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Chapter 296 - Conspicuous prestige

An unquenchable look of pleasant surprise appeared in Ye Xiwen's eyes. He had finally entered half-step legendary realm. The red-colored demon core had all its energy consumed and turned into a pile of dust.

He never imagined of stepping into half-step legendary realm in such a short period of time. It took him not more than 6 months to achieve that and this rate was not slow. One must know that reaching half-step legendary realm at the age of 20 was something not even the so-called peerless geniuses could do before the age of 50. Ye Xiwen was not necessarily the youngest but definitely was one of the youngest to achieve such a feat. He just did not have the means to imagine his own progress, in terms of cultivation, once he would turn 50-years-old.

Even in his past life, a period of 20 years was not less and was tantamount to be a major part of one's lifespan!

This time, his misfortune turned into a blessing at right time and helped him obtain the demon core of a legendary demon beast, helping him reach the next realm in a short time.

Ye Xiwen stretched his hand and the entire space was imprisoned in an instant. This was the ability of legendary experts, and having entered the half-step legendary realm, he had also come to understand a certain degree of space laws, at least enough to imprison a part of space for some time.

Usually, this was possible only after becoming a full-fledged legendary expert and gaining access to freely communicate with the world laws but Ye Xiwen was exposed to it in advance. Regarding the understanding of space, Ye Xiwen consciously took the initiative to gain hold of this power and his control over space laws was certainly not inferior to an average legendary expert because of the presence of 'mysterious space' in his body. Not to mention, now Tianyuan mirror could produce Ling Dans unceasingly and they would be constantly instilled into the bottomless pit of mysterious space. As a result of that, the mysterious space would continuously absorb Ling Dans and help Ye Xiwen in an unceasing deduction of some martial laws and techniques. In other words, a variety of world laws would be constantly deduced inside the mysterious space before being installed in Ye Xiwen mind. Of course, this process would go on non-stop.

Therefore, although Ye Xiwen had not yet entered the legendary realm, he was still enjoying the powers and liberties of legendary realm with the help of mysterious space and Tianyuan mirror.

Of course, if the opponent was at legendary realm then the space imprisonment wouldn't have any effect on them. Indeed, Ye Xiwen could still use it for self-protection as long as the opponent's skill wasn't too stronger than his own, otherwise, his space imprisonment wouldn't work on the opponent. Not to mention, the opponent should also give up on the idea of imprisoning Ye Xiwen because they would have to deal with his insanely fast speed. This was one of the greatest advantages in Ye Xiwen's favor.

During the breakthrough, his gilded tyrant form also gained no small advantage. Now, his whole body was full of power and he was confident that even a single punch could kill an expert of half-step legendary realm with ease.

“Ye Xiwen, you have made a big progress this time.” Ye Mo said, “Half-step legendary realm, although is only half-a-step into the legendary realm, it still enjoys the name and benefits of legendary realm. Remember, you are no longer in truth realm, you have left it behind. It should have taken 6 more months under normal circumstances to have this breakthrough.”

“Yes, I never thought that persevering on the road to TMU can actually be good for cultivation. If things continue to go on like this for a year, you can reap tremendous benefits.”

“It is time to find that old man and settle old scores.” Ye Xiwen said.

However, he did not have to go look for the old man because the people of Qiu clan were already looking for him. After the old man thought of going back, he still wasn't sure whether Ye Xiwen was really dead or not. What if Ye Xiwen was not dead and used some trick to fool him? Therefore, the old man ordered a legendary expert of Qiu clan to lead a team of experts and search for Ye Xiwen's corpse.

The team consisted of several truth level experts and all of them were using soul searches to find Ye Xiwen or his corpse.

The old man was using his soul search technique to command the team of experts: “Search, search everywhere, I want to see his corpse!”

“Found him!” Suddenly, a small team of experts shouted.

“Boom!” With a sound of terrifying explosion, a blast wave swept off in all directions. The entire team, consisting of truth level experts, was blasted away. Their bodies instantly turned into blood fog and dissipated in the atmosphere.

A rainbow colored flash of light streamed across the sky.

“I was planning to look for you, never thought that an old idiot like you can also be so wicked.” Ye Xiwen said in a calm voice.

Ye Xiwen's horrifying imposing aura spread in all directions.

The old man sensed Ye Xiwen's aura and his complexion turned pale. He never thought that Ye Xiwen's aura would change so drastically. He could clearly feel traces of legendary power in Ye Xiwen's aura. The old man was shocked by the fact that Ye Xiwen's cultivation had progressed by leaps and bounds in such a short time. This level of insane progression speed was mindblowing.

The old man could tell that by having such an insane level of progression speed, Ye Xiwen's future prospects would simply be incalculable, not to mention even the tremendous destructive power of heavenly tribulation was unable to kill him. Such a person must be eradicated as soon as possible, otherwise, he would end up being a huge threat to Qiu clan.

The only option was to strangle this genius in the cradle itself.

Immediately, a bone-chilling killing intention flashed in the old man's eyes!

Of course, Ye Xiwen didn't give a crap about all that.

“Little brat, do not dare think that I have forgotten what you did to our Qiu Wolf. I did expect you to get killed by the heavenly tribulation, but it doesn't matter. I will kill you myself and take revenge.” The old man said coldly.

“Only, if you have the ability to do that.” Ye Xiwen grinned.

“You bastard, I will kill you!” A middle-aged expert of half-step legendary realm shouted and flew towards Ye Xiwen. He was the father of Qiu Wolf so his rage was understandable, after all, all his painstaking efforts in nurturing his son had been wasted by Ye Xiwen.

The middle-aged man shot an enormous divine beam in the sky that instantly fell down towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen sneered and instead of using any energy based attacks, he directly went forward to greet the incoming divine beam.


There occured a massive explosion but Ye Xiwen used just his palms to contain this explosion and rendered it ineffective.

“Bang!” The very next moment, there echoed an extremely violent sound of breaking bones as Ye Xiwen used just his hands to crush that expert's bones into pieces.

“How is this possible?!”

Everyone was shocked by the tyrannical display of physical strength by Ye Xiwen.

However, Ye Xiwen did not give them enough time to figure out what just happened. He immediately summoned a Hanshan seal in the sky and smashed it down towards that expert.

“Boom!” The Hanshan seal smashed down quickly at a lightning fast speed, directly laminating that expert of half-step legendary realm onto the ground, turning him into blood fog almost instantly.

Everyone looked in disbelief, swallowing their saliva and simply couldn't trust what they just saw. Could the killing of an expert of half-step legendary really be so easy? Ye Xiwen suddenly became an awe-inspiring man in the eyes of everyone.

“Impossible!” The old man had an incredible look in his eyes as he stubbornly stared at Ye Xiwen. The unexpected rise in Ye Xiwen's strength was something out of his comprehension. He just couldn't understand how Ye Xiwen managed to become so powerful in such a short time.

“Step back all of you, I will kill him!” The old man roared then immediately rushed forward and shot his palm, releasing the magnificent powers of legendary realm. A huge green hammer congealed out of nowhere and smashed towards Ye Xiwen.

The space around Ye Xiwen was imprisoned suddenly, making it impossible for him to escape.

Ye Xiwen sneered and his body released some kind of world law, instigating fluctuations in space around him and making it possible for him to break free from space imprisonment.

Ye Xiwen's joined his golden hands and blocked the hammer attack effortlessly.

“Old man, prepare yourself, you better embrace death with a smile on your face.” Ye Xiwen smirked and launched a kick, sweeping rippling waves of golden light toward the old man.

The old man was startled, actually did not expect that Ye Xiwen would be strong enough to disregard his offensives. Ye Xiwen not only broke out of his space confinement, he even blocked his legendary level hammer attack.

Ye Xiwen summoned an azure coiling dragon from the depths of Abyss. After reaching half-step legendary realm, even his coiling dragon attack had progressed by leaps and bounds.

“Haa!” The old man thundered loudly and prepared himself to face Ye Xiwen's terrifying attack.

The two sides collided fiercely as if mutually strangling each other. The crumbling and fluctuating energy waves spread out in all directions.

This was a battle between two experts of legendary level. It seemed like a vicious fight between a wolf and a dragon.

Ye Xiwen's golden aura soon occupied half of the sky while the old man seemed to be struggling in a one-on-one fight with him.

“Today, you go to hell!” Ye Xiwen suddenly flew forward such as lightning while his hands transformed into dragon claws and went forward to grasp the old man. This attack was so terrifying that the old man could only dodge and stay out of its range but failed to do so.

“Boom!” The old man screamed pitifully as his body was sent flying upside down.

(To be continued)


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