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Ye Xiwen didn't know why so much hatred had evolved inside her heart. But he didn't care.

The 'killing intention' inside his body surged-up.

There was someone who held an inexplicable hatred against him. And that person simply couldn't restrain it.

"Are you fed-up of life?" Ye Xiwen faintly asked. His indistinct 'killing intention' could terrify anyone.

"You've done this kind of a thing, and you still don't dare to admit it. You're not worthy of being called a man!" that woman in red clenched her teeth and spoke in disdain.

"This kind of person is like a tumor for our True Martial University. He is an unstable disciple. He mustn't be allowed to live!" that disciple from the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall said softly. His expression was tranquil, but a 'killing intention' flourished in each and every word he uttered.

"Ha ha… what a joke! You think I want to kill you all, and so you need to assassinate me? But you're just a flock of chicken and dogs. So killing you will be like slaughtering chicken and dogs!" Ye Xiwen sneered as he replied disdainfully.

Everyone's expression suddenly turned pale. They were aware that he was capable of killing them. He had already killed several disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall before… that too in front of everyone.

How could someone not try to assassinate such a person after listening to those words? But they knew that they might get slaughtered if confronted him.

Everyone looked towards the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall and noticed that their complexions had turned ashen. They were elites among elites. An ordinary person couldn't be compared with them. However, Ye Xiwen had compared them with chicken and dogs. This was like slapping them several times on their faces. However, they must tolerate because they had no other choice at the moment.

There was only one reason behind their silence — they could not beat Ye Xiwen.

Only that Xuan Yuan Palace Hall's disciple's expression didn't change. It seemed as if he didn't care about Ye Xiwen's words.

That woman in red looked at Miao Yu. She wanted him to launch an attack on Ye Xiwen and kill him. She knew that he didn't have the strength to kill Ye Xiwen. However, she believed that the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall-combined had the strength to.

Those disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall were stubbornly staring at Ye Xiwen with their sword-like vision. Suddenly, the atmosphere had turned very intense. They waited for Miao Yu to speak. A huge and terrifying clash would take place as soon as he would give his command.

There were only speculations that Ye Xiwen was a sword expert. However, sometimes things only require speculations. Only one reason can be enough at time… and nothing else would be required thereafter.

"He is extremely despicable. We cannot allow this continue…" That woman's voice hadn't yet faded when a terrifying 'sword intention' was sent flying. It then maliciously crashed into her body.

"Bang!" That woman in red had been killed and turned into blood fog by Ye Xiwen's 'sword intention'. It happened so quickly that only Miao Yu could see Ye Xiwen's movement. However, he didn't get any time to stop the attack.

"She acted recklessly. She went too far!" Ye Xiwen smiled coldly.

"You're very audacious. You dare to kill a disciple of the True Martial University in front of the Law Enforcement Hall disciples? You're insane!" Miao Yu couldn't control his anger.

"Don't talk like she was very innocent or something. She was provoking everyone to kill me. My heart wouldn't be at peace if I hadn't killed her." Ye Xiwen indifferently said.

Everyone held their breath. Ye Xiwen wasn't an ordinary despotic and fierce expert. He had dared to kill that woman in front of the Law Enforcement Hall disciples without any hesitation. The Law Enforcement Hall and their likes were probably nothing more than nonsense in his eyes.

He had such strength and confidence. That woman may have been pernicious and hateful, but she had the strength of half-step legendary seventh stage. Not many people could match such formidable strength.

How could she have arrived here along with the arrogant disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall if she didn't have such strength?

However, such a person had been slaughtered by Ye Xiwen's 'sword intention'. In fact, she didn't have any strength to fight-back.

"You can try if you also wish to check whether I'm that murderer or not. Take a good look at how I kill you!" Ye Xiwen was blazing with anger as he looked towards Miao Yu. A majestic aura swept out and firmly pressed down upon Miao Yu. His complexion turned ugly. He felt suffocated. However, he also realized that Ye Xiwen shouldn't be that murderer.

Miao Yu realized that Ye Xiwen could've easily killed that expert of half-step legendary eighth stage. Therefore, there was no need for him to assassinate that disciple secretly. Moreover, the enmity and confrontation between Ye Xiwen and the Law Enforcement Hall was similar to 'beating around the bush' from a certain point of view. Killing one person was considered as murder, and killing two people would also be considered as the same. What was the difference?

Moreover, the murdered wasn't a person with great power according to the findings of the investigation.

"Humph, let's go!" Miao Yu coldly snorted. He had no option but to leave. Otherwise, even he would've been murdered if Ye Xiwen's anger was to rise further. And nothing could've been done about it then. He wouldn't even have a place to go and cry… which he did as long as he remained alive.

Ye Xiwen had no interest in killing Miao Yu. He wasn't a homicidal maniac on a killing spree. Killing a person who would've killed him otherwise doesn't make him a murderer though.

Ye Xiwen didn't move. However, he attached a trace of his soul search on the body of that Palace Hall disciple. Soon, he could sense that that disciple had separated from the Law Enforcement Hall's team and had quickly flown outside the city.

Ye Xiwen started to pursue him. That disciple was flying quite fast. He must've been trying to locate the other disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. However, how could he match Ye Xiwen's devil wings?

Ye Xiwen caught up with that disciple within a short period of time.

"It's you?" That disciple was somewhat surprised to see Ye Xiwen. But he didn't know why Ye Xiwen had arrived here, "What do you want?"

But he was secretly vigilant.

"I've come to kill you!" Ye Xiwen grinned and said.

"You are killing disciples in this way. Aren't you afraid that the higher authorities of the university will find out about this later on?" that disciple of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall shouted.

"You don't need to pretend in front of me. I know you are a disciple of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall!" Ye Xiwen sneered and stated.

"You… it's you who's been killing our disciples these past few days!" That disciple's complexion turned frantic since he had come to understand this very clearly.

"That's clever of you. But, you're going to accompany them in the after-life very soon!" Ye Xiwen smirked.

"I must take revenge for them!" That disciple suddenly became angry. He brandished his sword towards Ye Xiwen. A stream of startling sword energy swept-out and shattered the space around it. The sharp sword energy even broke down the chaos.

"It seems like you've killed that disciple of the Law Enforcement Hall!" Ye Xiwen was amazed to see that disciple's sword skill. He suddenly understood that perhaps that Law Enforcement disciple had died in the hands of this guy. And those laughable Law Enforcement disciples had been investigating for such a long time, but still hadn't seen that the ominous beast that was right beside them.

"You have a lot of courage; you actually mixed into their group!" Ye Xiwen shouted.

"Clang!" Ye Xiwen's startling 'sword intention' soared in the sky like the sound of the collision between gold and iron, and immediately rushed towards that disciple.


The 'sword energy' and the 'sword intention' collided in the sky. A terrifying force set-off a series of waves.

"Bang!" The 'sword intention' routed that 'sword energy' attack.

"I'll send you on your way to Hell today!" Ye Xiwen sneered. A terrifying and imposing aura surged-up within his body. He rushed towards that disciple like the reincarnation of the god of death.

It seemed as if the universe had been trodden to pieces. Ye Xiwen pulled-out an overwhelming 'sword intention' as he charged towards that disciple.


Ye Xiwen roared. The golden sword intention had already lased out. However, that disciple of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall didn't admit defeat yet. He released a startling 'sword energy' to counter the incoming attack.

"Bang!" that sword energy collided with Ye Xiwen's sword intention and was routed by its irresistible force. The sword intention ferociously went rampaging all the way, and crashed into that disciple's body.

"Bang!" that disciple of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall was cleft into two.

He had been killed in moments.

Ye Xiwen had killed this disciple of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall without any hesitation. He turned around and flew back towards the Earthen City.

Ye Xiwen knew that this disciple was looking for other disciples of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. He might have been able to grab the big fish if he had followed him. However, he had to consider his own safety first. Otherwise, he could've lost his life since it would be too bad for him if he were to encounter that Brother Fan. He was a bit unsure of fighting with that Brother Fan at the moment.

Time flew by quickly and three days passed in the blink of an eye.

No conflict broke out between Ye Xiwen and the Law Enforcement Hall during this time. However, the Earthen City wasn't tranquil. A group of star beasts had attacked. Hundreds of people had been injured or killed. However, they had successfully pushed back those star beasts.

Ye Xiwen sat cross-legged inside his room. His mind was submerged in the Martial God Space. He was presently deducing the fifth layer of his 'gilded tyrant form'.

The 'Observing Person Scripture' was Ye Xiwen's foundation. However, the 'tyrant body technique' was the foundation for skipping challenges since his enemies didn't have a body as tough as his. They would be suppressed by him without being able to pose a challenge.

However, the 'tyrant body technique' had been stuck in the fourth layer for quite some time. The ground work had been done for deducing the fifth layer. However, it hadn't yet been deduced fully.

But, the deduction of the fifth layer of Ye Xiwen's 'tyrant body technique' had almost come to an end now. It would soon be completed.

Ye Xiwen's body kept radiating golden rays of light for a while. This had illuminated the entire room. He opened his eyes and heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, the fifth layer of 'tyrant body technique' had been deduced. He could now proceed with the breakthrough.

"God Hou; the God Hou has appeared!"

Several screams sounded outside his room.

(To be continued)

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