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Chapter 290 - Ominous wolf attacks

Of course, the probability of being an expert of Complete Truth realm was very low, after all, the half-step legendary realm was not difficult to attain either.

“Clang!” Jian Wuchen issued a terrifying Swordlight that lit up the sky, suddenly alarming the entire city but the good news was that no one arrived to intervene or to make a fuss or anything. The only one who probably wanted to cry right now was the owner of the inn.

The Swordlight was flying towards the assassin, and since Ye Xiwen was observing this battle from not far away, Jian Wuchen felt somewhat relieved. At this time, Ye Xiwen's presence was quite reassuring, especially because Jian Wuchen was dealing with an expert of half-step legendary realm. Thanks to that, the assassin was literally cornered and that too to an extent that he suddenly roared and rushed toward Jian Wuchen like a cornered beast that had lost his calm.

Despite being an expert of half-step legendary realm, the assassin was scared of Ye Xiwen. And if he didn't even manage to defeat a young sword master of Complete Truth realm then he certainly wouldn't stand a chance against Ye Xiwen.

“Shua!” The assassin's dagger released a poisonous beam that traveled across the sky. It seemed like a desperate attack that was aimed at Jian Wuchen.

Jian Wuchen's face was expressionless though his eyes were as sharp as a sword. The sword danced in his hand and easily deflected the poisonous beam.

Immediately, the strong experts of this city began to talk to each other using soul links. They were discussing the fight going on between Jian Wuchen and the assassin.

“Is this man really from the southeast region? I never expected to see such a great master from the southeast region, to be honest. His opponent is at half-step legendary realm but is just an assassin. I don't think this assassin will last long in a face-to-face battle.”

“We must accept the fact that the southeastern region has talented people. If this guy manages to survive after what has done to Qiu Xinzhi, in the coming hundred years, he will certainly become a formidable powerhouse.”

These soul link conversations certainly didn't bypass Ye Xiwen's radar. Ye Xiwen sneered and didn't seem particularly pleased from all these experts talking stuff about Jian Wuchen and the southeastern region. It was really laughable how much they had underestimated Jian Wuchen's potential.

These people were extremely arrogant and had been like this for a long time. Indeed, the Ming Empire was more powerful than the Great Yue State but that didn't mean that the entire southeastern region would also lie in the same category. It seemed like the domineering attitude of Qiu Xinzhi and his friends was a result of the contaminated mindset continuing from previous generations.




The two experts continued to clash again and again in the sky.

The assassin was fast like a ghost in general but Jian Wuchen's speed was quickly growing fast perceptibly.

“Boom!” An enormous burst of energy swept off in all direction, cutting a deep dagger wound in his chest almost instantly. His complexion turned green due to the instant poisoning.

The assassin was also in a bad shape. Jian Wuchen's sword had cut open a large hole in his abdomen.

Both of them staggered a bit then immediately rushed towards each other.

Jian Wuchen waved his sword and issued a sword intention that suddenly transformed into a massive Swordlight and went towards his opponent.

This attack was lightning-fast and arrived right above the assassin's head in a blink of an eye.

The spectators held their breaths at this scene. Some of them were in half-step legendary realm and were strong enough to wreak havoc in this city but even they could feel the insane amount of power contained in Jian Wuchen's attack.

They were forced to accept the fact that Jian Wuchen's sword attacks were dangerous and must not be taken lightly.

Today, Jian Wuchen used his skills and talent to make several experts envious of him.

“Boom!” The Swordlight suddenly transformed into a massive double-edged sword, right in front of the assassin.

“Boom!” The assassin's hand transformed into a tiger's mouth and it tried to grab the incoming flying sword. However, the inherent power contained his defense type attack was not enough to stop Jian Wuchen's offensive.

“Boom!” The assassin was knocked down by the enormous explosion that took place after the collision. His body severely pounded on the ground, making a humanoid shaped pit in the ground.

And at this time, Jian Wuchen arrived right above the assassin and attacked with his sword.

“Boom!” The assassin was directly beheaded by Jian Wuchen.

Jian Wuchen had won the fight but his complexion was deathly pale. His body was drenched with blood but more importantly, the poison had already spread throughout his body and was affecting his body functions. If he had not been using his own Swordqi to defend against the poison, he would be dead by now.

“Are you all right? It seems you are poisoned.” Ye Xiwen asked.

“I am fine, I can fix this but I may need to spend some time in closed-door rest.” Jian Wuchen said.

“No problem, if that ominous wolf comes looking for you, I will make him entertain me properly to my heart's content.” Ye Xiwen grinned and appeared all ready to fight whenever required.

Anyway, the attitude of Qiu Xinzhi and his clan had already pissed him off.

They looked for another inn to rest. Jian Wuchen started to take rest and heal himself. Although he was severely injured in the fight, he told Ye Xiwen that he also gained a lot of benefits.

Next day, when Ye Xiwen was busy cultivating and exercising his powers in the mysterious space, suddenly a terrifying aura appeared out of nowhere and pressed down. It seemed as if the aura belonged to a beast, making Ye Xiwen feel like he had stepped into a beast's den.

“Where are those two troublemakers from the southeast region who have a death wish? Come out!” A hoarse voice sounded from the sky. There was a hint of beastly roar in this voice.

Ye Xiwen saw the figure of a man standing in the sky. He was clad in military clothing, had rough facial features while his face was covered with hair. He had deep green eyes and as soon as he howled like a wolf, an endless amount of killing intention spread everywhere.

Everyone started fleeing from the streets because they were too scared from his beast's aura. Right now, he appeared just like a werewolf bathing in milky moonlight.

“Who is this man?”

“You don't know who he is? Well, I cannot expect outsiders to know about our Shun'an prefecture's famous ominous wolf duo. This person and the eldest son of our City Lord together make the ominous wolf duo. This person is named Qiu Wolf. He is the most distinguished disciple of Qiu Clan. People say that he was once caught by a wolf demon beast in his childhood but was saved later on. He was infected back then and has since inherited the beast's traits of demon wolf race. He is not even fifty years old and has still become one of the two top players in the younger generation of Shun'an prefecture.”

“Well, this is called being fortunate by mistake but why does he appear so angry?”

“An expert from the southeast region has chopped his younger brother's arm. He has come to take revenge.”

Everyone was trembling with fear; they could not stand this kind of terrible beastly killing intention.

No one could withstand such a killing intention.


An imposing aura exploded from inside the inn and a figure jumped out.

“Was it you who hurt my younger brother?” Qiu Wolf asked and growled at the same time while stubbornly staring at Ye Xiwen like a wolf.

“No.” Ye Xiwen shook his head, “If I had fought with him, he would be dead right now.”

Ye Xiwen answered in an indifferent voice.

“You are courting death!” Qiu Wolf said in a furious tone.

“Who do you think you are?” Ye Xiwen sneered, “Oh right, how can I forget, you are one of the Shun'an prefecture's idiotic duo……!”

Ye Xiwen laughed loudly and said. Qiu Wolf's complexion changed immediately, after all, since the day he obtained this title, nobody had dared to make fun of him.

"I will tear you apart with my own hands, just you watch!"Qiu Wolf's imposing aura scattered in all directions and tightly locked onto Ye Xiwen.

“Tear me apart, you say? I would like you to try.” Ye Xiwen stopped laughing and a cold look flashed in his eyes. His body was instantly enveloped in golden divine clothing and a violent godly aura spread in all directions. It seemed as if the true god of the ten thousand worlds had suddenly appeared and all must grovel in front of him.

(To be continued)


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