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This group was made of 7-8 people. One could tell from their armbands that they were experts of the Law Enforcement Hall. The weakest amongst these experts was of legendary seventh stage, while the strongest was at the peak of half-step legendary eighth stage. He was just one step away from entering half-step legendary ninth stage. He would then match Luo Yi Hang's level.

Each of them appeared outstanding, and had a thriving heroic aura. They didn't seem like ordinary people. Instead, they were elites among elites.

One of them spotted Ye Xiwen. Their 'killing intention' instantaneously locked onto him. This was that same woman in red whom Ye Xiwen had once taught a lesson. Her gaze swept towards Ye Xiwen like two sword lights when she saw him.

Ye Xiwen snorted. He instantly routed both sword lights.

That woman couldn't injure Ye Xiwen. Her complexion turned extremely ugly because Ye Xiwen's gaze didn't stay on her body for long.

In other words, Ye Xiwen didn't really pay much attention to that red woman. However, he noticed a man standing behind her. That man seemed approximately 20 years of age. He was clad in a white robe. That man was smiling faintly. It seemed as if he was very carefree.

Others might not know him. However, Ye Xiwen recognized that he was a disciple of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. He had seen that man when he was inside that 'spirit energy lake'. That man was a part of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall's team of experts.

One must say that the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall's team's quality was much higher than that of the True Martial University disciples. Of course, it didn't mean that the True Martial University was inferior to the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. This naturally wasn't the True Martial University's top strength. Only the Sword Sage and Luo Yi Hang could be considered as the top disciples of the True Martial University among the disciples who had arrived here. Whereas, those other experts with the titan body, phoenix body, and so on hadn't yet shown their faces. The True Martial University's disciples wouldn't seem so inferior if they had.

Of course, this wasn't the true extent of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall's strength either. This encounter could 'at best' be described as a small-scale collision.

However, Ye Xiwen was puzzled as to how the disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had mixed together with the members of the Law Enforcement hall. This was quite intriguing.

"Law Enforcement Hall's faction has sent an expert to investigate the matter of its disciple's assassination. That expert is Miao Yu. It is said that his cultivation is extremely high. He is only one step away from entering half-step legendary ninth stage!"

"However, one can't be sure whether he'll be able to have the breakthrough or not. But he'll become very valuable for the university if he can enter the half-step legendary ninth stage. He'll then be cultivated as one of the future pillars of the university. The experts at half-step legendary ninth stage and above are regarded as treasures by most inheritances. They are considered on an entirely different level within the scope of the university!"

He was indeed just one step away from entering the half-step legendary ninth stage. However, there was a difference of heaven and earth in the treatment. These experts at half-step legendary eighth stage were always seeking a breakthrough. However, 70 percent of the experts would give up in the end. They would then have a breakthrough to legendary realm.

"The Law Enforcement Hall has been compelled to take action this time. After all, an expert of half-step legendary eighth stage was killed. Miao Yu's arrival is more than enough even if Luo Yi Hang hasn't personally moved into action. He is considered the strongest among the experts of Law Enforcement Hall. He is second only to Luo Yi Hang. It seems like the Law Enforcement Hall is very furious!"

"So what if Miao Yu has been mobilized? The only clue they have is that the murderer is a sword expert. It is practically useless; it's not enough to investigate further!"

Ye Xiwen was wondering. He had never expected that the disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall would be hidden so deep. Perhaps even he wouldn't have been able to recognize them if he hadn't seen and remembered their faces back then. There were so many inheritances in the True Martial University that it was impossible for everyone to know the people from other inheritances. Hence, the existence of one or two unfamiliar disciples was a normal thing.

"Do not create any trouble!" Miao Yu lowered his head and shouted. He looked at Ye Xiwen with a somewhat strange look in his eyes as he said this. It seemed as if he didn't wish to indulge in a fight with Ye Xiwen at this time.

His orders were to investigate the cause of the Law Enforcement Hall's disciple's death. Moreover, he had been asked to find the source of this rumor. Many innocent disciples had been killed even if the second matter didn't involve the disciple of Law Enforcement Hall directly. Hence, it was impossible for the Law Enforcement Hall to turn a blind eye. Otherwise it would ruin the very idea on the basis of which the Law Enforcement Hall was originally established.

His main goal was to resolve these matters, and not to fight with Ye Xiwen. Everyone was aware of the fight that had taken place between Ye Xiwen and Luo Yi Hang. Miao Yu had seen that Ye Xiwen was inferior to Luo Yi Hang but had managed to hold his own for a long time. That fight had shocked countless people.

Miao Yu was very confident of his own cultivation. However, he wasn't sure of facing an expert of Ye Xiwen's strength. In fact, it was quite possible that Ye Xiwen would kill him and his companions if he were to create a disturbance here.

And this wasn't without precedent. The Law Enforcement Hall was very powerful, and most people didn't dare to provoke its disciples. However, there were many extremely powerful disciples who simply didn't care about the Law Enforcement Hall. In fact, the tyranny of the strength of some-such people had even troubled the disciples of Law Enforcement Hall in the past.

Ye Xiwen was obviously one of them. Moreover, he never clamored about anything. Instead, he just did what he desired. The person who dared to provoke him must be ready to die in his hands. He was absolutely ruthless and fierce. He had no hesitations about anything.

Perhaps only Luo Yi Hang could kill Ye Xiwen. In fact, the Law Enforcement Hall had been continuously looking for Ye Xiwen's whereabouts. However, they hadn't found any information about him. They had come across him quite unexpectedly this time, and it was already too late to inform Luo Yi Hang.

This could only be taken up the next time.

Of course, he didn't know that Ye Xiwen was looking forward to his next meeting with Luo Yi Hang. Luo Yi Hang had suppressed Ye Xiwen to the point of suffocation the last time they had met. However, Ye Xiwen could make Luo Yi Hang suffer the same if they were to face each other again.

The disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall were so tyrannical because they had a policy — they wouldn't allow non-elites to join. This was the reason why their disciples were far stronger than the normal ones. However, their strength was nothing compared to Ye Xiwen's.

That woman was quite discontented. However, she couldn't do anything.

The Law Enforcement Hall's team sat down.

Ye Xiwen realized that they made no attempts to provoke him. And he was too lazy to care.

"Brother Miao, the result of the investigation reveals that the murderer is a sword expert, isn't it?" The red woman rolled her eyeballs. She immediately calculated in her mind and asked.

"Yes!" Miao Yu nodded. This news had already spread, and most people were aware of it.

"I know that the murderer is a sword expert!" that woman shot a glance at Ye Xiwen and said. She hadn't said it clearly… however everyone had guessed that she must be pointing towards Ye Xiwen.

Suddenly, everyone remembered the rumor that had once spread. It had said that Ye Xiwen had obtained a 'sword code'. However, a part of the suspicion on Ye Xiwen had been eliminated because of the emergence of the underground world and the God Hou; however, only a part and nothing more. Many people still doubted that the 'sword code' had fallen into Ye Xiwen's hands. But no one dared to cause trouble for him.

Ye Xiwen had been defeated in that fight with Luo Yi Hang. However, he had fought bravely for a very long period… in spite of the fact that there was a huge difference between their levels. This was like a miraculous accomplishment for most people since it was impossible for them to achieve something similar.

Most people wouldn't wish to engage Ye Xiwen even if they were to find him since they were afraid of Ye Xiwen's crazy retaliation. But then, the emergence of the pit had diverted everyone's attention. However, the red woman's words suddenly reminded everyone of that incident.

Moreover, people had seen Ye Xiwen use 'sword intention' to kill experts. Ye Xiwen might not have practiced sword technique much. However, he was definitely a sword expert, and everyone recognized this.

Hence, everyone suddenly looked towards Ye Xiwen when that woman mentioned this. The Law Enforcement Hall's team also looked towards him. It was hard to tell when a big conflict might break-out between the two parties.

The Law Enforcement Hall's tyranny was a well-known fact. It was a very strong organization. However, Ye Xiwen didn't have an affable image either; his wrath was well-known as well. He had slaughtered the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall twice… and in front of everyone.

Basically, he was one of top experts of the younger generation, and simply couldn't tolerate the slightest of offense.

Various organizations had welcomed the new disciples to join them. However, several disciples were convicted for being guilty for engaging in a conflict with these organizations. They were then killed by these organizations in order to successfully establish their own prestige. However, there were some exceptions who didn't give-in to these organizations. These people became well-known through the True Martial University. Such as the one with the titan body, the one with phoenix body etc. A strong conflict had broken out between them and those organizations as a result. But no one dared to cause any trouble for these 'exceptions' anymore since they had shown outstanding abilities.

However, Ye Xiwen's strength was much inferior to those 'exceptions' in the 'popular' public opinion. He was yet to establish himself and shouldn't have provoked organizations with supreme prestige.

However, he had instead killed two disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall, and had then indulged in a fierce fight with Luo Yi Hang. Many people had acknowledged his strength as a result.

Those who dared to challenge these organizations didn't rise to fame; they ended-up dead.

People would get to watch a spectacle if a fierce conflict broke-out between these two parties.

"Indeed. I can faintly sense 'sword intention' looming over his body. He is clearly a sword expert. I've heard that he couldn't deal with the Law Enforcement Hall earlier, and had lost the fight. This case has a high possibility of personal revenge!" that disciple of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall spoke indifferently. It seemed as if he had intended to whisper. However, his voice was loud enough to reach everyone's ears.

"Come out. Have the guts to face confrontation if you have the skills. There's no bravery in attacking from behind!" That red woman continued to provoke Ye Xiwen.

She had noticed that Miao Yu wanted to maintain peace. However, she hated Ye Xiwen to her core. She was aware that was no match for Ye Xiwen. Hence, she tried to instigate both Miao Yu and Ye Xiwen since she wanted them to launch an attack on each other. She wanted to take advantage of the Law Enforcement Hall's power to obliterate Ye Xiwen. Therefore, she was trying to incite hatred inside their hearts. In fact, it couldn't be regarded as provocation since the enmity between Ye Xiwen and the Law Enforcement Hall had already been established. In fact, it was a widely known fact.

Ye Xiwen frowned. This woman was desperate to challenge him by herself. He had let her go the last time. However, he didn't know that he would come to regret it now. Suddenly, an immense 'killing intention' flourished inside his heart.

(To be continued)

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