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Chapter 297 - Legend slaughtered

The old man was sent flying and directly hit the ground, pulling a long trace by being dragged on the ground before finally come to a stop. Ye Xiwen immediate chased him and summoned a Hanshan seal that instantly smashed down.

“Boom!” Hanshan seal directly pounded upon the old man, giving him no time to dodge.

“Bang!” The old man had managed to steer out of the Hanshan seal's main impact area, but was still hit at the edge and was once again sent flying. There was no way to find out how many of his bones were crushed in the process.

“Stop!” At this moment, several truth level experts and an expert of half-step legendary realm of Qiu clan rushed forward to save the old man because they knew his importance for their family.

They, as if, made a barrier of experts to protect the old man. As long as the old man would come out alive of this tragedy, the future of their clan would be secured, on the contrary, if the old man were to die then their entire clan……

They did not dare to imagine.

Several truth level experts rushed toward Ye Xiwen to pin him down, but he was radically unmoved. He continued to chase the old man.

The golden divinities contained within his body were literally mocking humanity. An otherworldly golden energy burst out of Ye Xiwen's body and turned into a long blade. In a blink of an eye, several truth level experts were chopped to pieces by this golden blade.




Some experts were beheaded, some were split in half, and all in all, no one was able to stop the advance of Ye Xiwen's footsteps.

“You beast, no matter how big a price I must pay today, I will kill you!” The half-step legendary experts roared, his palm transformed into a wolf claw and grasped toward Ye Xiwen. It was like the claw of the wolf god, attempting to squash Ye Xiwen.

As if trying to trod the vault of heaven and reshuffled the very existence of elements.

“I would like to see you try.” Ye Xiwen smirked and shot an enormous golden beam to tackle the wolf claw.

“Stab!” With a loud piercing sound, Ye Xiwen hands directly tore open the wolf claw.

“Aaaah!” Ye Xiwen didn't stop there. The half-step legendary expert's body was then immediately caught by Ye Xiwen in midair and was split into two halves, with blood splattering all around.

Even his soul was directly torn apart by Ye Xiwen along with his body. This is what happens when a soul comes in the grasp of godly power.

“You bastard!” The old man roared as she painstaking saw yet another elite from his clan getting brutally killed by Ye Xiwen. He got so mad that he immediately rushed toward Ye Xiwen.

The old man's whole body had started to swell with surging energy and boiling blood. The broken bones and torn muscles within his body started to reconnect at an astonishing rate. His imposing aura literally soared high into the sky, and the awe-inspiring changes in his body made him appear like a raging beast.

“Ye Xiwen, this is bad, I think he has gone suicidal and is planning to perish along with you.” Ye Mo said in an anxious tone.

Ye Mo's comment was not needed for Ye Xiwen to figure out what the old man was planning to do, after all, Ye Xiwen had killed Qiu Wolf and two other elites from the old man's clan, along with several truth level experts. Not to mention, the massacre was still going on, the old man was forced to take desperate measured to save what was left of his clan.

“Haa!” Suddenly, the old man thundered loudly, the whole sky began to boil as he congealed a Bladeqi in his hand and swept it across the sky.

The surviving members of Qiu clan couldn't help but hold their breaths when they saw this scene.

“Clang!” With the intermittent bursts of metal rubbing sound produced from friction between the Bladeqi and atmosphere.

“Die you bastard!”

Bladeqi arrived right in front of Ye Xiwen obliquely in a blink of an eye and he could feel that it brought the entire space rolling along with it.

Ye Xiwen immediately waved his right arm, congealing an equally terrifying Bladeqi along with a gigantic coiling dragon and shot both these attacks toward the incoming Bladeqi attack.


A loud explosion occurred, setting off a storm of rogue energy waves in all directions, violently twisting and shattering the space around.

The members of Qiu clan immediately retreated far away from the place where that terrible collision occurred. They knew that getting in range of such a collision was like asking for death.

“Just die, die!” The old man’s facial expression became more ferocious, crazier. His eyes had turned red, keeping a close eye on Ye Xiwen while congealing a Bladeqi much powerful and much purer than before, in his hands.

This time, the Bladeqi contained a great roaring wolf made up of inexhaustible energy. The old man had combined two types of attacks into one to make the final attack much more destructive. The resulting attack appeared unusually brilliant and beautiful in the sky.

The combined attack of Bladeqi and heavenly great wolf completely engulfed Ye Xiwen.

“Ha ha ha, little beast, now you will die without a doubt!” The old man’s facial expression turned grim as he laughed loudly like a madman.

“Get out of my way!” Ye Xiwen shouted in a cold voice and the entire barrier of energy enveloping Ye Xiwen instantly collapsed. A beam of golden light flushed out from the Bladeqi barrier, tearing it apart in the process and further crashed into the great wolf's body, annihilating it almost instantly.

“Impossible!” The old man couldn't believe his eyes because he was absolutely sure that his most powerful attack would kill Ye Xiwen. Not to mention, he had unlocked his full potential and was at his peak condition while launching this attack. He certainly didn't know that Ye Xiwen had a trick to restore himself to the peak condition in a blink of an eye.

The old man panicked and immediately flew back far away, but not faster than the golden beam shot by Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen had immediately released a golden blade attack, but this time made up of a mixture of divinities and dragon qi. The hybrid energy was insanely destructive, powerful enough to shock the entire world.

The old man quickly congealed a series of defensive arrangement, made up of Zhen Yuan, in front of himself.

However, a barrier made up of mere Zhen Yuan couldn't stop Ye Xiwen's attack that easily shattered the barrier.




As soon as the Zhen Yuan barrier was shattered, the old man immediately went several steps back to evade the Bladeqi attack but failed to do so in time.


His right arm was severed, spattering bone dust and minced meat debris in all directions.

The old man's body wasn't able to avoid the heavy impact contained in the attack and was severely knocked to the ground, creating a large humanoid hole in the ground.

“Hanshan seal!” Ye Xiwen immediately summoned the Hanshan seal that appeared in the form of a huge mountain falling from the sky.

The old man wanted to resist but lacked enough speed and agility to dodge the Hanshan seal's impact. In a flash, he was crushed to dead by Hanshan seal; even his soul didn't survive this impact and dissipated.

The remaining experts of Qiu clan immediately understood that getting out of there was the only option left in front of them.

In their eyes, Ye Xiwen appeared just like a devil god that had effortlessly and mercilessly killed all the powerhouses of their clan.

But before they could flee, the entire surrounding space was imprisoned, freezing them in midair.

Ye Xiwen used missing moon beheader technique and unleashed one thousand blades, chopping all of them into pieces. It just took Ye Xiwen an instant to wipe out the entire clan.

Although Ye Xiwen was not yet a full-fledged legendary expert, he had already learned to exploit some of its benefits. His understanding of space imprisonment technique was not at all inferior to that of other legendary experts.

“Ye Xiwen, I must say that your current strength is comparable to that of an expert of half-step legendary first stage. Only a few peerless geniuses are able to reach the first stage of half-step legendary realm.” Ye Mo said.

(NT: Only true geniuses can access the first stage (or above stages) hidden within half-step legendary realm.)

“This is not enough.” Ye Xiwen said, “I want to beat all the opponents, and become the strongest.”

Only after becoming the strongest, he would have the opportunity to make contact with the outside world. Then only it would be possible to one day return to the Earth.

Ye Xiwen, without any delay, directly expanded his devil wings and flew toward Shun'an city in order to find the whereabouts of the wolf cub and Jian Wuchen. He went back and found out that those two had already fled away.

Ye Xiwen felt relieved, though he did not know where they were headed. However, considering the power and disposition of wolf cub and Jian Wuchen, they must have safety escaped from Shun'an prefecture. Ye Xiwen also believed that he would not be getting any news about them anytime soon.

(To be continued)


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