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Chapter 288 - Long time no see, Liu Yueru

“Well, thank you, thank you very much. No really, this is actually the first time I heard about your southeast region and its so-called glory.” At this time, a young guy stepped out from the group of several young men. He stuck out his palm and instantly shoved it against the chest of the other guy from southeast region.

The guy from southeast region did not even get a chance to react, he just did not stand a chance in front of his opponent who was at truth eighth stage.

“Bang!” The young guy was sent flying across the inn. This palm move was meant to be an instant killer attack and directly punctured his core arteries, killing him right on the spot.

“Humph, he was a shortsighted person and so full of himself but look happened to him in the end. I guess he thought he was still in his so-called southeast region?” The young man said disdainfully.

“Qiu Xinzhi, you have really grown stronger, gee, why don't you teach these southeastern experts a lesson today? We don't want them wandering around in our territory while bragging about themselves.” A young expert said in an instigating manner.

“You are going too far!” A loud shout sounded from the corner of the room. Ye Xiwen turned back and saw a group of six southeastern experts. He actually recognized the two seemingly leaders of this group, namely Liu Yueru and Xiao Zhen.

(NT: Ye Xiwen once joined a mercenary group on the demon island. Liu Yueru and Xiao Zhen were the leaders of that group. However, Xiao Zhen and Ye Xiwen had a fierce battle later on, after which, Ye Xiwen had left the group.

Later on, Liu Yueru joined Ji Moon's group and became her subordinate. When Ye Xiwen helped Ji Moon and her girls in fighting with hairy zombies, Ji Moon offered Ye Xiwen to join her group but he refused. At that time, both Liu Yueru and Ji Moon had apologized to Ye Xiwen, requesting him to forget previous grudges.)

It seemed like Liu Yueru had chosen to walk down this thorny path!

In fact, there was no one who wouldn't want to walk down this thorny road of blood and battle to gain reputation by defeating powerful peers and competing with continent's topmost geniuses. Only the most competent ones got a chance to enter TMU.

Xiao Zhen stood up as he was unable to bear the provocation intended by the young experts of Shun'an prefecture.

“Xiao true, don't be impulsive!” Liu Yueru frowned and said.

“I cannot stand these arrogant people. How dare they look down on the ten countries of the southeast region!” Xiao Zhen said furiously as he was genuinely provoked and wasn't able to bear such an insult.

“If I don't kill that guy, the hate in my heart will not disappear.” Xiao Zhen said.

Qiu Xinzhi sneered while staring at Xiao Zhen then said: “You want to kill me? Utter nonsense.”

“Since you look down upon us, fight me and I will prove you wrong!” Xiao Zhen said in a cold voice and waved his sword.

After the demon island incident, Xiao Zhen's strength had no small improvement. He was at the eighth stage of truth realm right now which was great considering his young age.

“I’ll kill you.” Qiu Xinzhi took just a step and his figure suddenly disappeared from the spot where he was standing, leaving only an afterimage behind. And the very next instant, a dazzling Bladelight appeared out of nowhere and rushed towards Xiao Zhen.

“Humph!” Xiao Zhen attacked decisively and shot rays of Swordlight towards the incoming Bladelight attack.

The collision that occurred was destructive and had a severe impact on the inn. The two could not completely go out inside the inn so they flew outside.

They went high in the sky and collided severely. At the same time, Liu Yueru and her group and several other experts followed after them. Even Ye Xiwen and Jian Wuchen went outside to watch the battle.

The collisions between Bladeqi and Swordqi were causing explosions and terrifying flashes of light, which soon attracted the attention of many people.

The long blade in Qiu Xinzhi's hands released a monstrous and fierce wolf that jumped forward at a lightning speed.

Xiao Zhen hastily protected himself with a barrier of Swordlight. His whole body was covered in cold sweat because he felt exhausted in merely blocking one attack. Qiu Xinzhi was not even a top expert of Ming Empire but it had still been so difficult to deal with him.

A serious expression appeared on Xiao Zhen's face because if he failed to beat the man in front of him then there was no way he was going to last in TMU's assessment.

“Who are these two? One seems to have arrived from the southeast region.”

“This is not the first time something like this is happening. Every time TMU opens its doors, battles like this take place all the time, basically to prove who's better.”

“The other guy is Qiu Xinzhi, a rare genius of our Shun'an prefecture, moreover he is the younger brother of Qiu Langgeng, one of the two members of ominous wolf duo.”

The spectators were talking among themselves and seemed very experienced. They had seen such battles not once or twice, and most of the times, they had witnessed the defeat of southeastern experts.

“The wolf bites the tiger!” Qiu Xinzhi suddenly congealed a fierce wolf made up of Zhen Yuan. The wolf roared and rushed towards Xiao Zhen to tear him apart.

Xiao Zhen retreated again and again and was trying to stay away from the wolf while charging up his Swordlight attack.

“Ha ha ha, is this a so-called southeastern genius? I see nothing but a loser who is about to die!” Qiu Xinzhi's supporters started laughing and mocking the experts from the southeast region.

Jian Wucheng shook his head and said: “Xiao Zhen is indeed a talented guy but he lacks inheritance.”

Ye Xiwen nodded. There truly was some disparity between the geniuses of the southeastern region and Ming Empire. Although there was amazing talent in the southeastern region but the experts lacked inheritance (heritage) that was actually abundant in a great empire like the Ming Empire. This was the reason why even the strongest experts of the Great Yue State, like Wu Potian, was not even an expert of the sage realm.

The old head was one of the few sage experts of the Great Yue State who died in battle, but in the Ming Empire, sage experts were not rare. There were several well-known sage experts in the Ming Empire. This gap was clear at a glance.

The gap was even bigger when comparing the number of legendary experts.

When the gap was so great while comparing high-level experts, it would naturally be even greater while comparing the younger generation. No wonder young geniuses like Xiao Zhen lacked enough inheritance to compete with the geniuses of Ming Empire.

In fact, this was why the young experts of the southeast region knew that this was going to be very dangerous for them. They were aware of the fact that they would have to face many strong opponents in the foreign land but they still dared to embark on the journey because only with such discipline and dedication, they would succeed in the future.

Ye Xiwen was aware of this, after all, he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His father was not a top expert so getting inheritance was out of the question. The only thing that helped Ye Xiwen come so far was the mysterious space, otherwise, he would be more desperate than others.

“Boom!” Several fierce wolves came out of Qiu Xinzhi's blade and surrounded Xiao Zhen from all sides.

Xiao Zhen was in a desperate situation right now but he did not give up. He glared at Qiu Xinzhi then shouted: “One more try!”

“I’ll gladly help you die, come!” Qiu Xinzhi's cold smile indicated his killing intention as he commanded the fierce wolves to attack Xiao Zhen at once.




Xiao Zhen's sword started to emit violent thunderbolts. A thunderbolt struck one of the fierce wolves and its body exploded, turning into a bundle of energy and scattered in the atmosphere.

However, there was a lot of fierce wolves. His thunder attacks were not enough to stop all wolves. The extent of Zhen Yuan used by Qiu Xinzhi to congeal these fierce wolves was far beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

After Xiao Zhen managed to somehow get rid of all fierce wolves, suddenly, the figure of a person instantly appeared in front in and shot a massive Daoqi at him.

“Boom!” Xiao Zhen's sword managed to deflect the attack but the sheer force present in the attack was enough to break his sword and the impact sent him flying across the sky. Streams of blood oozed out of his wounded body as he fell down from the sky.

“Xiao Zhen!”

His friends immediately fly up to catch him in midair but were startled when they saw layer after layer of Daoqi coming towards them. Qiu Xinzhi sneered and said: “You think I will allow you to save him?”




Xiao Zhen's friends were blasted away by the barrage of Daoqi attacks.

“Stop, you are crossing the line now!” Liu Yueru flew up and said.

Seeing a beauty like her standing in his way, Qiu Xinzhi's eye shone up. He smiled and said: “Listen, girl. I am no tyrant but I just cannot ignore braggarts, I mean you southeastern experts who think so highly of yourselves. However, you girl, are you also going to TMU? I say, drop the plan, you won't last long if you stay with these losers. But you can come with me if you want. I will take good care of you and give you everything you ever desired.”

“No thanks, I’m not interested.” Liu Yueru replied in a cold voice.

“You can follow me, these southeastern losers are not worthy of you.” Qiu Xinzhi laughed and extended his gasified big hand to grasp her.

Suddenly, a shrill piercing sound echoed out of the blue.

“Humph!” Jian Wuchen had shot a massive Swordqi that instantly collided with Qiu Xinzhi's big gasified hand.

“Ah!” Qiu Xinzhi's big hand was cut down in a blink of an eye. If his hand was not wrapped in Zhen Yuan, it would have been truncated by now.

“Who are you!” Qiu Xinzhi barely managed to speak while bearing the intense pain in his hand and heart. “How dare you attack me!”

“I see you are angry. Don't you want to kill me now?” Jian Wuchen said calmly but with a strange look on his face.

“You are also an expert from the southeast region?” Qiu Xinzhi said in a disdainful tone.

“Shut up! Let your blade do the talk.” Jian Wuchen pointed his sword at him and said.

Qiu Xinzhi's complexion changed because he knew that Jian Wuchen was much stronger than him. Though he wasn't too scared of provoking southeastern powerhouses because there were much stronger powerhouses on his side as well.

(To be continued)


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