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Both of them spoke in unison to show their support towards Ye Xiwen. Bao Qin Wang was put in a tough spot. He could neither advance nor retreat. He could only look at them bitterly before leaving with his group.

"How are you guys here?" Ye Xiwen asked. He didn't expect that he would actually find Jian Wu Chen and Mu Ling here. However, the most unexpected thing was to see the wolf cub.

There had been no news of him ever since Ye Xiwen and the wolf cub got separated. Ye Xiwen had never expected that he would actually see him here.

Ye Xiwen finally came to know everything from the wolf cub. Jian Wu Chun had gone for the closed-door training after the two of them were separated. Later, both Jian Wu Chen and the wolf cub had entered True Martial University. Nobody said anything about the wolf cub since many disciples had brought beast mounts.

Then, both of them joined the organization called Sword Tomb, and gained the status of high-level experts. They met with Mu Ling inside the Sword Tomb organization since he had also joined it.

Then, they had received the news about the appearance of a 'sword code' and came looking for it. The 'sword code' had crossed through more than half of the foreign battlefield. This had brought in numerous experts who had been pursuing it. Of course, the members of Sword Tomb were the most interested among these people.

This entire organization was comprised of sword experts. They were aware of the importance of cultivating a good sword technique. They simply could not go on without cultivating a good sword technique.

These three hadn't thought that they would bump into Ye Xiwen here. It was purely an accidental encounter.

Everyone had made good progress, while the wolf cub had made the greatest. It had reached the peak of half-step legendary eighth stage, and was about to enter half-step legendary ninth stage. Ye Xiwen couldn't help but envy this kind of speed. However, wolf cub had mysterious origins and it seemed as if he faced no barriers in his cultivation.

Jian Wu Chen had also progressed quite quickly after obtaining an inheritance. He had reached half-step legendary eighth stage. He hadn't been as strong as Mu Ling in past. However, he had overtaken Mu Ling now, who was still at half-step legendary seventh peak.

"Boy, you are pretty good ah. I've heard a lot about your name; not bad, not bad. You haven't lost this old man's respect!" The wolf cub assumed the role of an elderly, and started treating Ye Xiwen like a youngster. Ye Xiwen slapped him, and sent him flying to the other side.

Wolf cub returned to Ye Xiwen's side, and said in a depressed tone, "What the hell! We are meeting after so long, and you slapped me? Public morals are degenerating with each passing day. You just hit your old friend!"

"You must go to that giant stele if you've come here for the sword code. I have seen it submerging into that stele with my own eyes. I even chased it, but my speed fell short!" Ye Xiwen said.

Ye Xiwen had honestly told Bao Qin Wang about the whereabouts of that 'sword code'. He certainly wasn't afraid of Bao Qin Wang; he just didn't wish to invite calamity for no reason.

This sword code had attracted many tyrannical experts. He was likely to come across a lot of trouble if he didn't stay away from it. Ye Xiwen wasn't afraid of any trouble. However, he didn't feel like taking the initiative to look for some.

Ye Xiwen wouldn't have been in the slightest bit of trouble if that woman in red hadn't made those irresponsible remarks.

He would've certainly accepted it if the 'sword code' were really in his possession. However, it was not, and he still ended-up getting accused for it.

"That's strange. How it can disappear?" Jian Wu Chen frowned and asked.

Jian Wu Chen had no doubt in Ye Xiwen's words. There was no need for Ye Xiwen to lie. This meant that the problem lay with that sword code.

More and more powerhouses had begun to advance towards this area following the disappearance of the sword code.

However, this strange matter was just beginning.

A mysterious Divine Egg appeared above a tall mountain on the third day since the 'sword code' had started attracting many people to arrive at this place. No one knew which monster's egg it was. Countless experts forged a battle in order to compete for this Divine Egg. Even Ye Xiwen joined the battle. However, that Divine Egg turned into a Divine Hou (1) and vanished from everyone's line of sight.

A bad premonition flourished inside Ye Xiwen's heart. However, more experts arrived after hearing about that Divine Hou. According to the legend, it was one of the nine sons of the Dragon King. It possessed a real dragon's blood in its veins and was exceptionally noble. Ancient gods had used it as a mount in the past.

Divine Hou was so terrifying that it used to take dragons as food. Many people were quite excited since they would have boundless future prospects if they were able to catch a Divine Hou.

Someone found that Divine Hou in a valley the next day. A heaven-shattering war broke out among several experts in order to compete for it; they still failed to catch it in-spite of heavy casualties.

Finally, the Divine Hou disappeared into that same giant stele.

Suddenly, everyone's gazes were drawn towards that stele. Nobody knew when it was established and what was engraved on it. Some people even sent messages back to their inheritances in order to gain some knowledge about it. However, even they didn't know anything. No one knew for how long new disciples had been practicing in this foreign battlefield. However, this place had never been discovered still.

"This Divine Hou is one of the nine sons of the Dragon King!" Mu Ling said, "These people are really going crazy over it!"

"I heard that Divine Hou is not one of the nine sons of the Dragon King… rather it is a sixth grade zombie (2). In fact, it is even more powerful than the Drought Demon (3)!" Ye Xiwen said.

In the ancient mythology, there were White Corpse, Blade Corpse, Jumping Corpse, Flying Corpse and Drought Demon. The Divine Hou could not be called as zombies as per Buddhist say. It possessed no less than the power of gods, and could challenge gods and devils alike. It could kill the gods and slaughter the devils. Only such a zombie could be called 'Hou'. Such a zombie could have a thousand years or even ten thousand years worth of abilities acquired through practice and cultivation. Some people called such a zombie a devil. It would initially turn into a 'Drought Demon', and then the Drought Demon would evolve into a 'Hou'. A Hou possessed great magical powers. It spewed fire from its mouth and ate dragons as food. That was why Buddha had used it as a mount, and in this way had suppressed the dragon.

Suddenly, everyone's complexions changed drastically. If it really was a zombie… then it was quite terrifying. The 'sword code' as well as the Divine Hou had disappeared in that stele one after another. What kind of secret did that stele contain?

"Damn it! There won't be a mass grave beneath it, right?" the wolf cub said in his typically uncouth manner.

Ye Xiwen had also asked Ye Mo privately about this Divine Hou matter. But even he didn't know the answer very clearly. The zombie race itself was classified as 'mysterious' among the three realms. As if they had suddenly appeared from outside the three realms, and weren't even made of the so-called five elements. The members of the real zombie race weren't seen during the daytime. They were usually nothing more than a corpse with muddled consciousness.

"Regardless, more and more people have joined in. It is an indisputable fact!" Jian Wu Chen said, "We will soon see the results irrespective of how mysterious that place is!"

"Ah, I also have the same premonition!" Ye Xiwen nodded and said.

"Ye Xiwen, come out to die!" Suddenly a loud shout came from the distant sky. It reverberated in the sky from a distant place. A terrifying and peerless aura instantaneously shrouded the small courtyard where Ye Xiwen and the others had lodged. An extremely dreadful force of oppression swept down along with boundless killing intention. They were ice-cold and piercing in nature.

That loud shout was like a sonic boom; it had completely shaken the entire city. This city wasn't very big. Moreover, everyone in this city was an expert with successful cultivation. Therefore, even a little sound could make them go off like a boiler.

A figure stood mid-air; right above the small courtyard where Ye Xiwen was settled. He appeared to be over 20 years old. He was clad in a magnificent robe. His eyebrows were like a sword, and his eyes were like stars. His eyebrows were ramping all the way to his temples. He looked extremely handsome, but had an ice-cold expression on his face. It seemed like his aura was powerful enough to repel even those who were located a thousand miles away.

Experts through the city released their soul searches to see who had got so furious.

"Who is this man, ah! He is so rampant. Even more arrogant than I am!"

"Didn't you see the emblem embroidered on his chest? That is the emblem of Law Enforcement Hall. As per his strength — he must be Luo Yi Hang! He is so young… but he has already reached half-stage legendary ninth stage. He definitely has boundless future prospects. No wonder he could become a leader of Law Enforcement Hall's young disciples!"

"Sure enough! He is not just talented, but also has formidable strength. Can it be that he's come looking for Ye Xiwen because the guy killed his juniors?"

"Exactly! Ye Xiwen is an undisciplined guy. A few members of Law Enforcement Hall looked down on him and provoked him… so he killed them all. The higher brass of Law Enforcement Hall was unable to investigate this matter properly. So they let a high-level expert like Luo Yi Hang deal with this matter. It is clear that he must punish Ye Xiwen in order to establish the prestige and dignity of Law Enforcement Hall in the eyes of new disciples. How will the Law Enforcement Hall maintain the rules and discipline in the university if everyone starts to disobey them!"

A terrifying aura belonging to the peak level of half-step legendary realm had shrouded this small city. There were no truth level experts inside the city. However, there were many half-step legendary and legendary realm experts; even they couldn't bear this kind of murderous aura.

"Bang!" An imposing aura leapt-up from that small courtyard. Ye Xiwen came out of the small courtyard. He was riding on a rainbow light.

"You are Ye Xiwen, correct? Not bad; you dare to come out on your own. You're not a coward!" Luo Yi Hang coldly looked at Ye Xiwen. He certainly showered praises on Ye Xiwen, but he didn't have a bit of smile on his face. There a cold look in his eyes on the contrary.

Ye Xiwen didn't say anything in response. He simply released his golden divinities. The invincible divine power contained in those golden divinities immediately blocked Luo Yi Hang's imposing aura.

Luo Yi Hang's imposing aura was much stronger than Ye Xiwen's. He was at half-step legendary ninth stage, while Ye Xiwen was merely at half-step legendry's small compete realm. In general, Ye Xiwen strength shouldn't even be comparable to an expert of half-step legendary sixth stage.

(To be continued)

Hou - A mythical creature. It's popular name is Denglong also known as Wangtianhou, Chaotianhou, or simply 'Hou'. According to the folklore, it is one of the sons of the Dragon King. It has been used as a mount of ancient gods. It can eat the brains of dragons. It can spew flames and can defeat dragons. It resembles a horse with scales all over its body.

Appearance: It has various characteristics which resemble animals: horns like a deer, head like a camel, ears like a cat, eyes like a shrimp, mouth like a donkey, hair like a lion, neck like a snake, scales like a koi fish, front paws like an eagle, and rear paws like a tiger.

Zombie: Also known as Jiang Shi or Corpse.

Draught Demon: Also known as Hanba or 'Nüba' is a Chinese drought deity. Wherever it goes, it invokes draught.

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