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Chapter 298 - Overbearing army of God

Ye Xiwen was following the road to TMU, the same road that had been used by generations of geniuses for thousands of years. Although Ye Xiwen had the choice of flying, he preferred to walk in order to learn more about Ming Empire and its culture, not to mention his walk was equally fast. In just a month on his journey, he experienced local customs and social traditions, which was a lot better than reading ten thousand books on Ming Empire. During this month, Ye Xiwen learned a lot about Ming Empire.

Since he was not struggling to catch up, he had basically fallen behind Jian Wuchen and the wolf cub. However, he often heard news about the exploits of the two on the way.

He recently heard news about the wolf cub having stepped into half-step legendary realm and had torn apart a young elite of Ming Empire who was also at half-step legendary realm but still didn't stand a chance against the wolf cub's tyrannical powers!

Although Ye Xiwen hadn't personally seen wolf cub in action, judging from the information received, he could tell that they must have tried to belittle him by making fun of his skills, ultimately making him go berserk and massacre all the way. After surviving a life and death battle with the assassin, Jian Wuchen benefited a lot and managed to step into half-step legendary realm. His progression speed was indeed very fast as Ye Xiwen had predicted.

This month, Ye Xiwen constantly consolidated his inner state, reaching all the way to the pinnacle of half-step legendary realm. Of course, his acquired knowledge and sensibility had already gone far beyond half-step legendary realm, thanks to the energy and knowledge accumulated in the library (by absorbing book demons). Also, now Tianyuan mirror was producing a lot of Ling Dans every day, half getting instilled into mysterious space to comprehend various martial techniques and world laws while the remaining half getting absorbed by Ye Xiwen. In just one month, Ye Xiwen had completely consolidated his inner state to its peak level.

Ye Xiwen arrived before a vast mountain range. According to the ancient road map, he found out that there stood a big city on the other side of this mountain range. There were several routes that could be taken to go to TMU, each having a dedicated map. So each time TMU opened its gate to recruit disciples, some people, who knew the routes, would start selling maps to the contestants. Of course, some routes were riddled with dangers while some were relatively easy to traverse, hence, the costs of these maps varied accordingly. Ye Xiwen didn't care about their prices or difficulty to traverse and bought the one that was most detailed.

“Clang!” A metal clanging sound resounded in the forest, followed by sudden dispersion of clouds in the sky.

“Boom!” A Swordqi suddenly flew across the sky and came very close to hitting, almost grazing Ye Xiwen's side.

The dense forest was also split in half by the terrifying Swordqi.

Ye Xiwen saw the figures of two persons dashing away from the source of Swordqi attack. One of them was a man who appeared in his late twenties, was dressed in black clothes and had a handsome face but there was a huge wound in his chest. One could even vaguely see the broken ribs, indicating that the injury was quite serious.

At his side, there was a beautiful woman who appeared to be in her early twenties, had a blinding black hair. At this time, she was experiencing shortness of breath; her complexion was red but did not have any visible injuries.

“Mo Yan, Mo Xiang, you two siblings better hand over the sword command, otherwise, you won't escape death today.” About a dozen warriors, each one at Complete Truth realm and clad in strange uniforms, were standing behind those siblings. This group was being led by an expert of half-step legendary realm. He was a tall and sturdy man and was holding a long sword in hand.

“God's army is at work, a loitering passerby like you should mind your own business. Now get lost!” The half-step legendary warrior glanced at Ye Xiwen and said.

Ye Xiwen was not planning to interfere in the first place.

However, the leader of god's army suddenly waved his sword and shot a Swordqi toward Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen dodged to the side and effortlessly evaded this attack. He looked at the siblings and saw fear in their eyes, as if they wanted someone to help them but wouldn't ask because they didn't want him to get involved in this mess.

“Those who interfere in the matters of God's army shall die.” The leader coldly said.

Without any hesitation, he once again shot a bright Swordqi toward Ye Xiwen.

“Humph, your arrogance is praiseworthy.” Ye Xiwen said then directly grabbed the Swordqi and crushed it. On the way to TMU, he had learned a lot of things, of course, God's army being one of the things that caught his attention.

Army of God was an organization quite well-known in this area with the idea of representing the so-called army of god itself. It was established by five formidable young experts who referred to themselves as five gods. They gathered a large number of followers by defeating numerous strong and well-known geniuses from all over and then compelled them to join their army, just like the eighth prince used to operate in Great Yue State. However, the eighth prince wasn't as powerful as the five gods.

“How dare you stand in our way, you are courting death!” An expert of Complete Truth realm instantly appeared in front of Ye Xiwen and blasted a punch, distorting the space itself with a burst of colossal power. It could be said that even an ordinary member of God's army was much more powerful than average experts of Complete Truth realm.

“You messed up.” Ye Xiwen smirked and Zhen Yuan instantly began to surge out of his body and enveloped him completely.

“Poof!” Ye Xiwen shoved his hands into his chest and tore him apart.

“Are you going to pick a fight with the Army of God? You have a death wish.” The leader stared coldly at Ye Xiwen. His complexion wasn't good because he could tell that Ye Xiwen was very strong. He did not dare to underestimate Ye Xiwen.

“Army of God is already dead in my eyes.” Ye Xiwen replied in a calm voice. “And you and your subordinates are the ones that started this.”

Ye Xiwen's reply immediately angered the leader. The god's army was like a supreme existence in his heart and allowing others to belittle it was nothing less than blasphemy.

“Boom”! He pounded his foot on the ground, and like a flash of lightning, he rushed toward Ye Xiwen while unleashing a rolling Swordqi at him.

Ye Xiwen took out his long blade and chopped toward the enemy, releasing a golden Bladeqi that instantly transformed into a roaring golden dragon.

“Boom!” Along with a dreadful loud metal clanging sound, enormous waves of energy were set off in all directions. The leader was instantly gobbled by the golden dragon, tearing him to shreds, even his soul was not spared in the process.

The brother and sister were looking at Ye Xiwen with utter disbelief in their eyes. Although this leader was at half-step legendary realm, he was powerful enough to contend with an expert of legendary first stage, however, he was so effortlessly killed by Ye Xiwen.

Of course, they knew that the Army of God only recruited top geniuses from the younger generation, so a team leader was certainly going to be elite among elites. Not to mention, he was at half-step legendary realm and was directly under the command of the five gods, but was still killed in a blink of an eye by just a blade attack.

All in all, Ye Xiwen was insanely strong.


Ye Xiwen shouted. The members of God's army were stubbornly staring at Ye Xiwen and did not dare to approach him. They had already realized that Ye Xiwen was far stronger than them, perhaps on the same level as their five gods.

Ye Xiwen did not mean to exterminate them, after all, these were just prisoners in the Army of Gods.

Ye Xiwen had heard a lot of things about the tyrannical present of the five gods. It was said that only few could rival their strength in the younger generation. Although everyone wanted to be the strongest in the younger generation of southern region, it was rare for someone to be daring enough to claim such a bold thing.

Although there were many legends about the five gods, no one actually knew about their specific strength levels. However, there were rumors that the 1st god was at half-step legendary third or fourth stage, and has an awe-inspiring military experience of 50 years as a Warrior Commander.

It was said that had not set foot on the road to TMU because when the representatives of TMU evaluated his qualifications, they decided to have him as a disciple but he refused. He chose to embark on this road with the rhetoric that he would beat all the geniuses of the younger generation and become the first person to enter TMU via assessment.

Even if the other four gods were weaker than him, they were still powerful enough to stand above an expert of half-step legendary realm who was just now killed by Ye Xiwen.

However, now that Ye Xiwen had offended them already, he would rather go all the way and beat them one by one. He was striving to be at the top and would need to defeat all his rivals sooner or later.

At this time, Mo Yan and Mo Xiang arrived next to Ye Xiwen and said.

“Kind brother, thanks for saving us siblings. We will always be grateful to you for this.”

(To be continued)


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