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Chapter 289 - Nighttime assassination attempt

Qiu Xinzhi's complexion suddenly changed when he realized that Jian Wuchen was much stronger than him. He also realized his mistake of having provoked a strong man from the southeast region. Indeed, the top figures of Ming Empire were superior to those of the southeast region, but they were not present here to save him.

Jian Wuchen flew up slowly with a calm look on his face.

At this time, the southeastern experts also recognized Jian Wuchen and Ye Xiwen. They had seen these two on the demon island. Of course, two famous geniuses from their homeland had come to their rescue, they would certainly feel proud.

Now they could proudly claim that even their southeast region was home to rampant experts.

“It's him!” Liu Yueru never expected to see Ye Xiwen like this. Although she had managed to sort things out with Ye Xiwen with the invention of Ji Moon, she still never thought that Ye Xiwen and Jian Wuchen would come to her rescue.

Xiao Zhen's complexion also changed when he was saved by the intervention of Jian Wuchen of Ye Xiwen. There certainly used to be some hatred between him and Ye Xiwen, but that was long lost in the past.

“If you think you are skilled, why don't you go fight with Shun'an prefecture's strongest pair?” Qiu Xinzhi somewhat sternly said.

“Sure, I will kill you first then look for that pair you talk about.” Jian Wuchen replied in an equally stern voice, without a hint of boasting visible in his presence. These were not his ruthless words; it was just the way his mind worked. He wanted to become a sword master and must beat powerful foes to gain the status of the strongest sword master.

“You ……” Qiu Xinzhi’s face turned pale because he could tell from Jian Wuchen's tightly locked killing intention that he was not lying.

“Shua!” Qiu Xinzhi immediately attacked. He already wasn't considering himself an opponent of Jian Wuchen so how could he possibly let his opponent gain the upper hand.

Qiu Xinzhi released Bladeqi almost instantly that transformed into several howling wolves and rushed towards Jian Wuchen.

Jian Wuchen smiled as if this attack was not even worth his attention. He just waved his sword once and destroyed all wolves at once.

His movements and his sword attack appeared slow to the naked eye but were incredibly fast in reality. There was no way those wolves could dodge his attack, let alone approach his body.

“I never thought that there can be a sword master like him in the southeast region!” A young expert couldn't help but admit that Jian Wuchen was indeed very strong, far more powerful than Qiu Xinzhi.

“Now you idiots will get to know that summer insects shouldn't talk the language of ice!” At this time, one of the remaining teammates of Liu Yueru sneered and said, “You called southeastern experts overreaching and thought we cannot have invincible experts? Well, guess what, the truth is that a mere prefecture like yours can never compete with our southeast region.”

Those young experts in silk clothes couldn't retaliate because they knew that Jian Wuchen was stronger than their Qiu Xinzhi who was the strongest in their group.

Before they could get a chance to think what to do next, the scene changed dramatically. Jian Wuchen shot a terrifying Swordlight that went across the sky and instantly routed Qiu Xinzhi's offensive, continuing forward towards him.

“Puchi!” Qiu Xinzhi's entire right arm was directly cut down by the Swordqi and fell from the sky, followed by his loud scream.

Jian Wuchen looked coldly at Qiu Xinzhi then turned away without giving another glance. Such an opponent was basically not worth his time.

“You will regret it!” Qiu Xinzhi shouted while trying his best to endure the severe pain.

Jian Wuchen didn't say anything in reply, just turned around and returned to the side of Ye Xiwen.

At this time, those young experts did not dare to wait anymore. They quickly picked up the chopped arm and escaped from there along with Qiu Xinzhi. They were not stupid and knew full well that now was not the time to take revenge. They must retreat for now and have their family and other formidable people to come forward. They obviously weren't Jian Wuchen's opponents hence making him mad would not exactly be a good idea.

“Thanks, you two, for coming to our rescue.” Xiao Zhen ignored the old hatred for Ye Xiwen in his heart, bit the bullet and showed a fair expression of gratitude.

“You don't need to thank me, this time I did nothing.” Ye Xiwen smiled and said without showing any sign of hostility.

This allowed Xiao Zhen to feel somewhat relieved, knowing that Ye Xiwen was willing to forget the past.

“Thanks a lot, both of you.” Liu Yueru looked at both Ye Xiwen and Jian Wuchen and said, “But it doesn't seem like they will give up.”

The path to TMU was very dangerous. Many people lost their lives on this path every time before the assessment.

“I would like to meet that Qiu Xinzhi's ominous wolf brothers and play with them. Shun'an strongest pair sounds like formidable foes. I just hope they won't disappoint me.” Ye Xiwen smiled as he was planning to defeat all his opponents sooner or later. That was what it meant to enter TMU via competition.

“Well, in that case, we will leave first.” Liu Yueru said although she would also like to stay but she was not as bold and fearless as Ye Xiwen. What if there was a half-step legendary expert hidden in this city?

Liu Yueru and her remaining team members left the scene. Ye Xiwen and Jian Wuchen went back to the inn and started waiting for the ominous wolf duo to come. Their willingness to fight was being fueled by the fact that the ominous wolf duo was at the top of the food chain around here, in the younger generation of Shun'an prefecture.

After Jian Wuchen thoroughly defeated Qiu Xinzhi, the news about this incident sent entire Shun'an prefecture into chaos. For a long time, no powerhouse from the southeast region had been able to disrespect them like this. Many people wanted to teach Jian Wuchen and Ye Xiwen a lesson but no one dared to get involved.

Gradually, the curtain of the night covered the sky. There was an enchantment hidden within Ye Xiwen's robe that not just prevented the ongoing conversation from being heard by people outside the room but also picked up signs of any trouble on the outside.

“Our journey is going to be difficult.” Ye Xiwen said.

“These experts of truth eighth-ninth stage are nothing, let's pick a fight with half-step legendary experts. That should be fun!” The wolf cub said.

Just like Great Yue State, the main fighting force of Ming Empire was located in its imperial capital, including sage realm experts. Shun'an prefecture was located in the border region and at most could offer half-step legendary experts as obstacles in their path.

However, Ye Xiwen was determined to fight with much more powerful opponents in order to gain experience for his next breakthrough.

“The path you have taken so far has been paved on the bones of the fallen.” Ye Mo said with a sigh, “However if that was not the case then you wouldn't have grown so powerful and that too so fast.”

Ye Xiwen didn't get a chance to reply as he was interrupted by an enormous coercion falling down from the sky. This coercion was not directed at others but only on Ye Xiwen and Jian Wuchen.

“Half-step legendary!” The wolf cub immediately sensed the enemy's level.

Right then, Jian Wuchen, who was in the next room, also sensed the enemy's presence and immediately shot a rippling Swordqi into the sky, directly overturning the roof in the process.

Ye Xiwen also flew into the sky and saw the figure of a man, clad in a black robe, flying towards Jian Wuchen. There was a dagger in his hand and seemed to be quenched with some kind of poison, which especially made the dagger to reflect dark rays of light under the moonlight.

He was extremely fast, with his physique and movements like a ghost in general, as he instantly arrived in front of Jian Wuchen and attacked with his dagger.

The horrifying coercion of half-step legendary realm was firmly suppressing Jian Wuchen, almost making it impossible for him to move.

Jian Wuchen roared in the sky and suddenly shot an enormous sword intention that immediately shattered the coercion and freed him.

“I don't care what tricks you are using, my sword is enough to render all of them useless!” Jian Wuchen rushed towards the half-step legendary assassin and struck with his sword.

The assassin was taken aback and did not dare to face Jian Wuchen head on. Although he was at half-step legendary realm, he majored in the ways of assassination. This enabled him to assassinate even legendary level experts by making use of perfectly timed sneak attacks, however, that did not mean that he was very strong or something.

His only strong trait was the art of effective sneak attack and instant assassination. In a real fight, he wouldn't stand a chance against even a strong expert of Complete Truth realm like Jian Wuchen.

Failing to assassinate Jian Wuchen in time was his biggest mistake, and now that he wanted to escape, Jian Wuchen wouldn't let that happen.

And even more frightening was the fact that he could feel a terrifying aura as if tracing his entire being from the sidelines. Although the owner of this aura didn't go into action right away, they seemed all prepared to attack any time now. It was obvious that the assassin had no way to escape from this situation.

Thinking of this, the assassin bit the bullet and clashed with Jian Wuchen. He first needed to deal with the sword master in front of him, only then he might have a chance to run away from the owner of that scary aura.

(NT: Yes, that's Ye Xiwen he is scared of.)

Ye Xiwen sneered and locked onto the assassin in midair using his imposing aura. Since Jian Wuchen had already jumped into the fight, he did not want to intervene. However, he also did not want the assassin to escape so he used his imposing aura to greatly suppress the assassin's power.

A well-planned sneak attack could have killed a legendary expert, but the assassin failed in doing so and also ended up revealing his presence. And the result was that he was on the verge of being killed by an expert of Complete Truth realm.

This was the so-called art of deception – the art of assassination!

(To be continued)


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