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Chapter 32 - Tianyuan City

Sun had set and the team had finally arrived at Tianyuan City at night.

Being a city of two hundred thousand people, the walls were very tall, a full ten meters in height, and after arriving at night they saw many pedestrians on the streets.

After their encounter with the Qingfeng Stronghold bandits, the team was being very careful in the route to Tianyuan City but did not encounter any danger and had successfully arrived at Tianyuan City.

After the group had arrived outside the city gate, Wangde Ying cupped one hand into the other across the chest and said: “This time you all have worked hard, we will pay everyone properly as promised, injured and killed people will get additional compensation!”

“Senior you are so polite, this is something we do for living!”

Suddenly many warriors said to Wangde Ying, in any case, arriving safely at Tianyuan City could be considered as completing the mission successfully. Although they had not expected being attacked by Qingfeng Stronghold bandits, but after that they didn't encounter anymore bandits because seeing such a big parade, bandits didn't dare to approach them.

They started lining up to enter the Tianyuan City gate.

“Wait a minute, what are those things you are carrying, I want to check!” This time, a thirty year old officer came over with few soldiers.

“Head officer, we are the escort team from Qingfeng trading firm!” Wangde Ying said.

“I don't care who you people are, I will inspect all the goods before you take them inside the city, to confirm that there are no illegal items inside!” The officer said rudely.

“Please don't joke around head officer, these things have been sent by Qingfeng trading firm so they are possibly be contraband goods!” Wangde Ying smiled and said.

“I have already decided, brothers, search for me!” The officer commanded.

“Head officer, I do not know whose slanderous talks you are listening to, however, these herbs belong to the City Lord palace, are you sure you still want to inspect?” Sensing the threatening attitude of head officer, Wangde Ying also stopped showing any signs of weakness.

“City Lord Palace my ass, it is the Laozi Government which protects the city not the City Lord Palace, so go away otherwise do no blame me for being impolite!” The officer threatened.

Wangde Ying's complexion suddenly become gloomy as this officer unexpectedly belonged to the City Guard Government. City Guard Government and City Lord Palace were the two major systems active in the city. Some cities in Yue State were under the control of both the City Guard Government and City Lord Palace and some were individually ruled by each.

Generally speaking, City Lord Palace and City Guard Government were not on good terms. Struggle for power was a common thing, although in theory the city belonged to the City lord but City Guard Government was also working behind the scenes. So who actually was the in charge of the entire city depended on their individual strengths.

This situation was quite common in remote cities like Tianyuan City.

“Phew!” Head officer suddenly heard a sharp piercing sound and arrived a sharp arrow flying and instantly shot through his head.

“Bang!” The officer’s head exploded, red and white brains scattered everywhere.

“Idiot, a petty officer like you dares to look down upon City Lord Palace!” A cold voice came over, “People from Qingfeng trading firm, sorry, I’m late!”

Everyone looked surprised, from a distance a group of people were walking slowly towards them, this group was being led by a 20 years old youth who was clad in a Chinese gown, holding a bow in his hands.

“Not at all, but I did not expect for the third son to personally come to receive us!” Wangde Ying bowed and said.

“This is the third son of City Lord, Xu Zhen!” The warriors said who knew about him.

“He is the genius son of City Lord, although he is just twenty five years old and is already at the peak of Houtian eighth stage!”

“Peak of Houtian eight stage, my God!”

“The killing of the head officer had already caused the City Lord Palace and City Guard government to become incompatible like fire and water!”

Many warriors were amazed, even at the Yi Yuan School those who were able to achieve such results at this age were considered genius.

Ye Xiwen also glanced at the third son who looked like a firm character, as he had instantly killed that officer mercilessly without thinking twice.

“My father was busy, so I came over, this escort mission of herbal medicine must have been hard for you all!” Xu Zhen said while smiling.

“This time we encountered Qingfeng Stronghold bandits, if not for Ye Xiwen, a disciple from Yi Yuan School, we would have been in danger for sure!” Wangde Ying said, “Ye Xiwen is the champion from this year's competition at Yi Yuan School!”

“So he is the outstanding disciple from Yi Yuan School, no wonder no wonder!” After hearing in detail about the bandit incident from Wangde Ying, Xu Zhen could not help but feel amazed at Ye Xiwen's outstanding performance.

Yi Yuan School had a illustrious reputation in this neighborhood, and being able to become a champion among the inner disciples was not easy feat , there was no doubt that he was a true genius.

“We will now advance into the city!” Xu Zhen said.

Ye Xiwen walked into the city and the escorted herbs were sent to City Lord Palace.

Everyone was settled in an inn and after having dinner, Ye Xiwen got the reward as agreed before. Three thousand low-grade spirit stones, a special reward of one thousand low-grade spirit stones from Qingfeng trading firm as well as two thousand low-grade spirit stones as bonus from City Lord Palace because he had beheaded Chen Hu, who was an infamous bandit, so naturally there was a huge bounty on him.

All of a sudden, he had earned a total of six thousand low-grade spirit stones. This amount was quite huge for other core disciples, but for him it was just a temporary relief.

With these six thousand low-grade spirit stones, the 'Missing moon beheader' could be practiced to 'Xiaocheng' level then he would be able to chop out a series of seven blades and the attack power would also increase twice. Then he would be able to fight confidently even against a master of Houtian ninth stage.

For others, these spirit stones were only to assist the cultivation and nothing more, but for Ye Xiwen, as long as there were enough spirit stones, his cultivation would continue to increase rapidly and breaking into the next stage would not be a problem.

“Bold, who unexpectedly dares to rush into the City Lord Palace!”

Ye Xiwen was going to start cultivating but suddenly he heard a loud shout which suddenly burst over the whole city and spread far and wide in all directions.

Ye Xiwen suddenly reacted, because this definitely was the roar of a Xiantian master. As the inn was situated close to the Lord palace so he could listen to it very clearly. In Tianyuan City there were only two Xiantian masters, one was the City Lord and other was an individual from city guard.


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