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Chapter 305 - Small World opens

However, Ye Xiwen did not give them the opportunity to renege on their words. Some people refuse to admit their deeds until they are faced with grim reality, not to mention this road was full of trials. The moment these three experts underestimated Ye Xiwen and attempted to snatch the sword command from him, it was confirmed that Ye Xiwen would teach them a proper lesson and establish an example in front of everyone. In this world, one could set up one's prestige and reputation by deterring the opposite side.

“You are next!” Ye Xiwen pointed at old man Ku Mo and said in an indifferent tone.

Both Ku Mo and Hu Meiniang were immediately scared in their heart. The trio had long been rampant in and around the Yongan City. They had quite an illustrious reputation for being ominous experts of the older generation. All three of them were equally powerful and since one was killed so easily by Ye Xiwen, the other two were bound to get frightened.

Ye Xiwen did not give them enough time to think. He instantly slammed his foot on the ground and rushed forward like a golden general from the myths. He instantly appeared in front of Ku Mo and shot his palm, releasing waves of divine golden qi. It seemed as if a sea of golden energy blotted out the sky and was approaching Ku Mo at an overwhelming speed. Ku Mo finally realized that he messed with the wrong guy, and sometimes, even a century worth of cultivation and experience would turn out to be worthless in saving his life.

“Hu Meiniang, hurry up and help me out dammit. If you don't help me quickly, he will certainly go after you after killing me!” Ku Mo did not give any thought to his demeanor or grace and shamelessly shouted for help.

Hu Meiniang also knew the fact about the interdependence of two neighboring states while facing a much powerful enemy state. She immediately shot her palm, her beautiful hand instantly blossomed like peach flower, seemingly floating in the air but cracking the space in its path. This attack was exceptionally beautiful yet fearsome.

Ye Xiwen simply ignored this attack and directed a seemingly endless amount of dreadful divine waves toward his target, the old man.

Ku Mo panicked and resorted to using his skinny hands to protect himself from the surging golden waves coming at him.

“Bang!” With a loud noise, the surrounding space collapsed in a flash followed by a heart-wrenching sound of fracturing bones. Ku Mo's hands couldn't block the impact of surging energy waves and were torn apart. The might of Ye Xiwen's gilded tyrant form was extremely formidable.

At this time, Hu Meiniang's attack finally crashed into Ye Xiwen's golden body.

“Clang!” There sounded a loud metal clanging sound, as if her attack collided with a golden statue and dissipated. Ye Xiwen's body was exuding a divine aura that simply didn't allow the attack to approach him. His stout yet slim body was entirely unaffected by this.

Ye Xiwen's non-stop offensives kept on rushing towards Ku Mo. Ye Xiwen suddenly stretched out his hand to send a big hand condensed out of golden energy, towards the old man.

“Bang!” Ku Mo was perplexed by the barrage of attacks and simply didn't have the time or means to respond. There was no way for him to react in time as he never expected that Ye Xiwen would simply ignore Hu Meiniang's attacks and focus entirely on him. He was instantly grabbed by the big hand and crushed, turning his body into a ball of blood fog.

Hu Meiniang exclaimed as she saw the second member of the infamous trio being killed mercilessly by Ye Xiwen. Immediately after it happened, Ye Xiwen instantly shot again. In a single step, he arrived in front of her like a flash of lightning.

Hu Meiniang's face, at this moment, no longer had that same seductive look instead it was full of fear and disbelief. Ye Xiwen had taken a ruthless approach toward the trio from the beginning, and she was certainly not going to be an exception. Her fear was understandable; after all, Ye Xiwen had killed two veterans of older generation in a blink of an eye.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen shot his palm towards her. She quickly responded by attempting to block the attack but how could she be his opponent?

“Bang!” With a dull thumping sound, the space around them collapsed suddenly from the impact of his palm attack. Hu Meiniang was sent flying, she suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood in midflight. Her white skin turned bright red, making people think that this was really cruel to be done to her.

However, Ye Xiwen's facial expression didn't change. With the usual cold look on his face, he summoned the Hanshan seal in the sky and smashed it down.

“Boom!” Hanshan seal dropped upon Hu Meiniang and smashed her death, leaving nothing but an awful patch of blood and meat behind.

A lot of experts held their breaths as they saw this terrible scene. Ye Xiwen was really a ruthless and heartless guy. How could he be so cruel to a beautiful woman like her? They didn't know that Ye Xiwen didn't differentiate between genders whenever it came to dealing with his enemies. So long as there was an enemy in front of him, he wouldn't consider their gender or status before killing them.

“It's over. Come on, let's go.” Ye Xiwen said dismissively to his team. At this time, a figure appeared in the sky and flew by at an incredible speed. This figure was full of killing intention, clad in magnificent clothing and appeared as cold as ice.

It was recognized that this person was actually one of the Seven Star Lords of the 'Destruction Army'. At this time, the warriors of Destruction Army had their bodies covered in blood, indicating that they just arrived from a bloody battle, apparently ambushed just like Ye Xiwen for the sword command.

Several experts looked at Ye Xiwen's flawless state then they turned around to look at the miserable state of Destruction Army and suddenly gasped. How could a youngster like him be so strong?

Even three of the well-known powerhouses of the older generation were not his matches, and were slaughtered mercilessly within moments. There had the advantage of having a century worth of experience, perhaps even more. But a rare genius like Ye Xiwen appeared out of nowhere and smashed them like ants.

Ye Xiwen crossed hands behind his back and went all the way to the mountains. Soon, he arrived near a stretch of flat land on the mountainside which was apparently plagued by strong sandstorms. The strong winds blew occasionally to reveal a large square. It most likely was the residence of the lost Wang heavenly faction.

Once a prosperous and extremely large sect was now ruined to such an extent.

In the inner parts of the square, the crowd of Army of God was gathered around the fifth god who was proudly watching everyone. He was really like an authentic deity general.

In front of the Army of God, several corpses were lined up on the ground. It would race people's palpitation if they found out that these were all experts of the legendary realm, but they fell into the hands of the Army of God and lost their lives. The fifth god also killed several experts for military glory.

Standing on the left of the Army of God was the group of Yongan City government, headed by the city's patron saint. There were several corpses lined up in front of them as well, but not as many as the ones lied in front of the Army of God. This was because of the fact that Yongan city's patron saint was a reputed expert and no one dared to mess with him.

Even among the experts of the older generation fighter, it was a well-known fact to stay away from him.

The black-robed expert was standing next to the crowd of Yongan city government. He black robe was covered with stains of blood all over. He must have experienced a bloody battle before arriving here. Obviously, at this time, everyone's gaze fell upon the new visitor, Ye Xiwen. He could feel their gazes probing him from all directions but he just didn't care and took a position.

Ye Xiwen felt like he had a familiar feeling but it was only part of his fleeting thoughts. Then he looked to the other side, on the right-hand side of the Army of God and saw Jinyi young master. He was clad in a fine brocaded uniform of Jinyi Guards. Just like the crow of Yongan city government, even their front was clean thanks to their ominous reputation as the largest organization of spies and assassins in the Ming Empire, hence no one dared to mess with them on the way.

The forces of Destruction Army were stationed beside Jinyi young master's team in blood-stained clothes.

Besides the current owners of the 8 sword commands, several other experts were also present on the scene and were excitedly discussing about the sword command owners.

Of course, a lot of them were at half-step legendary realm but no one dared to mess with them in any way because these sword command owners had slaughtered their way to this spot after facing several hurdles, not to mention they also had the backing of big influences. They must not be provoked at any cost, because those who already did were the most unfortunate ones.

“Since all are here, let’s get started!” Said the fifth god and looked coldly at Ye Xiwen, as if looking at a dead man.

“Rumble!” Along with an ear-shattering bellow that resounded everywhere, a huge portal appeared out of thin air with eight giant keyholes, having the appearance of scabbards. This portal had a very conspicuous appearance and it released a surge of desolate breath into the sky that immediately had a repression effect on everyone.

“The door leading to the relics of Wang Heavenly faction is going to open now. Be prepared everybody!” At this time, the leader of Yongan City government with unfathomable breath shouted.

Suddenly, a streamer of light flew toward the portal. A sword command automatically inserted itself into one the keyholes, and suddenly, as if after having received some kind of stimulus, the huge portal started rumbling and trembling.

Immediately, the other sword command owners also allowed their sword commands to depart towards the keyholes, including the black-robed expert. Even Ye Xiwen was no exception.

When the last key went inside the keyhole, a door appeared in the portal and it started to open slowly. There was nothing but misty whiteness on the other side of the door.

“Let's go!” Ye Xiwen shouted and was the first in his team to rushed out, followed by the wolf cub and the Mo siblings. A total of four figures lased out like beams of light and crossed the portal.

The black-robed expert also rushed into the portal and instantly vanished without a trace.

When Ye Xiwen's team crossed to the other side of the portal, they suddenly felt like everything around them was gone, leaving behind only chaos to welcome them.

After stepping into chaos, Ye Xiwen could certainly feel the space around him twisting, turning and breaking apart. If not for the aura of protection originating from the sword command, Ye Xiwen estimated that they would all be directly torn to pieces in this chaos.

Ye Xiwen knew that they were supposed to pass through numerous layers of different space before reaching the Wang Heavenly faction's small world.

Although the entrance to this small space was located near the Yongan City, its real location was not known to anyone.

In fact, no one was told about the specific location of a martial art station, besides a handful of high-level officials, or else if the location was found then the hostile forces would be able to directly tear the space to infiltrate. And that would definitely be a huge disaster for a martial art station.

Yi Yuan School also had a small world and its entrance was hidden in the depths of Yi Yuan School's mountain forest. The real secrets of Yi Yuan School were stored up safely in that small world and its true location was not revealed to anyone. Only a handful of elders would stand guard perennially to protect the small world. And one must pass through all those guarding elders to enter the small world, not to mention there were tokens similar to the sword commands to go inside.

Hence, if there was a strong enemy invasion and Yi Yuan School was completely destroyed, this small world would act as the perfect hiding place to block out all the enemies because even if the enemy managed to find the entrance to the small world and shattered the portal, they wouldn't be able to reach the small world without the guidance from the tokens. Not to mention, it was a near impossible task to find this small world in the midst of chaotic space turbulence.

(To be continued)


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