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Ye Xiwen was walking up the peak step by step. One couldn't refrain from flying inside the True Martial University, because one's legs would break if one tried to walk to travel inside the huge university. However, this was the only time when it was considered necessary to walk with absolute sincerity in one's heart.

Ye Xiwen ascended in light steps, and when he reached the top, a young man suddenly came to stand in front of him. He was roughly over 20 years of age. His eyebrows were straight and slanted upwards. His gaze was as sharp as a sword and his eyes resembled stars. He was tall and handsome. The heroic spirit thrived upon this person, as was visible from his facial features. He was clad in a white robe and appeared quite carefree and at ease.

"Are you Ye Xiwen?" the man asked.

"Yes," Ye Xiwen nodded.

"Come with me!" the man didn't say any words of rejection. This made Ye Xiwen feel relaxed, and he heaved a sigh of relief.

"I am Bai Jian Song. I am the third disciple of this generation of Hidden Star Peak. Now, you are also a disciple of our Hidden Star Peak. There are two more disciples who had arrived earlier than you," Bai Jian Song said.

"Nice to meet you, Third brother," Ye Xiwen cupped his hands in greetings and asked in astonishment, "Isn't there any need of assessment?"

"What kind of assessment? We only have a few people. If we were to take an assessment, there would be nobody left. Out of so many people who join the True Martial University, where will the inferior talent go? Many peerless geniuses come out of small regions and the ones with good aptitude are chosen among the top picks!" Bai Jian Song didn't hide anything. He was not worried that Ye Xiwen would be scared away.

Who in the entire True Martial University didn't know about the current situation of Hidden Star Peak? It could be said that there was nothing good to hide in the first pace. Long ago, a large number of disciples used to arrive at the Hidden Star Peak every term.

The reason was quite simple. Although Hidden Star Peak could be said to have declined many years ago, its heritage was 'Hidden Star Scriptures', after all. It was considered the finest power technique of True Martial University. So much so that once upon a time, someone had become an invincible character after practicing the Hidden Star Scripture, and was ranked among one of the best of True Martial University. During its strong time, the Hidden Star Peak was ranked one among the Top 10 Great Inheritances and was known to have wealthy and illustrious big shots. However, a lot of experts diedin that war, which laid the seeds of its decline at a very fast speed.

Originally however, only a few people had practiced this top-notch power technique. Those people collectively died and as a result, the Hidden Star Scripture was severed from the inheritance.

However, the Hidden Star scripture still had a chance of reappearing, because it was believed that the Hidden Star Peak had a 'Star Gazing Cliff' on its top. One could actually see the traces of an almighty martial principle, left behind since ancient times on this cliff. It was said that the founder of the Hidden Star Peak had obtained enormous inspiration from these traces. Afterwards, he had formed the Hidden Star Scripture.

The existence of this star cliff was an indication that some people still had the opportunity to comprehend the Hidden Star Scripture. As a result, a lot of people used to arrive on this peak, only to leave in disappointment in the end.

Then slowly everyone lost their interest in the Hidden Star Peak, because the other prominent peaks didn't exactly have inferior power techniques in comparison to the Hidden Star Scripture. Moreover, there was no guarantee that after thousands of years of dormancy, they would be able to readily comprehend it one day. So why would they want to join the Hidden Star Peak just for the Hidden Star Scripture?

As a result, each generation of the Hidden Star Peak only had 2-3 disciples. In the most miserable times, the peak would only have one disciple as their sole descendant.

Ye Xiwen looked at the third brother Bai Jian Song. His aura was restrained, yet unfathomably profound. A transcendental aura was overflowing from his body in the surroundings.

Ye Xiwen's pupils suddenly contracted. This kind of aura was not of the sage realm, but was actually of the half-step sage realm. With this kind of cultivation, he could become a powerful figure in a small inheritance. Although the Hidden Star Peak was known to have declined many years ago, it was clearly much stronger than his imagination.

The opposite party was merely two realms ahead of him but his cultivation had already reached such a tyrannical point. This was simply hard to imagine. (1)

"Third brother, I have offended the people of Law Enforcement Hall. I am afraid that it will also bring some trouble to you," Ye Xiwen decided to tell the truth.

"If we are not afraid of them, then what are you afraid of? Law Enforcement Hall, humph, for all those years, they have been too arrogant and have overstepped their bounds. They have enslaved many of university's disciples to devote their lives to them. Their fate is indeed dark!" Bai Jian Song said. "Since you have joined the Hidden Star Peak, you have become a disciple of this peak. If the Law Enforcement Hall's members dare to come here looking for you, they will definitely be courting death!"

Bai Jian Song opened his mouth and faintly released a tyrannical aura in the surroundings. He had an invincible self-confidence. Ye Xiwen speculated that this third brother perhaps was not an ordinary person.

"Since you have joined us, I must tell you the rules of the Hidden Star Peak. Our rules are quite simple. You are not allowed to deceive the teachers and you are not allowed to injure the disciples of the same peak. Apart from this, we will not mind anything you do!" Bai Jian Song explained. "Presently, the Hidden Star Peak has six disciples including you. If you count the master, we are seven people altogether."

Ye Xiwen smiled wryly. The Hidden Star Peak did really have only a few disciples. They were so small in number that altogether there were only seven people. Basically, it could only be considered a mini martial art sect.

"The Eldest brother was the first one to arrive on this peak. He has been following master since childhood. The second to join was a female disciple. She is our Second Sister called Liu Yan Lan. She is current undergoing closed-door training. Since the Eldest Brother and master are not present, and Second Sister is busy training, thus all the matters of the Hidden Star Peak are being handled by me now. Under me is your Four Brother Yang Wen Jun and your Fifth Sister Deng Shui Xin. They arrived before you."

Bai Jian Song gave the complete introduction of the peak and as expected, there were not too many people. It was a bit pitiful.

Ye Xiwen followed Bai Jian Song and both of them quickly arrived at the crest of the Hidden Star Peak. Two individuals were already waiting there.

One of them was clad in a colorful robe and was a bit taller than Ye Xiwen. He had thick eyebrows and big eyes, and there was a smile on his square face.

Beside him was a young woman of almost 20 years of age. She was clad in a green long dress and her skin was fairer than snow. Her pointed chin and her small curved eyebrows were complimenting her beauty. Her big watery eyes made her look extremely cute and charming.

Ye Xiwen understood that they must be the fourth and the fifth disciples Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin.

"Third brother, is he our new young disciple? Very good! I am not the youngest one so you cannot order me to do anything!" Deng Shui Xin had a tender gruff smile on her small face. She looked somewhat excited.

"You talk as though we order you around all the time," Yang Wen Jun said, somewhat helplessly.

"It is nice to meet you, Fourth Brother and Fifth Sister," Ye Xiwen said as he cupped his hands in greetings. He saw that they were not bad at heart, and he therefore formed good opinions about them.

The cultivation of his two fellow disciples was not shallow either. They must have been at the peak of legendary's ninth stage, and soon would step into the half-step sage realm. Then their cultivation would become extremely tyrannical.

"Well, you will have plenty of time to talk later. Now at first, I am going to find the 'Star Gazing Cliff' with the Sixth Brother!" Bai Jian Song said, interrupting Ye Xiwen's train of thoughts.

With Bai Jian Song leading the way, Ye Xiwen proceeded towards the sacred land of the Hidden Star Peak where the 'Star Gazing Cliff' was located. The entire Hidden Star Peak once used to thrive because of this cliff.

The 'Star Gazing Cliff' looked similar to any other ordinary cliff. However, Bai Jian Song said, "We cannot see any clues during the day time. We will have to wait till the evening. I am sure that this Star Gazing Cliff will change at that time!"

Just when the evening was nearing, the curtain of night fell to completely cover the earth. A burst of stars' power illuminated in the sky and was unexpectedly absorbed by the face of the cliff. At this time, the face of the Star Gazing Cliff began to change slowly before Ye Xiwen's eyes. It gradually began to look different from before. The silhouette of a person began to sway, and it appeared as if an expert was practicing some kind of peerless martial arts.

Also, it seemed as if someone was chanting the sutras to explain the world's most exceptional mysteries. Ye Xiwen gradually became lost in thoughts, and his mysterious space began to operate crazily. Ye Xiwen immediately began to break down the 'truth and reasoning behind the evolution', which was being projected upon the face of the Star Gazing Cliff.

Bai Jian Song was standing nearby and actually saw Ye Xiwen falling into a meditative state, as if trying to comprehend the essentials. He was surprised. One must know that the Star Gazing Cliff had been standing erect over here for god knows how many years. It was hard to tell till when it would remain like this. However even after so many years, the comprehension of the Hidden Star Scripture from the Star Gazing Cliff had always been a part of the legends. Most people perceived this cliff as a piece of mountain that shone in the night and nothing more. The Hidden Star Peak was considered as a broken inheritance because besides the first generation's founder, no one had been able to comprehend the Hidden Star Scripture from the Star Gazing Cliff.

The Hidden Star Peak had remained in decline for so many years. But finally, the peak's master had arrived. He had slowly started restoring a portion of the Hidden Star Scripture little by little. However, even after all these years of effort, the Hidden Star Peak only showed a little improvement. The Eldest disciple was also able to comprehend a part of the Hidden Star Scripture with the help of the Star Gazing Cliff. These two men had tried their best to restore the Hidden Star Scripture. They would mutually verify with each other and join the broken parts of their own comprehension. They believed that the day was not very far when the Hidden Star Scripture would be completely restored.

Now it turned out that the Sixth disciple of the Hidden Star Peak was capable of comprehending the traces of martial arts on the Star Gazing Cliff. Could it be that the heavens had decided to return the glory to the Hidden Star Peak after innumerable years?

Bai Jian Song could not control the excitement on his face after he saw this. How many geniuses had been able to comprehend the Star Gazing Cliff before? Was this an indication that something big was about to happen?

[I didn't expect that Ye Xiwen would have this kind of talent. Hidden Star Peak has picked him up for quite a cheap price.]

Bai Jian Song immediately sat down cross-legged near Ye Xiwen. He laid out a protective barrier so that no one would disturb Ye Xiwen while he comprehended. This kind of an opportunity to comprehend principles was rare. In fact, most people would never get this type of an opportunity in their lifetime. It was entirely dependent on one's stroke of luck.

However, Bai Jian Song was not aware of the existence of the mysterious space in Ye Xiwen's mind. Thanks to the existence of the mysterious space, Ye Xiwen could continue to comprehend unceasingly.

As far as Ye Xiwen was concerned, his mysterious space was just helping him in comprehending principles. This was not a huge mystical matter for him.

As long as there were sufficient Spirit Dans (2), there would be no problem at all.

At this time, stars were forming and exploding one by one inside Ye Xiwen's mind. It was just like the Big Bang of the universe; an unceasing cycle of life and death.

During the birth and death of these stars, Ye Xiwen's comprehension of the star power continued to increase slowly.

(To be continued)

Ye Xiwen is in half-step legendary realm. The third disciple is in half-step sage realm. Ye Xiwen needs to jump two realms to reach the third disciple's level.

Ling Dan = Spirit Dan

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