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The space trembled frantically. Suddenly, the piece of sky above the lake was torn open from the middle.

Ye Xiwen was hidden at the bottom of the lake. He was operating the 'restraining breath technique' at its utmost to hide his presence in its entirety. He narrowed his eyes and looked at what was happening. The lake was quite deep. However, it still couldn't hide an expert like Ye Xiwen who had such a high cultivation.

A portal appeared. Many experts came out of it and gathered together.

They were headed by a man who was approximately 30 years of age. He was clad in a brocade robe, and appeared very mysterious. His daring demeanor and confident attitude could be seen on his face. One glance was enough to tell that he was an extraordinary person.

Ye Xiwen tried to see through this man's cultivation. He estimated that this man was perhaps even stronger than Luo Yi Hang. He was probably at half-step legendry's Great Complete Realm.(1)

He was only half-a-step away from entering the sage realm. Such a cultivation level wasn't an easy thing to possess in this generation. He could be regarded as an extraordinarily talented person.

"Brother Fan, is this the underground territory located in the foreign battlefield which is under the True Martial University's rule?" a young man asked. He was clad in magnificent military attire. His cultivation was at half-step legendary ninth stage. He wasn't as strong as the aforementioned Brother Fan. However, he was also a very talented person.

"Yes, this is. It indeed is. In fact, an extraordinary figure was suppressed here in the ancient times. This is such an old matter that the people of True Martial University may not remember it. The True Martial University had just been established back then. The foreign star beasts had launched a sneak attack on the True Martial University shortly after. Many formidable experts of this university fought in that bloody battle. The Evil God of those star beasts was suppressed here later. Afterwards, this world slowly birthed several strange beasts!" Brother Fan said with a hint of smile on his face, "Perhaps this place would've fallen into oblivion if the first generation's ancestor of our Xuan Yuan Palace Hall (2) hadn't unintentionally found some ancient records about it. Then, no one would've discovered its existence!"

"He he, the people of True Martial University can never even imagine that the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall will be having ours trials underground while they are having theirs' above it. He he, True Martial University has suffered heavy losses. Many of its inheritances are incomplete and several of its ancient books have ceased to exist. It has gained the reputation of the most authentic place for learning martial arts in the entire world. However, it is shallow in reality!" that young man said as he laughed. He was obviously looking down upon the True Martial University.

Ye Xiwen listened quietly. He made no movement or noise. He had already started pondering. He had thought that this place was a maiden land. However, he never expected that someone had already discovered this place. Moreover, it was obvious that this wasn't the first time they had come here.

"I didn't expect them to be from the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall!" Ye Mo suddenly uttered in Ye Xiwen's mind.

"Do you know about Xuan Yuan Palace Hall?" Ye Xiwen asked.

"Yes. The Devil World had once invaded the True Martial World(3). Bai Mo Jiao's people(4) still secretly operate within the True Martial University. Hence, the Devil World also knew quite a bit about Zhen Wu Jie's situation and circumstances. Your Zhen Wu Jie is a vast continent surrounded by boundless seas from all sides. This continent is divided into five regions; namely — East, West, North, South and Central. It is said that the Southern region is your human race's place of origin in the True Martial World. And the True Martial University was established around that time. The True Martial University was rich and powerful back then, and ruled the entire True Martial World. However, later the Devil World invaded, and the True Martial University took the lead to resist the invasion. The devil army retreated later, but only after the True Martial University had suffered huge losses. It no longer enjoyed its previous majestic reputation. Moreover, it could only hold on to the Southern region since its influence in other regions slowly waned. Several small and large influences rose abruptly in the other regions. The Xuan Yuan Palace Hall is one amongst the best of them. In fact, it is arguably more rich and powerful than the True Martial University at present. It is an outstanding and well-known influence in its region!" Ye Mo explained to Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen couldn't help but hold his breath since he had a cold feeling in his heart. The True Martial University was already tyrannical enough. It recruited millions of new disciples each term. However, there were other forces which were actually not inferior to it. Moreover, there weren't one… but several such forces.

"Brother, the trials here are quite good. However, our Xuan Yuan Palace Hall also has such trial grounds. So why have we travelled thousands of miles to come here? It could turn into a serious matter if the people of the True Martial University were to find us!" that young man said in a confused manner since he still didn't understand the true purpose of their visit.

More people had been emerging from the portal. Hundreds of people had already gathered. Most were at half-step legendary seventh stage. Many were experts of half-step legendary eighth and ninth stage.

"Of course there is a reason. These star beasts that absorb 'star power' are quite good to be used in trials. However, that Evil God which had been suppressed here is most important!" Brother Fan said, "A star beast is entirely different from ordinary demon beasts or devil beasts. It is a magical creature that grows by absorbing the star power that exists in the universe. It feeds on the power of the star in order to survive. These beasts you see merely possess the bloodline of real star beasts. They cannot be considered as real star colossus. The real star colossi are as huge as the stars; just as the name suggests. They eat stars as food and are extremely rare. Moreover, the majorities of star beasts are muddleheaded, and aren't much different from ordinary beasts in that respect. However, some of the star beasts are capable of awakening their 'spirit wisdom'. They are the most terrifying beasts. And the most dreadful ones are known as 'star gods'. They lead innumerable star colossi to conquer various stars. One such Evil God has been suppressed here. He had once brought disaster upon the people of the True Martial World. This had led to the True Martial University's suddenly decline.

"Our Palace Halls' Lord has sent us here to explore and investigate. He wishes to know if that Evil God is dead or alive. We are supposed to plunder his corpse if he is dead. However, we must find a way to control him if he's alive. He is a supreme treasure either way. But, this place isn't far from True Martial University's battlefront. And that's where they resist the invasion of star beasts. This university has many experts of sage realm and Great-sage realm to keep a watch on this area. Our lord's arrival would've alarmed those high-level experts of the True Martial University. How could've these treasures fall into our hands then?" Brother Fang continued, "Furthermore, this place used to be a battlefield in the ancient times. So it would certainly have many secret books, magic weapons etc. And it will make you a hell lot stronger if you manage to find a pseudo-sage tool. Then, you can even run amuck once you return to the Palace Hall!"

Ye Xiwen listened calmly. However, he wasn't calm in his heart. He had never imagined that this place would have such a bitter secret. This meant that those groups of over ten thousand star beasts of legendary realm had actually evolved from that one star colossus. This showed that how powerful an existence that Evil God really was…

"Star colossus! The creature suppressed here is actually a star colossus!" Ye Mo also held his breath, "A real star colossus is different from star beasts. The star beasts merely possess the blood of star colossus. A real star colossus can flip the entire the True Martial World upside down. They belong to a very scary ethnic group. Although there aren't too many of them, but each of them has the power to shake the world!"

Ye Xiwen nodded. These star colossi must be extremely powerful if they could make even Ye Mo praise their world-shaking power.

Forget about the present True Martial University which was already formidable enough. Its true power could be imagined from that time it used to be prosperous. However, even so, the True Martial University had failed to kill that star colossus with all its might, and the most it could do was to suppress it here. It had also led to its decline. Hence, one could imagine the power of the sealed star colossus.

"The recklessness of these people knows no bounds. They will be fortunate if that star colossus is dead. If it is alive and they try to control it, then I am afraid…" Ye Mo sneered.

"Brother, look at this group of strange fish beasts. It seems like they all were slaughtered in an instant. None live. It doesn't seem that they've been slaughtered by other star beasts. We've also found the skeletons of human beings in the vicinity!" a sharp-eyed disciple had found dead bodies lying on the ground.

"It is not good. Has this place been found? Damn!" Brother Fan cursed loudly, "We must investigate quickly; dammit!"

"We will immediately leave if we come across sage experts. However, we will kill any disciples of the True Martial University who are going through the trial. We must plug the loopholes, and ensure that this secret remains hidden!" Brother Fan clenched his teeth and said. His facial expression was quite fierce.

"Yes!" the disciples of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall agreed in a chorus. They advanced deeper into the underground world.

They were negligent in the fact that they didn't expect that someone could be hiding nearby. They searched the surroundings once, but didn't find anyone. Then, they flew away one after another. Afterwards, Ye Xiwen quietly came out of the lake.

Ye Xiwen heaved a sigh of relief. The consequences would've been inconceivable if those people were to find him.

These disciples of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall were far more tyrannical than those disciples of the True Martial University. Let alone that Brother Fan, who was at half-step legendry's Great Complete realm… even those experts of half-step legendary eighth and ninth stage could combine and set-up a deathtrap for Ye Xiwen.

"The situation is getting more and more chaotic. I find this matter quite strange already. The sword code and Divine Hou disappeared here. And now these disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall have arrived. Everything is in a complete mess in here!" Ye Mo said.

"Yes, it is getting more and more chaotic. I must have a breakthrough. My combat strength will be enough to beat the experts of half-step legendary ninth stage once I breakthrough to half-step legendary sixth stage. In fact, I won't need to fear that Brother Fan either!" Ye Xiwen said. He clearly felt his own lack of strength. He wasn't at the top strength-wise even among those disciples of the younger generation who had burst through the city gate to enter the city earlier.

"Well, this lake is made up of liquefied 'spirit energy'. You can take it and use it for cultivation. You won't find something like this in the outside world!" Ye Mo said.


(To be continued).


1. Half-step legendary ninth peak

Note: Those who can have 9 breakthroughs within half-step legendary realm can skip 'Legendary realm' altogether and have a direct jump from half-step legendry's great complete realm to Sage realm.

2. Xuan Yuan: It's the personal name of Huangdi, the Yellow Emperor. It is also the name of the star 'Regulus'.

3. Zhen Wu Jie: Also known as 'True Martial World' is the name of the continent this story is currently based in.

4. Bai Mo Jiao: It's an organization of Devil Worshippers which keep attacking humans. They want to bring the rule of devils in True Martial World. The English translation for Bai Mo Jiao would be 'Devil Worship Religion'.

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