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The Divine Hou screamed incessantly. Its dark-red blood splashed out. It hadn't expected Ye Xiwen to be so tyrannical. Such tyranny would've been normal if Ye Xiwen were at half-step sage realm. However, he was a mere human expert and that too at a much lower realm. Yet the Divine Hou had been pushed to such an extent. It simply couldn't believe this.

The Divine Hou firmly believed that its body was extremely strong. An average person couldn't injure it. So much so that it could ignore the attacks of an ordinary 'legendary ninth stage' expert. In fact, the attacks of such a person wouldn't even break its scales. However, Ye Xiwen had done it. His one palm attack had severely injured it.

Ye Xiwen was far more tyrannical than its imagination. This reminded it of those records on the people who had inherited the bloodlines of the ancient human race.

The human ancestors used to be extremely powerful in the ancient times — same as the other races. The first generations of the ancient human race had differential abilities; or one could say that… they had great magical powers. These so-called 'people with special physique' had somehow inherited the genes of their ancestors.

Ye Xiwen's performance was extremely tyrannical; like that of the human race's ancestors.

"I'm a mythological beast. I can neither die nor be extinguished. You are a petty human. Yet you dare to contend me! Do you have a death wish?" the 'heaven facing' Hou roared. Suddenly, the flames erupted from its body frantically. They then advanced towards Ye Xiwen like a giant fireball.

These flames appeared silver-white in color. They had been produced by the burning of the blood essence within its body. This was its very-own 'spirit fire', and was extremely terrifying. Wherever they went… the space got burnt and collapsed into innumerable pieces. The silvery-white flames charged towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen shot his 'sword intention', and it collided with those flames. But the sword intention was burned as soon as it came in contact with those flames.

Ye Xiwen's complexion changed since his sword intention couldn't defeat the flames.

"What!" Ye Xiwen was completely stunned.

"Ye Xiwen, be careful. These flames were produced by the burning of the blood essence in its body. They are entirely different from ordinary flames!" Ye Mo shouted.

A chill ran through Ye Xiwen's body. Blood essence was extremely valuable for living creatures. Assuming Ye Xiwen were to sustain injuries and a lot of blood were to gush out of his body… the injuries could be repaired in time. However, the lost blood essence couldn't be restored. The blood essence was the most important part of one's body. Even the top experts didn't have much blood essence.

To burn one's blood essence was equivalent to 'going all out'. One's strength would decrease enormously once too much blood essence is lost. Therefore, this method was only used in a desperate situation.

That mass of flames rumbled in front of Ye Xiwen. It broke through his defense and approached him for the kill.

A huge beast's claw emerged from inside these flames. It ferociously shot towards Ye Xiwen at a lightning speed.

A cruel smile appeared on the Hou's face as these silver flames surged-up in the air.

Ye Xiwen was already dead in its opinion. That terrifying front claw wrapped in the sliver flames blasted towards Ye Xiwen. It seemed as if it would burn him to death.

"Humph!" Ye Xiwen snorted and those flames boomed-over. Ye Xiwen's hand glittered golden, and the golden divinities covered his entire arm. It then penetrated into those flames, and those flames were unable to burn through the layer of divinities.

Ye Xiwen's palm attack and the beast's claws maliciously collided.


Both sides' terrifying powers began to sweep across. The Divine Hou's flesh was extremely tyrannical. However, Ye Xiwen's tyrant body was even more so. Its front claws had been broken by that palm attack.

The Divine Hou screamed yet again. Those flames had been extinguished since it couldn't continue to burn them. The scales on its body had also lost their luster.

It realized that it wasn't fit-enough to be Ye Xiwen's opponent. Ye Xiwen was far-more powerful than it had imagined.

"How is this possible? How can you be more formidable than me?" It hadn't paid particular attention earlier. Hence, it had lost to the magical powers of the ancient human race. However, Ye Xiwen had pushed it into a very disadvantageous position by now. It became frightened as well as angry; it was in a state of shock. It wasn't born a long ago… However, it had seen many elite disciples of the True Martial University. And they had been nothing in front of it. In fact, they hadn't been able to withstand a single blow from it. This had made its pride soar even higher inside its heart.

However, Ye Xiwen had shattered its pride and confidence. Ye Xiwen's strength was too astonishing.

"Stupid!" Ye Xiwen sneered. His 'sword intention' condensed into a long sword. He then rushed towards that Divine Hou.

The Divine Hou had suffered heavy losses because of Ye Xiwen. It now had lesser capability to resist his attacks. A trace of fear slowly started to emerge in its eyes.

"Whoosh!" The Divine Hou suddenly turned around. It turned into a streamer of light, and flew away into the distance. But, how could Ye Xiwen allow it to succeed? He opened his devil wings and started to chase it.

However, the Divine Hou was determined to escape, and was unceasingly burning its blood essence. He didn't care if its strength would see a substantial decrease because of this. What would be the point of so much strength if it were to get killed? How would it not understand this basic logic?

Ye Xiwen's speed was much faster than that of Divine Hou in the beginning. However, it then started to burn its blood essence and left him far behind within a short period of time.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't lose track and continued to chase it. He tracked unceasingly it with his eyes. He was in no hurry. His opponent had used its trump-card by burning its blood essence. This meant that it had run out of tricks. Therefore, he was content in keeping an eye on it. He knew that it would have to stop sooner or later. It was impossible for the Divine Hou to continue with running like this for long.

Ye Xiwen would wait until the Divine Hou's blood essence was completely depleted. Then, he could kill it. In fact, he wouldn't have to put any effort in killing it.

Ye Xiwen had entered an extreme desolate land while he chased the Divine Hou. Groups of star beasts could be seen everywhere as they had traversed through the region. However, they had gradually vanished as his chase had taken him deeper into this underground world. The scenery around him had turned desolate and silent. Soon, the Divine Hou's speed began to get slower and slower.

Ye Xiwen was about to kill the Divine Hou. However, he suddenly saw the figure of a person rushing over from a distant place. He looked closely and realized that it was Luo Yi Hang. He saw that Luo Yi Hang was tightly pulling a 'sword code' with his hand. This was the same 'sword code' that had appeared earlier — the "Buried Sword Secrets".

Luo Yi Hang had arrived here while chasing the 'sword code'. No wonder he didn't have the time to investigate the cause of that Law Enforcement disciple's death.

Luo Yi Hang and Ye Xiwen had discovered each other at the same time. Luo Yi Hang's 'killing intention' locked onto Ye Xiwen. This ice-cold 'killing intention' could scare anyone, and would leave them to tremble in fear.

Luo Yi Hang put away the 'Buried Sword Secrets' that he had obtained. He coldly stared at Ye Xiwen. His imposing aura swept-out like that of an astonishing 'blade energy'. If one would look from afar with their eyes slightly closed… perhaps they would think Luo Yi Hang to be a blade; not a person. His long blade had formidable power and could cut-off any other long blade. This was the power of a man's unification with his blade.

"Humph! I was wondering how to find you, but you've found me on your own accord. Let's continue the fight that we had left unfinished!" Luo Yi Hang challenged.

Luo Yi Hang caught a glimpse of the Divine Hou that was flying in front of Ye Xiwen. Suddenly, a trace of greed appeared in his eyes. He had arrived here for two reasons — the 'sword code' and the Divine Hou. The 'sword code' had already fallen into his hands. But, he needed to get the Divine Hou in order to exit this underground world. More importantly, he wanted to grab this Divine Hou since he wished to make it his mount.

No one knew this Divine Hou's origin. However, it was Buddha's mount according to folklore. Buddhism wasn't prevalent in the True Martial World. However, that didn't mean that nobody knew about Buddha.

Buddha possessed great magical powers according to the fables. He enjoyed the reputation of having a mysterious inheritance in all Ten Thousand Worlds. He was famous for having outstanding fighting prowess. He was considered the epitome of magical powers.

Luo Yi Hang had great ambitions in his heart. He wanted to become like Buddha. He wanted to become a peerless powerhouse who could suppress the universe. But, the first step was to capture and subdue this Divine Hou.

"Clang!" The blade energy in Luo Yi Hang's hand condensed into a long blade. It was then released in the sky. It turned into a blade cage and fell down with a 'bang'. The Divine Hou tried to intercept it, but was surrounded by walls made of blades. It would've been difficult for it to evade this attack even in its peak condition. But it was severely injured, and not strength was left in it to save itself from this predicament.

It could only escape when Luo Yi Hang would die. Otherwise, it couldn't.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's blood and energy surged within his body, and stirred-up to the max. The energy rushed-out of his body and went into the sky. It seemed like a pillar that was supporting the heaven. Then it burst and set-off golden waves.

Ye Xiwen got on top of the golden waves. It seemed as if he was riding them. The killing intention swept across the surroundings. Luo Yi Hang had forced Ye Xiwen into a hopeless situation the last time. This had made Ye Xiwen extremely angry. He had secretly sworn that he would severely beat-up Luo Yi Hang if he were to get an opportunity. However, he had never thought that he would get the opportunity so soon.

"Ye Xiwen, I will strangle you to death, but I'll leave your entire corpse intact!" Luo Yi Hang said coldly. He wasn't just overbearing. He was strong as well. But he wasn't paying any attention to Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen was strong, but he wasn't his opponent yet. He would've killed Ye Xiwen if hadn't been afraid of the Sword Sage gaining advantage by entering the pit first.

The 'sword code' was in his hands at present. The Divine Hou was also in his hands. And Ye Xiwen had also been brought in front of him. He felt like the heavens were on his side.

"You think you can kill me?!" Ye Xiwen sneered, "I have tolerated you for a long time now. You're nothing but a pig with a long onion root inserted in its nose who pretends to be an elephant!"

"You're courting death!" Luo Yi Hang said coldly. He released formidable blade energy, and it condensed into a massive long-blade. It rushed towards Ye Xiwen like a flash of lightning. It shattered the space along its path.

Ye Xiwen's fighting intention boiled. His 'killing intention' surged-up. He condensed a 'sword intention' in his hand, and shot it across the sky. It forged ahead to face the incoming attack.

There was huge difference between their strengths the time they met. Hence, Ye Xiwen had been forced into a disadvantageous position back then. That one was certainly a very desperate fight on Ye Xiwen's part.

However, Ye Xiwen was unbridled this time. He moved forward to face the enemy without any difficulty.

(To be continued)

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