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The entire Earthen City was boiling with excitement. The Divine Hou had finally appeared. They had entered this underground world to chase. It could freely come and go out of this place. Hence, they might find a way to get out if they could grab it.

However, it was too early to get excited. Many people were thinking that they could get enormous benefits if they could grab that Divine Hou.

A terrifying force swept across the entire Earthen City. A huge figure appeared above the city wall. It was the same Divine Hou that had escaped earlier. However, it was a several times bigger in size at this time. It wasn't as big as the star beasts; they were usually the size of a hill. However, it was as big enough to be the combined size of 4-5 people.

Its strength had enhanced enormously, and it had reached at the peak of legendary ninth stage. It rushed into the crowd inside the city wall and started to slaughter them. It was impossible for an ordinary person to stop this Divine Hou.

It rampaged around; the places it visited turned into a river of blood. No expert could stop this Divine Hou.

Ye Xiwen swept-out his soul search. He was surprised to see that this Divine Hou's body resembled that of a horse. Its entire body was covered with golden scales and was surrounded by flames. It had a dog's head. It had two antlers atop its head; like that of a deer. It had four strong limbs and its claws were like a wolf's. Its long tail was on fire, and was constantly blazing.

It would stretch out its claw and mow down a large number of experts.

"Evil creature!" a loud shout reverberated from afar. Miao Yu and two other legendary eighth stage's disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall had launched an attack on the Divine Hou.

However, their attacks didn't prove out to be effective because this Divine Hou had already reached legendary ninth stage. So how could these ordinary people be its opponent?

"Oh boy; I didn't expect to see a 'heaven facing' Hou here!" Ye Mo clicked his tongue as he stated in astonishment. It was evident that this 'type' of Hou wasn't common.

It was needless to say that a 'heaven facing' Hou was aggressive and took dragons as food. It was at the top of the food chain, and had always been a dragon-eating creature. It was hard to find creatures that could eat dragons.

Therefore, a living creature that could take dragons as food was considered as extremely powerful.

Ye Xiwen recalled reading some records on 'heaven facing' Hou. There used to be some Hou beasts found in the East Sea that ate dragon brain. They were extremely ferocious. They used to shoot flames up to several dozen feet from their mouths when they fought with the dragons. Those dragons couldn't stand a chance in front of these beasts. A few dragons had appeared in the sky in the summer of 25th year of Kangxi Period, in Pingyang County. They had come to chase a Hou beast. People had seen a close fight between 3 flood dragons, 2 dragons and a Hou over the next three days. The Hou had managed to kill one dragon and 2 flood dragons. However, it then collapsed and fell into the valley. That Hou was 20 feet tall, and was shaped like a horse. It had scales and bristles on its body. The flames were still gushing out of its scales and bristles after its death. They covered its entire body. In fact, they reached 10 feet over it.

It was extremely terrifying.

Several experts of legendary eighth stage were attacking with all their might. However, they weren't a match of this Divine Hou. Then, it suddenly displayed a terrifying fighting strength. It spat flames from its mouth and a legendary eighth stage's disciple of the True Martial University was burnt to death. He had no chance or strength to fight back.

However, the other people still braced themselves, and somehow gathered the courage to kill this Divine Hou. Otherwise… everyone would die.

Everyone could feel that they were mistaken about something. The Divine Hou they had initially chased wasn't this terrifying. However, perhaps an expert of legendary ninth stage wasn't suited to be an opponent for this one.

This Divine Hou was a mythological animal according to the folklore. There were many rumors about its origin. However, it was a legendary creature nonetheless. These terrifying creatures used to eat dragons as food even in ancient times. These people couldn't possibly hunt down one such beast so easily.

These experts had been excited by the thought of catching this Divine Hou. However, they hadn't thought the rationality of this matter.

Everyone seemed to be frightened at first, but they eventually calmed down. They realized that this Divine Hou wasn't fighting back when they had first seen it. Instead, it was only running away blindly. However, nobody could injure it now. Whereas, it could kill or injure any expert who tried to come in its path...

Everyone had calmed down. But this composure was meaningless now. It seemed as if this Divine Hou had gone insane and had begun to slaughter people mindlessly.

Ye Xiwen realized that he must launch an attack on that Divine Hou.

"You evil creature!" Ye Xiwen shot his 'sword intention' in the sky. It swept-out from a distant place and fell towards the Divine Hou.

"Bang!" a loud explosion reverberated. The Divine Hou had avoided this attack in advance, and that 'sword intention' had cut-open a huge rift in the ground.

Miao Yu was relieved to see that Ye Xiwen was present in the city. Miao Yu felt relaxed instead of a need to keep an eye on him. He had surely wanted to see Ye Xiwen dead. However, everyone felt relaxed; Ye Xiwen's presence gave them a sense of security.

Ye Xiwen wasn't just going to spectate from the sidelines. Ye Xiwen was aware that the method to exit this underground world was likely to be hidden in this Divine Hou's body.

The other people had also thought the same. This Divine Hou could freely enter or exit this place. Perhaps they could find the secret to access this place on its body. However, it wasn't necessarily certain.

"Who wants to come out and face me?" the Divine Hou unexpectedly opened its mouth. Everyone could tell that it didn't have a low intelligence.

"Divine Hou, I am giving you an opportunity. I won't kill you if you tell me the secret to freely access this world!" Ye Xiwen's figure arrived in front of the Divine Hou atop a golden rainbow.

"Dammit! You think someone like you can kill me. A human like you isn't even close to me. I don't know how many of you humans I have killed. None of you can defeat me. Even the dragons had no choice but to become our race's food!" Divine Hou looked at Ye Xiwen. One could see a trace of cunning and cruelty inside its huge eyes.

Wisdom and beastly brutality coexisted inside it.

"You're quite strong. Your flesh and blood are making me excited. Your human body isn't a descendant of gods. However, it has numerous divinities. There must be a terrifying secret behind this. I will certainly reach legendary great complete realm if I will eat you!" The Divine Hou smiled cruelly and said.

"Audacious!" Ye Xiwen sneered. This 'heaven facing' Divine Hou was extremely powerful. Perhaps, even an expert of legendary ninth stage wasn't suited to be its opponent; they would probably get torn into halves.

There wouldn't be many advantages for such an expert even if they could match this Divine Hou. It was an ominous beast that belonged to a race that had dared to declare the dragon race as their food.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't fear it… even if it was extremely powerful. He had a lot of confidence in himself.

"Clang!" Ye Xiwen shot the 'sword intention' in the sky. It swept down from above, and landed right above the Divine Hou's head. This 'sword intention' was extremely terrifying. Even an expert of legendary ninth stage would've been sustained serious injuries by this attack.

"Puff!" the Divine Hou roared and spat a series of flames. They burnt the 'sword intention'. Then, the flames rushed towards Ye Xiwen. They traversed the air at an extremely fast speed and arrived in front of him in the blink of an eye.

Ye Xiwen felt the Divine Hou's huge claws coming towards him. Its ice-cold claws seemed like hard metals that emitted terrifying rays of light.

It was impossible for an average person to avoid this attack. They would be torn apart.

Ye Xiwen opened his devil wings and flew backwards to avoid this attack. A huge 'Hanshan Seal' fell from the sky. It flew downwards and advanced towards the Divine Hou like a giant dragon. An enormous aura of the 'Earth Principle' suppressed the Divine Hou.

The Divine Hou flew out of the way, and rushed outside the city to avoid the Hanshan Seal's attack.

How could Ye Xiwen allow it to escape? His devil wings began to flap behind his back. He chased after that Divine Hou, and arrived in front of it with the intention to launch another attack.

"You human! You dare to pursue me!" Anger flourished inside the Divine Hou. Every pore of its body seemed to be emitting flames that could make people palpitate with fear. The space itself had been burnt. It was extremely hot. It made one feel as if one was placed in the middle of a volcano crater.

A series of flames were spat out. They then condensed and swept-out towards Ye Xiwen.

"You won't escape this time!" Ye Xiwen ruthlessly summoned the 'Hanshan Seal' once again. The majestic 'Earth Principle' condensed above, and then swept down. It seemed as if it had shattered the sky as it ferociously collided with the flames.


Fire and Earth had collided. Waves of terrifying powers surged-up and swept-out one after another. A large section of surrounding city wall suddenly collapsed. A burning smell spread in the vicinity.




The Divine Hou spat a series of flames. These flames were made of hundreds of fire rings that had been wrapped together.

This was an unprecedented matter. This Divine Hou was an ominous beast of an ancient descent. It was just an infant at present. However, it undoubtedly had tyrannical strength. It had fought many enemies, and had defeated all its opponents in the past. It just wouldn't resign itself to a defeat; no matter what.

This Divine Hou was a dragon-eating creature. It was widely known that dragons had extremely strong flesh. Therefore, it was entirely conceivable that its flesh would be extremely tough as well.

It had only focused on attacking his opponents during its previous battles. It didn't need to worry about defending itself because of its powerful body. However, Ye Xiwen's attacks had forced it to defend.

Ye Xiwen's attacks were extremely horrifying. In fact, that the Divine Hou felt so threatened that it had to divert its attention towards defense.

Ye Xiwen exploded the Divine Hou's flame. Then, he suddenly arrived in front of it like a golden god.

The sound of a dragon's roar reverberated from Ye Xiwen's hand. It then turned into a golden dragon-claw. His 'Real Elemental' energy surged-up and turned into an enormous hand seal, and blasted upon that Divine Hou.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's hand seal smashed that Divine Hou's defense and struck its body.

The Divine Hou screamed. A huge bloody wound had been opened in its body.

(To be continued)

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