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Chapter 307 - Half-step legendary realm's first stage

Ye Xiwen was treading on a rainbow, marching across the void while raising the long blade in his hands. In a blink of an eye, he arrived in front of a warrior.

“Ye Xiwen, what do you think you are doing?” That warrior saw Ye Xiwen suddenly appearing in front of his face and a trace of fear abruptly appeared on his face, after all, they were already discussing about joining forces to take down Ye Xiwen. This proved the point that Ye Xiwen was a terrifying existence and they were really not sure if they could deal with him on their own. Hence, they planned to join forces against him, otherwise, who would be willing to share Ye Xiwen's treasures with others?

“You are overreaching yourselves!” Ye Xiwen sneered thinking that these people really wanted to gang up on him.

“Shua!” The long blade in Ye Xiwen's hand suddenly exploded and released terrifying rays of light. Without enough time to respond, a touch of bloodstain appeared on that warrior's nape, and almost at the same time, his body went sluggish all of a sudden which was visible to the naked eye. His blood and essence condensed into a stream of scarlet blood and merged with Ye Xiwen's body, further getting absorbed by the Tianyuan mirror the very next instant.

After having absorbed the fine essence and blood of a legendary expert, the Tianyuan mirror burst into waves of carnage immediately. The outline of Ye Xiwen's figure resembled that of a blood god that seemed to have arrived from the ancient times to slaughter all.

Pitiful screams came from the distance as the experts of legendary realm were getting killed by Ye Xiwen one by one. The Mo siblings were speechless and looking at each other with empty expressions on their faces. They couldn't help but realize that Ye Xiwen was really a sinister person and fairly decisive in performing such tasks. He truly was a big shot with great persona!

Being a big shot wasn't something that commanded one to not act personally rather it made sure that one would certainly not let off an enemy no matter what. In a life and death situation, rage and decisive killing was a must. It wasn't like the Mo brother and sister were softhearted people, since the day they set foot on this road, the gathering of a variety of talented geniuses had made their existence comparable to that of an ant's, not to mention they were also hunted down at multiple occasions.

They also gazed at the heavenly tribulation that had encircled the wolf cub and suddenly felt like even those around Ye Xiwen were not normal. The wolf cub's heavenly tribulation was getting increasingly terrifying with passing time. If it was them surrounded by that kind of heavenly tribulation, they would have long been hacked to death. But this wolf cub, although shrieking and howling wildly, was constantly jumping around and bravely facing the vicious attacks. There was no sign of injuries on his body, nor was there any significant damage done to his vitality and basic strength.

At this time, the wolf cub was struck by a thunderbolt and it seemed like he was dead. The whole heavenly tribulation suddenly started raging and began to boil with excitement. A section of lightning crossed down from the sky and started condensing into wolves one after another. All of those lightning figures appeared like wolves of half-step legendary realm with their wolf king standing at the back. Not to mention, the wolf king was at the peak of half-step legendary realm's first stage.

Several ice-cold eyes were staring intently at the wolf cub. In a chorus of loud howls, hundreds of lightning wolves sprang toward the wolf cub at once.

These wolves were all at the same level as the wolf cub and were unusually horrifying.

Mo siblings were immediately amazed by this scene. Everyone knows the fact that incredible experts have to go through much more terrifying heavenly tribulation during breakthrough. Since this tribulation was getting even more terrifying, it was quite easy to figure out that it was abnormal. Even a demon beast powerhouse would fail to survive though this level of heavenly tribulation. Therefore, one could say that this ordinary looking wolf cub definitely had an extraordinary origin, and perhaps was of noble descent.

The wolf cub roared and rushed forward, crashing into the pack of lightning wolves and tangling together. Initially, it seemed like an easy task for the wolf cub, but at this time, it might actually turn into an exceptional bloody battle.

A lightning wolf bit the wolf cub and directly ripped off a piece of flesh from his body. He was immediately in pain and yelled out loud. He instantly turned around and swallowed that lightning wolf in one go. Huge amount of lightning energy contained in that lightning wolf's body was instantly absorbed by the wolf cub into his body, immediately raising his spiritual value a little.

It was hard to tell for how long this battle continued but finally, those lightning wolves were wiped out by the wolf cub. However, the real trouble had only just arrived as the most powerful lightning wolf, the wolf king, suddenly flew toward the wolf cub while howling loudly and then nipped at him.

After absorbing a lot of lightning wolves, the wolf cub's stature now exceeded more than two meters, equally matched with that lightning wolf king. The two great wolves started attacking each other in the sky.

This was truly a tragic battle. The wolf cub was bleeding heavily with no way to stop the blood loss. Large chunks of his flesh were torn apart, with bits of flesh and blood falling down from the sky.

The frigid preying that happened just now made the world change its color. The Mo sibling had their complexions changed as a result of witnessing this battle firsthand. It was such a tragic heavenly tribulation that they would definitely have failed to pass, but the wolf cub was still fighting.

Then, abruptly, a flash of rainbow colored light dazzled the sky. Ye Xiwen, carrying a long blade in his hand, was treading the rainbow. His body was covered with stains of blood all over and brimming with murderous aura. In a split-second, he killed a lot of legendary experts.

Ye Xiwen said nothing but looked at the wolf cub from afar. He could tell that the wolf cub's fight was in its last act. The muscles on his chest were gnawed off while the lightning wolf king had half of its head bitten off. A normal demon beast would have died as a result of that but it was made up of pure energy and all it needed was to restore itself to its original form.

Ye Xiwen was relieved when at last, the wolf cub discharged a divine beam directly toward the lightning wolf king and hacked it into pieces before ultimately absorbing its entire energy the very next instant.

The wolf cub successfully crossed the entirety of heavenly tribulation and his body suddenly started falling down from the sky. Ye Xiwen and the Mo sibling quickly rushed toward him to check on his condition.

“Gee, I did not expect you to actually have such a tribulation!” Ye Xiwen said with admiration and amazement.

“You should try as well.” The wolf cub cast a weak gaze at Ye Xiwen, as if having no strength left to lift his eyelids.

But at this time, everyone noticed that the clouds of heavenly tribulation did not disperse, on the contrary, they grew denser and denser.

“Crap! Just now, I spent all my strength to cross the heavenly tribulation. What is going on?” The wolf cub suddenly cursed out loud.

“This is mine!” Ye Xiwen said as he looked up and gazed at the raging cloud. He could feel the heavenly tribulation firmly locking on at him, making it impossible for him to escape. He could tell that if he tried to leave that spot, the heavenly tribulation would shoot him down.

Mo siblings quickly took the wolf cub got away from Ye Xiwen. When the wolf cub's heavenly tribulation was that terrifying, then Ye Xiwen's was definitely going to be unimaginably insane.

“Your killing intention had affected the heavenly tribulation and that is why it had not yet dispersed, rather it is coming down together with your heavenly tribulation.” Ye Mo said.

The heavenly tribulation didn't target the experts randomly. It usually targeted those with exceptional murderous aura or those who offended the heavens and then tried to reason, but today, this didn't happen because of Ye Xiwen's murderous aura. First, the wolf cub's heavenly tribulation had not left, and secondly, the cultivation of Ye Xiwen was at such an advanced level that the heavenly tribulation was going to appear for him sooner or later.

(NT: 伤天害理  shāng tiān hài lǐ : to offend Heaven and reason (idiom); bloody atrocities that cry to heaven; outrageous acts)

In the sky, the clouds were darkening an getting denser and denser with electric snakes shuttling back and forth inside those clouds.

“Hua la!” Along with a shrill noise, hundreds of electric snakes swooped down from the clouds, outdoing one another while falling towards Ye Xiwen.

(NT: zhēng xiān kǒng hòu : striving to be first and fearing to be last (idiom); outdoing one another)

Ye Xiwen was entirely still but continuously improving his martial skill. His gilded tyrant form was going berserk and exuding rays of golden light in all directions, giving rise to the golden swords that were slashing the electric snakes.




Intermittent and fierce explosions occurred right above Ye Xiwen. Violent storm waves formed by the explosions mingled with the electrical sparks and swept everywhere, engulfing anything in the path and wreaking havoc.

After the divinities on Ye Xiwen's body transformed into golden swords and were cutting through the raid of electrical energy. Ye Xiwen's gilded body was absorbing that energy constantly and evolving. Such a heavenly tribulation was a nightmare for an ordinary genius of legendary realm, but it was nothing for Ye Xiwen.

His gilded tyrant form rushed to the fourth layer and the durability of his body reached unimaginable proportions.

“Crash-bang!” At that moment, bolts of lightning crashed from the clouds like the torrential downpour, all the way toward and upon Ye Xiwen.




The heavenly lightning was getting more and more intense. Its power was also growing gradually, getting stronger and stronger, enough to drown Ye Xiwen in a sea of lightning.

The Mo brother and sister were stunned by seeing such a crazy tribulation, and that too much more aggressive than that of the wolf cub, almost to the point of exaggeration. Really, just what kind of pet was this wolf cub? And what kind of owner was Ye Xiwen? Such an inconceivable pair was truly mindboggling.

The heavenly tribulation continued to test Ye Xiwen and could do nothing to him. Gradually, the lightning strikes also stopped but Ye Xiwen was not yet relaxed because he knew that the heavenly tribulation was still not gone.

Sure enough and as expected, a lightning bolt transformed into a long spear and struck down with a loud rumbling sound.

Ye Xiwen immediately raised his hand to block while shooting his other palm toward the incoming lightning spear.


With an extremely dreadful explosion, the lightning spear set off a lightning storm and started to wreak havoc.

Ye Xiwen's hand was now covered in blood which happened as a result of the lightning storm set off by the lightning spear. The impact shook his body completely and almost cracked his bones.

Ye Xiwen was suddenly vigilant as this was the first time he was injured while crossing a heavenly tribulation. He immediately activated the phoenix regeneration and healed the wound on his hand.

However, the heavenly tribulation clouds were still roaring in the sky and three lightning spears appeared at once.




Ye Xiwen was rocking his golden divine clothes as he bravely received those three lightning spears on his body, which tore open his flesh but was soon repaired by phoenix regeneration in a flash.

These lightning spears were really nasty as they were so fast that there was no way to dodge them.

Ye Xiwen would take them on each time and his body would be covered in blood as a result, but he continued to absorb these lightning spears into his body, and slowly, his wounds grew smaller in size and fewer and fewer in number. Eventually, those lightning spears no longer posed any threat to his gilded tyrant form as it had become much more formidable than earlier after nourishment.

Finally, it seemed like the heavenly tribulation didn't have the means to continue any longer and resigned in the end, of course, quite unwillingly.

As soon as it ended, Ye Xiwen's body suddenly began to emit waves of intermittent golden light. After having passed through the baptism of this heavenly tribulation, his 'tyrant body technique' had reveled great benefits in the form of the enormous progress that came as the byproduct of all this.

Ye Xiwen's breath also began to have an unceasing breakthrough, bit by bit approaching the first stage of half-step legendary realm. The so-called half-step legendary realm's first stage required an absolute accumulation of energy prior to the breakthrough, which was naturally extremely difficult to achieve.

“Boom!” A burst of energy swept out of Ye Xiwen's body all at once.

And finally, he stepped into half-step legendary realm's first stage.

(To be continued)


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