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These thornback strange beasts were as many as the hair on an ox. Their thorns were sharp, thin and extremely terrifying.




The space was pierced by those thorns, and the sharp sounds of it reverberated.

Ye Xiwen looked somewhat startled, but didn't dare to underestimate them. These beasts were perhaps inferior to him when taking strength into consideration. However, their biggest advantage was their sheer numbers since the entire ethnic group had attacked at once.

"Hanshan Seal (1)!" Ye Xiwen shouted loudly. A huge mountain swept down like a giant dragon.

It directly crushed the incoming wave of thorns to the ground.




Sharp piercing sounds reverberated once again.

Those thornback beasts had launched another wave of thorns. They had innumerable thorns on their backs.

"Unexpectedly, these strange beasts know when to advance and retreat… like an army's battle formation. They are launching wave after wave of attacks… without any gap!" Ye Xiwen sighed and said. These strange beasts' wisdom wasn't as profound as a human's. However, they were still quite intelligent. Each of these strange beasts was like a military general. They knew when to attack and retreat in order to keep the enemy at bay.

Ye Xiwen immediately trod forward and his hands emitted golden rays. Momentarily, he went on a killing spree and started to rip-apart these thornback beasts one-after-another.

"Clang!" Ye Xiwen released 'sword intention' from his hand. It soared in the sky and formed a sword light. The sword light immediately crashed down. He came down along his sword. He shuttled back and forth among those strange beasts as he slaughtered them one by one.

Each of these thornback beasts was like a hill and Ye Xiwen was nothing in front of them size-wise. However, no enemy could be his match when crossing paths with his sword light. He killed hundreds of these beasts in a flash.

Ye Xiwen had already rushed into the flock of those strange beasts. This had made it difficult for them to attack him. However, these beasts immediately rearranged themselves in a military battle-formation, and directed their attacks towards Ye Xiwen once again. This made it difficult for Ye Xiwen to execute his original plan.

"These strange beasts are very difficult to deal with!" Ye Xiwen said.

"Hanshan Seal!" Ye Xiwen shouted without any hesitation. And a huge mountain pressed down with the ferocity of a giant dragon.

However, those thornback beasts shot their thorns once again. A barrage of thorns crashed into the descending mountain in the blink of an eye, and exploded. This scene was exceptionally terrifying.

However, the invocation speed of Ye Xiwen's attack was faster than theirs, and the shaking mountain smashed down.

"Boom!" A huge mountain… like the very incarnation of a giant dragon… pounded upon the formation of those strange beasts, and hundreds were smashed to death.

The 'Heavenly Source Mirror'(2) absorbed their flesh and blood, while Ye Xiwen assimilated the star power contained in their bodies.

Ye Xiwen spared no effort to attack. His 'sword intention' pounded into the flock strange beasts like a ferocious tiger. A large number of beasts were chopped down, and Ye Xiwen got to absorb more star power. The 'Observing Person Scripture' within his body began to operate crazily, and the universe within his Dantian also started to expand bit-by-bit.

He continued to absorb more and more 'star power' as he killed more strange beasts. So much so, that he kept-on killing beasts one-after-another, and absorbed their 'star power' unceasingly.

However, it would require a long time to bring about a qualitative change in his universe since the power of the stars was still far-insufficient.

Ye Xiwen interchangeably used the 'Hanshan Seal' attack and the 'sword intention' attack to kill these tyrannical beasts. Ye Xiwen suddenly rushed inside the battle formation of these beasts in order to kill them. Even at his speed… he continued to fight for an hour until he finally wiped-out their entire group.

It was a different thing killing the owls because those owls were quite small in size. Ye Xiwen's one sword attack was capable of killing a big group of such owls. However, these thornback strange beasts were very large in size; so much so that they were almost as big as a hill. His sword attack could only kill one or a few of these beasts at once.

Ye Xiwen had already killed these strange beasts. He didn't really care about the fast consumption of his real elemental energy (3). He would've dried up his real elemental energy if the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' hadn't crazily manufactured the 'Spirit Dans' and then supplemented his lost energy.

"You've absorbed over ten thousand strange beasts of the legendary realm. That should be enough to upgrade you!" Ye Xiwen gasped for breath as he said to Ye Mo.

"It is still far from enough. The sage realm is entirely different from the legendary realm. I am a pseudo-sage tool at present, and I wish to transform into a sage tool. How can this be so simple?" Ye Mo said, "The 'Heavenly Source Mirror' is not an ordinary magical tool. It will be sufficient to sweep-away all other sage level tools once it upgrades to the sage level. It naturally won't be easy to upgrade it!"

Despite his words, the absorption of over ten thousand strange beasts of the legendary realm meant that the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' had already obtained great benefits.

Ye Xiwen was still gasping for breath. Meanwhile, he flew over a lake. Suddenly, thousands of grotesque-looking fishes rushed-out of the lake. They actually flew in the air and rushed towards him. They spat-out water swords. These swords filled the entire vicinity in the blink of an eye.

Ye Xiwen was running low on the real elemental energy; only a small amount of it remained. He had intended to find a place to restore it. However, he didn't have the means to do so now.

Ye Xiwen could see the bones on one side of the road. Some experts had their fleshes thoroughly eaten… and only the bones remained. Moreover, they hadn't died long ago. It seemed evident that these fishes had made a meal out of them.

The experts couldn't have done anything radical in order to resist these over-ten-thousand tyrannical strange beasts. Thousands of young geniuses had arrived here. However, they weren't as good as such a huge group of strange beasts. It was quite difficult for an ordinary person to escape this group of beasts. Most of them got killed as they tried to flee. The only exception was Ye Xiwen since he was capable of wiping-out entire groups of strange beasts. Only he had this kind of ability. That was because his tyrant body could accommodate far more real elemental energy. This had supported until now. He would've died long ago if he were to be replaced by some other new disciple. Luo Yi Hang and the experts of his rank were usually fearless of such groups of strange beasts. However, even they could only choose to pass through quickly. It was simply impossible for them to take-on so many of these strange beasts at once and survive.

Ye Xiwen possessed a very tyrannical body. However, even he exhausted his real elemental energy after fighting with that group of thornback strange beasts. What could one possibly say for the other experts…

Ye Xiwen stretched out his devil wings, and rushed to the center of these strange fishes. He used his tyrannical body, and killed a group of strange fishes in a single breath.

These strange fishes generally grew-up receiving 'star power', and used it to temper and refine their own bodies. This made their bodies very hard; similar to gold and iron. But, could the toughness of their bodies possibly compare to Ye Xiwen's 'gilded tyrant form'? His 'gilded tyrant form' turned him into a golden statue as he dashed forward like an unstoppable tank. Those strange fishes didn't stand a chance in a close combat. Even their dreadful sharp teeth couldn't injure him.




Ye Xiwen was like a big bulldozer. Wherever he went — he crushed all those who came in his path. Those strange fishes were blown-off by him. He was running out of real elemental energy. However, his 'gilded tyrant form' was tyrannical enough to explode those strange fishes by colliding with them; it wasn't a difficult task.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen killed the last strange fish. He had already consumed the last vestiges of 'spirit energy' (4). Others had already gone deeper into this underground world. However, they hadn't gone on a killing spree like Ye Xiwen.

Their encounter with these strange beasts could only be described as 'touch and go'. They didn't dare to engage such beasts. Even an expert like Luo Yi Hang was no exception. He too would've died if he had encountered so many of these strange beasts.

They had come here to obtain the treasure. They didn't wish to die engaging thousands of legendary level strange beasts since these beasts were enough to submerge them.

Only Ye Xiwen could've dared because the 'star power' within the bodies of these strange beasts was no less than a rarely seen treasure to him.

No less than 20,000 strange beasts; all of legendary realm… Generally, their levels were on the lower side… only going up to legendary third stage. However, they were still genuine legendary level strange beasts. Ye Xiwen had absorbed a lot of 'star power' from these legendary level strange beasts. He could even feel the 'star power' surge in his body. He was only a short step away from condensing the Earth. Then, his inner state could have a breakthrough…

"Ye Xiwen, this lake was formed by the liquefaction of spirit energy… No wonder it has so many aggressive fish-type demon beasts. It is simply impossible to find something like this in other places!" Ye Mo said as he looked at that huge lake, "Go inside this lake. You can speed up the restoration of your real elemental energy there."

Ye Xiwen nodded and agreed with Ye Mo's suggestion. He was somewhat tired. His real elemental energy had been consumed completely. This had exhausted him.

Ye Xiwen suddenly dived headlong into the lake. He suddenly felt a burst of relaxation-like feeling over his entire body. It reached all the way to the pores in his blood capillaries. This felt similar to drinking cold water to heart's content in the hottest time of summer.

The 'spirit energy' could be considered as the most useful kind of energy. There is a proverb that often describes that 'a person has very much spirit energy'.

The more 'spirit energy' he absorbed — the more consciousness he gained. This resulted in regaining a clear and bright mind. His body also evolved unceasingly along with his brain.

In fact, people innately contained 'spirit energy'. This was the so-called 'innate energy'. However, the human body was like a huge leaking spoon; it had holes everywhere. Those holes are closed before birth since one stays immersed in the amniotic fluid. This locks the innate energy within one's body. However, those holes open after birth, and one begins to inhale huge amounts of impure energy from the very first of their breaths. However, the one who can retain more innate energy, and less impure energy, is often considered as more talented.

Some people could naturally see 'spirit energy'. Such people could be considered as quick-witted. In fact, there is a relationship between this and one's physique. Some people are born with big holes in their bodies. Such people can't store the 'spirit energy', and have no way to cultivate. And some others are born with the ability to store great amounts of 'spirit energy' within their bodies. Such people often have exceptionally good aptitude and foundation.

"Bang!" A huge explosion occurred. Suddenly, the space began to boil like water.

Ye Xiwen had completely restored his real elemental energy. He was about to come out of the lake. But, he immediately dived-in once again.

(To be continued).


Hanshan Seal = Shaking Mountain Seal

Heavenly Source Mirror = Tianyuan Mirror

Real Elemental Energy = Zhen Yuan

Spirit energy = Lingqi

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