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Chapter 309 - Flood dragon slaughtered

If they could obtain even a small part of its body, then to them, it would be like the supreme and most precious treasure.

“Ye Xiwen, come on, kill this baby flood dragon and make it a blood sacrifice for your Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag Array. Doing that will upgrade its power by multiple levels and might help in fully achieving the legendary level!” Ye Mo said excitedly as the Flag Array took deepwater black serpents as sacrifices in order to establish the foundation of its enhancement, and both the dragons and snakes belonged to the same dragon species but contained a major difference in their basic power levels. There simply was no comparison between a pureblood flood dragon and a deepwater black serpent.

If Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag was nourished with a young flood dragon's blood, the level of its power was bound to rise dramatically.

“Young Flood Dragon and Dragon essence, both are mine!” Ye Xiwen made up his mind, but in order to obtain them, he must defeat those extremely high-handed top players of the younger generation and the older generation.

Ye Xiwen had already made up his mind, was prepared to face all those people in front of him. He wouldn't hesitate to kill anyone, not even the God or the Buddha would escape his wrath if they were to stand between him and his goal!

The old patron saint's words had made it quite apparent to everyone a while ago that in order to obtain the dragon essence, it was necessary to first get rid of the flood dragon.

“Humph!” The first one to attack was the Jin young master of Jinyi guards. He took out a huge fan, and suddenly out of nowhere, a giant sierra smashed down upon flood dragon's body.

The impact directly crushed some of the dragon's scales, making it roar again and again in pain.

This was called Shanhe Shan (a fan of mountains and rivers). This class of magical weapons had many such weapons but Jin young master's might added to its own; and with each movement of the fan, the mountains and rivers slammed down one after another directly upon the flood dragon without giving it any respite.

However, this flood dragon was really very fearful and it seemed like it did not have any declining tendency instead it continued its frenzy all the while.

At this time, the black-robed powerhouse launched a powerful strike, releasing a rippling Swordqi that rushed out horizontally and cut into the flood dragon's body.

And the old patron saint finally went into action as well and called forth a massive hand print (hand seal) that fell down from the sky.

The members of Destruction Army also jumped into the battle, filling the entire sky with their murderous aura. This was like the reincarnation of a killing star, not to mention it seriously took big enough courage in one's heart to rush into a face-to-face battle with this flood dragon.

Ye Xiwen was also unwilling to be outdone by them. In his hand appeared a heavenly golden sword intention burning crazily and then shot up high into the sky.

The world changed color and everyone was impressed by Ye Xiwen at this instant. One must know that although sword intention and sword qi had only a mismatch of one word, but the two were not the same thing in any way. Just like Zhen Yuan and Swordqi were in itself different from each other. One was just a scattered form of energy while the other had a condensed form and was also shape specific.

The so-called sword intention was an artistic conception, an idea condition of a sword technique that could be congealed anytime after having comprehended the same earlier. So, there was an absolute need for an expert to comprehend their sword skills to as far as they could go until reaching the epitome of sword arts.

Although the black-robed powerhouse's rippling Swordqi was strong, it was still only Swordqi.

Many people saw the sword intention in Ye Xiwen's hand and were immediately vigilant of him. This Ye Xiwen was certainly not an ordinary expert, but they actually did not know that he could congeal sword intention because he learned it from watching a tyrannical old sword master use the same attack. That sword master's sword skills were really out of this world. Ye Xiwen had managed to just deconstruct a part of the ideal condition he saw back then to be able to achieve his current sword intention attack. Regarding uniting a part of the soul into the sword intention was simply not possible for Ye Xiwen to achieve at his current level. In fact, he did not even know the level requirement for that type of accomplishment.

Ye Xiwen's sword intention penetrated straight through tough dragon scales, further penetrating into its flesh. This caused its blood to splash out as it roared out uncomfortably in pain. Ye Xiwen managed to score one effective attack against this dragon and opened the first wound on its body.

The experts saw Ye Xiwen in action and finally understood that even though this dragon was very difficult to deal with, it was not impossible to slay it. In fact, even if they were individually not its opponent but by joining forces, they could still cherish the hope of making this dragon learn the meaning of pain and hatred.

Suddenly everyone was greatly encouraged, and with a boosted morale, they bellowed and rushed toward the dragon in abundance.

“Roar!” The flood dragon received a barrage of attacks from several experts, including the top players' of the younger generation. It suddenly started roaring and its roars were so tyrannical that it seemed as if space itself would collapse, the earth was moving and a cluster of dark clouds had started to gather up in the sky. Within the thick layers of dense clouds, one could see the shadow of a seemingly endless thunder dragon seething with excitement.

According to the legend, the dragons had the ability to control the forces of nature and a flood dragon would do well in the department of water manipulation and weather control. With the world's imperial symbol, a flood dragon had a considerable amount of abilities that were attributed to the mythical dragons mentioned in the fables.

In a blink of an eye, heavy rain started pouring down in the form of torrential rains while each and every drop turned into ice and hailed upon the experts. Numerous electric dragons were lurking in the clouds and penetrating through the layers of ice to strike the people underneath.

This flood dragon’s magical powers were just ridiculously strong!

These hailstones and electric dragons were aiming for the experts and hacking them down relentlessly but Ye Xiwen simply disregarded them entirely. Tianyuan mirror was floating above his head and protecting him from those attacks. Not even a hint of these attacks was able to reach his body.

In fact, before crossing the heavenly tribulation, he might have been worried about such a large-scale attack, but right now, they did not pose any threat to him.

“Clang!” Ye Xiwen immediately issued the sword intention attack which instantly burst into a terrifying golden beam of Swordlight and directly crashed into the flood dragon's scales. The mind-blowing explosion set off raging ties of boundless energy in all direction.

“Kaca!” The scales within a radius of several meters couldn't sustain the impact of Ye Xiwen's sword intention and instantly disintegrated, turning into powder, followed by the sword intention condensing into a long sword and piercing all the way into the flesh of the flood dragon.

“Puchi!” The flood dragon’s blood spattered out like a fountain of water.

Ye Xiwen's body immediately released a golden light that went forth, enclosed the young dragon's blood and brought it back to be absorbed by the Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag. Almost in an instant, the flag array shook vigorously and horrifying rays of light exploded out of it. The greeting from dragon blood had such a reaction and Ye Xiwen barely managed to stop the souls of deepwater black serpents from flying out of the flag array. It seemed like they were really excited and all set to make trouble. Fortunately, he quickly pinned them down inside the flag array and stopped them from popping out.

“Haha, this is really useful, Ye Xiwen! The metaphysics of this baby flood dragon is absolutely useful for the evolution of Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag Array.” Ye Mo said with a smile, “This baby dragon comes from the true blood species of dragons, and is certainly not like that deepwater black serpent king who was going to transform into a flood dragon after stepping into the legendary realm. This baby flood dragon has such a large body and has the blood of a true dragon flowing in its veins. Its blood and essence should be more than enough to make all your deepwater black serpents evolve into legendary level flood dragons.”

“En!” Ye Xiwen nodded.

The flood dragon felt an intense piercing pain and immediately moved its sierra-like tail across the expansive sky, pumping out whistling winds everywhere. The fast moving tail left behind a vacuum in its path and the experts that were planning the siege from behind had no time to escape. They lost their lives in a flash.

The display of such inhuman force scared off several experts who pulled out immediately after witnessing the death of several of their own.

Ye Xiwen also did not dare to be negligent. Although this was only a young flood dragon that was at the peak of legendary third stage but considering its origins, its powerful body, and inexplicable magical powers, it could easily contend with the experts of legendary fourth stage.

Ye Xiwen moved his footsteps and his body was wrapped in golden clothes, along with a pair of devil wings appearing behind him. In a blink of an eye, he disappeared from the spot in a golden flash of light and appeared several meters away, avoiding the flood dragon's attack quite effortlessly.

Even if this young flood dragon was under large scale siege, its terror was still incomparable. However, almost immediately, others immediately filled the lacking position of Ye Xiwen in the fight and engaged the dragon. Right now, not everyone wanted to fight with the dragon but if they did not kill it now, then they were probably going to die.

This was a 'You die or I die' kind of battle and everyone was putting their lives on the line at the moment.

Without a hint of hesitation, Ye Xiwen immediately re-invested himself into the battle once again and started attacking the young flood dragon.

It seemed as if everyone had gone crazy, whether it was for the young flood dragon or the dragon essence. Their bloodshot eyes were fixated on their targets and in any event, the young flood dragon was a common obstacle for all, a barrier that needed to be eradicated at the earliest.

This flood dragon was surrounded by a huge crowd of experts and miserably battered, had no way to break out of the tight encirclement and each time it tried to break out, that resulted in the death of an expert. It was a peerless yet ominous beast, extremely terrifying.

However, even though this flood dragon was very powerful, it still couldn't contend with so many of top tier powerhouses, including an expert like Ye Xiwen who would be considered outstanding among human experts. There were many top players of the younger generation with each having their own inheritance of terror, and at this time, all of them joined forces to take down that young flood dragon. Its power began exhaust slowly and there were patches of blood stains all over its body. It was losing more and more blood and one of its legs was almost cut down by that black-robed mysterious powerhouse.

The young flood dragon was gasping heavily like an ox and both of its eyes were red. At this time, everyone was kind of happy in their heart as they knew that this baby dragon had reached its exhausted state and was only drawing its last breaths.

(NT: 气喘如牛 qì chuǎn rú niú: to breathe heavily like an ox (idiom); to huff and puff)

(NT: 强弩之末  qiáng nǔ zhī mò: lit. an arrow at the end of its flight (idiom); fig. spent force)

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen summoned the Hanshan seal that transformed into a huge mountain range and directly smashed down upon the flood dragon with the contained force of hundreds of millions of units. The flood dragon couldn't resist the impact and was directly pounded onto the ground.

The flood dragon opened its big mouth and spouted pure dragon blood.

“Die!” After shooting a shaking sword intention up into the sky, Ye Xiwen opened the devil wings behind his back and immediately flew towards the flood dragon. He arrived right above the dragon's head; a sword intention instantly blossomed in a flash with a burst of wind and was issued toward the young dragon's head. The collision left the scales on its head in a completely shattered state.

“Boom!” With the loud sound of an explosion, the sword intention in Ye Xiwen's hand had pierced the flood dragon's head.

(To be continued)


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