided the attack.

"Humph!" Ye Xiwen snorted and struck Luo Yi Hang's body with his palm. The palm attack killed Luo Yi Hang.

(To be continued)

Ye Xiwen had learned the sword intention attack by mimicking the original sword intention attack displayed by this old sword expert.

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