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Chapter 291 - Showdown with the ominous wolf

Two sets of terrifying breaths severely crashed into each other high in the sky.

“My claws will tear you apart!” Qiu Wolf laughed and his wild imposing aura swept out. It seemed as if he was simply looking down on Ye Xiwen.

One must know that Qiu Wolf was one of the most competent candidates that were going to participate in TMU assessment. He wouldn't have bothered to come and challenge Ye Xiwen and Jian Wuchen if his younger brother was not involved in this mess.

He was a peerless genius of this area and had already stepped into half-step legendary realm a long time ago. His tyrannical strength was unmatched in the younger generation of Shun'an prefecture, so how could he ever consider a southeastern young expert like Ye Xiwen his opponent.

Ye Xiwen was closely keeping an eye on this half-step legendary expert who was no less than a beast, a very terrifying being with tyrannical presence.

Some of the onlookers were frightened, including several experts of Complete Truth realm and there were few half-step legendary experts in the crowd as well but even they were in a similar state of shock.

After all, even they couldn't be compared with Qiu Wolf who was able to achieve half-step legendary realm in a matter of few decades, establishing himself as a peerless genius of Shun’an prefecture.

They were even more shocked to see that Ye Xiwen was practically unaffected by the strong waves of Qiu Wolf's imposing aura when they themselves were affected to the extent of backing off.

“Die!” Qiu Wolf bellowed and sent clouds surging across the sky.

Qiu Wolf's roar was accompanied by a terrifying burst of Bladeqi that transformed into a giant blue wolf and raided all the way down from the sky, opening its mouth to swallow Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen stamped his foot on the ground once and a large section of the city collapsed instantly by the explosion of divinities. His golden divine clothes were dancing in the wind, giving the illusion of a mighty god in human form.


The blue wolf and the golden divinities collided in midair and led to a massive explosion, sweeping an endless amount of energy and shock waves in all directions.

The blue wolf opened its big mouth wide and roared again and again but was unable to approach Ye Xiwen. However, just then, Ye Xiwen rushed forward and used his golden tyrant hands to grab its upper and lower fangs.

Ye Xiwen could smell a fishy smell coming out of its mouth, although it was just condensed out of Lingqi but was abnormally realistic.

Ye Xiwen immediately understood that this blue wolf was actually an ancient secret heritage obtained from some high-level demon wolf beast, and perhaps this was the reason why it contained a share of its original powers.

“Boom!” Golden divinities exploded out of Ye Xiwen's body and soared straight into the sky along with a loud explosion.

The true mythical power of gilded tyrant form revealed itself properly and the blue wolf was directly torn into two halves by Ye Xiwen.

The recurring explosions set off endless shock waves in all directions, reaching all the way to the crowd watching from afar.

“I never thought that you can actually have so much strength.” Qiu Wolf looked at Ye Xiwen with a color of surprise in his eyes. In fact, he never expected for his offensive to be completely wiped out by Ye Xiwen and that too with just his bare hands.

The golden divinities were crawling on Ye Xiwen's body while his killing intention was increasing significantly. There wasn't the slightest trace fear in his heart.

“But today you shall die!” Qiu Wolf said coldly, “Well, at least you have made me excited for this battle.”

Qiu Wolf's facial expression revealed a bit of excitement along with anticipation, however, there was an ever-present cold and cruel look in his dark-green beastly eyes.

“Boom!” Qiu Wolf struck with his blade horizontally and wildly rushed towards Ye Xiwen. The impact of this attack was so terrific that with each of his steps, the entire world seemed to be trembling as if a god had set out to destroy the world.

“Come!” Ye Xiwen roared then took out his long blade and released a horrifying Bladelight, powerful enough to shatter the space in its way.

This appeared like a battle between two accomplished experts of half-step legendary realm.

Numerous experts were stunned after witness the current scene, especially those chief experts who were rooting for Qiu Wolf. They were kind of frightened and dumbstruck at the same time while witnessing the true potential and power of the two leading characters (Ye Xiwen from the southeastern region and Qiu Wolf from the Shun'an prefecture) from the younger generation.

They were used to witnessing battles like this every time TMU opened its gates to take in new disciples but had never seen such a magnificent battle between two peerless geniuses, each exceeding the barriers of the level they were in.

Especially Ye Xiwen who was just an expert of truth realm but was still able to fight on equal grounds with Qiu Wolf. In fact, Jian Wuchen would also be considered an evildoer(monster) like Ye Xiwen since he defeated a half-step legendary assassin a day ago.

However, Jian Wuchen's achievement wasn't as astonishing as Ye Xiwen's since that half-step legendary assassin was not as strong as Qiu Wolf.


The two experts continued to clash again and again at a very high altitude, blasting away clouds everywhere in the sky while the whole city was being showered in colorful flashes of lights time and time again.

Jian Wuchen was aware of Ye Xiwen's ongoing battle but chose to have faith in him and continued to stay indoors. The small cub was also not interested in watching this battle and went for closed-door practice as well.




Both of them were using blades and constantly brandishing blade attacks as if to test who was a better blade master. Qiu Wolf's style of using blade was similar to that of the famous wolf king, who was also the king of a hundred beasts from ancient times. However, Ye Xiwen's blade skills were more conventional and true to the world laws of the blade, and in coordination with gilded tyrant form, the overall might of his blade attacks was incomparably tyrannical.

From the beginning, the two men were not using sophisticated blade skills to compete instead they were relying more on the amount of energy contained in their Bladeqi attacks.

The sheer amount of energy contained in these blade attacks was insane. There was just no way to block or resist any of these blade attacks.

In a while, these blade attacks started to show results and Qiu Wolf's body was covered in wounds and blood all over. Although Ye Xiwen's body was covered in blood, there were no signs of wounds anywhere on his body thanks to the instant regeneration provided by Phoenix regeneration.

Ye Xiwen had the advantage of a good combination of Phoenix regeneration and gilded tyrant form. But Qiu Wolf's body also had an extremely tyrannical constitution, like that of an ancient wolf demon in general. No one knew what kind of inheritance he had obtained but his body was insanely tough.

Qiu Wolf was also capable of healing but a lot slower than Ye Xiwen's phoenix regeneration. Qiu Wolf had simply gone berserk right now; his eyes had become red from dark green. It seemed like he had lost his mind due to anger and was blindly attacking Ye Xiwen without waiting for his wounds to heal first.

The two experts were going all out and showing no restraints whatsoever. Suddenly, they started to test the level of each other's blade skills and proceeded to use ideal conditions. Ye Xiwen immediately summoned the ideal condition of his blade technique in the form of a huge moon diagram that appeared in the sky and dropped towards Qiu Wolf.

The moon diagram that appeared this time was not the same as earlier. This time, it contained a strong cold and ominous feeling in the form of dazzling white color on one-half of the moon while an endless dark and gloomy color on the other. The spectators were simply unable to look straight ahead, perplexed by the strange and conflicting nature of this moon diagram.

This was the result of the integration of sword intention into the ideal condition, otherwise, it would be impossible for the 'cold moon beheader' to possess such an overbearing presence.

This new version of cold moon beheader was specially developed by Ye Xiwen to deal with high-level experts.

And Ye Xiwen's ideal condition had outdone Qiu Wolf's ideal condition which was in the form of a diagram showing a pack of wolves running in a vast wilderness.

The two diagrams collided in the sky and mutually devoured each other, while at the same time, the two experts mercilessly clashed with each other!

The spectators were frightened by this scene that literally shook the entire city. Most experts had comprehended the ideal condition of a martial technique at some point of time in their lives but they had never seen something like the moon diagram congealed by Ye Xiwen. It was simply on a whole another level, simply out of their reach. In fact, they would never get to know that Ye Xiwen was able to comprehend this ideal condition when he used to be in Houtian realm. Yes, this was the difference between them and Ye Xiwen.

(NT: Houtian realm

Note: Half-step legendary realm is not a realm in its own. It is just a buffer realm in which an expert can choose to stay and prepare for legendary realm via accumulation and knowledge gathering. As mentioned earlier, let’s say if an expert is at 'half-step legendary fourth stage' and has a breakthrough, he will directly jump to 'legendary fourth stage' or above.)

There were many experts who simply weren't able to comprehend an ideal condition and used brute force to compensate for the lack of skill. Not to mention, the difficulty of comprehension was more for high level martial techniques.

It was even more difficult to create a new version of ideal condition. Ye Xiwen was able to do it because he had the support of the mysterious space.

The scene had been reversed at this time. This time, Ye Xiwen bellowed and released a rippling Bladeqi that transformed into a coiling dragon midway and flew towards Qiu Wolf.

(To be continued)


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