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Luo Yi Hang coldly stared at Ye Xiwen. The undisguised and ferocious killing intent had completely shrouded Ye Xiwen. Lou Yi Hang was just like a revered god of death.

"You're pretty good. You even have a manly appearance!" Luo Yi Hang coldly said.

Ye Xiwen didn't say anything. He didn't wish to come out in front of Luo Yi Hang. However, Luo Yi Hang had compelled him to do so… in a way.

The odds of winning against Luo Yi Hang weren't looking good even if Ye Xiwen had condensed Venus by now. However, he still had to come out and face this opponent.

"He is very strong. You only have one recourse now, Ye Xiwen. Use your 'phoenix regeneration technique' and exhaust him. Your only option is to compel him to consume all his energy!" Ye Xiwen heard Ye Mo's voice in his mind. It was almost impossible for Ye Xiwen to defeat Luo Yi Hang with his current strength since Lou Yi Hang was extremely powerful. Even ordinary experts of half-step legendary ninth stage would not be able to sustain a few moves of Luo Yi Hang. There was only one way out for Ye Xiwen — to exploit his own restoring capabilities and keep fighting with Luo Yi Hang until he exhausted all his power.

Ye Xiwen nodded. He had anticipated that he would need to fight with Luo Yi Hang someday; but not today. However, he had been exposed because his relation with the 'sword code' had attracted the attention of several people towards him. As a result, he would have to fight with Luo Yi hang ahead of time.

The sky began to shiver under Luo Yi Hang's imposing aura. The killing intention surged-up as if it was a substantive attack; it cracked-open the space.

Luo Yi Hang's killing intention was locked on Ye Xiwen, but suddenly filled the entire sky as well. It seemed like it would kill Ye Xiwen no matter where he would run to. This was a method to establish one's prestige and authority.

Ye Xiwen had killed several Law Enforcement Disciples one after another. The Law Enforcement Hall had obviously lost their prestige in front of this term's new disciples as a result. Luo Yi Hang was obviously very unhappy about this since he was the leader of this term's Law Enforcement Disciples. His own prestige had fallen along with the Law Enforcement Hall's. And the main culprit behind all this was none other than Ye Xiwen. Therefore, Luo Yi Hang needed to kill Ye Xiwen in order to re-establish the prestige of Law Enforcement Hall.

"Die!" Luo Yi Hang roared as he the released sonic boom. It swept across in all directions and set-off violent whirlwinds.

The long blade in Luo Yi Hang's hand released blade energy, and it wantonly swept-out in all directions. A large section of the empty sky instantly shattered and collapsed down like an avalanche. Even the primal chaos on the other side of the space was exposed as the space shattered. There was no dispute on the fact that Luo Yi Hang possessed tyrannical strength.

"Clang!" The sword intent from Ye Xiwen's hand soared into the sky. It applied sidewise compression in all four directions, and directly pierced its way through the sky.

"Bang!" The blade energy and the 'sword intention' collided in the sky. The terrifying forces mutually crashed into each other, and condensed into waves of dreadful storms. This storm swept out in all directions, and annihilated everything in its path. The explosion ripped open the sky, which ultimately collapsed like the pieces of a shattered mirror.

Everyone was dumbstruck. This fight was so terrifying that its incorporeal complementary waves could directly blast a truth level expert to death.

Luo Yi Hang's blade energy ran amuck and routed Ye Xiwen's sword intention. It cut down the sword intention horizontally.

Ye Xiwen promptly retreated. He seemed anxious while he hastily dodged this attack.

"Bang!" The blade energy made a huge crack in the ground. Ye Xiwen was aghast; this was the first time that his sword intention had been defeated — not because his sword intention attack was not strong enough, but because there was a huge difference between his cultivation level and Luo Yi hang's. Otherwise, this would not have happened.

"You got lucky this time, but not again!" Luo Yi Hang said as he slashed his long blade horizontally. The attack applied repression in all directions. The blade energy rushed-out as the real elemental energy surged-up. It revealed the most terrifying power.

His domineering and arrogant demeanor seemed only natural in Ye Xiwen's view. After all, he was more powerful than Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen simply couldn't underestimate him.

"I would have rooted you out like a worthless weed if we were at the same level!" Ye Xiwen gritted his teeth and said.

"Humph!" Ye Xiwen's words were no less than a joke for Luo Yi Hang. It was impossible for the two of them to be at the same level. This world could never be so fair.

"Bang!" Luo Yi Hang's ominous power overflew the sky. It seemed as if his imposing aura would dominate the entire world. He firmly clutched his long blade and rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

The universe itself was trod to pieces. It was as if his imposing aura had rushed forth to single-handedly massacre a mighty force comprising of thousands of men and horses.

Ye Xiwen didn't retreat. He shot his sword intention once again. It condensed into a big sword which flew forward and smashed the space in the process.

"Bang!" The collision between these two attacks terrified everyone. The surrounding space completely disintegrated into pieces. However, that small city wasn't destroyed yet.

This small city had hosted god-knows how many worthy experts over more than thousands of years. It was certainly not an ordinary city even though it looked such.


They kept fighting. The blade energy and the sword intention were flying everywhere. Their murderous energies were wreaking havoc in the sky, while their desire to battle had already traversed to the heavens.

"Clang!" it sounded like Gold and Iron had collided. Luo Yi Hang's long blade was even quicker than Ye Xiwen's sword. It emitted a cold light as it cut open a huge wound in Ye Xiwen lower abdomen. Blood splashed out and kept on dripping. Luo Yi Hang's real elemental energy had infiltrated his body. As a result, his phoenix regeneration technique could not operate for long. There was no way to heal the wound, and the blood streamed out non-stop.

His dark-red blood kept gushing out. Everyone was dumbstruck; their pupils contracted. They had seen Ye Xiwen's tyrannical martial power. Hence, they hadn't anticipated that the outcome would appear so quickly. Ye Xiwen's strength was inferior to Luo Yi Hang's, and that was why he was wounded so soon. He simply had no chance of winning the next round now.

Was there nobody who could compete with Law Enforcement Disciples?

Ye Xiwen's body trembled. It was almost as if he had fallen from the sky, and into this mundane world. His bones were visible due to the deep wound, and blood kept gushing out. That attack would have hit Ye Xiwen's main point if it slightly deviated from its target.

"Ye Xiwen is going to die!" Everyone arrived to this conclusion.

Ye Xiwen had fallen into a position of absolute disadvantage by suffering a serious injury. How would he be able to make a comeback now?

"Prepare to die!" Luo Yi Hang didn't hold back. His long blade emitted rays of light which frightened everyone. He wanted to seize this opportunity to kill Ye Xiwen, and thus, rushed towards him. His mountainous imposing aura shrouded Ye Xiwen's entire body from above. The bystanders could only feel that it was very difficult to find a worthy opponent for Luo Yi Hang.

Luo Yi Hang rushed forward to exploit this situation since Ye Xiwen hadn't yet recovered. It seemed like Ye Xiwen would die.

Luo Yi Hang's ice-cold eyes were like two lightning… glaring stubbornly at Ye Xiwen. The tip of the blade was raised horizontally, and the blade light darted out along with unbounded killing intention.

The blade light ripped open countless avenues (1) in the sky as it advanced towards Ye Xiwen. Luo Yi Hang's blade skill had already reached the superb stage. In fact, he could display it with ease… as if it was on his fingertips. However, it still had great might.

The blade light suppressed downward.

Ye Xiwen moved quickly and slashed his sword.

The sword's tip and the blade light collided once again.

"Bang!" A terrifying aura filled the air. The sword and blade light collided ferociously. The blade light exploded with irresistible force. Suddenly, Ye Xiwen shouted, "Hanshan Seal!" (2)

A huge mountain fell from the sky. The entire mountain came rolling down like a giant dragon.

"Bang!" The avenues in the sky were crushed into fragments by that falling mountain.

Both men took a few steps back as the terrifying collision sounded. Ye Xiwen's physical strength was too massive. Luo Yi Hang's strength was quite enormous. However, Ye Xiwen's physical strength was even stronger.

Ye Xiwen was wounded once again. This terrible wound was caused by the enormous crushing power of his opponent's attack.

Everyone's eyelids bounced. These two men were fighting too ruthlessly; so much so that they might die anywhere and anytime. Ye Xiwen was clearly in the disadvantageous position. However, he didn't show any sign of immediate death. He was like a wounded tiger on the contrary… injured, but with enough power to fight back.

However, Luo Yi hang had an even more severe killing intent in his eyes. Ye Xiwen was at much lower level — a difference of four levels separated them. But, Ye Xiwen could actually fight with him like this. Such physical strength was indeed extraordinary.

The look in Ye Xiwen's eyes seemed profound and solemn. He was unceasingly reading the Hanshan secret art. The Hanshan Seal was finally invoked again, and a huge mountain fell down from above. It held so much suppression force that it seemed as if it would crush the heavens along with the twilight of gods.

Luo Yi Hang's one blade attack was able to cut through that falling mountain, but it gave Ye Xiwen enough time to heal.

Ye Xiwen finally ejected Luo Yi Hang's real elemental energy from his body. In fact, his injuries had also healed at a very fast speed.

Luo Yi Hang's complexion changed and became exceptionally solemn. He was aware that Ye Xiwen possibly possessed an outstanding 'healing type power technique'. However, he hadn't cared much about it. People like Ye Xiwen were ranked as one of the top disciples of the younger generation. So how could they not have any healing technique? In fact, it could be said that they would have the most superior healing power techniques.

However, Luo Yi Hang gasped as he saw this amazing recovery speed. It was far superior to the healing techniques he had seen in the past. All the other healing techniques seemed nothing more than trash when compared to this. Suddenly, a burning hot light flourished in his eyes.

Luo Yi Hang would need to capture Ye Xiwen in order to obtain this technique. Then, he would have to use his 'soul search' to scramble through Ye Xiwen's sea of consciousness. Then, he must transform this strange technique accordingly for his own use. In fact, he suspected that this was actually one of the ancient god techniques. The matter about Ye Xiwen obtaining one page of Ancient God Scripture was already well-known fact. So how could he not know?

This strange technique would be priceless if it were recorded on that one page of Ancient God Scripture.

Luo Yi Hang no longer held himself back. The imposing aura boiled over his body, and his figure released a clanging sound similar to that of gold and iron colliding. This scene was too terrifying.

"Bang!" The long blade in Luo Yi Hang's hand released an incredible blade light. The blade energy split open the space in a flash and exposed the chaos on the other side. The blade attack then abruptly advanced towards Ye Xiwen.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's sword intention confronted this blade attack, but it was much terrifying than earlier… The blade energy instantly smashed his sword intention and went further to crash into his body.

"Puchi!" The blade energy opened a huge bloody wound in Ye Xiwen's chest. This attack was extremely ferocious and almost killed Ye Xiwen.

Blood was dripping, but Ye Xiwen was still standing.

His complexion didn't change much either.

Luo Yi Hang was waiting for Ye Xiwen to proceed and resume the fight. Suddenly, a rumbling sound reverberated from the distance, and stirred up the entire world.

(To be continued)

Avenues = Also called 'Dao' are the martial principles. When high-level experts fight, they can call forth such avenues.

Hanshan Seal = Shaking Mountain Seal

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