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Ye Xiwen spent a long time on that stele. He continued to look for a clue, but didn't find any.

However, it didn't mean that this matter had come to an end. In fact, this sword code's trouble had only begun. It was said that this sword code had already flown across more than half of this foreign battlefield. It had attracted a stream of experts who had come after it en masse. There was a city not far from this stele. Many warriors had gathered in this city within a short period of time. A stream of young experts had also rushed there.

Suddenly, this not-so-small city had started to bustle.

Ye Xiwen found a tavern in that city. He was just about to find a place to sit down when he was surprised by a voice that sounded not far away from him. He turned his head and saw five or six experts. Surprisingly, one among them was the red-clothed woman he had earlier scared off.

She was sitting opposite to a man. And she had a smile on her face. Ye Xiwen saw that handsome young man who appeared to be over 20 years of age. He was clad in a magnificent robe, and looked very much like a prince.

"It's you?" That red-clothed woman could not conceal the surprised expression in her eyes upon seeing Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen didn't mind her at all; he took a seat.

"What happened? Do you know him?" That young man frowned as he saw Ye Xiwen being 'all arrogant and ignorant'.

"Yes, Bao Qin Wang (1); he is the one who stole that sword code!" That woman in red looked towards Ye Xiwen with a resentful look in her eyes.

"Oh, everyone here has come for the sword code. I didn't expect that it would fall into his hands!" Bao Qin Wang looked towards Ye Xiwen; he seemed a bit surprised.

Bao Qin Wang stood up and walked towards Ye Xiwen with a 'sort of smile' on his face and said, "Hello friend, I heard that you have obtained the sword code. I do not know whether it'd be possible for you to hand it over to us. Our 'Sword Tomb' will compensate you if you hand it over to us!"

"The sword code isn't with me!" Ye Xiwen shook his head. However, he was trying to understand the matter of Sword Tomb in his mind. Sword Tomb was a force that had abruptly risen among the new disciples. It consisted of the young disciples who preferred to use a sword. Their leader was a sword sage whose strength was extremely tyrannical. It was difficult to find his rival in the younger generation. He was regarded as one of the top characters in the younger generation.

He didn't expect that the sword code would attract the Sword Tomb's people.

"The sword code is clearly in your possession. But you don't admit it. You are nothing but a gutless person!" A magnificent cold light flickered in her eyes. She was certain that the sword code had fallen into Ye Xiwen's hand.

"You say that it's with me; but do you have any evidence?" Ye Xiwen lightly said.

"The sword code is in your spatial ring!" That woman in red said, "Hand over the sword code or else you will die!"

Ye Xiwen frowned. He had no idea where she had found so much anger and resentment. It seemed as if she hated him so much that she wished to drive him to commit suicide… then and there.

"Brother, that sword code is indeed very important for our Sword Tomb. Soon our leader, the Sword Sage will also arrive. I hope that you will show him respect!" Bao Qin Wang's tone was genial. However, it was clear from his attitude that he would not tolerate refusal. He had this air about him which made him appear aloof and superior.

"Your respect is quite expensive ah; as valuable as the sword code!" Ye Xiwen sneered and said. He was particularly disgusted with way these people acted 'all superior' in front of him. Bao Qin Wang might have seemed polite a moment ago… However, he was actually giving off a feeling as if he was doing Ye Xiwen a favor by being nice.

Bao Qin Wang's complexion suddenly changed. He didn't expect that Ye Xiwen would be so cunning. He had used the name of Sword Tomb to his advantage in various matters. But he had never experienced this type of failure.

Bao Qin Wang simply couldn't restrain the anger. His sword energy surged-up. The people inside the tavern were startled. Could it be that Ye Xiwen was going to start a fight here?

"So, you're not going to show us any respect?!" Bao Qin Wang clenched his teeth as he said in a cold voice.

"Is there any benefit in that?" Ye Xiwen appeared rather calm and confident even while facing Bao Qin Wang's world-shaking sword intention and murderous aura. The sword energy which had rushed towards Ye Xiwen was suddenly blocked in its path; about three feet away from the spot where he was standing.

"Ye Xiwen, how are you here?" A pleasantly surprised voice suddenly sounded.

Ye Xiwen raised his head to look and actually saw three old acquaintances — Jian Wu Chen, wolf cub, and Mu Ling, whom he was seeing after a very long time. These three had arrived walking side by side.

"How come you all are together?" Ye Xiwen was also pleasantly surprised. He didn't expect that he would meet his friends here. One must know that True Martial University was huge. The true extent of its size was simply hard to imagine. Millions of new disciples had joined the university just in this term itself.

Ye Xiwen was certain that he would meet them someday. However, he didn't expect that it would happen so soon.

"What's going on here?" the wolf cub glanced towards Bao Qin Wang and asked.

Bao Qin Wang looked bitterly at the wolf cub. It was clear that he had suffered some kind of defeat in the past… and wolf cub was the cause.

"It's you three!" Bao Qin Wang bitterly looked towards the three of them and said, "'Buried Sword Secrets' is in his possession!

"You should know that our leader is exerting his utmost to get his hands on this 'Buried Sword Secrets'. It can possibly be a 'sword scripture'. Hence, it is very important for our Sword Tomb!" Bao Qin Wang gloomily looked at that trio.

Mu ling and Jian Wu Chen were somewhat puzzled as they looked towards Ye Xiwen. They were puzzled because they had also come for the sword code; they hadn't expected that it would've already fallen into Ye Xiwen' hands.

Ye Xiwen shook his head — indicating that he didn't have the sword code.

"If he says he doesn't have it; then the sword code is not in his possession. Now don't bother him and get out of here while I am still in a good mood!" the wolf cub said in an arrogant manner as he simply looked down on Bao Qin Wang.

"He certainly said no. So I also think that he doesn't have the sword code!" Jian Wu Chen said, "As for your leader — I will personally talk to him!"

"It's impossible. The sword code must be in his hands. We have witnessed the disappearance of it, and only he was present there at that time!" the woman in red shrieked. That loud sound was exceptionally unpleasant to hear.

"Annoying woman! You are still pestering?!" The wolf cub clamored.

"You are acting recklessly. I let you off once; but I hadn't thought that you would still have evil intentions!" Ye Xiwen coldly said.

"What did you say?" The woman in red became furious. She didn't have this 'so-called' image. She didn't know why she had this immense hatred for Ye Xiwen since the time he had spared her. However, her heart was brimming with the intention to kill him. Even she didn't know where this hatred was coming from...

"I said you are acting recklessly. Do you really think I won't kill you if I wanted to?" Ye Xiwen squinted at her. The cold killing intent surged-up in his eyes. One could say that the killing intention in his heart was more with regard to the annoying nature of this woman.

That woman in red took a step back. However, she shamelessly regained her confidence after watching Bao Qin Wang's figure standing next to her. Hence, she said. "Humph! Who do you think you are? Some amazing character? You are just a coward who doesn't deserve anyone's praise!"

"You say I don't deserve your praise. Do you think that I'm afraid of you? I just don't want to kill you and commit a needless sin. Otherwise, a single move of mine shall be enough!" Ye Xiwen coldly said.

"You!" Ye Xiwen's sharp words had pissed her off; to the extent of making her choke.

"Humph! You are quite domineering and arrogant!" Bao Qin Wang was quite discontented. He also felt that Ye Xiwen was way too domineering… as if regarding himself as some big-shot. "Who do you think you are that you dare to insult others?"

"I am arrogant and despotic because of you. Is your 'respect' a hard currency? Is it so valuable that you want to give it to me, and in return want me to hand over the sword code?" Ye Xiwen laughed coldly.

Ye Xiwen also didn't act politely since the other side wasn't giving him any respect; they were using force. He was never a person of good temper to begin with. However, he didn't believe in stirring up trouble for no reason. But whoever thought that he could be bullied easily — was utterly wrong.

It didn't matter what crafty plots and schemes were used against him — he would just use a single sword attack to destroy them all.

The enemy was quite aggressive. This was making it difficult for Ye Xiwen to tolerate. He just had to fight back in the end.

"Jian Wu Chen, Mu Ling, do you still want to shield this man? The sword code is one thing that our leader specifically wants to have. You know what our fate will be if we cannot obtain it!" Bao Qin Wang looked towards them and said.

"Damn it! Keep that old guy out of this. Ye Xiwen said that he does not have it! That means he actually doesn't have it. Even when he was carrying one page of Ancient God Scripture… he never denied it. What is this sword code in comparison?" the wolf cub fought against the injustice, and spoke some words of praise for Ye Xiwen.

"Carrying Ancient God Scripture? You are Ye Xiwen!" Bao Qin Wang immediately understood that the man whom they had provoked — was Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen was considered as an obscure and elusive persona among these new disciples. His past achievements were many — including breaking through the city gate and slaughtering a group of Law Enforcement disciples at the city gate. However, he had undoubtedly risen to fame way before all that. Just because of that one page of Ancient God Scripture… for which he was chased down by many people. He had kept-on killing people all the way until he reached True Martial University. Perhaps, he hadn't slaughtered the strongest of young experts. However, he was certainly one of them.

That one page of the Ancient God Scripture had made his reputation. A lot of people were quite aroused because of that. And even though he had become famous only recently… but no one dare to provoke Ye Xiwen since his fame was entirely cast on the blood of his enemies.

Ye Xiwen wasn't someone to be messed with.

He would destroy the reputation of anyone. It didn't matter whom he was facing… He could even destroy the reputation of Sword Tomb.

"The Sword Code has disappeared into that stone stele. You can go there and look for it if you wish to find it!" Ye Xiwen said.

"If Ye Xiwen say so, I believe him!"

"I believe him too!"

Mu Ling and Jian Wu Chen took a stand to support Ye Xiwen.

(To be continued).

Qin Wang means 'Prince'. So, Bao Qin Wang may also mean 'Prince Bao'.

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