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Chapter 292 - Ominous wolf killed

The coiling dragon condensed from Bladeqi dived down and overran the enemy.

“Boom!” Qiu Wolf had no time to dodge and the Bladeqi cut open a large wound on his chest. A wound so hideous and terrible that it seemed like his chest had sunken terribly into a deep concave, his ribs bent inwards and pieced his internal organs. The wound looked so terrifying that an ordinary person wouldn't bear to look at it.

However, the enemy's blade attacked had also cut open a wound on Ye Xiwen's waist. It looked like a serious wound from which, blood was spattering in all directions.

“Is it over? Damn, don't tell me the strongest genius of our Shun'an prefecture has fallen already?”

Many powerhouses who were observing this battle sighed woefully. Although they not necessarily liked Qiu Wolf but seeing their own being thoroughly suppressed by an outsider was something they were not ready to accept.

“Is that guy from southeast region really that strong?”

In contrast to the pale complexion on Qiu Wolf's face, Ye Xiwen's facial expression was simply unchanged even though both of them were severely injured. Of course, Ye Xiwen wasn't much affected by such injuries since the Phoenix regeneration technique was constantly working and healing his injuries non-stop.





After being seriously injured, Qiu Wolf starting growling loudly and his body started to transform. His whole body was slowly covered with green hair and his hands turned into sharp claws. The people from Ye Xiwen's past world would call Qiu Wolf him a werewolf after this transformation. The wound in his chest began to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“What is going on?” The spectators were shocked by this scene as they had never seen Qiu Wolf transforming like this before. Perhaps Qiu Wolf never got to face a formidable opponent like Ye Xiwen who literally pushed him to the point of resorting to using this transformation to fight back.

Ye Xiwen appeared dignified and was not all affected even when Qiu Wolf's aura was changing little by little, turning more imposing and terrifying.

“I think this guy has probably fused the blood of a demon god with his own blood.” Ye Mo said, “I guess this is enough to call him a relative of our wolf cub in a way.”

Ye Xiwen smiled, perhaps there really was such a possibility that the ancestors of the wolf cub and Qiu Wolf were related.

However, Ye Xiwen did not wait to think about all this stuff as he heard a loud roar and saw the monstrous figure of a ferocious green beast standing in front of him.

“Boom!” Qiu Wolf simply abandoned using blade attacks and directly punched towards Ye Xiwen. The power contained in his punch was so enormous that it punched through space, creating a large void in the sky.

Ye Xiwen sneered and issued an equally enormous blade attack along with coiling dragon palm that summoned a gigantic black dragon from the depths of Abyss. It roared loudly and immediately wrapped Ye Xiwen to form a solid defense, strong enough to block enemy's punch.

“Bang!” The two attacks collided and the resulting explosion set off layer after layer of energy waves in all directions. The good thing was that the battle was going at a very high altitude, otherwise, this explosion  toward the beat go, so that both sides are in high altitude, otherwise, the explosion would have destroyed the entire city in one fell swoop.

“I will eat you!” Qiu Wolf said in a beastly voice while salivating heavily through the corners of his mouth, “Your blood has the kind of flavor I like. I will eat you whole and my cultivation will increase by one level, ha ha ha ha!”

After Qiu Wolf turned into a werewolf, his humanity had been overtaken by the demon nature of the wolf god. Now he could instinctively sense the divinities contained within Ye Xiwen's body and wanted to seize them for nourishment.

“Boom!” Qiu Wolf suddenly took a step forward and disappeared, instantly trampled through the void in the form of a green torrent rushing towards Ye Xiwen.

“You want to eat me? Get lost!” Ye Xiwen's eyes flashed with killing intention as he suddenly kicked the green torrent as soon as it approached him.


The mighty torrent of greenish energy was instantly dissipated by Ye Xiwen's kick, exposing the huge figure of Qiu Wolf.

Qiu Wolf never expected to actually see his attacked being kicked away by Ye Xiwen. After transforming into a werewolf, not even an expert of the legendary first stage could rival his horrifying strength, let alone an expert of Complete Truth realm like Ye Xiwen.

Directly coming in contact with such terrific power was equivalent to seeking death.

But Ye Xiwen actually kicked his energy based torrent attack as if it was nothing.

Of course, how could he ever know about Ye Xiwen's tyrant body technique that enabled him to come in contact with gods and devil and even tear them to shreds with his bare hands if needed? Not to mention, now he had practiced an enhanced version of the same technique, the gilded tyrant form that allowed him to contend with all sorts of terrifying forces. Even if Ye Xiwen was now at Complete Truth realm, his strength was more than enough to deal with the likes of Qiu Wolf in werewolf form.

“Haa!” Ye Xiwen shouted loudly and his right foot was suddenly enveloped by an extremely potent golden energy. Then he launched a kick at Qiu Wolf and sent him flying across the sky.

Ye Xiwen immediately chased down at an incredibly fast speed and simultaneously summoned Hanshan seal in the sky that directly smashed down towards Qiu Wolf while he was still in midair.

“Howl!” Qiu Wolf howled and immediately released the massive shadow of a blue wolf that was made up of pure energy. It immediately opened its huge mouth as if to devour the Hanshan seal in one go.

“Boom!” The blue wolf directly collided with Hanshan seal and vaporized instantly, however, Qiu Wolf seized this chance to escape.

The blue wolf's body had turned into blood fog that was automatically absorbed by Ye Xiwen's gilded tyrant form and added to his divinities collection. The traces of divinities present in the blue wolf's dissipated body truly indicated that Qiu Wolf had obtained the heritage of an ancient demon god and hence contained pure divinities in his blood.

It was not strange for people to have various types of strange heritage and even Ye Xiwen had a fair share of his own heritages, including coiling dragon palm, Hanshan seal, Phoenix regeneration and the mysterious space.

However, Ye Xiwen was not willing to show mercy to Qiu Wolf no matter what.

A coiling dragon suddenly appeared in the sky and roared towards Qiu Wolf.

By now, everyone had come to accept that Ye Xiwen was much more powerful than Qiu Wolf, in fact, this battle had been like a game for Ye Xiwen since the beginning! But now, he was being serious in taking down Qiu Wolf and the result was such magnificent display of power.

“Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!”

The entire sky above Shun'an city was filled with terrifying explosions as the two experts went all out.

The battle had entered a superheated phase but it was not hard to figure out that Ye Xiwen was completely prevailing.

The spectators never expected in the beginning of the fight that Qiu Wolf would completely fall under the wind like this and that too after transforming into a werewolf.

None had ever seen Qiu Wolf completely fall under the wind?

The initial ferociousness and beastly dominance of Qiu Wolf was no longer to be seen anywhere. His beastly instincts were telling him to run away from Ye Xiwen. And at this time, the combined attacks of coiling dragon and Hanshan seal had simply suppressed him thoroughly to the extent of rendering him unable to fight back.

“Aahhh!” Qiu Wolf howled when he was unable to bear the intense attacks even if he was in a werewolf form. His wounds were getting more and more severely and no longer healing quickly.

However, Ye Xiwen was showing no signs of weakening. This was the most frightening thing about facing an opponent like Ye Xiwen who didn't show signs of wearing down even after prolonged battles.

Ye Xiwen's true power had gone far beyond his imagination, to the point of making him feel inferior.

He could not go on fighting with Ye Xiwen since his own injuries were getting worse while there was no visible damage done to the enemy.

Qiu Wolf continued to roar again and again while his body hair grew longer. He almost transformed into a blue wolf himself and pounced towards Ye Xiwen.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen shot a palm and released a coiling dragon towards him.

“Bang!” Qiu Wolf's beastly body was instantly sent flying after a fierce collision with the coiling dragon.

Ye Xiwen didn't waste time and immediately summoned Hanshan seal in the sky that transformed into a huge mountain and descended towards Qiu Wolf who was still in midair.

“Stop!” At this time, a loud voice transmitted from the city and a big hand as if torn open the space itself and went towards Hanshan seal to stop it in its path.

Ye Xiwen sneered, and without showing any mercy, he increased the falling speed of Hanshan seal and smashed it down upon Qiu Wolf.

“Boom!” As soon as Qiu Wolf's body came in contact with Hanshan seal, it transformed into a vague mass of blood fog, and the divinities contained in that mass of blood fog was instantly absorbed into Ye Xiwen's body.

[Comment from Author]

Some people are raising doubts about half-step legendary realm so let me explain again in detail. Half-step legendary realm is just a standard to measure whether someone is a genius or not. It is a lot harder to have a breakthrough inside half-step legendary realm than in legendary realm. Most people find it easy to directly step into legendary realm from half-step legendary realm. Only true geniuses are able to control their cultivation to the extent that they are able to have breakthroughs within half-step legendary realm without entering the legendary realm. Only a true genius can stop himself from stepping into the legendary realm and accumulate within half-step legendary realm. Also, each stage within half-step legendary realm is much harder to get to and also grants much larger power in comparison to the corresponding stage on the legendary realm. For example, if a person is at half-step legendary fourth stage and he decided to have a breakthrough into the legendary realm then he would directly reach the legendary fourth stage or even above that depending upon the depth of his accumulation. Similarly, if a person is at half-step legendary ninth stage and decided to have a breakthrough into the legendary realm, he cannot! Because he would directly step into Sage realm!

All experts try their best to stay at half-step legendary realm and accumulate because this is the fastest way to reach Sage realm. Those who fail to do so ultimately give up and step into the legendary first stage, however, their reach a bottleneck after reaching legendary fourth or fifth stage and are stuck there forever.

That is why only true geniuses can step into Sage realm and they choose the best method of doing so by staying at half-step legendary realm and accumulating. By doing so, they can entirely skip the legendary realm and directly step into Sage realm. Some people choose to stop accumulating at half-step legendary fifth stage and go for a breakthrough into the legendary sixth stage then continue forward. Some people choose to accumulate all the way to half-step legendary ninth stage and before directly breaking into Sage realm.

Half-step legendary realm may appear as a redundant realm but it is actually an important filter to separate true geniuses from ordinary ones!

I know that many readers were unable to understand the concept because they skipped the paragraphs where it was explained in detail. This concept is not very complicated, just needs a bit of patience from the reader's side!

I will try to simply these concepts as much as possible in future chapters!

(To be continued)


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