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Chapter 293 - Escapes into the heavenly calamity

Ye Xiwen's body completely absorbed the divinities which almost immediately transformed into a roaring spirit wolf inside Ye Xiwen's world of consciousness and attacked his soul, as if to swallow his soul entirely and turn him into a host. This world of consciousness within Ye Xiwen was like a sea of consciousness, entirely composed of golden divinities. The spirit wolf wanted to stir up trouble and gain control over this sea of consciousness but was immediately absorbed into the sea instead.

Once the absorption was over, Ye Xiwen felt a huge progress in his gilded tyrant form- since the density and toughness of his golden body was directly proportional to the amount of divinities present in the sea of consciousness.

On the outside, Ye Xiwen immediately reacted by running away from there when a large hand suddenly clutched over and literally crushed the surrounding space in its path. It did not stop and instantly went towards Ye Xiwen to crush him to death. This expert's heightened anger was evident from his actions.

Ye Xiwen was being chased by a legendary expert so he did not dare to rush in the direction of the inn where the wolf cub and Jian Wuchen were undergoing closed-door training. Instead, he fled in the opposite direction, trying his best to lead his pursuer out of the city.

One must remember that Ye Xiwen had been able to kill legendary level devils during the devil seize on Yi Yuan School, because of the suppression effect of Tianyuan mirror on devils.  The same strategy was not going to work on a human expert of legendary realm.

Ye Xiwen was certainly aware of the terrifying powers of a true legendary expert. He was also aware of the difference between half-step legendary realm and legendary realm which was only for determining the difference between true geniuses and non-geniuses. Only true geniuses were able to stay in half-step legendary realm for accumulation. Much more powerful geniuses also enjoyed stronger and profound accumulation. They could even skip legendary realm altogether and directly step into sage realm with a single breakthrough.

“First you kill our Qiu Wolf and then you plan to just walk away?” A hoarse voice said in a furious tone and a sizzling energy burst out of that big hand.

The entire space, in an instant, was blockaded and it seemed as if a huge heavenly cage suddenly fell upon Ye Xiwen and entrapped him, making it difficult for him to escape.

“Today, I must make you pay the price with your blood!” An old man’s figure appeared in the distance, literally out of nowhere.

Ye Xiwen suddenly roared and his body was enveloped within a thick layer of golden energy that suddenly exploded and destroyed the blockaded space. The very next instant, a pair of golden devil wings flapped behind his back and launched him forward at an incredibly fast speed.

The old expert was taken aback when Ye Xiwen destroyed his cage and flew several miles away from him in a blink of an eye. He, then, immediately pulled out a series of attacks that directly bent the space at multiple spots in the sky, acting as a slingshot to send his emancipated body darting forward towards Ye Xiwen at a much faster speed.

This legendary expert had already understood the world laws of space and could bend and manipulate space easily to gain incredible speed or create space cages. It was simply impossible for Ye Xiwen to beat a seasoned expert of legendary realm.

If not for Ye Xiwen's miraculous devil wings, his speed wouldn't even be comparable to that of a legendary expert, especially with space manipulation powers.

“Humph!” The old man snorted and shot a divine beam at Ye Xiwen.

“Boom!” The divine beam arrived right in front of Ye Xiwen in a blink of an eye and crashed into his body. He spat a mouthful of blood, staggered a bit and almost dropped down from the sky. This gave the old man enough time to shorten the distance between them.

“You can’t deal with this old monster. He is out of your league!” Ye Mo appeared on Ye Xiwen shoulder and said. “Ming Empire is truly prosperous as they say. Even a small prefecture like Shun'an is home to a legendary expert.”

“Forget all that for now! We need to get rid of him as soon as possible.” Ye Xiwen wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. This legendary expert was too terrifying, powerful enough to cripple him with one move. If an ordinary expert of Complete Truth realm was there in his shoes just now, they would be dead be now. In fact, even an expert of half-step legendary realm didn't stand a chance against this old man.

Ye Xiwen's tyrant body technique was really tyrannical, enough to save his life from the last attack.

Phoenix regeneration was constantly working to regenerate his wounds and that too within few breaths worth of time.

“This guy knows space laws and two levels above you. Escape is our only option.” Ye Mo said.

Ye Xiwen was extremely fast, covering hundreds of miles in a blink of an eye but the old man was chasing him down unceasingly, showing no signs of let him off.

This old expert's anger was real deal, after all, Shun'an prefecture lost their strongest nurtured genius who was going to represent them in TMU assessment. Although Shun'an prefecture was considered quite influential, its importance was considered nothing much in rest of the Ming Empire. And after putting so much effort and resources in cultivation a true genius like Qiu Wolf, he was killed by an outsider so effortlessly. Only Ye Xiwen's death could bring peace to his raging heart.

“Not only you are going die, your family and anyone remotely related to you will be killed. I will go find your relatives and friends in the southeast region and kill them one by one in the most brutal ways possible. And remember, you are the reason behind their imminent sufferings.” The old man gritted his teeth and threatened Ye Xiwen.

“Fuck you, old bastard!” Ye Xiwen got immensely angry at this moment. He could not stand someone threatening the safety and security of his family and friends.

The old man's facial expression looked even grimmer as he once again shot a divine beam towards Ye Xiwen, but this time, Ye Xiwen quickly turned around and shot his palm to block the attack. The tyrannical power present in this attack shook his entire being, almost to the extent of breaking his bones.

Any ordinary expert would have long been dead, but Ye Xiwen still continued to fly forward tenaciously.

Ye Xiwen did not know for how long he continued to fly but he seemed to have come out of Shun'an border. There were traces of wounds still visible on his body since the severity of his injuries had now exceeded the instant healing capacity of phoenix generation. Now, it took longer time for the wounds to heal.

The old man was still in hot pursuit. At this time, Ye Xiwen saw a massive lightning flash in a large group of clouds floating not far from him.

“Is someone challenging the heavenly calamity? No, it is not a person, but a demon beast!” Ye Mo suddenly shouted.

Ye Xiwen suddenly hesitated. One must know that whether human experts of demon beasts, all must face the threat of challenging the heavenly calamity to step into the legendary realm.

The legendary realm was said to induce the beginning of the transcendental change from the time someone challenged the heavenly calamity while having a breakthrough from half-step legendary realm to legendary realm, or from legendary realm to sage realm.

In fact, even stage-wise breakthroughs within the legendary realm needed to challenge the heavenly calamity.

The so-called heavenly calamity's very function was to stop mortal beings from surpassing the very laws of heaven and earth, after all, sickness and death were also part of world laws and the emergence of a legendary warrior would certainly violate this rule by increasing the lifespan to 1000 years. Heavenly calamity was a challenge put evenly in front of demon beasts and human being while having a breakthrough to the legendary realm.

The same law of challenge and punishment applied to not just to demon beasts and human beings but also to other species!

The breakthroughs within half-step legendary realm from one stage to another required a small heavenly calamity in comparison. But each breakthrough within legendary realm required larger heavenly calamity.

It was said that only the person having a breakthrough must alone face the heavenly calamity. Any help or tricks would cause the heavenly calamity to go berserk.

But right now, Ye Xiwen only had the choice to use this heavenly calamity as a shield to save himself from the old man.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen's sudden intrusion aroused endless thunderbolts to go berserk. It seemed as if the heavenly calamity had been provoked and an inexhaustible of thunderbolts was dropping down to attack Ye Xiwen.

“Damn!” The old man stopped next to the heavenly calamity with clear signs of fear on his face.

He still remembered his own deadly encounter with a similar heavenly calamity while having a breakthrough from the half-step legendary realm to the legendary realm.

This was the main reason why there were so many half-step legendary experts but only a handful of legendary experts. The simply different between them was the confidence and bravery to challenge the heavenly calamity. Most half-step legendary experts preferred playing it safe and hence chose to stay in half-step legendary realm until they were confident enough to challenge the heavens.

Watching how Ye Xiwen had been completely submerged in thunder calamity, the old man's facial expression revealed a pleasant look along with slight traces of regret for not killing him personally.

(To be continued)


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