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Chapter 33 - Xiantian Pellet

Although there were more than twenty Xiantian experts in Yi Yuan School, but it took many years for the school to accumulate so many experts, in addition to that, Yi Yuan School was also backed by the great Yue state, which was one of the four major schools. It also possessed numerous resources and wealth which were far greater than other power when compared.

Generally speaking, it was not easy for dozens of warriors at the peak of Houtian ninth stage to step into the Xiantian realm, however, if Yi Yuan School held such a huge influence then the success rate would greatly enhance.

A Xiantian expert was good enough to become the city guard of a small city. Obviously, the status of a Xiantian expert was quite high and extraordinary in the eyes of people.

So, the one who had shouted this time was definitely the City lord.

"Ha ha, I had not expected that you still haven't refined a Xiantian pellet, I will come again next time!” A frivolous laughter soon shook the entire city.

So it was actually the Xiantian pellet!

Everyone knew that it was very difficult to become a Xiantian expert. One needed to first open up the bridge between heaven and earth, then second step was to break open the two meridians and allow the Zhen Qi to grow endlessly, then only one would be able to enter the Xiantian realm.

Only few experts could successfully enter the Xiantian realm, but there were some medicines to help in forcefully opening up the two meridians and Xiantian pellet was one of the most famous ones.

Naturally it was evident that a lot of Houtian realm warriors were going to have a bloody war competing over the Xiantian pellets.

The City lord was refining Xiantian pellets, and this news had spread throughout the city overnight.

For a long time, City lord Palace possessed the secret formula for refining Xiantian pellet, and had been secretly collecting the required medicinal ingredients. Now that the required ingredients had finally been collected, City lord had successfully refined Xiantian pellets.

Once this message was spread out, it would definitely attract many spies, especially a lot of Houtian ninth stage masters, who would definitely not miss this opportunity to get a Xiantian pellet.

Once a warrior entered into the Xiantian realm, his power would increase dramatically, and most importantly, his life force would also greatly enhance causing the life expectancy to increase to 200 years.

Many warriors of the Houtian ninth stage were anxious because their lives were slowly approaching towards exhaustion, and if they did not find a way to reach the Xiantian realm, they would eventually die of old age.

Whether it was to survive or to achieve great strength, these warriors would absolutely not let go of this chance to get a Xiantian pellet. So, there was going to be a bloody battle amongst them competing over this pellet.

Even Ye Xiwen was interested in this Xiantian pellet. Originally after finishing this escort mission, he had planned to return to the Yi Yuan School, but now he had decided to stay and take a look at the situation.

To Ye Xiwen, enhancing the strength was his top priority. Because at his current strength, it would be difficult for him to handle a master of the Houtian ninth stage, or even a Xiantian master.

Right now he was at the peak of Houtian seventh stage, one more step and he could break through to the Houtian eighth stage. After that, he would be able to fight against the masters of the Houtian ninth stage and even give them a tough battle.

For others, how could this breakthrough be so simple, but he had the 'Special space' and as long as there were enough spirit stones, breaking through to the Houtian eighth stage was simply not a problem for him.

Ye Xiwen soon entered into the 'special space' and started meditating. He started to practice the 《Bright Jade Power》, he did not know for how long the spirit stones continue to burn producing the ling qi which was continuously entering into the 'special space'.

Ye Xiwen started to get new insights about the 《Bright Jade Power》, which like a powerful torrent entered into his mind and caused a strong impact on the barrier of his current cultivation state.

As the time passed, his strength also went on increasing constantly.

“Boom!” He did not know how long it took for that torrent of information to completely break the barrier of his cultivation state.

His body produced crackling sound, all of his bones were colliding with each other, his body was covered with filth and he successfully reached the Houtian eighth stage. Fewer impurities oozed out of his body, compared to the last time, when he had broken through to the Houtian fourth stage.

Although he had cultivated for a night, he was still full of energy because he had broken through to the Houtian eighth stage and now his strength had directly reached the strength of seventy Tigers. His strength had experienced a rapid development and now he was capable of beheading even the warriors of Houtian ninth stage. Now he was powerful enough to participate in the coming Xiantian pellet competition.

Overnight, the message spread among the numerous warriors in the city.

“I never thought, City lord was actually secretly refining a Xiantian pellet!”

“Gee, wait until the City lord uses this Xiantian pellet, then there will be no room left for the City guard to dominate this city!”

“However this Xiantian pellet will attract many powerful experts, and even with the power of City lord, I’m afraid they will be unstoppable!”

In the morning, all the warriors were discussing about this matter at the inn.

“Gee, have you not seen, last night, several famous experts of peak Houtian ninth stage rushed into the city!”

“Absolutely, this morning, I saw that Great Qingcheng city lord personally came to request a Xiantian pellet for his only son!”

In a flash, a few days had already passed and the news had gradually spread far and wide like a huge fire, many famous masters had arrived, and this matter had even attracted the Great Qingcheng city lord, a Xiantian expert.

Qingfeng Mountain was located in the southwest region, far away from the central regions of Yue State, where a Xiantian expert would naturally attract the attention of everyone.

Great Qingcheng was the nearest city from Tianyuan city, its size and population were almost similar to that of Tianyuan City, and Qingcheng city lord was also a master of the Xiantian realm.

Great Qingcheng city lord had come for the sake of his only son, who had been a master of the peak Houtian ninth stage for a long time.

However, even if these famous masters had dared to arrive into the Tianyuan City, the City lord had still remained silent. Every night many experts would try to sneak into the City lord palace, although, most of them were quite miserable as City Lord Palace guards were very strict and would openly shoot arrows at them, killing many in the process.

One night, 23 experts, who were trying to cause trouble, were killed at the City lord Palace,.

Ye Xiwen was not too much concerned about this matter because he was concentrating on consolidating his newly obtained stage.

In the room, Ye Xiwen took a long breath and opened his eyes. He had fully consolidated the newly obtained realm, and had also successfully pushed to middle of Houtian eighth stage. Now he could easily face the masters of peak Houtian ninth stage.

However he had already consumed fifteen hundred low-grade spirit stones, leaving only four thousand five hundred in his stock.


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