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Chapter 310 - Battle with the fifth god

The young flood dragon's body started twitching frantically as it entire brain was churned and minced by Ye Xiwen's sword intention attack; even its soul was annihilated in the process. It finally stopped moving anymore and left this world.

“This dragon essence belongs to the Army of God! Encircle it!” The fifth god shouted loudly, and just like a thoroughly rehearsed army answering to a great general's command, the Army of God huddled in a fence around the dragon essence.

The fifth god's figure rushed forward like a fine strand of rainbow light in the sky, instantly toward the dragon essence to take it in his grasp.

“The dragon essence belongs to this old man!” The old patron saint sneered and immediately broke through the encirclement of the Army of God. He sent many of the army members flying, while several of them ha their bones directly crushed. They just couldn't stop the old patron saint and those who actually tried, lost their lives.

“Boom!” A big hand made its way toward the dragon essence to seize it.

“You dare to snatch my dragon essence!” The fifth god thundered angrily, the long halberd in his hands sparkled all of a sudden and released bright rays of light that resembled stars in the night sky. Just like a wicked dragon, it immediately flew toward the old man's big hand to block it.

His cultivation had recently reached the second stage of half-step legendary realm and the resulting outcome of that was completely apparent to all. His tyrannical power caused the space in front of him to collapse, disintegrating into the chaos on the other side.

“Bang!” With a loud noise that sounded like the collision between gold and iron, the long halberd tore its way into the big hand, making huge amounts of Lingqi to leak out crazily and overflow everywhere.

A startling rainbow colored Sky Sword flashed in the sky. The black-robed powerhouse was attempting to nab the dragon essence like every other powerhouse on the scene.

“Humph!” Jin young master also rushed in and unleashed the wrath of 'the fan of mountains and rivers'.

Several hidden experts of the older generation with many having a profound cultivation of legendary second stage also rushed over to snatch the dragon essence. In fact, some of them had deeper cultivation than that of Hu Meiniang et al.

Also, there were many people who knew that they didn't have a chance to obtain the dragon essence instead they were interested in seizing the young flood dragon's corpse. They suddenly rushed toward the dragon corpse but were startled to find a figure approaching faster. All of a sudden, a huge golden hand congealed out of nowhere and grasped that flood dragon's corpse in one go. Yes, it was Ye Xiwen who successfully captured the dragon corpse. He tactically chose to go after the dragon corpse before dragon essence because with so many top players in the battlefield, competing over dragon essence, it was certainly going to take a long time to reach the final outcome, so might as well just go for the dragon corpse now and join the fray later on, preferably in its last phase.

Right after the young flood dragon's corpse was received into the Tianyuan mirror, it immediately began to dismember the huge and extract massive amounts of its essence to be fed to the Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag.

“Listen everyone, let's kill Ye Xiwen and recapture the young flood dragon’s corpse!” At this time, an expert mustered his strength and raised his voice from the crowd without knowing whether he would be successful in provoking the crowd's mood against Ye Xiwen.

“Yes ah, Ye Xiwen, you alone cannot keep an entire dragon corpse, you're just being too greedy!” A warrior said indignantly.

“I was the first to snatch it, so naturally it is mine! What did you all expect? I killed the dragon hence I get to keep its corpse.” Ye Xiwen smiled coldly as he said that. The young dragon's corpse was of great significance to him, like hell he would hand it over to anyone. They would have to give up the idea altogether.

“Come on, let's kill him already. Just think, not only can we recapture the young flood dragon's corpse from him but can also get his secret treasures. Henceforth, everything will go soaring up for us!” A sharp voice sounded from the crowd but no one knew who proposed that.

However, even before his voice fell, Ye Xiwen snorted and a shaking Swordqi condensed high up in the sky and fell down upon the crowd of experts.

“Boom!” The target of this Swordqi attack was an expert, who was at the first stage of half-step legendary realm and right now was hidden in the crowd. However, he still couldn't prevent his body from getting penetrated by the Swordqi as it nailed him directly to the ground.

“Have the ability and guts to stand up and say it to my face!” Ye Xiwen clamored in a calm yet cold voice. He was paying attention to the source of the voice that was trying to stir up the crowd against Ye Xiwen. Of course, if all these people were instigated to attack Ye Xiwen then the situation might go out of hand.

The people were speechless, looking at each other, not sure about what just happened. A moment ago, someone said something from the crowd but no one expected that he would be killed by Ye Xiwen so promptly. Some experts recognized that he was an expert with the cultivation level of half-step legendary realm's first stage and could be counted among the strongest experts present in the crowd, but even so, he was crucified by Ye Xiwen's sword. Ye Xiwen's power had simply gone beyond their imagination.

They were not stupid and just did not know how they got incited a moment ago into thinking that they could take down Ye Xiwen. But now they were also saving their thoughts, the so-called 'law does not punish numerous offenders'. If everyone joined forces and together attacked Ye Xiwen then there might have been a chance of forcing Ye Xiwen to hand over the dragon corpse, however, it took Ye Xiwen just one sword strike to cut down all their thoughts and intentions.

When an expert of half-step legendary first stage didn't stand a chance against Ye Xiwen and his sword, there was no way someone else would dare to rush toward the absolute demise.

The crowd was neither moving forward nor was it retreating. Everyone wanted to have one person to take the lead but no one wanted to be that leader, no one was willing to stand out and challenge the possibility of taking the fall for all. The fate of that previous warrior was for all to see. Indeed, Ye Xiwen might not be able to kill them all but he would certainly kill off all the leading ones quite effortlessly.

Fortunately, the status quo between them and Ye Xiwen didn't go for long and before it might take a turn for the worse, all of a sudden, from the side of the battlefield where contention over the dragon essence was going on, a big golden hand rose up, blotting out the sky, and went toward Ye Xiwen.

“Humph, Ye Xiwen!” The fifth god roared, holding his halberd upright, he rushed across the expansive sky, all the way toward Ye Xiwen. Each of his steps was opening void in the space, wild magical power was surging everywhere. People who watched this felt as if they were looking at the reincarnation of some ancient god.

He was just too fast, almost instantaneously, he arrived in front of Ye Xiwen, pulling a long shadow behind him.

His golden colored Zhen Yuan was surging and boiling around him. His power level was also seething and had already reached the peak. His presence truly resembled that of a brave general.

“Ye Xiwen, time to die!” Said the fifth god in an ice-cold voice and it seemed as if the halberd in his hands was about to break the world itself, bringing about the rebirth of chaos in this world as it punctured forward to stab Ye Xiwen. It was truly a frightening scene.

Ye Xiwen directly withdrew from the current spot he was at, then thundered loudly and instantly put on his divine golden clothing, releasing waves of qi in all directions, as if to sweep away the universe. Layer after layer of formidable golden divinities was surging everywhere, appearing like a golden tide. Amidst all this, Ye Xiwen released an earthshaking Bladeqi and swept it away.

At this moment, Ye Xiwen went all out so as to not leave any margin for error.

(NT: 留余地 liú yú dì: to leave room to maneuver; to leave a margin for error)

“Boom!” The long halberd and the long blade's tip collided with each other. It seemed like the sudden formation of Mahjong tiles which was a result of an instant rupturing of the surrounding space as it crumbled down into a landslide of fragments.

The entire space just exploded in the end.

The experts suddenly looked at Ye Xiwen with incomparable amazement. Only a while ago, they were planning to snatch the dragon's corpse away from Ye Xiwen but what they just saw made them feel helpless. The fifth god's power was enough to sweep away everything in front of Ye Xiwen but still couldn't make him budge at all.

The fifth god's pupils suddenly contracted as his complexion turned pale. He was confident that after having stepped into the second stage of half-step legendary realm, he would have more than enough power to beat Ye Xiwen. He never expected for Ye Xiwen to have grown so strong, perhaps even stronger than him.

“Ye Xiwen, I will end your life today.” The fifth god immediately resumed his calm. His facial expression turned ice-cold as he was staring at Ye Xiwen with his knife-like sharp gaze. The long halberd moved in his hands and shot a black colored light straight toward Ye Xiwen.

“Boom!” The long halberd set off boundless coercion, as if piercing the void itself, and released a murderous aura that went across the sky, all the way toward Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen, without hesitation, took a step and a burst of golden divinities seeped out of his body and swept out like a dreadful golden tide. It seemed as if the long blade in his hand was roaring like a golden dragon.

“Boom!” This battle was shaking the heaven and earth, the explosions were collapsing the surrounding space and waves of killing intention was sweeping everywhere in the sky. In fact, a large of space had already collapsed under the aftermath of collisions between their attacks.

This was a terrifying matchup, several experts felt amazed while watching this battle. Even though they were at the same level, they still weren't a match for those two.

“Ye Xiwen, drop dead!” The fifth god tightly clenched his steel-like teeth and thundered out these words from his throat. His long halberd went toward Ye Xiwen, striking again with unparalleled black light.

“If you are only at such level then today, even if the Great Golden Immortal descends to this world, he cannot save you!” Ye Xiwen shouted loudly and his long blade shot an even larger Bladelight toward the incoming attack. This time, he didn't restrain himself and went all out, instantly issuing an exceptionally fearful attack.

“Shua!” The halberd and blade attacks intersected, horrifying ripples of terror proliferated from those sophisticated weapons and spread out, sweeping the surrounding region, as if even the vacuum was crushed as a result. The dreadful explosion set off layer after layer of energy waves in all directions.

“Boom!” The fifth god only felt a terrifying power boiling and making its way through his long halberd before invading his hands.

“Bang!” The fifth god was holding the halberd in both his hands before his hands fell prey to Ye Xiwen's terrifying attack. Blood began to gush out of his hands, revealing cracks and bones through the open wounds.

“How is this possible?” With an incredible look in his eyes, the fifth god found it extremely hard to believe what just happened. One must know that a month ago, in his battle with Ye Xiwen, he clearly had an upper hand in the battle. But in such a short period of time, only after a month's time, the tables actually turned in Ye Xiwen's favor. Ye Xiwen not just caught up to him but actually surpassed him.

This was simply hard to believe, just like a miracle. One must know that although the fifth god had recently reached the second stage of half-step legendary realm and was actually like a newbie on the new stage, he could easily defeat a majority of the senior experts of the same level.

“During that blow just now, if I am not mistaken, didn't it appear like the fifth god actually fell under the wind?”

“Good gracious! This is insane! Only a month ago, the fifth god clear had an upper hand but now he appears to be losing. How is this even possible?”

At this time, several warriors were discussing among themselves, finding it very hard to believe that that illustrious fifth god was being forced down to a disadvantageous position.

“How dare you hurt me, die!” The fifth god bellowed, his halberd rumbled once again. The wound on hand did not seem to hinder his pace at all as he almost instantaneously arrived in front of Ye Xiwen once again.

“The End!” Ye Xiwen said indifferently and struck with his long blade, seemingly delimiting the trajectory of a meteor falling from the sky.

(To be continued)


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