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Ye Xiwen was amazed. There were two factors which defined the meaning of a genius. In fact, one factor was enough for an expert to stand out among his peers. Moreover, an expert who possessed both the factors had not yet emerged. If such an expert were to make an appearance, then they would be sure to become an overnight celebrity.

"Some mutations occur because of the flow of the blood of other races in one's body. For example, a person with a heavenly phoenix body must have the phoenix's blood running within the body!" Ye Mo said. "This kind of person is very difficult to deal with when he appears. However, you need not worry as your 'gilded tyrant form' is not bad. If you practice it to the pinnacle level, then it will be sufficient to help you fight them. You may even surpass the very founder of this strange technique!"

Ye Xiwen nodded. His 'gilded tyrant form' was indeed exceptional. Once he had crossed the first layer of the 'gilded tyrant form', he had almost perfected this technique himself. Even then, he didn't dare to claim credit for it. This was because for the successful practice of his 'gilded tyrant form', at least half the credit had to be attributed to the first layer of 'tyrant body technique'. As they say, no matter how tall a building is, if its foundation isn't solid, then it would be nothing more than a shabby building built on soybean dregs.

Ye Xiwen had merely patched the existing power technique. He hadn't really tried to create a power technique of his own.

However, thanks to the 'gilded tyrant form', Ye Xiwen had never fallen into a disadvantageous situation when it came to his body's toughness, except when he had to fight much stronger opponents. Otherwise, he would've often had an upper hand in the fights, thanks to his formidable gilded body.

However, the emergence of these special physiques had made Ye Xiwen feel somewhat excited. Earlier, he hadn't known about the existence of people with special physiques. He only knew that the 'Great Asura body' was considered to be the strongest body type in the Devil World. He used to think that sooner or later, he would have to fight the devil with the 'Great Asura Body. However, he had never thought that he would soon get an opportunity to fight people who had special physiques.

"Although those people have extraordinary physiques and are quite hard to deal with, it can be said that they are walking on a rather narrow road. If they cannot find an authentic road to follow, with an appropriate power technique to assist them along the way, then their so-called special physiques will go to waste. Moreover, they might even end up being inferior to us!"

"Indeed, indeed. Even among those experts whose names can move the entire world, these people with special physiques are very few in numbers. In fact, the majority of them are ordinary people like us!"

The others agreed one by one to what had just been said. Even after knowing how powerful the people with special physiques could be, they still didn't want to give in to their awe-inspiring might.

Ye Xiwen nodded. Although the people with special physiques were fierce, they were very few in numbers, possibly one in millions.

"No matter what, we are still going to sign up in the university. If we can pass the assessment, we will be able to progress as martial artists by using those big inheritances to our advantage!"

"Those big inheritances are good, but I am afraid that if we enter them, we will have to start from the bottom level. In that case, will there really be any difference between us and those 'Registered Name' disciples? It is better to join the small inheritances. I agree that they have been left behind by the experts of the Sage realm. However, we will at least get to cultivate for the rest of our lives, until we enter the Sage realm. Once that happens, we may even be regarded as the elite crop!"

Everyone had their own opinions. Ye Xiwen also felt somewhat dizzy after seeing so many inheritances. Each inheritance had its own 'background' of considerable degree. In fact, it could be said that the backgrounds of most of these inheritances were far above Yi Yuan School's.

Days passed one by one until one month had already passed in the blink of an eye. Most people had already found the inheritances that suited them.

Only Ye Xiwen had not been able to find one. He had come across many suitable inheritances, but as soon as they would find out his identity, they immediately rejected him. Although his reputation among these new disciples was not the most dazzling one, it was still quite good. Except Ye Xiwen, almost all the new disciples who had burst through the city gate to enter it had been selected by tyrannical inheritances.

Over time, Ye Xiwen also became thoroughly famous as someone with excellent aptitude, who was being shunned by the major inheritances.

Slowly some rumors and slanders began to circulate among the new disciples.

"That Ye Xiwen is indeed unfortunate. Among the new disciples, he is easily among the top hundred incredible ones. In the past, he used to be regarded as a treasured individual, but now he is nothing more than a weed that nobody wants!"

"This is not so because he has offended the members of the Law Enforcement Hall, but rather because he killed a law enforcement disciple. That disciple was not really important, but by killing him, Ye Xiwen has invoked the wrath of the Law Enforcement Hall. How will people dare to accept him now?"

"Yes! The small inheritances cannot afford to offend Law Enforcement Hall and the big inheritances don't wish to offend them for just one individual. It is quite unfortunate for a talent like him. It is said that in his journey he has killed many arrogant masters all the way. He certainly wouldn't have thought that his fate would be to end up like this!"

"However, the fact is that the members of Law Enforcement Hall are wrong. These people intercepted a new disciple like Ye Xiwen at the Ying Xin City gate in order to kill him. If he had died an untimely death, then shouldn't one ask them for an explanation? How is that not unreasonable of them?"

"Humph! These Law Enforcement Hall's members have always been oppressive and tyrannical. They wield the laws of True Martial University. Those who obey the laws will prosper and those who try to go against them will die. An ordinary person cannot dare to annoy them, or they would forever be on bad terms with the Law Enforcement Hall. This time they didn't act against Ye Xiwen because Ying Xin City's Lord acted as his guarantor, or the Law Enforcement Hall would have captured and executed him on the spot! However, the members of the Law Enforcement Hall have still managed to make it impossible for Ye Xiwen to join any inheritances. I must say that their management power is quite amazing. If things go on like this, Ye Xiwen would sadly have no choice but to leave!"

"Excuse me, Young Disciple Ye, but you do not meet the criteria on which we are recruiting new disciples!"

Precious jade and stones were used to pave the main mountain road. The dense fog was emitting a faint light and together with the spiritual energy, it made the entire mountain range seem like paradise on earth.

Ye Xiwen walked up the stone steps and then down. His countenance showed indifference. One simply couldn't tell that he had been rejected once again. The people in the surroundings were looking strangely at him, as they couldn't tell whether he was happy or sad. Their gazes didn't affect his mood either.

"These people are simply lower than dogs. This True Martial University is no big deal!" Ye Mo said indignantly. He favored Ye Xiwen and had also selected Ye Xiwen to become the next Devil. However, even a small inheritance was not willing to take him in. This was a matter of extraordinary shame and humiliation for Ye Mo.

Ye Xiwen didn't say anything in response. When he had been rejected for the first time, he had felt anger. At present, he was just calm and indifferent. This month had been enough for him to think a lot of things through. The Law Enforcement Hall truly had great influence inside True Martial University. The true extent of their power was hard to imagine. No wonder Ying Xin City's Lord had such a sorry look on his face.

However, if given the opportunity, he would choose the same path once again. He would change nothing. If he started flinching at the first sight of a small bit of difficulty, then his path would never improve.

Experts faced many difficulties on their way. They had to firmly hold on to their beliefs in order to overcome all the obstacles on the way and move forward with conviction.

Ye Xiwen descended from the mountain peak and moved on to another. In contrast to the mountain peak from a while ago, which had a jade pavement and magical energy floating in the air, this mountain peak looked fairly mediocre. The road going uphill was neither renovated nor maintained. One could see that weeds had piled up on the road all the way to the hilltop. This was because no one bothered that the entire road was submerged in weeds all year round. No disciples could be seen flying around in the sky here, unlike other peaks. All these things were indicated that this peak had already declined.

"Ye Xiwen is climbing the Hidden Star Peak!"

Seeing Ye Xiwen set foot on this ancient peak, a lot of people became suddenly concerned about this unusual turn of events.

"Hidden Star Peak. Are you talking about the Hidden Star Peak which has been hanging at the end of the Top 100 Inheritances for countless years?"

"Yes, I am talking about that Hidden Star Peak! But, I have heard that the Hidden Star Peak used to be extremely rich and powerful once. However, the experts of the Hidden Star Peak later put together their main forces and fought a hard war with foreign beings. The war resulted in the demise of all the experts. This triggered the decline of Hidden Star Peak. The Hidden Star Scriptures were also lost after the war. Without the Hidden Star Scriptures, the Hidden Star Peak naturally declined with time. For thousands of years, it has managed to barely hang at the end of the Top 100 Inheritances. Although it is still counted in the Top 100 Inheritances, perhaps its background is no more than that of an ordinary inheritance!"

"In addition, the temperament of all the disciples on this peak is eccentric. It's not advisable to provoke them!"

"But I think that this trip of Ye Xiwen will also go in vain. The Law Enforcement Hall has already announced that whoever recruits Ye Xiwen shall be offending them in the process. The Hidden Star Peak declined countless years ago, and is unlikely to offend the Law Enforcement Hall for the sake of Ye Xiwen! "

As far as these comments were concerned, Ye Xiwen had turned a deaf ear to them long ago. Earlier, he had read through the information booklet and learnt about the Hidden Star Peak as well as its location. If the Hidden Star Peak didn't possess such a glorious history, then he would never have shown any interest in it.

Ye Xiwen was naturally proud. He carried several exceptional inheritances which had secretly been transmitted to him. Every one of them was sufficient to turn into a peak level inheritance in its own. The ordinary inheritances couldn't attract his attention at all. The Hidden Star Peak was his final stop. If he failed to get accepted here as well, then he would choose to leave True Martial University. Not to mention that those small inheritances would most likely also choose not to offend the Law Enforcement Hall.

Ye Xiwen followed along a dirt road to go uphill through a meadow. This road was not paved with jades or precious stones. He could tell that nobody had taken care of this road in a very long time. It was not hard to tell that there weren't many disciples in the Hidden Star Peak. From the looks of it, he noticed that this peak didn't even have odd-jobs for disciples for maintenance.

Almost everywhere along the sides of the road, one could clearly see the ruins of magnificent houses, which had apparently belonged to the disciples of the Hidden Star Peak during its golden age.

According to the provisions of the True Martial University, besides the members of a particular inheritance, only a few of the elite disciples were allowed to live on the main peak. A majority of the disciples were supposed to live in the huge city surrounded by True Martial Mountain Range. Within the city, many inheritances had their own designated areas where their disciples used to practice.

However, the Hidden Star Peak was left with only two or three disciples and even they did not wish to live on the main peak. They had no choice but to live in the city.

(To be continued)

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