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Chapter 306 - Wolf cub under heavenly tribulation

Perhaps, even the founder of Yi Yuan School did not know the real location of its secret small space inside the chaotic space. In other words, it would be a near-impossible task for the enemy to randomly tear up space to pinpoint the location of Yi Yuan School's secret space. This was a way to safeguard the existence of a martial art sect, like the final lifeline.

Space was constantly distorting, fragmenting and breaking apart! It was as if the universe itself was disillusioned, with space debris floating around everywhere. It was a spectacular scene, a gorgeous one but extremely dangerous at the same time.

Although Ye Xiwen had confidence in his gilded tyrant body, he was still cautious because there was a possibility that bumping into those fragments of space debris might cut his golden body. If he was in sage realm then only he would truly have a certain ability to withstand space debris.

“Boom!” The distortion in space vanished all of a sudden and they were greeted with bright scenery!

Yes, they had entered the secret ruins of the Wang Heavenly faction.

Even the desolation of this place was pleasant to the eye. All one could see was a desolate scene of endless mountains everywhere.

No one could say for sure but this place had been neglected for thousands of years. Usually, a small space like this one would be governed, maintained periodically and would have active spiritual arteries to maintain a continuous production of Lingqi, giving vitality to this world. However, this space was left abandoned for too long; even the spiritual arties had started drying up!

Vast stretch of barren land indicated a mass-scale death of vegetation; the space deterioration had also begun. If left untouched, this space would completely collapse in coming millenniums!

As soon as the dragon veins would die, this space would have almost nothing to hold onto.

One cold see ruins of some ancient structures, disclosing a bit about this place's history and vicissitudes.

“Roar!” A loud beastly roar came from a distant place, followed by a series of beast roars coming from all directions. These roars belonged to the demon beasts that were originally sent to this small space as captives, to act as preys for the disciples of Wang Heavenly faction. However, the disciples were long gone and the demon beast had flourished over time, spreading throughout this entire small space.




The roaring sound was getting louder and louder as if the source of the roar was getting closer. Suddenly, a giant red griffin, with its whole body covered in flames, appeared out of nowhere and attacked.

Ye Xiwen was at the front. Initially, he couldn't tell what kind of bird it was until he saw its real form in the flames. It had a mouthful of sharp teeth and it opened its huge mouth to bite Ye Xiwen.

“Bang!” As soon as the griffin arrived right in front of Ye Xiwen, he slapped it directly on the face and it immediately died a tragic death.

“The demon beasts in this small world are surprisingly so powerful!” Ye Xiwen said that although he had slapped a griffin to death, it was definitely a demon beast of Complete Truth realm.

Ye Xiwen soon discovered a large flock of griffins, each having the strength equivalent of truth seventh or eighth stage, flying towards his team. There were a few half-step legendary level demon beasts in that flock as well.

“Boom!” A large section of fluctuating Swordqi emerged from Ye Xiwen's hand and went straight into the sky. It seemed as if the sky itself was pierced by a sword as the Swordqi further went forward and crashed into the flock of griffins.

“Slash!” With a loud piercing sound, the Swordqi delimited a wide path through that huge flock of griffins in a split-second, butchering numerous griffins almost instantly. However, there still were an overwhelming number of griffins rushing towards Ye Xiwen and his team.

Ye Xiwen had a serious look on his face as he said: “Be prepared!”

As soon as his voice fell, the flock of griffins overran them.

The wolf cub had a cultivation of half-step legendary realm and thus had the capability to deal with this situation, but the Mo siblings were in distress. They were in Complete Truth realm and being surrounded by a large number of griffins that were at truth seventh or eighth stage was truly disadvantageous for them. Not to mention, they didn't stand a chance against the griffins of Complete Truth realm and half-step legendary realm.

But the good news was that Ye Xiwen had already taken care of this problem by pinpointing and killing the formidable griffins first. The remaining ones were not powerful enough to be a threat to the lives of the Mo siblings.

They all knew that this would be a rare opportunity to gain experience because Ye Xiwen was on their side, watching over them. He wouldn't let them have any problems.

In the following half a month period, Ye Xiwen continued on a killing spree. God knows how many demon beasts were slaughtered during that time. Several ethnic groups of demon beasts had cropped up in this small world and the lack of human presence had contributed to a vast explosion in their population. Ye Xiwen just wanted to kill these demon beasts left and right because there were just too many of them available on the platter.

Ordinary people couldn't imagine how Ye Xiwen and his team continued the killing spree for several days non-stop without a moment of rest.

As they were venturing deeper into the depths, the demon beasts were getting stronger and fiercer. After reaching a certain point, they only found the demon beasts of Complete Truth realm.

Such type of rigorous practice with back to back battles was the most effective way to level up. The Mo siblings finally stepped into half-step legendary realm, and after having passed through numerous battles, their inner states completely stabilized.

“Heavenly Wolf Howling Moon!” The wolf cub howled and summoned a magnificent diagram that instantly killed a demon beast that appeared on verge of stepping into the legendary realm.

The wolf cub, then, devoured the demon core of that demon beast, and almost immediately, he was surrounded by intermittent waves of terrifying breath. His hair inverted as he stood still while surrounded by his own aura raging wantonly.

“He plans to challenge the heavenly tribulation!” Ye Mo shouted.

His breath began to boil up, rolling away in all directions. In the sky, layer after layer of dark clouds started to build up. This was a spectacular scene of the instantaneous formation of heavenly tribulation.

It appeared like the wolf cub was planning to have a breakthrough from half-step legendary realm to half-step legendary fist stage. This heavenly tribulation was the great test that must be cleared at all costs. Not to mention, there was no option of backing out.

Ye Xiwen hastily said: “Hurry up and get away from us!”

Ye Xiwen didn't want to receive accidental injuries while messing with a heavenly tribulation, especially with the one that was going to test a freak like wolf cub. Although this heavenly tribulation had not manifested completely, Ye Xiwen could still sense its terrifying coercion.

Moreover, this time the wolf cub was already at half-step legendary realm so the heavenly tribulation would be calibrated accordingly to test him. Ye Xiwen couldn't imagine the extent of its destructive power but it was enough to make his scalp tingle a bit.

The wolf cub quickly went far away, and at this moment, a rain of raging lightning strikes began to aim at him. His black furry body was immediately struck by thunderbolts one after another. Soon, the air was filled with burning smell.

The wolf cub started hopping around to dodge the rain the thunderbolts. Ye Xiwen and the Mo siblings were standing afar and observing this magnificent spectacle. They were not planning to help the wolf cub.

At this time, several tyrannical soul searches swept out of nowhere. They turned out to be coming from the older generation experts of the legendary realm. They must have sensed the heavenly tribulation and sent their soul searches. It seemed like they were aiming to attack Ye Xiwen and his team while they were at their weakest since one of the team members was undergoing breakthrough.

Ye Xiwen sent his soul search to intercept the incoming ones.  Who'd be so courageous to challenge him? Had they not seen him kill three powerhouses of older generation within moments? It seemed like some people were still coveting to take down Ye Xiwen, after all, he was one of the top players of the younger generation and was operating on his own, without the backing of any major influence. If they managed to kill him, then they might seize various treasures that he must have accumulated during his adventures. The very thought of seizing those treasure from the corpse of Ye Xiwen must be exciting them to no extent.

Among those who were considered the top players of the younger generation, several members of the Army of God, the Jinyi young master, the Seven Star Lords etc. were considered untouchable because of their strong backings.

The expert in black robe was the first to go in but was nowhere to be seen. There was no news about him in the past few days as if he didn't exist in general.

Similarly, the Destruction Army was backed by the Seven Star Lords and hence must not be provoked.

In the end, the older experts must have decided that their best and easiest option was to target a lone powerhouse like Ye Xiwen.

“It seems like I haven't killed enough to prove my point.” Ye Xiwen said with a sigh.

“Ha ha ha, kill, kill them all, kill as many as you can!” Ye Mo said while laughing like a madman. After all, those killed by Ye Xiwen would transform into blood fog and their flesh and blood would be absorbed by Tianyuan mirror. The more he would kill, the faster would be the restoration of Tianyuan mirror.

“You wait here. I will go get rid of some annoying flies.” Ye Xiwen said.

Mo siblings nodded. Even they had sensed arrogance in those soul searches.

Ye Xiwen, carrying a long blade, instantly turned into a golden beam of light and sped towards the distant place, precisely toward the hideout of those masters.

(To be continued)


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