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Chapter 34 - Auction

Although forty five hundred low-grade spirit stones still remained in his stock, but for Ye Xiwen, they were still not enough. The consumption rate of spirit stones was simply too high and it had further increased with the increasing pace of cultivation. (NT: Since now he is at the eighth stage and it takes a lot of spirit stones to break through at higher stages)

Ye Xiwen got up early in the morning, but he did not continue to shut himself in the room, rather his plan was to visit the city’s largest auction house, Tianyin auction house.

He wanted to visit the Tianyin auction house because City lord had finally made an official statement that he had successfully refined four Xiantian pellets, two for his personal use and the rest two would be auctioned in the city's largest auction house, the Tianyin auction house. The auction was going to start in three days.

The Tianyin auction house had already become the target of public discussions. If this was a general auction house then it would not have lasted long in front of so many powerful warriors of the ninth stage, but Tianyin auction house was quite influential. It had branches in many cities and it's headquarter was located in the capital city of big Yue state. It had a great influence in the big Yue state region so how could these warriors cause trouble for it.

Ye Xiwen was planning to go and take a look, because this month at the Tianyin auction house, someone might have something good to auction which might benefit him.

Tianyin auction house was very famous in Tianyuan town, so it was quite easy for Ye Xiwen to locate it.

When he saw the Tianyin auction house for the first time, he suddenly felt overwhelmed, no wonder it was called the largest auction house of the state.

Weekdays were already very busy at Tianyin auction house, and this time it was even more crowded due to the inflow of a large number of warriors. Fortunately the inside of the auction house was very spacious; otherwise it would have been impossible for so many of those warriors to go inside and participate in the auction.

As Ye Xiwen was about to go in, he was stopped by a guard saying it was required to pay the fee of five low-grade spirit stones before entering the auction house. Ye Xiwen suddenly got furious, but when he saw other people honestly paying the entrance fee, he did not say anything but paid the fee and entered the auction house.

Ye Xiwen quickly took a seat. Tianyin auction house held ten or so auctions every day, and each auction continued for an hour, so one could enter any time and bid.

He sat in the common seating area, and on the second floor there was a VIP reserved box where only honored guests could sit.

“Bang!” The wooden mallet hit on the table causing the sound to spread throughout the auction area. An old man in white robe appeared with few documents in one hand and holding a mallet in another.

Ye Xiwen looked at the man and was stunned, because this white-robed old man was actually a master of the Houtian ninth stage. Tianyin auction house was quite formidable, and had actually sent an expert of the ninth stage to manage the auction.

However in the past few days, City lord's announcement about the Xiantian pellet's auction had attracted a lot of strong warriors to come to participate in the auction. If a master was not sent over to oversee these guys, then they would definitely destroy this city along with themselves.

“Thank you all for attending today's first auction in spite of your busy schedules, I believe that, like always, the auction organized by our auction house will not let you down!” The white-robe old man said very slowly.

“I believe everyone knows the rules, so I won't repeat them, now we will immediately start the auction, the first item of this auction is a long double-edged sword made of high quality alloy, it is also a high grade weapon!” The old man in white robes said.

At this time, a maid approached holding a silver tray and put it on the table. The white-robed old man took off the red cloth from the silver tray, and all could see the fine workmanship of this light red long double-edged sword lying quietly on the tray.

Ye Xiwen had no use for this kind of sword, because what he had practiced was a blade technique which required a blade. Also he felt that his own blade was far superior to this light red long sword.

However he had not noticed that there were a lot of people looking enviously at the man who had won the bidding and bought this double-edged long sword for two hundred low-grade spirit stones.

Ye Xiwen certainly knew that this was just an appetizer and the real deal was yet to reveal itself. The Tianyin auction house continued the auction and brought awesome weapons or treasures one after the other, but none of these could win his heart and were practically useless to him, that is why he did not participate in the bidding for these items.

Gradually the people sitting in the VIP box began to bid one after the other in succession, and the price they were offering was very large as compared to those sitting in the common area. Those honored guests undoubtedly had a very distinguished and domineering aura compared to those common warriors sitting underneath in the common seating area.

After about half an hour, suddenly the old man's words, explaining about the next auction item , piqued Ye Xiwen's interest.

“Next we will auction a secret book!” The white-robed old man said with a smile. “It is a type power technique which is used to train the body and according to our appraisers, it is possibly a Xiantian level power technique, but unfortunately it is incomplete, however, it is also no less than an intermediate level power technique!”

Then he opened up the red cloth and everyone saw a somewhat tattered secret book. The inscription over it said 《Tyrant body technique》

(NT: this power technique will strengthen his body, like that of a tyrant level master)

“The minimum price for this 《Tyrant body technique》 has been set to two hundred low-grade spirit stones!” The old man in white robes said.

If it was a complete Xiantian level power technique then the price of two hundred lower-grade spirit stones was literally negligible compared to its actual worth and anyone would have eagerly paid for it. However it was an incomplete technique and could only be considered an intermediate power technique, which was a serious flaw and no one wanted to pay two hundred low-grade spirit stones for a mere intermediate power technique.

However this secret book was a waste of money (spirit stones) for others but for Ye Xiwen, this was a god sent gift. He had tried before and had successfully deduced the original missing parts of 'Celestial step' secret book. So as long as there were enough spirit stones in his possession, he would be able to completely deduce a Xiantian level power technique even if it was damaged or incomplete.

Right now, he just lacked a physical-training type power technique.

(NT: physical training=training the body; he has 'Celestial step' for agility, 'Cold moon beheader' is a blade technique and 'bright jade power' for cultivation)

“Three hundred and fifty low-grade spirit stones!” Ye Xiwen took the lead and shouted.

“Four hundred!” As Ye Xiwen's voice faded, a loud voice came from the VIP box.

“Four hundred and ten!” Ye Xiwen added ten more and said.

“Five hundred!” That honored guest in the VIP box added a larger number.

Five hundred low-grade spirit stones were enough to buy even some advanced power techniques; this honored guest had a lot of money but no better place to spend?

“Five hundred and fifty!” Ye Xiwen clenched his teeth and said.

“Six hundred!” The other party increased the bid yet again.

Only Ye Xiwen and the honored guest were left on the scene bidding for that secret book, and as far as those warriors were concerned, the cost of six hundred low-grade spirit stones to buy a damaged power technique was totally incomprehensible!

Regarding those honored guests sitting in the VIP box, they would highly unlikely buy a mere intermediate level power technique, so in the end, only Ye Xiwen and that other honored guest were bidding for the secret book.


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