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Chapter 308 - Dragon essence appears

The time was crawling away slowly until half a month had already passed. At the end of it, Ye Xiwen completely consolidated the inner state of his cultivation while wantonly slaughtering demon beasts that happened to appear in his path and absorbed the essence from the demon cores, etc. Ultimately, his cultivation fully consolidated at the peak of half-step legendary realm's first stage.

With all sorts of secret technique in his arsenal, he was confident enough to sweep away any and all experts of half-step legendary realm's second stage quite effortlessly, in fact, he was confident that he might even be able to contend with the weaker experts of half-step legendary realm's third stage.

Excluding a dab hand like Ye Xiwen, even the wolf cub was at half-step legendary realm's first stage and could easily contend with experts of half-step legendary realm's second stage. In addition to that, the Mo siblings also benefited a lot in the past half-a-month period, experiencing an enormous promotion in their strengths and also obtained the remains of various heavenly treasures etc. Before long, they were also able to reach the first stage of half-step legendary realm.

Such a tyrannical team would be considered extremely powerful in the entire domain of Wang Heavenly faction. In short, this team was so formidable that one could not find an opponent for them in the vicinity, neither did anyone tried to mess with them or appear anywhere nearby.

Soon, the name and fame of Ye Xiwen and the others rushed out and spread throughout the ruins of Wang Heavenly faction.

Ye Xiwen rushed all the way toward the central regions of this small world because he didn't his team to advance too far away from their destination, after all, if their team happened to encounter a group of powerful demon beasts, there was no way they would be able to escape that easily.

The best course of action was to maintain unceasing slaughtering and keep moving forward all the way toward the destination.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen shot his fist and blasted away a group of uncanny and grotesque-looking demon beasts of some unknown species.

“This is totally unreasonable! These spiritual arteries have almost dried up. What on earth are these demon beasts relying on for a living?!” The wolf cub said in his usual foul-mouthed manner. Although they were decisively and mercilessly killing their way toward the destination and continued on the killing spree for half-a-month, enough to make anyone throw up out of disgust, but they weren't homicidal enough to not realize the condition those beasts were in.

“Seems like a desperate attempt by these high-level spiritual arteries to show filial piety to the living beings of this world, perhaps this world's last resort to return the favor to its residents.” Ye Xiwen said, “Similar to how some people experience a dying flash when they miraculously gain heightened consciousness right before dying, this world's spiritual arteries are acting up frantically at the end of its lifespan, trying to return the favor while simultaneously speeding up the demise of this world in the process.”

(NT:回光返照 huí guāng fǎn zhào: final radiance of setting sun; fig. dying flash (of lucidity prior to demise)

反哺  fǎn bǔ:  to support one’s parents in their old age; to show filial piety; to repay; to return a favor)

Ye Xiwen had already asked about all this from Ye Mo, an old monster that had lived for god knows how many years, following the Demon King for all those years, and of course, he had seen it all. The very extent of his wisdom was non-quantifiable, not to mention there were only a few real secrets that didn't come under his domain of knowledge.

Now, they were entering the observation region of the ruins of Wang Heavenly faction and finally experienced the true madness of the ruins. At this stage, the spiritual arteries started acting crazily, spewing Ling qi everywhere and thereby causing a sudden increase in the numbers of demon beast.

The more they ventured into the depths, the more warriors they encountered en route, all rushing in one direction. The reason was very simple – there were reports of discovering a valley where the dragon essence was supposedly laid out.

The news immediately caused numerous experts go crazy - didn't they come to this small world for the dragon essence? Everyone had come here for the dragon essence.

After a long time, they finally got the accurate news and it contained something peculiar that was bound to make people excited.

There were reports about an approximately 50 to 60 meters tall black Jiao Long (Flood Dragon). It was not an adult yet, but already very terrifying with its black scale glowing breathtakingly and making it look like a mountain in general. Its mustaches (feelers) were constantly moving up and down quite vigorously.

(NT: 蛟龙 jiāo long: legendary dragon with the ability to control rain and floods)

(NT: As far as my memory goes, I think this is the first appearance of a real dragon in the novel.)

Suffused with horrifying breath (aura), dreadful enough to make a human tremble in fear, its whole body was shrouded in fog that was being churned by electrical sparks.

Right beneath that flood dragon was the corpse of a long dragon. The experts were looking intently at this strange scene and suddenly understood that the dragon essence actually took birth after the death of a dragon.

They were quite surprised to see the dragon essence that appeared just like a real dragon but it was covered with a matte of dragon corpse, however, unlike an ordinary corpse it contained an aggressive vigor (imposing aura).

Dragons were considered praiseworthy creatures throughout the world and inherently carried a very scary coercion, known as Longwei (Dragon Power). No wonder it remained in the corpse even after death.

More and more experts rushed to this spot. Jinyi young master, the fifth god and the other powerhouses had already arrived, but this time, they did not have the thoughts of in-fighting. Everyone's focus was centered on this incomparably huge flood dragon. They were aware of the fact that they this flood dragon must be killed first, otherwise, it would be impossible to encroach on the dragon essence lying beneath it.

“This flood dragon should have been born not many months ago, he is still in infancy!” Ye Mo said, “Normally, a flood dragon is born in the Legendary realm, grows in the Sage realm and by the time it's fully grown up, it will have at least reached the Great Sage level, and this is absolute for all flood dragons. This flood dragon has already reached the peak of legendary third stage and should be having a breakthrough to legendary fourth stage any time now.”

“The more powerful is a demon beast, the more difficult it finds growing up, especially for an inborn demon beast like this one.” Ye Mo further explained, “Usually, a flood dragon's childhood stretches for hundreds of year, however, this young dragon was born not long ago and was still able to break through to such an extent. I think this is somehow related to the absorption of dragon essence.”

Ye Xiwen and the Mo siblings were dumbstruck when they heard the explanation. A real flood dragon would absolutely reach the Great Sage level once it was all grown up? This was simply unheard of! Just how terrifying was the dragon race!

But while this flood dragon was just an infant, it already had all it would take to deter even the most formidable human experts present on the scene. Even Ye Xiwen might not be able to deal with this dragon, but the experts did not want to give up this opportunity. They finally managed to find the dragon essence, how could they just let it go?

They could tell that this floor dragon was about to step into legendary fourth stage, and if that happened, no one would be able to face it. As long as it was sitting on top of the dragon essence, its rate of progress was definitely going to be faster. They certainly knew about the dragon essence enough to have figured out this problem.

By that time, they would have no chance to snatch the dragon essence away from the flood dragon.

Even now, it was very difficult but if they let it be like that for any longer then it would become impossible later on. Moreover, they already noticed that the flood dragon was enraged after being encircled by human experts.

Although the flood dragon was unable to speak, its tyrannical soul perception (soul search) swept over and properly relayed its anger to everyone.

Moreover, allowing this flood dragon to grow any stronger wasn't going to be beneficial to them in any way.

“It seems like not much time has passed since the hatching of this flood dragon's egg. I do not know from where Wang Heavenly faction found a dragon egg. Since the world has changed, even a hybrid dragon is hard to find, let alone a legitimate true blood dragon.” Ye Mo said, “My estimate is that this flood dragon's egg must have stayed on the dragon essence for a long time before hatching, probably after the completely decline of Wang Heavenly faction.”

“Humans, damn it!”

The angry young flood dragon roared and it several hundred feet long body soared high in the sky instantly like a mountain and flew towards human experts nearby. The noise from terrifying explosions broke out immediately and submerged the space itself.

The flood dragon's impact was in direction of the Army of God. They were the first group to arrive and had initiated the attack once but did not succeed. But now, the flood dragon was vengeful and immediately rushed toward the crowd of the Army of God.

Although it hadn't been long since the flood dragon hatched out of its egg, its body was huge. It gave out a long and loud cry and releases a type of fluctuating coercion in all directions that swept out, chipping the space just like mighty ocean waves.




Those members of the Army of God that were above half-step legendary realm managed to save their lives but those below that had their bodies fragmented into pieces by the shock waves.

“Humph!” The fifth god rushed forward with his long halberd like a god from ancient times. The long halberd directly punctured into the body of the flood dragon.

“Boom!” Ripples of horrifying energy waves were set off everywhere, crazily disintegrating anything in the path. The fifth god immediately repositioned himself and directly stabbed the black flood dragon between the eyebrows with his halberd, setting off a storm of rogue energy waves. A scale that was about half-a-meter in size was instantly chipped off but the flood dragon immediately used its tyrannical power to send out shock waves, shaking off the halberd in the process.

“Poof!” The fifth god spouted a mouthful of blood and was sent flying dozens of meters away. At that very instant, the flood dragon faced forward and immediately rushed to grab the fifth god's flying body in midair.

Several experts were watching this from the sidelines and immediately held their breaths as they realized that this young flood dragon was extremely scary. They couldn't help but engage themselves in introspection, thinking whether they could really face such a creature?

Many reached the conclusion that it was meaningless to even think about facing this flood dragon as they feared losing their lives by the shockwaves itself, facing it head on was simply out of the question.

“Listen everyone, no matter how we do it, we must kill this beast!” At this time, the patron saint of Yongan city spoke. “I hope we are able to work together this time, otherwise, no one will be able to reap benefits, but there's a possibility of hope if we manage to slay this beast.”

The experts nodded in agreement, all at once.

“Yes, he is right. We must slay this young flood dragon no matter what!”

“Indeed, it must be slain at any cost.”

Many people confessed that they couldn't obtain the dragon essence anymore as they were coveting the young flood dragon in their hearts. Regardless of its age, it was still a dragon with the blood of a real dragon lord flowing in its veins. It was said that in this world, only the race of gods could contend with this so-called race of terror, the dragon race!

(To be continued)


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