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Stars were taking birth and exploding at the same time. It seemed as if Ye Xiwen had placed himself in a huge universe where he appeared so tiny.

Ye Xiwen was so tiny in this huge universe, that he was like a grain of dust particle drifting with the flow, while the stars seemed to be exploding on his sides.

It seemed as if something had exploded inside Ye Xiwen's mind. He was having some sort of enlightenment, and the mysterious space was operating crazily.

The loud sound of chanting scriptures almost perturbed the soul and consciousness of Ye Xiwen. However, he kept reading aloud patiently in his mind.

For an ordinary person, it was impossible to maintain this deep-seated state of enlightenment for so long. This kind of state simply could not be sustained.

The sound of chanting scriptures was quite fuzzy. One had to listen carefully many times in order to have only a vague understanding. This was also the reason why the Hidden Star Peak's master and the eldest disciple had been enlightened before. However, they didn't know any way to confirm that what they had heard was correct or not. In order to find out the correct version of the scripture, they had to mutually verify and proofread the outcomes of each other's comprehensions.

However, Ye Xiwen was different. He could be in the perfect state of enlightenment for a long time. As long as there was enough chance for him to stick to doing it, the mysterious space could unceasingly analyze those traces of martial arts for him.

At this time, certainly, the consumption of the spirit energy (1) had also reached an astonishing level. Almost every second, he had to consume ten Spirit Dans. At this consumption rate, even the amount of Spirit Dans that he possessed would not have lasted for too long.

Considering Ye Xiwen's cultivation, the Hidden Star Scripture was extremely profound. He didn't have the means to comprehend most of it. Presently, he was feeling quite agitated. The unknown silhouette of the almighty senior had been constantly repeating the same scriptures over and over again in front of him.

It was not clear or completely remembered since how long Ye Xiwen had been listening to the same scriptures over and over again. He also realized that it was perhaps the complete version of the Hidden Star Scripture. Moreover, it was comparable to the complete version which had been comprehended and practiced by the founder of the Hidden Star Peak.

Ye Xiwen was not aware of what exactly lay in the original Hidden Star Scripture that had been handed down in the very beginning, but he also knew that apart from him, no one else could stay under this high-intensity epiphany for such a long time.

Although Ye Xiwen had a feeling that that fuzzy figure was chanting scriptures for him, it was nothing but a futile attempt. The recited text was full of vague concepts and even remembering one sentence would be considered pretty well. In addition to this, there were many ambiguous spots in it.

Ye Xiwen didn't know how many times he had listened to the scriptures and how many times the mysterious space had analyzed them. Only after that, he dared to be certain that he had heard the final version.

As for the comprehension of the Hidden Star Scripture, Ye Xiwen finally came up with a preliminary concept. This Hidden Star Scripture must be an extraordinary power technique left behind by an almighty being which utilized the great cycle of the world and the universe to draw the power of the universe. Then, it would use the power of the universe to temper and refine oneself every day and every night. It was an unusually extraordinary practice. If practiced to the deepest level, with just a gesture of one's hand, one could break the universe or cause the stars to explode. It was so very terrifying.

Certainly, this was the complete version of the Hidden Star Scripture, otherwise it would be impossible to practice it to such an extent.

While Ye Xiwen was continuously listening to the Hidden Star Scripture and getting clearer insights, on the outside the power of the stars had begun to gradually shine upon Ye Xiwen's body from the night sky. It had spread out a layer of silvery white cloth on his body.

With Ye Xiwen's comprehension of the Hidden Star Scripture nearing completion, the power of the stars in the sky was rising crazily and was frantically illuminating his body. His body had absorbed the starlight which had slowly taken the shape of a gigantic storm.

The power of the stars had condensed to form a storm.

Bai Jian Song was startled as he saw this strange form of Ye Xiwen. He couldn't understand what had just happened to produce such a loud noise. He quickly laid out a huge enchantment barrier to cover Ye Xiwen from all sides, not allowing the strange form from divulging.

Immediately, he felt a burst of ecstasy because he could see that Ye Xiwen had clearly comprehended the 'Hidden Star Scripture'. It was only possible to draw out the power of the stars which was crazily illuminating upon him after one had practiced the Hidden Star Scripture,.

Since Ye Xiwen had comprehended the Hidden Star Scripture, he was hoping that now it would be possible to restore its full version with his help.

He didn't know that Ye Xiwen had not only comprehended the Hidden Star Scripture, but also that his comprehension had been more complete and esoteric than that of the founder of the Hidden Star Peak.

Bai Jian Song remained silent and didn't dare to disturb the comprehension process of Ye Xiwen. However, he was very delighted.

For Ye Xiwen, the Hidden Star Scripture had an enormous reference value. However, this was not the road that he must take.

The Hidden Star Scripture would help him in accumulating experience to the utmost. It could allow him to borrow the strength of the heavens to run amuck. He could be fearless and exceptional, but his limitless path of hegemony was in conflict with it.

Because the road on which Ye Xiwen was walking, required his body to be strong until he could break all the shackles - to achieve the supreme existence.

In other words, the Hidden Star Scripture would follow the path of primordial spirit method, whereas Ye Xiwen used corporeal body method. These two methods were entire different.

Although the Hidden Star Scripture also had a method to temper one's body using the power of the stars, it was in the final phase of the primordial spirit method.

For other people, perhaps it could be said that they didn't have any relation with this method because they could not come in contact with a matter of this level. However, for Ye Xiwen, it was only a matter of choice.

Although Ye Mo was only a spirit, he had followed his master for far too long and knew a lot of things. Most of these things would be considered extremely mysterious for others, but it was casual for Ye Mo to know all this.

Under Ye Mo's influence, Ye Xiwen had come to know about a lot of things which were simply unknown to other people.

In the distant past, there used to be a powerful group of cultivators. They used primordial spirit method to realize the heavenly law. Ultimately, they placed their own primordial spirit above the heavenly law in order to achieve immortality. However, they had vanished a long time ago, and at least were considered rare in Zhen Wu Jie (2). They were replaced by the rising martial experts, who walked on a completely different road.

Those cultivators saw the entire universe as one circle. Moreover, they integrated themselves with the heavenly law to become a part of it. What they practiced was a completely different method. The martial warriors used another method in which they viewed their own corporeal body as a small circle to become a small universe themselves.

Although the complete version of the Hidden Star Scripture was extremely powerful, it was an entirely different path for Ye Xiwen.

It was a path that Ye Xiwen could not choose.

"Ye Xiwen, this is a superb opportunity. You are in this rare state of enlightenment!" Ye Mo said. "If you don't want to practice the Hidden Star Scripture, then I suggest you take the advantage of this opportunity to create your own power technique!"

Ye Xiwen knew what Ye Mo was trying to say. In fact, Ye Xiwen had been practicing the 'Bright Jade technique' from the beginning until now. It certainly was not the original version of the 'Bright Jade Technique'. Rather, he had been constantly strengthening it for such a long time that it had already changed beyond recognition. Ye Xiwen regarded the 'Bright Jade Technique' as a valued, fair and honest technique in his arsenal. No matter which power technique he practiced, all of them were incorporated inside the orbit of the 'Bright Jade Technique'. Although Ye Xiwen had learnt several secret techniques, including those belonging to non-human races as well, he could wander freely without any inconvenience, thanks to the tolerant nature of the 'Bright Jade Technique'. (3)

Ye Xiwen had practiced a lot of power techniques which were incomparably overbearing. If not for the harmonious nature of the 'Bright Jade Technique', it would have been difficult for him to manage his injuries. This was the reason why even though he had obtained a lot of opportunities to practice even more formidable power techniques, he hadn't budged from his choice.

However, the 'Bright Jade Technique' was too low a starting point. It was merely a Xiantian level power technique. When the starting point itself was too low, even strengthening it further wouldn't work well. In fact, he had slowly become unable to keep up with Ye Xiwen's pace. He had finally become aware that the 'Bright Jade Technique' was merely a water jar; no matter how much effort was put to strengthen it, it could never become an ocean.

It had been dragging down the pace of his progress. It was time to change it for good.

In the outside world, the day had already received the first glimmer of light. The starlight had also gradually dissipated in the sky. The power of the stars which had assembled frantically had also disseminated gradually.

However, Ye Xiwen's strange form actually hadn't reduced even a bit. On the contrary, it changed once again. Originally, only the power of the stars was being absorbed by him. However, right now, a cosmic aura was overflowing from his body. He was no longer absorbing the power of the stars. On the contrary, his body was actually emitting out the power of the stars.

Ye Xiwen's body started emitting more and more powerful rays of light. His entire body began to appear like a huge star that was emitting endless rays of light, as if illuminating the entire universe.

Ye Xiwen's imposing aura surged up and finally reached the peak. At this time, the protective barrier which had been laid out by Bai Jian Song somewhat trembled, and Ye Xiwen suddenly opened his eyes.

"Finally, it's complete! 'Observing Person Scripture' First Layer!" (4)

Inside Ye Xiwen's Dantian, a small dazzling Sun was floating calmly and was illuminating his entire Dantian.

(To be continued)

Ling Dan = Spirit Dan

Ling qi = Spirit energy

Zhen Wu Jie is the name of the continent this story is currently based in.

Bright Jade Technique a.k.a 'Ming Yu Technique' was the first power technique practiced by Ye Xiwen. Please check the first few chapters to learn more about it.

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