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 Chapter 35 - Ambush

“Six hundred and fifty!” Ye Xiwen said and increased the bid yet again, although this amount was already quite high for a damaged power technique. Even a complete advanced power technique would only cost not more than one thousand low-grade spirit stones.

“Seven hundred!” The other side was definitely not short on money and increased the bid.

At this time, many people were already very excited as if watching a theatrical play.

“Eight hundred!” Ye Xiwen clenched his teeth and said, because this was the most he could pay for this secret book. And if the other party increased the bid then he would have no other choice but to give up, as going any far would be uneconomical for him.

“Bastard, who is this person daring to compete with me!” Inside the box, seeing that Ye Xiwen had unexpectedly continued to compete for the secret book, a young man got suddenly furious and threw down the teacup from his hand. He often liked to set the initial price on auction items and enjoyed others competing over them. However this time, Ye Xiwen had not just dared to compete with him but had also stolen the limelight by setting the initial bidding price for this item.

“I want to know who this guy really is, and then I will personally chop him into pieces!” The young man said.

Even though this item was an incomplete power technique but he did not care, he had decided to buy it on a whim, but someone had dared to openly challenge him and this had made him very angry.

“Young master, we cannot continue to bid because before coming here, your father had informed us that our goal is the Xiantian pellet which is going to be auctioned in few days. So compared to this damaged Xiantian power technique, a Xiantian pellet is much more important for you. As long as you can become a Xiantian master, our main objective will be achieved, however, if we spend too much on other auction items then I’m afraid we might get short on money for the Xiantian pellet!” The old man accompanying this young man admonished him.

“Let it be, the young master does not need to lower himself to his level, we have already seen his face, he has actually dared to challenge our young master, we will make him die a dog's death and in the end that item will fall into your hands, ha ha ha!” The several guards who were assigned to protect this young man said.

The young man didn't continue the bidding and Ye Xiwen finally bought the secret book for eight hundred low-grade spirit stones.

Ye Xiwen lightly patted the secret book, but after he had obtained this secret book, he discovered that the young man in the VIP box was unexpectedly the son of Great Qingcheng City lord, Zhao Qiyan. Great Qingcheng City lord had especially come to help Zhao Qiyan in obtaining the Xiantian pellet.

However even if he knew that the other party was not someone he could easily trifle wit but he still did not flinch. Yi Xiwen was not a soft person who would passively endure if someone was to bully him, and if the other party wanted to fight then he would definitely give them a hard time.

After the auction was over, he left the auction house, but only after a moment he sensed that someone was following him.

Suddenly Ye Xiwen felt tight in his heart, after arriving at the Tianyuan City, he certainly hadn't offended anyone. Then the only possibility could be that son of Great Qingcheng City lord, Zhao Qiyan.

Ye Xiwen stayed calm and collected and simply entered an alley.

Several figures revealed and were exactly that Zhao Qiyan's bodyguards.

“Experts?” Ye Xiwen was firmly staring at the Great Qingcheng experts, then in a blink of an eye, suddenly his figure disappeared which also shocked those bodyguards.

The four experts from Great Qingcheng city, who were previously concealing their presence, finally revealed themselves.

“Not good, don't let that kid get away, catch him!”

Immediately an expert of big stature advanced violently and chased after Ye Xiwen.

Although originally they were quite far enough from Ye Xiwen when he had vanished, but considering their speeds, this distance was really not too long. Only after a while, they appeared inside that alley where Ye Xiwen had disappeared to.

“How can he vanish like that, damn, don't tell me he had realized that we were tracking him!” A bodyguard said with frustration.

“No he didn't, we four had deliberately hidden our presence, also he was hundred meters away from us, so he couldn't possibly sense us!” Another bodyguard said.

“Not good, damn it, this kid was deliberately not hiding his presence, because he wanted us to let our guard down and reveal ourselves out in open!” A tall and strong bodyguard suddenly reacted and said.

The complexion of other three experts had slightly changed. These experts were all veterans, they were not fools and reacted quickly, although they didn't know if Ye Xiwen had intentionally concealed his presence or not, but there was still a possibility.

“Now, it's too late!” Ye Xiwen said in an icy cold voice, he was standing on a brick wall in the alley, “I never thought that the son of the Great Qingcheng City lord would actually do such a thing, and if the news about it spreads out then won't he turn into a laughing stock?”

Ye Xiwen frowned as he sensed that all of these four bodyguards were actually the masters of the Houtian ninth stage.

“Who do you think you are? You have dared to challenge our young master so be prepared for the worse kid!” A guard sneered and said.

“Stop talking nonsense and kill this kid, do not let the young master wait for too long!” Another guard said impatiently.

“Trying to kill me, with just four of you?” Ye Xiwen took few steps, and then his figure swept down the brick wall like a storm and rushed towards the four guards.

He pulled out his long blade and chopped down, and then appeared a violent Daoqi which instantly turned into nine blade shadows and spread into the sky. A bodyguard got surrounded by these blade shadows. (NT: Daoqi= blade qi)

“How is this possible!” A horrified look flashed in the eyes of that bodyguard, he was very scared in his heart because this blade attack was very frightening, and this kid had actually practiced his blade technique to the 'Dacheng' level?

Although these bodyguards had already reached the Houtian ninth stage, but not even one of them had practiced a technique to the 'Dacheng' level.

These masters were already at the ninth stage but their strengths was still lacking when compared to Ye Xiwen's monstrous strength. Although Ye Xiwen had only reached the eighth stage, but thanks to him practicing multiple Xiantian power techniques and consuming monkey liquor, he was already capable of contending against masters of the peak ninth stage. Unfortunately, these guards could never be his opponents because they had not even practiced the advanced power techniques.

“Puchi!” The bodyguard had no time to response and was directly cut in half by Ye Xiwen's blade attack. From the eyes of a bystander, it looked as if he simply stood there and allowed Ye Xiwen to kill him, however, the fact was that he was totally surrounded by Ye Xiwen's blade attack and had no way left to escape, he could only watch himself getting beheaded.

“Third brother!” The remaining three guards shouted with grief.

“Let's kill him together!” In a blink of an eye, a warrior of the ninth stage had been killed, so it was obvious that those guards felt immense horror in their hearts, but their intention to kill had also grown thicker. If this young enemy was already so powerful, then how much terrifying he might become in the future.

Immediately the three bodyguards stood in a formation creating a triangular envelop and pounced towards Ye Xiwen.

Ten or more steps away, each of these three bodyguards had drawn out a long blade and chopped out their blades towards Ye Xiwen.


(NT: i know its a cliffhanger, so wait a few more hours for chapter 36)

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