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'Shua!' The Heavenly Source Mirror (1) leapt-out of Ye Xiwen's body and flew-up. It emitted scarlet light. This light spread across half-the-sky.

Ye Xiwen could clearly see a huge blood pond in the depths of Heavenly Source Mirror. It was rolling and tumbling. It seemed as if a world was evolving inside it. This blood pond had been conjured bit-by-bit; it had grown out of nothing.

"Ha ha! Ye Xiwen, I've finally restored a bit of it!" Ye Mo spoke in excitement, "The restoration is only to the level of a pseudo-sage tool. However, it can possibly lend some power of an authentic sage level tool!"

A faint smile appeared on Ye Xiwen's face. Heavenly Source Mirror was like his right-hand man. Ye Xiwen's strength would naturally increase with the mirror's restoration.

The so-called sage tools were used by the experts of the sage realm to practice the 'tool techniques'. An expert of the sage realm would be capable of practicing sage tool techniques. However, not all sage experts could use sage tools. Several sage experts had low strength, and they could only use pseudo-sage tools. In fact, most half-step sage realm experts didn't even have pseudo-sage tools in their possession.

The Heavenly Source Mirror was like a human who had been sleeping for many years, and had just woken up. It needed to eat. Its restoration-degree would increase as it ate more and more. The flesh of those strange beasts and demon beasts had been absorbed by the Heavenly Source Mirror. It had undergone a transformation since it had finally absorbed sufficient energy.

"We don't have to worry about getting besieged since we have this blood pond!" Ye Mo said, "This blood pond can condense blood slaves. It can even condense an army of blood slaves if it has sufficient energy. One can even condense 100 million blood slaves of the legendary realm if they have sufficient energy. That would indeed be enough to submerge the entire True Martial University!"

Ye Xiwen's scalp went numb as he imagined 100 million blood slaves of legendary realm. 100 million blood slaves would indeed be sufficient to raze the True Martial University to the ground. However, it was also important to consider the amount of energy that would be required to condense so many of them.

The method to create blood slaves was designed by Ye Mo's former master. It was the most elite and the most loyal army. Ye Mo's master had relied mainly on the core forces of his blood army to run amuck the world. He had eventually conquered the Devil World, and had hence gained the title of Devil King.

The one who attained this blood pond surely possessed good luck. It could condense a new species of soldiers. Moreover, these blood slaves bore absolutely loyalty to the owner of Heavenly Source Mirror. They would never betray him. Conquering the world wouldn't only remain a dream if someone had such an army.

However, one could guess that condensing 100 million blood slaves was nothing more than a delusion if they would look at the price of condensing one such slave.

A total of ten thousand 'Spirit Dans' (2) were required in order to condense a single blood slave of legendary first stage. But the amount of 'Spirit Dans' required would increase if one wished to condense more. Ye Xiwen would only be able to condense a blood slave army if he could transfer the entire world's spirit energies for this use. Otherwise, he'd have to stop thinking about it.

However, one could actually condense a blood slave of sage realm as long as there was sufficient amount of energy. Though, it was unrealistic for Ye Xiwen to condense a large numbers of blood slaves at the moment.

"Forget it. It is too expensive to condense a blood slave. We can make some helpers on occasion. However, just forget about an army of blood slaves!" Ye Xiwen shook his head and said. It was simply unrealistic. Ye Xiwen and Ye Mo were talking about this matter earlier. However, Ye Xiwen could sense that it was too far-fetched.

"Ha ha, you are still very young right now. Refining these 'Spirit Dans' will consume your time. Heavenly Source Mirror can steadily condense 'Spirit Dans'. But, you can immediately condense one blood slave of the sage realm if you can think of a method to obtain 'spiritual arteries' (3). It will let you run amuck among these new disciples!" Ye Mo chuckled and said.

"It is too early to dream of that!" Ye Xiwen shook his head.

"Moreover, you can find the corpse of a sage expert and immerse it inside the blood pond. Even that can be transformed into a blood slave. However, such blood slaves will be of low quality!" Ye Mo said, "But it can be a very good option since it requires only half the energy!"

Half? Ye Xiwen couldn't even afford half the energy. This was a useless suggestion; nothing more.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen felt a strong killing intention, and it was sweeping towards him. He used his soul search technique and saw a humanoid strange beast in front. It had already taken unfair advantage of the situation, and had caught him off guard. It struck with its two sharp front claws. They suddenly appeared in front of him like two steel knives. They were meant to behead him.

Ye Xiwen realized that this strange beast was probably at half-step legendry's small complete realm, and had an innate skill of moving stealthily. Perhaps Ye Xiwen wouldn't have been able to avoid this attack if he hadn't felt its unusually strong killing intention.

Ye Xiwen stretched-out his devil wings. His whole body appeared like a bolt of golden lightning as it flew to avoid that twin claw-attack. He shot his palm forward while grazing in the air, and unleashed the move 'Hidden Dragon Rises from the Abyss' (4).


Ye Xiwen's coiling dragon palm attack exploded that strange beast into fragments. Its flesh and blood was absorbed by the Heavenly Source Mirror. It also contained star power; this was absorbed by Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen could feel that the universe inside his Dantian had expanded a bit.

"These strange beasts in the underground world are more tyrannical than the ones on the surface. They contain more star power inside their bodies!" Ye Xiwen spoke since he could feel a distinct difference.

Ye Xiwen's was on the move non-stop. He flew at a high altitude, and ceaselessly killed all strange beasts which came his way. He also saw traces of the experts who had arrived before him. These traces indicated that they had killed several strange beasts. But their own corpses were also present among the beasts'.

"Flutter-Flutter!" A flock of owls rushed down from above. These creatures were very difficult to deal with during the night time. They issued the most unpleasant sound as they rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

"Dammit! It's a flock of owls. Moreover, these aren't ordinary owls!" Ye Mo said.

The owls condensed into a huge black cloud, and started to fly in flocks.

They finally saw Ye Xiwen. They popped-over towards him one-after-another as if he was their prey. They spat black divine beams from their mouths. It looked as if a mass of black clouds had spat-out another mass of the same. It was quite terrifying.

Ye Xiwen didn't dare to hold back. These owls were huge. His divinities obeyed him to form a golden divine wall in front of him. The owls that had spat those poisonous beams had no way to penetrate this golden wall.

These owls weren't too strong. In fact, some of them only had the strength of legendary first or second stage. However, many owls had gathered. So much so, that they could even overwhelm an expert of half-step legendary ninth stage.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen's Heavenly Source Mirror flew-out, and scarlet rays of light swept across. The owls that came in contact with this light exploded and turned into blood fog. They were absorbed by the Heavenly Source Mirror.

Ye Mo absorbed their essence and blood in a carefree manner. Individual owls didn't contribute much. However, their sheer number was quite enormous and easily made-up for the lack in quality.

Ye Xiwen wasn't ready to be outdone yet. 'Hanshan Seal' (5) condensed instantly. It applied enormous suppressive force on the owls; this pressure resembled that of a giant dragon. Those owls were transformed into blood fog by that suppressive force.




Ye Xiwen and Ye Mo collaborated to deal with those owls. They quickly and efficiently killed all of them. The owls were quite large in number. However, their strength was much inferior. Large quantity can certainly submerge the quality. But their numbers hadn't reached that extent yet.

A rumbling sound reverberated as soon as Ye Xiwen and Ye Mo relaxed. Thousands of densely packed strange beasts suddenly appeared; they looked like porcupines. They surged forward and it seemed as if an earthquake had shaken the ground. Moreover, these legendary level strange beasts were extremely tyrannical. In reality, they were running in the air. This was enough to cause intense vibrations in the air.

The strange beasts on the surface were basically 'used' to fight and train each term's new disciples by the True Martial University. Once in a while, some people would come to clean them up for population control. Hence, approximately ten thousand or so strange beasts remained on the surface. No one knew how long these beasts had lived here. Moreover, strange beasts of various species had combined to form this allied army.

However, the strange beasts inside this underground world had never been discovered. These strange beasts had maintained their original appearances and population. Therefore, they could be seen in various ethnic groups. And each ethnic group could have over ten thousand strange beasts of same species.

In fact, they would be destroyed by other ethnic groups if they didn't maintain such large groups of over ten thousand beasts. Such was this place's terror.

This was especially true for the strange beasts with weaker strength. In fact, the strange beasts of truth level might already be extinct. It was impossible for such beasts to survive in the place.

"These strange beasts are difficult to deal with. Be careful; they have thorns on their backs!" Ye Mo cautioned. However, there was no need for Ye Mo's cautions since those strange beasts had shot their thorns in attack.

The ten thousand strange beasts had shot over ten thousand thorns. It appeared as if their attack had hid the sky and covered the earth. These densely packed strange beasts appeared like a large group of black clouds; they had covered the surrounding area.

"Quite ferocious!" Ye Xiwen was dumbstruck. The thorns on their backs seemed poisonous. The space in front of Ye Xiwen dissolved owing to the mid-air friction caused by the loud 'whizzing' chorus of thousands of thorns.

However, the most terrifying thing was that — it was just the first round. These strange beasts were incomparably huge, and each one of them appeared like a moderately-sized hill. The thorns on their backs were as thick as the calf of a human leg.

Simply infinite!

(To be continued)

Heavenly Source Mirror = Tianyuan Mirror

Spirit Dans = Ling Dans

Spiritual Arteries = Streams of pure spirit energies which run underground. Most sects are built above the land which contains spiritual artiest.

Hidden Dragon Rises from the Abyss is a move of 'Coiling Dragon Palm' technique.

Hanshan Seal = Shaking Mountain Seal

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