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Chapter 295 - Half-step legendary realm

Ye Xiwen could sense a somewhat keen killing intent in the eyes of Fire Lin beast. Indeed, there were traces of hatred and greed in its eyes as well. It instinctively considered Ye Xiwen an enemy, not to mention Ye Xiwen also sensed the presence of powerful divinities within its body, which could bring great benefits for him since he was in need of more and more divinities in order to strengthen his gilded tyrant form. He would usually come across demon beasts with small amounts of divinity within their bodies, but this Fire Lin beast was extraordinary in this regard.

Ye Xiwen was still considering what to do next but Fire Lin beast was obviously not going to give him any opportunity to continue to consider. It immediately roared and shot a large bundle of flames towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen immediately went back several steps to avoid the flame attack. The freshly obtained power of the legendary realm was evident in its attack. Just by spitting flames, it could easily burn through space.

It was popular saying that it was necessary to face heavenly calamity because the terrifying power of legendary realm lied on the other side of the test.

“Fuck!” Ye Xiwen cursed out loud and no longer hesitated, after all, this beast was still injured and would soon be able to recover and might even display full scope of legendary realm. He needed to win this battle as fast as possible.

The long blade danced in his hands and released an enormous Bladelight that instantly split the entire sky into two halves as if attempting to shatter the void.

Fire Lin beast struggled to leap and barely managed to dodge Ye Xiwen's blade attack, however, not before getting its scales crushed by the Bladelight slicing through its waist, causing the blood to ooze out in abundance.

“Humph!” Ye Xiwen snorted and immediately raise his hand, summoning a gigantic Hanshan seal in the sky, and the very next moment, he made it smash down.

Like a huge mountain directly dropping from heavens, the Hanshan seal pounded upon Fire Lin beast without giving it any chance to escape.


Great strength contained in this attack came close to crushing its bones. With its face upward, it roared loudly while its body emitted blazing white flames that instantly burned through the Hanshan seal, making it possible for it to escape.

But how could Ye Xiwen let it escape so easily? Another Hanshan seal appeared in the sky and once again smashed down. Although it possessed the blood of the mythical unicorn and thus had a strong regenerative capability as well, but the effectiveness of his regenerative ability was nowhere near that of phoenix regeneration. Right now, Ye Xiwen was in his peak condition whereas Fire Lin beast had not even recovered from the injuries it sustained during the breakthrough.

Ye Xiwen knew that in spite of having just entered the legendary realm, this beast was much more powerful than that old man. After all, it was a god's descendant with the divine power of ancient unicorn god in its blood.

But Ye Xiwen was also aware of the fact that a certain period of time, after surviving a heavenly tribulation, was the most dangerous for a demon beast, increasing its chances of being hunted.

Ye Xiwen certainly didn't get enough time to consider all this since he was fully focused on taking down this Fire Lin beast!

“Roar!” The beast screamed pitifully after being severely hit by the Hanshan seal. It staggered a bit as its blood spattered all over.

Immediately, its ominous eyes began to stubbornly stare at Ye Xiwen. If it was in its peak condition, it would have already killed Ye Xiwen by now. But right now, it was basically cornered by a human expert of much lower level.

The healing rate of its wounds, caused by the Hanshan seal, was also very less.

Fire Lin beast was roaring again and again. It was not just furious but also regretting its decision of getting greedy and coveting the divinities within Ye Xiwen's body. In the end, its own greed sent him crashing into such a dreadful disaster.

Ye Xiwen's facial expression appeared cold as he directly shot his palm and summoned an Azure dragon from the depths of the abyss. At this moment, the tyrannical power of the fourth layer of 'tyrant body technique' fully manifested itself as he used his long blade to directly chop down the divinities contained within the white flames spat by the beast, while at the same time, his coiling dragon palm made an impact.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen's coiling dragon palm severely pounded on the beast's body. It screamed as its spine was broken into two halves, tearing its skin at that spot, from where scalding hot blood gushed out and stained the ground.

It was a good opportunity!

Ye Xiwen immediately released a massive sword intention that flew across the sky, crashed into its head, cracking open its skull while its brain matter splashed out.

Fire Lin beast was finally dead. Ye Xiwen took out a red demon core from its body. It was a special demon core of legendary realm and was exuding waves of concentrated energy. After passing the heavenly tribulation, it had completely transformed into a demon core of legendary realm.

“Wonderful! Ye Xiwen, this is a good opportunity to absorb the demon core. I think then you can certainly set foot into the half-step legendary realm. Once you are in half-step legendary realm, that old fogy won't be your match anymore.” Ye Mo said.

Ye Xiwen nodded; if he could set foot in half-step legendary realm then the experts of legendary realm wouldn't be a threat anymore, just like the experts of half-step legendary realm were not his match right now.

Ye Xiwen immediately found a cave in that area and began closed-door cultivation. This entire area had been destroyed beyond recognition by the heavenly calamity, so concealment was a right decision since the event of heavenly calamity had scared off all demon beasts of that area. They were not daring to approach even if they wanted to.

Ye Xiwen made no more delay because he would also need to go back and confirm the safety of the wolf cub and Jian Wuchen. Although he did believe that they must have fled already, he would still want to go back and confirm, not to mention he would also go greet the old man afterward.

The red demon core was floating in front of Ye Xiwen, bobbing, and overflowing with energy based on fire element.

Ye Xiwen was sitting cross-legged on the ground, with his eyes closed while Tianyuan mirror was constantly circling around above his head, protecting his entire body with a scarlet barrier. His body was exuding waves of golden light, while at the same time, large chunks of fire element were being absorbed into his body.

Traces of red color appeared in the blanket of golden light enveloping his body. Although this Fire Lin beast had reached legendary realm just now, it must have been accumulating for years, or perhaps decades. Not to mention, it was a god's descendant with the divine fire element within its demon core.

As soon as the fire element circulated within his body, it began to make a qualitative change in his Zhen Yuan (energy) that literally began to rampage inside his body. Ye Xiwen immediately mobilized this new type of Zhen Yuan in his meridians and made it his own energy forcibly.

Ye Xiwen could clearly feel a considerable change in his Zhen Yuan.

There was indeed a massive gap between legendary realm and realms beneath it.

“Legendary realm is really something!” Ye Xiwen said with a color of anticipation in his eyes, “Once I am done completely absorbing this demon core, stepping into half-step legendary realm should be a piece of cake.”

Ye Xiwen continued to absorb the red-hot demon core and sensed an influx of fire properties in his inner state. His face turned brighter and began to shine, even traces of a mixture of golden and red light flashed in eyes. The powerful fire properties a legendary demon beast immediately started to impact heavily against the barrier to half-step legendary realm.

Ye Xiwen's Zhen Yuan saw a significant qualitative and quantitative transformation and began to pound on the inner state-barrier again and again. Only by breaking this barrier, he could leap from truth realm to half-step legendary realm.




Ye Xiwen felt as if he was facing a thick iron wall standing between him and half-step legendary realm. This was a very firm threshold that was infamous for blocking countless experts from never stepping out of the truth realm.

The newly gained Zhen Yuan and its increased quantity were certainly helpful but Ye Xiwen was still struggling to find a flaw in the barrier while making impacts one after another.

He did not know how many times it took, but he finally managed to break the barrier.

“Boom!” The sturdy barrier finally started to collapse.

Ye Xiwen's face suddenly lit up.

“I did it! My breakthrough was successful!”

With this, his imposing aura also changed completely. It gained small traces of the peculiar coercion of legendary realm, completely replacing the weak aura of truth realm. Uncontrolled waves of his imposing aura spread out in all directions, only to be blocked in the path by Tianyuan mirror.

Ye Xiwen's golden divine nature also appeared smoother than before. Also, after the breakthrough, he gained a godly aura that contained the magnificent divine coercion.

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes and said: “Finally, I reached half-step legendary realm. Now, it's time to finish some unfinished business.”

(To be continued)


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